Camp Nou Wallpaper

Here’s a dark and moody Camp Nou wallpaper for you to download.

There are 2 versions:  one is dark and with more contrast, while the other is a little more milky and the yellow club slogan is less bright.   The lighter one looks good on my MacBook Pro, (my desktop icons show up better against it), while the darker one is best on our PC screen.



Follow the links to download the size which is relevant and best for your device, and then Right-click on the image and “Save Image As” to download.

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This is the original image, which you can download here:  Camp_Nou_Day


  1. Generally speaking, criticizing VDB is a trend already. People need to understand that any game could be approached in more than one way. It is not valid to pick a favorite alternative and dismiss the validity of any other choice the coach takes.

    I might have some thoughts other than what I’ve seen so far from VDB. But I cant see what he did wrong so far.

    Double pivots? Won Spain their first Euro and world cup. You can suggest other alternatives, but I can’t see how a proven success could be labeled as a catastrophe.

    Using Pedro? At his best, Pedro is a key starter for a team like THIS Spain. Yet again, was Pedro anywhere near his best last season – putting aside 90 minutes or so at the end of the season? In fact it was a huge vote of confidence that VDB called him for Euros in the first place. Few coaches would’ve done so. We arent watching the training sessions, and we don’t know What Pedro VDB is having there. I am sure when he’s ready, he’ll play.

    Arbeloa isn’t the best RB in the world. But it is not like Juanfran is Cafu. There is a valid question whether Offense improve through his contribution way more than defense may decline.

    Again, I may have other alternatives, like Alba-Pique-Martinez-Ramos defense line. But I never saw that backline playing enough to judge. Are Pique and Martinez too similar to work together? Too slow? Will Ramos be able to contribute in offense in that case?

    It is not as simple as it may look from a distance…

    1. maybe, but the way it is it is clearly not working right now at all. They can not rely on luck and Casillas all the time. As they way they tried does not work he must try something else to improve things

    2. Thanks, Ramzi.

      I’ve discussed with you my thoughts on the Alba-Pique-Martinez-Ramos defense. Which you clearly mentioned as well. Looking back at the games, Ramos covers so much space on the left for Alba to go forward. His speed helps a lot in that. Martinez is not the paciest of players, and he might be caught too off guard with Alba pushing forward that much.

      As for Arbeloa vs Juanfran. It’s in terms of defense vs attack. Arbeloa is better defensively. Juanfran is better going forward. With that said, for those that follow Atleti, whenever Juanfran played without Arda on his side of the pitch, he found it very difficult. Without someone on the right, Juanfran won’t be able to do as much as people expect of him. Problem is solved by including a winger.

      My ideal formation change would be including Navas with a striker still in. If the striker is one that needs to be taken off, then Pedro is a better choice than Navas.

    3. Vdb has played safe all along. And continues to do so. I dont know whats with all the fuss! You cant expect him to experiment or go out of his nature at a tournament like Euro. Already he played the team with a striker+winger less formation. Now give the ol man a break! Maybe he’d play smart and brave when a worthy opponent comes along. Well, Italy with its current system seems worthy enough. Hopefully the two would meet in the final.

      I found Ramos as a RB in WC annoying. (There was this period in WC where he and Alonso would do 1-2s from 50m out.) Also, Navas was extremely annoying with his superior 1dimensional self. So i guess Vdb has done just enough to get rid of the frustrating elements (damage control) from this team by placing Ramos at CB and Jesus as a late sub for miracles.

      One wingback (Now alba previously Ramos) is good enough for Vdb system. The system that loves to sprinkle aggression on top of a solid base of caution. Get used to it folks!

      And get rid of the double pivot you say? -And thereby get immediately fired for not winning both WC and Euro? (well that might make him forget what EE did to him!)
      Martinez for Ramos? -And then have Javi-Xavi-Xabi confusion for 90 mins? Think of the commentators at least!
      Pedro for Jesus? -Jesus as we all know can perform miracles! (The slight problem here is that the whole world is watching.)
      Fernando Llorente Torres for Fernando Torres? -And waste stuffs? (You know.. stuffs!) and not profit later? You must be insane!

    4. this was meant to an independent post (not a reply to Ramzi post which btw was spot on!)

    5. You’re Pedro argument is true. But the same applies to Torres. He had a worse season than pedro yet he played all three games ( started two). And torres was mostly suffering psychological problems and those won’t be apparent on the training grounds. I don’t see why he is the preferred starter.
      Pedro is a clinical finisher and provides width.I think he deserves at least one match to prove himself.

