El Clásico Cometh: Be Prepared

It’s el clásico week and you should know that I don’t take these things lightly.

Are you going to play, Mr. Crynaldo? Or are you going to, you know…:



Or my personal favorite:


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By Isaiah

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  1. *http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vt4X7zFfv4k

    The beginning is lol. 😛


    Where TB goes on weekends to perfect his technique.

  2. Nothing more to add 😀

    German commentator also said, “it’s circus time!” as CR stepped onto the pitch.
    But I’d have prefered a stronger performance by the EE. Now they know they’ll have to improve massively for el Clasico…

  3. Wow, good starting article in the lead up to El Classico. Expect more of Crynaldo links and bloopers from everyone.

  4. Is Messi supposed to be different than Ronaldo ?

    Cause Messi dives, cries, cheats too. Everyone watching Barcelona consistently knows that.

  5. to eladir..
    obviously you dont watch barca play
    messi stays up and running eventhough he is being pushed, tackled, tugged..
    please please watch and talk..

  6. I watch almost all games of Barcelona and I talk. Messi has acted shamefully in two seperate occasions, first when he scored with an obvious handball against Espanyol and almost cheated his way into winning the league and second, when he spat on an opponent in the back.

    Messi has cried at least once in public. The one I remember now is during Rijkaard’s last season when he got a muscle injury.

    As for diving, Messi does it too though considerably less than Ronaldo.

    All in all, they don’t differ much though people with bias won’t recognise that.

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