Spanish Super Cup Second Leg Match Comments

We start this one with the narrowest of leads, taking home a 3-2 win at… well home. Yours truly is busy with life this afternoon, so you’ll all have to laugh, cry, complain, and sell Vj right here in the comments. Here’s to a match with no injuries.

Starting XI: Valdes, Alves, Pique, Mascherano, Adriano, Busquets, Xavi, Iniesta, Pedro, Sanchez, Messi

Bench: Pinto, Bartra, Alba, Song, Cesc, Villa, Tello

Eternal Enemy XI: Casillas, Pepe, Sergio Ramos, Khedira, C.Ronaldo, Özil, Marcelo, Alonso, Arbeloa, Higuaín, Di María


The match starts at 22:30 Barcelona time / 4:30 PM EST


    1. Huh – there are bigger ones on the Barcelona streets every day – just on the dogs! 😆

  1. Very proud of the team today. Madrid deserved the trophy, good for them. We’ll see them in October again and I’m looking forward to that one.

  2. Madridristas breath one long collective sigh of relief, and cules lick their chops for October. Game on!

  3. I dunno, I had a different take on the game than a lot of people here.

    – The team never gave up.
    – Pedro and Pique were immense. Tied for MoM for me. They were just everywhere, making important plays and interceptions and contributing to the attack. Valdes was good and kept the scoreline from getting embarrassing. Song had a nice first appearance.
    – Messi scored a brilliant goal.
    – Nobody got poked in the eye. In fact, it was a pretty civilized game. That was nice to see.

    Um. That’s about all I have. I thought that they compensated for being a man down pretty well – it wasn’t obvious that they were – but there were a lot of poor, misplaced passes, and they didn’t retain possession as well as they usually do. The defense was pretty poor at times – Khedira should not have gotten close enough to get a shot off. VV and the post each denied Madrid goals a few times, and if Pique hadn’t been at his best, it could have been 4-1 or 5-1; he prevented several one-on-one situations while trying to compensate for the lack of teeth in the midfield. Mascherano occasionally contributed, but he made a lot of dumb decisions, too (do not try to dribble Diva Maria, Ozil, or Ronaldo, please), and Montoya, Alba, and Busquets didn’t really do much to contribute to the defense. And Adriano was damned stupid to get himself that card.

    I mean, I don’t think that this loss is the worst thing in the world; it’s just the Spanish SuperCup, and we have a lot of those already. We’re looking good overall, and thus far Madrid have not impressed me – even in this game, they weren’t very good, and Ronaldo was basically invisible. A loss will help bring the team back to reality and focus them, especially since a trophy was involved.

    I also loved seeing Pedro and Pique back. They are both such amazing players it’s ridiculous.

    Oh well. There will be other trophies, and every team can have a few off days. Madrid have already showed that against Valencia and Getafe, after all. 😛

  4. Watching this team, sometimes I get the feeling that when a key player is missing, the coaching staff just dont seem to relay to his replacement just what exactly he should be doing to make up that loss.

    I mean we all know that when puyol plays, he leads, organises and is constantly keeping everyone sharp.
    The moment hes not around pique-smash look like they speak diff languages.
    Mistake after mistake and no puts a foot down and becomes more vocal.

    Who was the leader/organizer in todays game?

    The same thing occured vs Osasuna. Xavi doesnt start – Ok thats fine.
    Whoever replaced him or whichever player(s) is/are to assume his responsibilities should be made aware that this is their role right?
    This all sounds like basic common sense but going back to that game, both iniesta and Fab4 looked lost. Iniesta played his usual advanced role and Fab4 stayed level with him. Whats up with that?

    Even when our defence was being hustled by osasuna and begging for an outlet. Both Iniesta and Fab looked unsure as to who exactly was to drop deep to provide that.

    Maybe this is all in my head, but this is the vibe I keep on getting.

  5. So we have Messi, Pedro, Tello and Alexis (with Villa and Cuenca coming back soon). Should we be worried about who will score goals for us?

    -Midfield looked suspicious in the Osasuna game and also in this game. What’s going on there?

    -Defense is my biggest gripe right now. Aerial balls are flying everywhere, making it a bit difficult for our midgets (+pique) to defend against.