  2. @ Bassam. please can you explain alonso’s role.for me. is he a typical.defensive midfielder as we know makelele. gatusso… and how does Madrid use him? he and khedira who goes forward more?

    1. I think someone discussed it in an earlier post. Alonso is a deep lying play maker. He drops deep and helps push the ball from the back of the field. He also serves, in the RM system, as a tactical buffer. Watches the game from far away and makes sure players adjust their position.

      I’m actually writing a long post for my blog over the difference of the role of Khedira in the Real Madrid line up and that of him in the Germany line up. I’ll make sure to post it for you when I finish it up (possibly after the Euros). But in a nutshell, Khedira serves as the ball winner. Runs around the midfield trying to win the ball back. Alonso theoretically, doesn’t have to play higher up, as he is required to both play as a deep lying play maker and as a replacement center back so Ramos can cover for Marcelo. But Khedira’s limited passing ability forces Alonso’s role to go from a “play ball from the back” to also cover “get the ball to Ozil further up the pitch”. Usually, Alonso’s long pass ability or Marcelo’s LW role helps in that. When those two fail, the system fails.

      Alonso’s style of play suits counter attacking or shifting the ball from one flank to the other, which helps open up play. In the spanish NT midfield, I don’t believe any midfielder has those two qualities as much as Alonso. Xavi, Busi and Iniesta are all short pass specialists.

      I hope this helps.

    2. In terms of how they compare with Gattuso and Mekelele, he is not like any of the two. Mekelele is a quick deep lying defensive midfielder. His role is to sit deep and break up counter attacks. He is also decent at playing the short ball from defense to midfield.

      Gattuso on the other hand is a ball winning midfielder. His main role was to win the ball back and hassle opponent players.

    1. EE players should step up and show how they won la liga with wonderful footy and carry the team like Barca did in 2010 wc. Even tired Barca players are carrying thier behinds working harder than those liga champs.

  3. Ramos and Arbeloa lived up to their reputation tonight and almost cost Spain the match. But the two may just end up into something useful when handling Thong Boy and his trusty minion Croentao in a possible clash at semis.

    1. He just felt left out when i mentioned Ramos!

      No seriously, Arbeola was okay today just like always. He did what was asked of him. Stayed cautious, focused, placed some misplaced passes when asked to (once he passed awkwardly to Xavi which led to a counter, and then he tracked back to commit another blunder in succession) and defended the set pieces well. Overall a solid performance by his standard.

      watch how Ramos does his thing at first. And later he and Alonso puts up a masterclass on how to track back on a counter.

  4. Does Spain suffer from serious IniestaDependencia ? ; )

    I know my life does at least!

  5. Granted, I don’t know La Roja as well as other readers here seem to, but does anyone else think that if VdB were to lose the double pivote then Busi, not Alonso, should be dropped? Alonso is a fair ball winner in front of defense, he can drop back to cover for Ramos/Piqué, and he adds a great element in his use of the long ball. Busi has a tendency to get the ball and give it to the nearest player, but I like the vision Alonso has to spread the play and give Spain unexpected points of attack. Thoughts?

    1. Everyone always talks about Alonso’s long-ball accuracy. He is good at them, very good, but Busi also makes excellent long passes when necessary. Busi is also fantastic at winning back balls.

      Even cules underrate Busi.

      (This comment has been brought to you by the Busquets Fairness Committee)

    2. ooooooh… blaspheme, hansh, blaspheme…(jk)!

      A brief side story, in 2009 Confederations Cup, Xabi played that holding role alone, with Xavi and Cesc in more advance positions, and they lost to the U.S. Spain defenders then were Ramos, Pique, Puyol and Capdevilla (a more experienced backline compared to now). Iniesta didn’t participate in that tournament due to injury.

      In short, VdB used one DM (Alonso) in that tournament, and it didn’t work, so why risk it again?

      At the moment, Xabi alone in front of Spain’s somewhat weak defense is not going to work. At RM, he plays along side Khedira b/c Khedira offers more steel. The problem with Spain is they use Barca template (passing from the back, intricate passing, one-touch offense etc…) but VdB doesn’t use an offensive 4-3-3 with two wide forwards or a Busi-Xavi-Ini midfield. He goes for a safe lineup that offers very little excitement.

