Getafe – Barcelona Match Comments Post

It’s a big game today as Barcelona looks to avoid the FIFA virus (although Alba seems to have already succumbed). Getafe is a difficult opponent as their strategic placement of free Burger King in the locker room lead to Barcelona losing at their stadium last year, and they’ve already taken points from the other big team in Spain this season. Iniesta and Sanchez are out with injuries but we may see Puyol’s new image – he has decided to go for a style straight out of a Dumas book. Dos Santos and Fontas were left at home for this trip while Tello and Deulofeu traveled (let’s be honest, Tello is a de facto first team player these days).

NO MESSI?!?!?!?!

Starting XI: Valdes, Montoya, Puyol, Pique, Adriano, Xavi, Busquets, Thiago, Pedro, Cesc, Tello

Bench:  Pinto, Alves, Mascherano, Song, Messi, Villa, Deulofeu

Match time is 20:00 Barcelona time / 2:00 PM EST.


  1. Makelele left and Galacticos collapsed…Diara left and Madrid collapsing??..hmmm…(Not that Diarra was a key player..but seems his spirit lives

    1. me neither..just musing…It is still the start of the season..but my my…EE..who would have imagined..

  2. Just tuned in before half time. I have to say I was very impressed with the way the team played, especially after starting a relatively “weak” lineup (for Barcelona, weak is still most other clubs dream team ;)) Look what happens when you rest Messi, even if its just for a little bit. Also, great game for Cesc, he should be up in the attacking trio more often as I believe this is where he fits in best. I thought everyone looked pretty good (or at least what I watched, I had the live feed on but was getting ready at the same time so I missed parts of it) Tello didn’t have his best game, but wasn’t bad by any means. He had a couple good chances, but just couldn’t convert. Still impressed with our defence, shout out to Montoya! Sad to see Puyi injured again 🙁 I have a feeling it will be a hard fought batttle against Sevilla, especially with Puyi, Inniesta, and Alexis out on injury. (Not sure how long the last two are out for though) but hopefully we can overcome it! To finish on a good note, I’m loving that Villa is back and scoring consistently again *knock on wood. Ray Hudsons comments on Villa were great, favourite announcer by far! Visca BARCA!

  3. Seriously, the most impressive aspect from this match today was that Vilanova dared to rest Messi. That is something that Pep has never done (except of CdR vs 3rd division or something equally unimportant)!

    This shows that Vilanova is indeed not the same coach as Pep, although they share a lot of tactical ideas etc.. Last year, probably one of the biggest issues was the fatigue of key players, as of now it seems that Vilanova has recognized that problem and works on it. This season could be a very good one 🙂

  4. Team was zero affected from the Fifavirus adding Thiago in the starting lineup paid off immensly.
    Was glad to see that the Team performed well without Messi it lifted up Cesc a bit as he made the runs he was known of in the past.
    Sharing responsibility is the way to go.

    Impressive performance of Sevilla!I can’t stop grinning seeing Troche scoring the winner as he was often a laughing stock at Hamburg.Moving to LaLiga was the right choice now he even plays comfortable as ZM.

    Seeing how Di Maria and Higuain struggeld i guess it was good Choice to not begin with Messi and Masche.

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