  6. I’m proud of this team. Yes, really, I am.

    Looking back at that game, when Adriano got sent off I was like “Game over. Here comes the manita. God, give me strength to face this. We’re all going to die”

    But no, they didn’t give up. They fought back with everything they can. Pedro and Pique again was immense.
    and Montoya was great! Song did okay, I guess.
    In the end it was not enough but I’m very proud. Love, love this team.

    Congrats to RM. Now we have 3 trophies to catch and Tito still have a looot of homework. Visca Barça through sickness and health!

  7. didn’t see enough hunger/determination from them.
    Mourinho injected ‘some mental drugs’ into his players.
    ~ to Osasuna, the midfield looks like they don’t exist in the 1st half. At that time, Barca was lucky. This time not. Both teams play the same no. of games, tired? Old legs need to take more rest. Vs Osasuna, the midfield selection isn’t totally B.x. Just the positions look a bit odd. This ‘anti-thesis’ version as opposed to Spain’s system requires them to switch & compliment each other more, allowing faster transit in both ways. But they need to be hunger for the ball. Not enough pressing in the 1st half ~ to previous match. Even when a match is won, when problems are observed, they should be sorted out before the bubble burst. Perhaps complacency kicks in?! Sometimes when the players get ‘bullied’ too much(esp in the midfield), a box-box mid can be useful. There is a new mid. coz I’m not suggesting to get more cards. ~ problem is observed in Chelsea match(yeah… the one cause most ppl related to Barca never forget)… Ramires influence in their counters

    Another point to note, Adriano looks pretty shaky in his previous 2 matches. Just a time bomb to explode if too many back pass occur.

    Whatever how many of you are fond of Valdes,
    the no. of costly ‘gifts’ to opponents esp in big matches is increasing. Perhaps he need some competition as well.
    German or Italian(risky) keepers or others???
    Perhaps they should give a starting chance to a young CB.
    There’s a natural disadv for Mach & that is evident in imp games. Else if it’s shaky, why not go for the 3-4-3 to get more goals instead? They played too conservatively in away games. Partl. the WBs are ‘timid’ in away scenarios, like they are hiding most of the time. Squirrels hiding under the bush?
    It’s almost a fact Barca cannot defend by not attacking, they will concede goals sooner or later by fearing to concede, not pressing, retreating the line further & further & vs their DNA. Think it the other way, home teams tend to attack more than away teams, open game leaves more space for attack. But perhaps for Barca(exception), it’s still better to take the initative. Look at Dunga’s Brazil, horrible…taking 1 goal lead in 2 legged counters with away goal rules ~ nothing where you can forget the previous match.

    The tactics RM scoring the goals are mainly targeting the centre in the back, Mas & Valdes…one should see more in the future or coz their high intesity pressing’… which is also observed in Osasuna’s game. Definitely not a coincidence, the problem is just amplified by RM. With Puyol, they are lack of pace.

    The cup may be small in many people’s eyes, but the lesson is huge, the upcoming ones & the game several weeks later>> the lesson…Fresh players are >> than conceding possession in the midfield & hence goals instead of scoring them ,better options old legs sometimes(in fatigue). After several ‘warmups’ for Villa, just wonder when he can contribute more mins & goals to share the goal burden with Messi. ‘castle'(most 1st half) & Osasuna’s pitch are good, comfortable bed? Ponies/Horses have to deny that. Much better if that ‘gfi’ attitude is shown earlier…

  8. I never rewatch losses. I’m making an exception and watching the second half of today’s game again. Proud of our determination. To see that they have it in them to fight ’til the death in an almost hopeless situation and in a hostile environment is more reassuring with regards to how I think this season will go than watching them run over some poor little team 8-0.

  9. was anyone else surprised that cesc was left out? i was really happy to see get in…and im happy to see how he handled himself.. but we needed a goal..and cesc is good at doing that random crazy stuff that would have worked perfectly yesterday..

  10. I think Alves’ unfortunate pregame injury scare put the team off the rails. Tito should have in hindsight brought in Montoya, but who can blame him for not testing out a young inexperienced former B teamer against the toughest opponent at their home?

    I actually miss Eric Abidal. If he was around, he would have played along with Pique in Central defense and Mascherano would have been a substitute. It is clear that Barca haven’t been the treble winning selves since Abidal’s injury.