      I’ve been unimpressed with Silva and would rather see Cesc in that lineup. Cesc has delivered for Spain so many times. I think with three games left (potentially), Cesc can offer an element of surprise with his vertical movements/passes.

      I think Busi needs to develop his vertical passing game but at the moment, Busi is needed to secure that defense.

    3. We’re not asking to remove Busi, but rather Alonso, for additional firepower. Or swap Alonso for Martinez, so you at least have a proper box-to-box midfielder in there.

    4. Vdb may as well do the unthinkable and ditch his double pivot, but he’d never drop Busi. Busi is the first name on the list, imo. And we all know Vdb loves Busi.

      And about Alonso. Its true he is a ball winner and has brilliant long range attributes. But so does Xavi. Crucially Xavi makes the least errors. Having somebody like Alonso, with a similar role, disrupts his game. Besides, in this conservative system of Vdb, there is little room for long range passing, unless you’d want to start with Navas+Torres from the start! IMO either Xavi or Alonso should play. Not both!

  6. I wont push vdb to get rid of his double pivot. Instead I’d field this lineup:


    This means more fluidity, less stupidity, better pressing. And more…. 🙂

  7. Xabi Alonso
    his long range passing is the best among the midfielders of Spain NT.

    purpose of long range pass? initiate counter attack switch play from one side to other.
    3.for the tall centre forwards.

    Spain NT’s game is based on possession.sometimes with a”not so tall”forward or sometimes with no forwards.

    Xabi Alonso
    He can tackle(not a good tackler) and provide cover for the inexperienced backline of Spanish NT.

    So xabis skill set is not suitable for spain but he provides defensive cover for the backline.

    If a coach acts brave,then xabi may be dropped,but one cant slack off VdB for being Xabi’s inclusion is a fair one,IMO.his inclusion in the WC that was more baffling.People also need to remember that spanish NT is not Barcelona.

    Arbeloa is defensively solid most of the time.not a popular player for the cules.what is baffling VdB insists on double pivot yet plays a defensive of the advantage of double pivot is that it can release the 2 fullbacks.

    my best guess VdB is too much cautious.

    Biggest complain i have is David Silva.
    whats his input?if anybody should be dropped it should be him.he plays as if he is THE MESSI.

    my ideal line up for Spain(being brave)








    1. one of the advantage of double pivot is that it can release the 2 fullbacks

      To be fair, Arbeloa and Alba does play high up the pitch. It’s just that Arbeloa hardly does anything good with the ball. Alba doesn’t go up often enough.

      Xabi at times were disrupting play, e.g. Ramos could’ve passed straight to Xavi who was further up the field but Ramos quickly came in between and asked for the ball and then decided to go side ways instead.

      It’s this kind of instances which pisses me off. Why doesn’t VdB realize that at Barca, Busi will be the one to collect and then passes it on to Xavi.

    2. Yeah, where has Santi been. Someone needs to remind VdB that he has 23 really good players, not his 14 or so. But I think Torres with Llorente is too much of the same thing.

      If I’m being really brave, perhaps after one too many manitas (although I think this would really ve a beautiful lineup), I’d go with:
      Ramos, Pique, Martinez, Alba
      Xavi, Busi, Iniesta
      Pedro, Cesc, Mata/Santi

    3. Cazorla would provide some much needed long distance shooting, not to mention some serious free kicks. No disrespect to Xavi, but Santi is better at them!

    4. Mom, this has been the line-up I’ve been asking for all along. I’m with you here 😀

      I really think that for Spain to win, there has to be Busi, Xavi, Ini and Cesc. Only the four of them ensure that the ball gets from deep to forward with much higher chance of goal.

      I agree with Ryan that Santi is very good with his long-range shots and could offer additional arsenal. With Pedro in the line-up, we also have that special understanding amongst the Barca players where they could pass to the middle (Cesc) or to the wing (Pedro) which gives Spain more options in creating chances, again with a higher percentage of finishing the chance.

      The sub to me made here will be a Llorente in for Cesc to drag defenders out and give space for Pedro, Santi or Ini on goal.

      Arbeloa out would also reduce the mistakes and uselessness of the team. If only Ramos doesnt give away balls in precarious areas and have to make up for it by super dangerous tackles and runs. He’s been lucky twice already. Can’t push that.

  8. For me, this would be the best lineup for Spain.
    They would have to organize themselves in a 3-1-3-3 shape with the following personnel.

