Your Doubt Is My Inspiration

What was that? You don’t think I love this club?

Puyol and His True Love

Yeah, I didn’t think you’d said anything.

Did you forget about the Design Competition? Check it out! Here’s my first official submission:

Good Analysis Death

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By Isaiah

Isaiah is a co-founder and lead writer for Barcelona Football Blog. He currently lives in the greater Philadelphia area.


    1. This is el clasico week, there is no time for human endeavors like sleep. POSTING MUST BE DONE.

      And with that in mind I’m going to pass out since it’s almost 4am and I have to be awake at around 8 to hang out with my family on Thanksgiving.

      Oh boy oh boy.

    2. oh Isaiah, how you enhance Clasico time with these posts!! haha.
      jeez, i remember last clasico there were like 2000 posts a day! you have a reputation to maintain. keep them coming!

  1. Wish I could compete in the banner contest but I’m afraid I’m a teacher, not a web designer. Yours is good though!

    Love the silliness leading up to the seriousness of the CL.

  2. we should buy blobbie keano and sit henry so that ciaran comes back to our blog. i miss ciaran!

  3. strictly out of topic: i think Edmilson is delighted with the inter win wherever he is. remember his feuds with Mourihnio when he was still with us?

  4. This year I am thankful for La Copa, La Liga, y el Champions! La Recopa, y la Supercopa. I am thankful for Ibrahimovic, and for awesome away Jerseys.

    Everyone have a wonderful Thanksgiving, eat lots of Turkey!

    1. please please tell me you arent refering to those disgusting mango/salmon/orange monstrosities of away shirts?
      i have noticed they have been wearing the yellow shirts in away games. maybe they feel to embarresed at the ridicule they receive from wearing those

  5. I know. I guess that Ciaran will return soon. It’s the Clasico, dammit! All hands on deck!

    I was about to say that I wish I was there to be posting away, then I came to my senses. We’re about to head out to the Picasso Museum, then a reconnection with the amazing Park Guell….

    Yer on yer own, Isaiah!

  6. reports that Crynaldo will be the runner-up for the Ballon d’Or. Now that would be fuckin’ ridiculous… I thought those judges would understand a bit more about football!

  7. bad news guys… is reporting that Albiol and Guti wont be fit for the clasico.

    I was hoping they would start… you know, since they suck…

    1. I thought we agreed talking ripping on Guti was in poor taste since that was like making fun of the special olympics.

      That being said, he’s effing terrible and also wish he was fit to play.

  8. You guys have to see this, this is fucking Hilarious!!

    It’s someone imitating Wenger, Henry, Mourinho and Rafa Benitez to perfection!!


    1. That is hilarious!!!! He could have been added just one more comment by Mourinho regarding a foul in the penalty box not being given.

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