    There is something wrong with the defense’s dynamic since Abidal’s loss from playing time to surgery.

    Having said that, Song’s performance was encouraging. His positioning to receive passes was a tad off but boy, he can retain possession well and also ping it around quickly and effectively. He showed a lot of courage in his first game in a hyper-pressure situation and it is good omens for Barca.

    I would have preferred Cesc’s introduction over Tello as he could have provided a direct forward role with Messi being the supplier in the last few minutes of the game. Cesc is also a big game player and it grated that Tito felt it necessary to blood Tello over him.

    Give credit to EE. They were superb in the first half and while wasteful in the second, they weren’t bad either. They attacked in packs and pinged the ball aerially or otherwise as if they were tuned in together as automatons. Normally that is what we say about Barca, but EE were close to their perfection.

    The Supercopa loss should be an eyeopener for the Barca thinktank and they will focus well on the Liga as it progresses again. But I sincerely wish Abidal comes back. He, I think, holds the key to Barca’s re-domination.

  11. Alves unfortunate injury shook the whole back line off their concentration. Plus credit has to be given to RM for trying to play a lot of over the top ball which became a mess to deal with our back four. Actually Valdes should have been more pro-active off his line to provide an outlet for the defense in those situation.

    Out of four goals, three came from school boy errors from our boys and that is too much. You can have one mistake in a two legged tie, but this was way too much.

    Loved the way the team responded in the second half and created those chances. Proud of their effort in second half.

    Never understood the logic behind bringing in Tello for Pedro(our best player on the night) especially when we were going for that final push. Pedro would have been really handy in those final moments. He has the habit of stealing goals. Or at least Villa could have been brought in.


    1) Montoyo – Boy, he is ready. Do not bench him. Give him more substitute time. This was a test by fire and he did really well.

    2) Alba – He was really brilliant. Turning up at the right time to cut danger in defense. Had that touch around Casillas not been too heavy, he would have been the hero.

    3) Pedro – He is back and he should start every match.

    4) Song – Looks like he is not going to take much time to integrate himself into the team.

    5) Messi – He wasn’t having a great night till that red card. But he stepped up, took a lot of kicking and hacking down, dropped back and linked well with midfield and scored that sensation free kick.

    6) This is most Important – From the time we have been facing Mourinho’s team we used to lose only once per season(even if it happens) to his team. So that’s done with. Now the boy’s could concentrate harder and focus more for the bigger silverware.

  12. I third that. Hope Cesc does not get discouraged. It was nice to see Song in the mix though, and if all the experience Tello is getting makes him a serious first 11 contender to light a fire under Sanchez’ ragdoll ass, I’m all for it.

  13. I don’t know, in a way I kind of expected that we wouldn’t win the cup. I didn’t expect us to play that badly, mind.

    Our season just seemed to have started off a little too well.

    Madrid draws, we win, we beat them, we eke out a win, they drop points again… I just couldn’t see us following that up with lifting the Supercopa at their place. The law of probability says that we have to lose sometime, and if a loss was going to hit us at any point, I’d much rather it be in the Supercopa where we can learn from it than in the league where it’d have really affected things.

    Plus, after we conceded those two goals and Adriano got sent off, I spent the rest of the match more worried about how many we would concede, and not really contemplating the possibility of us winning the cup until right at the very end when we looked like we might just steal it. I genuinely thought, after the first 20 minutes, that it had the potential to be a reverse of the 5-0 we laid on them. They even scored in the exact same minutes! Heh.

    As for Valdes’ error costing us, many have already posted this above, but he more than made up for it today. He directly led to a goal last week, yes. His fault. But honestly, Madrid had at least 3 or 4 one on one chances that should have and would have been converted today had it not been for Valdes. There’s no point leading 3-1 if you’re going to lose 1-6.

    Anyway, I’m not saying that our lead in the league is decisive by any means (because that would be ridiculous on so many levels), but boy am I glad that it exists, especially with us facing Valencia this weekend. The home games against Valencia over the past couple of seasons have always been rather memorable, I think, and have involved us having to come for behind, so it should be a cracker (though I’d rather a nice, comfy 5-0 for us but we can’t always get what we want).

    Visca Barca.

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