    ——— Iker / Victor ———-

    —– Ramos — Pique — Alba —–

    ——— Xabi / Martinez ——–

    — Xavi — Busquets — Iniesta —

    — Pedro — Llorente/Torres/Cesc — Silva/Navas

    1. All silver wants to belong to us…they pine for us…they throw themselves off buses and break into peices because they wanted to belong in the FCB museum. “anthropomorphizingtoomuch

    1. Referring to an incident when Mourinho and Vilanova clashed after a clásico, Rosell said: “I wouldn’t accept a coach who wants to win at any cost. I would apologise if a coach put his finger in the eye of another.”

      I can’t fault Rosell for this part, anyway.

    2. And what would we have gained had Rosell spoken out about the incident after it happened? Isn’t that what press secretaries and representatives are for? to make statements on behalf of people and institutions?

      I know the man can sound like a pompous ass sometimes and he has his moments of saying stupid things at the most inappropriate of times but sometimes I think we’re too harsh on the man, like we expect him to be perfect and some sort of miracle worker.

    3. Nope – press secretaries and media reps say what they get told to say, and that’s usually after briefings from the top.

      If he had spoken out, maybe the team and the team management would have felt better supported during the fall-out of the incident.

      Liken it to Pep’s “puto amo” speech about Mou – the whole team felt inspired after that, to go out and support Pep. It lifted morale.

      Silence from the top in moments of chaos is not exactly supporting the ranks.

  9. just to correct a couple of things: Spain did *not* win the last European Championship using a double pivote; Marcos Senna was the outstanding solitary holding player in their system for that tournament. and it was during that tournament under Luis Aragones that Spain played their most daring, most attacking football since they began this successful run of international form.

    also: Xabi Alonso may be considered a deep-lying playmaker, if not quite a regista in the mold of Andrea Pirlo, but the problem with Spain’s formation playing the double pivote is that they already *have* a deep-lying playmaker in Xavi Hernandez who’s a better player, meshes better with the players around him, and is far more direct. playing both Xabi and Xavi along with Busquets is, therefore, adding a redundant midfield player role at a time when Spain desperately need more attacking verve and directness. playing Xavi out of position further up the pitch while persisting with Xabi Alonso is del Bosque’s most serious and persistent error.

    his caution may have won them a World Cup with a string of 1-0s and has done acceptably for them in 2012, but many of us who’ve been watching Spain since they took off in ’08 believe they *could* be doing far more and are being unnecessarily restrained from their best by an overly cautious manager playing an unnecessarily awkward formation.

    1. Good analysis.

      Del Bosque has responded to the critics.

      However, what inspires him is the fact that he can count on the back-up players in his squad to shine, like Navas did. “He’s a one-off,” said Del Bosque. “He adds something close to unique to our group – perhaps only matched by Pedro Rodríguez. He’s full of ambition and adventure, and what he can give us on the pitch is important.”

      And we’ll see Pedro when, Del Bosque, and how about starting some of those back-up players who are obviously playing better than some of the starters?

    2. Dear M, My thought on this situation is that Pedro likes to cut in, and does not take on defenders that often. His usual movement and play is to pass back to the midfield. Compared that to Navas who takes on defenders all the time and likes to run wide and forward, and is a better crosser of the ball. I would prefer to have Navas in the starting lineup over Pedro for a wide player role. When breaking buses it is critical that the wide play-maker keep the wing back worried. This what Navas did yesterday. In the process he also had the center back covering his crosses. And this is what Navas brings to the squad.

    3. S: Are you kidding me? You need to watch Pedro in defence – the guy is a maniac – always running, always pressing. He’s often the guy causing the opposition to cough the ball up for one of his team mates to snaffle away.

      Pedro is a much better starter than Navas – the latter is an effective sub, as he proved last night. But then, anyone could have been on the end of that brilliant play between Cesc and Iniesta. And Navas certainly wasn’t wide during that movement!

    4. I meant THIS for both BA’s analysis and Michelle’s suggestion to del Bosque.

      (Michelle – thanks for your response to me several days ago, btw. Will get in touch again nearer to the date)

    5. True that Senna was the DM in world cup. And I also don’t think Busquets or Xabi can do the defensive job Senna did there, nor current defense line is as good as that, considering Puyol’s injury and Piques questionable form, with Arbeloa being the best defensive fullback Spain has now, and Alba still being under development.

