Sergio Araujo Signs on Loan to Barça B

Sergio Araujo is a name that’s been bandied about for quite a while now. I remember his potential signature being floated last summer in the hallowed pages of journalism that are Sport and Mundo Deportivo, back in the halcyon days when you could just print anything and everything in Spanish newspapers regardless of their veracity. Those days, however, are long gone and so it’s only the unvarnished truth that is ever published. And so instead of going directly into the starting lineup, making the radical shift from Boca Juniors to Barcelona with the athletic grace of a gazelle in full flight (and they are majestic) and the poise of a matador moments before dealing the fateful blow to his charging opponent.

Now, though, Araujo, a 20-year old who has played for Boca only a handful of times over the last 3 years (some 21 times according to Wikipedia Español) is making the move to Barcelona B, where he’ll have the chance to show his stuff in a system that might let him grow into the first team. The deal is, of course, worth tens of millions of euros, a cash deal that–I’m being told it’s a loan with an option to buy. So much for the dramatic shift, for the permanent outlay on a player of unproven talent.

On the surface, without having seen him play, but having read a lot of hyperbole about his abilities, it’s a good deal. Loans are a solid to the B team are a solid way to assess a player’s potential and incorporate him into the Barça system.

And, in first team news, Javier Mascherano has signed a contract extension tying him to the club until 2016.

By Isaiah

Isaiah is a co-founder and lead writer for Barcelona Football Blog. He currently lives in the greater New York City area with his wife and daughter.


  1. Watched Araujo with the youth national teams, and my problem is not his quality. He IS talented with standout technical skills. But his ego is Yaya size and make Ibra look like an Iniesta. One of his famous wtf moments was telling Martin Palermo to watch him (Araujo) to learn finishing – and that was couple of years ago when he was still playing football with a milk bottle in his mouth.

    I would’ve preferred Lucas Ocampos, but I know you cant get him for the same deal structure of Araujo. So I’ll say this is a good arrangement. If La Masia quality humbled him a lot and improved him a bit then you get him permanently. The potentials worth the low risk the club made there.

  2. The Catalan Football Fed has its bloomers in a bunch because this season, we’ve done what we always have, which is play the Catalan SuperCup with Barca B. This time, they’re suspending the match. Whatevs, yo. Whatevs.

  3. Anyone else worried about Barcas complete lack of any attempt to sign a decent centre half for next season? Have they learned NOTHING from the failures of last season?

    1. The club has been making runs at Javi Martinez. And let’s be clear about something that I, Ramzi and a few other folks agree on: We shouldn’t sign anyone who would make us worry if we started them in a Champions League final. The quality and ambition of our club applied a very high standard to any potential signings.

  4. I think Eusebio will feel the pressure more this season because of some good BB signings we’ve made this off-season and impending mini-clasicos. Can’t go back to playing defense and not follow the club’s playing tradition. From what I’ve read, Eusebio is a close friend of Zubi. Maybe, that’s a reason he’s been given another year.

    Also, congrats to Mascherano for his renewal. Maybe his wage is on the same level as Pique’s now 😀

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