The 2012-13 FCB Schedule

Oh. Hey. Been a while.

There’s this thing I just learned about called time management. And by “just learned about” I mean “discovered when I was 5 or so when it became obvious that I couldn’t play on both the monkey bars and the swing set at the same time.” Trying to get from the swing set to the monkey bars, on the other hand, was merely dangerous, not impossible–wheee! RFEF does not appear to have learned that valuable lesson about not, you know, waiting until the last minute, realizing you haven’t been on the monkey bars yet, and panicking. Yet another year of “when do you think we’ll play?” is about to happen.

At least they released a tentative schedule.

Jornada 1 – Sunday 19-08-2012
Barcelona-Real Sociedad

Jornada 2 – Sunday 26-08-2012

Jornada 3 – Sunday 02-09-2012

Jornada 4 – Sunday 16-09-2012

Jornada 5 – Sunday 23-09-2012

Jornada 6 – Sunday 30-09-2012

Jornada 7 – Sunday 07-10-2012
Barcelona-Real Madrid

Jornada 8 – Sunday 21-10-2012

Jornada 9 – Sunday 28-10-2012
Rayo Vallecano-Barcelona

Jornada 10 – Sunday 04-11-2012

Jornada 11 – Sunday 11-11-2012

Jornada 12 – Sunday 18-11-2012

Jornada 13 – Sunday 25-11-2012

Jornada 14 – Sunday 02-12-2012
Barcelona-Athletic Club

Jornada 15 – Sunday 09-12-2012

Jornada 16 – Sunday 16-12-2012

Jornada 17 – Saturday 22-12-2012

Jornada 18 – Sunday 06-01-2013

Jornada 19 – Sunday 13-01-2013
Málaga C.F.-Barcelona

Jornada 20 – Sunday 20-01-2013
Real Sociedad-Barcelona

Jornada 21 – Sunday 27-01-2013

Jornada 22 – Sunday 03-02-2013

Jornada 23 – Sunday 10-02-2013

Jornada 24 – Sunday 17-02-2013

Jornada 25 – Sunday 24-02-2013

Jornada 26 – Sunday 03-03-2013
Real Madrid-Barcelona

Jornada 27 – Sunday 10-03-2013

Jornada 28 – Sunday 17-03-2013
Barcelona-Rayo Vallecano

Jornada 29 – Sunday 31-03-2013

Jornada 30 – Sunday 07-04-2013

Jornada 31 – Sunday 14-04-2013

Jornada 32 – Sunday 21-04-2013

Jornada 33 – Sunday 28-04-2013
Athletic Club-Barcelona

Jornada 34 – Sunday 05-05-2013

Jornada 35 – Sunday 12-05-2013

Jornada 36 – Sunday 19-05-2013

Jornada 37 – Miércoles 29-05-2013

Jornada 38 – Saturday 01-06-2013
Barcelona-Málaga C.F.

I pulled the schedule from this useful page on MD. You can check out the full schedule (all the teams) there. I bolded the clasicos so that you wouldn’t miss them (cause you totally weren’t looking immediately for them or anything). What do you think of this schedule? I’d post thoughts about the tough Hlebruary, but, really, shouldn’t we be over that curse by now?

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By Isaiah

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    1. Why is Pique and Cesc earning more than SMash and Busquets? And is it because of puyol’s age, he is in tier B? And am assuming the same reason (old/sickness) for Abidal being in Tier C…Seems defenders never earn as much as defenders/strikers…

    2. I don’t see why. Pique at his best is a genuine world class defender ( I know there were one or two wobbles last season ) while Masch at the moment is a fill in CB. He has done a decent job there but that’s a long way from being the finished article.

      It’ll be interesting to see if he holds his place with Tito when Piqué and Puyol are fit. If he does away with three at the back I doubt it but time will tell.

    3. Salaries should be based on performances, not potential.
      Pique at his best is amazing, But masche gives his best all the time, is never found wanting for effort.
      Maybe its catalan favoritism, or the fact that he is a star, dating a star, but its disappointing that barca would choose to pay pique more than Mascha, a senior player, an international captain and someone with consistent performances and attitude.

    4. Masch joined in 2010 and he was willing to contribute part of his salary(or maybe a portion of his transfer fee) to join the club. Remember his fallout with Liverpool. It’s been two years and he hasn’t had a contract extension talk yet. Also, Masch has had ONE stellar season. If he continues performing at a high level, I’m sure he’ll get a raise.

      Pique joined in 2008 and had a contract extension in 2010, when he still performed at a consistent level.

      I’m surprised though that Busquets is placed at a lower tier compared to Pique. I think they should be on the same level.

