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As promised, here’s a news update from the club we all love sooooooo (damn, that’s a lotta o’s) much.

Pep Guardiola, sez Sport, wants no more signings if they can’t be Barca quality. Apparently his top two targets are still Fabregas and Chygrynskiy. If they can’t come, he’s willing to stick with what we have. No shame in that, right? Know that the latter is cup-tied, and the former is common sense-tied, as in Wenger would be out of his mind to sell him.

–With this is mind, the kids practiced with the big boys for the Gamper match. Names worth noting from the list, as in people we are certainly going to see this season in Camp Nou, are Fontas, Muniesa, Jeffren, Dos Santos, Thiago and Assulin.

Messi and Ibrahimovic have received the green light for Gamper. This means that the world (well, those with a streaming Web feed, dammit! Not that I’m bitter or anything. Nope.) will see the beginnings of how we roll. And you heard it here first: If Ibrahimovic plays any significant number of minutes, he will score.

Gudjohnsen is too spendy for West Ham, say the British press and Sport. The Hammers are now said to be eyeing a younger, less-expensive option at striker. (Kxevin note: If Monument stayed, that kinda wouldn’t be a bad thing, given our squad depth in the midfield. I’d just play him with a quick hook at the ready.)

–Anybody planning at the last-minute to hit the Gamper match can probably forget it. With 70,000 tickets sold two days ago, club officials are predicting a sell-out for this match, that will feature the debut of BAS. (Kxevin note: I should have gone this year. Don’t know what I was thinking.)

Pedro! will be getting a new contract soon, that reflects his first-team status, one that is now permanent. After all, he doesn’t need a deal linked with first-team-based incentives, right? Excellent news.

–In other injury news, Iniesta and Marquez aren’t expected back until the first league match. Iniesta’s picking up that stomach virus pushed back his recovery. He was also very upset by the Jarque passing.

Alves and Messi have been granted permission to leave the club for the Brazil/Argentina match (duh, right?).

About that shirt in the picture. It is a limited edition (only 1899 will be made….everyone knows the significance of the number, right? It’s the founding year of the club.) match shirt that will be worn for the Trofeo Gamper match. For the unfamiliar, MES is a third world sporting and education initiative spearheaded by Barca and Nike. Proceeds from the sale of MES merchandise go to that very worthy cause, as in you buy shirts, kids get an education, shoes and footy balls. I already have mine, and it comes in a lovely, numbered, fully recyclable presentation box. Size L is the only size on offer, and if you want yours, you can go here. Note that it runs a bit smaller than the regular match shirts.

Kxevin note: As the posting pace picks up, it’s worth noting that a new post doesn’t mean that old posts die. They just move down the page. Thanks to all for contributing to what is, in my humble estimation, the best Barca community on the Web.

There have been many new names popping up here. My apologies if I seem unfriendly for not saying “Hi” as you surface. We’re usually very good about that, but with the debut hustle-n-bustle. 😀

By Kxevin

In my fantasy life, I’m a Barca-crazed contributor over at Barcelona Football Blog. In my real life, I’m a full-time journalist at the Chicago Tribune, based in Chicago, Illinois.


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