    5. I’d agree Busi is due a move up to join Piqué and co. He is a vital part of our midfield now.

    6. Never mind that, why is Puyol still only in the 2nd tier? I know defenders typically make less, but he is our captain and has been around forever. Disgraceful.

    7. If I had to guess,(exactly what I’ll do)I’d say Puyol has left money on the table so Barca can attract more players and pay the higher wages to transfer targets and existing players. He seems like the type of person who would do that. It’s all about the club for Puyol, as it should be. However, lets be realistic, for most players it’s about the money.

  1. The club has the calendar up, as of this evening, with La Liga fixtures joining the friendlies:

    2012/2013 Games for Barca

    It’s weird that there’s one La Liga game before the Gamper game and Supacopa legs.

    1. This calendar is screwed to hell. There is only one mid-week game scheduled as of now, and the season is stretched from mid-August to June 1st. No way.

      I think that we can count on the order of the games being the only constant that won’t be changing!

      With this schedule, we can also be thankful that the club doesn’t also have to play the UEFA Super Cup.

    2. Let’s be thankful we aren’t playing the Club World Cup either! Especially considering Villa broke his leg last year during one of those games.

    3. I get your point b/c traveling to the CWC is a nightmare, but the reason you get to go is winning the CL, so I’d rather be going!

  2. If you look at the full liga calender, we play the same teams a week after EE plays them. Amazingly enough, EE start with Valencia and have a harder schedule than usual to start of the season, not that it will matter *wink*.
    I might be too optimistic but, year of the treble we played EE away in the second half of the season, maybe history will repeat itself. I saw this funny stat (i forgot what site) but, when Spain won 2008 euro, Barca won six cups. After WC, Barca won 5 cups, so after euro 2012 Barca wins……? Hope the trend continues.

    1. Well, it was 4 cups last season so, if the trend continues, it will be 3 this season. 😀

    2. It was the same way last season as well. EE and Barca’s schedules seem to alternate teams. Who knows why?

  3. Crap – Villa won’t be ready to play until the end of August. No pre-season for him.

    1. Hmm..went back to MD to get the link and it’s been pulled? Maybe it’s not true.

  4. I’d post thoughts about the tough Hlebruary, but, really, shouldn’t we be over that curse by now?

    No, I think the team is in a permanent state of Hlebruary since he left. Maybe we should buy him back. He’s our talisman 😀

  5. Sooooooo, I’m gonna be in Zaragoza on my exchange from April 6-20, which means Barca is coming to town while I’m there! There is no way I’m going to miss being at the game. I’m dragging my host family along if necessary. If the RFEF screws with the scheduling of that fixture, I will never forgive them. I’m going to a Barca game, dammit! 😀 😀 😀

    Also, the Spanish kids are coming to my town in early October, aka a few days before The First Great Clásico in La Liga next year, so it should be fun to watch with them.

    1. Hansh,

      Man I hope it stays on schedule and you get to go. That will be great! Zaragoza fans always seem to fill up the stadium and support their team. Should be a great atmosphere. I’m wishing you LUCK! You’ll need it with the RFEF

    2. Thanks, Messiah10!

      If I have any luck left over after dealing with the RFEF, I’ll put it towards a good cause like ending the injury epidemic that struck us last season.

  6. Also also, we don’t have two home games in a row until mid-March, which is weird. I guess that will change when Copa del Rey and Champions League fixtures are added in.

  7. Let’s do a poll.

    This is in regards to the J. Martinez.

    1) buy him for 30mill (after negotiations from 40)
    2) buy Romeu back and use the balance + some to get a proper CB.

    I’d choose option 2.

  8. The 1st derby vs Espanyol could be tough since it’s the 1st game back from Winter break. The 2nd Clasico seems earlier in the year and we finally get the 1st one at home after a couple of years.
    3 of Barca’s games are scheduled on important days for me this year! The first is Sept. 2, my parents 40th anniversary! The second is Apr. 7, my dads birthday. The third is May 29, my sisters birthday. I’m sure the RFEF will change the schedule completely though. I don’t even think the Clasico’s dates are set. The last time I saw dates thrown out a few days ago they listed the weekend of, as possible dates for both. They didn’t specify the exact day. WHO ELSE IS A SICKO and already put the dates in their phone? I hope I’m not the only one! 🙂

    1. We’ve played the 1st Clasico at home for the past 4 years except for last season..

    2. Your right. I was convinced we didn’t the year before but didn’t research before I posted. My bad. I have such blind hatred of EE that any favoritism I deem excessive I instantly feel wronged!

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