      Having double pivots does not necessarily mean playing very caution. Noting than in group stages at Euro 2008 Spain scored 8 and they received 3 goals with goal difference +5 (while having better defense line than the current). Euro 2012 they scored 6 conceded 1, that’s +5 as well. In 2008 They were only a scoring machine against Russia, both in group stage and semi final as the Russian team fit perfectly (on the wrong foot to Spains system). Or else, they didnt win any game by more than one goal difference. There results were: 4-1 (Russia), 2-1, 2-1, 0-0, 3-0 (Russia), 1-0.

      Again, I can suggest other approach, and another, and a dozen. All can work – theoretically. But they will have to answer another kind of questions. Without Puyol, with Alba (who still have some defense flaws) and Pique being far from his best, will a different selection survive against teams like Germany? At international level, you try to stay consistent with tactics as far as possible. Is it true that double pivots release Iniesta more in offense? Who should play if VDB bench Xabi or Busquets? most alternatives are possible, but none of them showed a form that makes him the savior. We never know. Really, we don’t. And I suppose VDB had such ideas in mind, and during training sessions for trial.

      So, again, I am not saying there are no ideas that oppose what VDB is doing. But none provide any certainty that it works more than current structure (even with its side effects like redundancy in midfield). And that is where I have to stay realistic and give VDB the benefit of doubt.

  10. Hey, nzm, what’s the view from the catbird’s seat say about the departure of Unzue? He leaving on good terms for a better offer (coaching job at Racing), or is there something else?

    Also, looks like the 15m for Alba deal is done.

    1. He’s leaving? Good! I wasn’t impressed with Valdes’ performance last season. Bring Busi’s dad back!

      Three games in and Alba has been average. Adriano can do the same job as Alba, albeit with less speed. 15mil is a little bit expensive for me.

    2. Kevin – I’m not 100% sure of the background to Unzue’s departure. I know that it was made public at the end of the playing season, but it’s taken until now to reach the official channels. Much like the news about Manel Estiarte leaving.

      I had heard a whisper of a disagreement between VV and Unzue, but I’m not sure how true that is. But I do know that, after Christmas, Unzue spent most of his time with Pinto at trainings. I don’t know if this had any bearing on his departure, but if true, it wouldn’t have been the ideal working environment.

    1. How’s England doing, Mom4?

      True story: Once upon a time, I skipped school to watch England played. Thank goodness, I found Barca 😀
      To use Plato’s parable of the cave, I discovered the sun!

    2. Up 1-0 on a Rooney tap-in. Poor Ukraine, they’re playing their hearts out in front of a home crowd.

  11. Holy moley – Ukraine was just denied a definite goal by incompetent refereeing. The ball was clearly over the line!

  12. So happy for Sweden. France seem pretty poor with their defense. I expect fireworks from Spain when they meet France.

    1. We’ll thats good News for France& bad News for Spain as Koscielny is likely to start.Mexés is an errorprone par excellence.Koscielnys speed will be harder to cope with..

  13. Sweden peaked too late it seems. Nice game vs. France, but it doesn’t change anything. In the other game, Ukraine deserved a draw; a shame that the goal line assistant didn’t award the goal.

    1. I think they just got unlucky.

      They never deserved to lose against England, with all due respect.
      The luck that England has had during the groupstage was equalled by the bad luck of Sweden. With lady luck on the other side, England would be out now and Sweden had progressed.

      But I have to say, today’s result from England against Ukraine was a disgrace and totally undeserved, seen from any aspect of the match.
      If they continue riding this wave of luck, I even fear for another Chelsea, i.e. England champions of Europoe :/

      This would turn this season into the most f’cked up I can remember…

    2. *I’m speaking about Sweden in my first sentences.

      Ukraine didn’t deserve a draw, they actually drew the match. It was a goal. Full stop.
      Talking about merit, Ukraine should have won and be in the quarterfinals now, imho!

  14. I want to ask.Mr KXEVIN which team he is rooting for? Spain vs France.

    I want to know whether he will be happy if France win against spain. thus when Benzema eliminates Xavi and co.(impossible though)

  15. Nice Wallpaper you made there,nzm.I tend to prefer the darker one as the Clubmotto is more impressivly visible. Thank you,very obliging of you 😉

    So in Unzué the next staffmember says goodbye.He was pretty important for Valdés overall development made him practically what he is today.But it seems his one year of leaving made lose the bond they have once shared.Looking forward to his explaining of the situation.
    2 Candidates are linked with Barça : The Goalkeepercoach of Valencia&LaRoja and Herculés GK Coach..

    Regarding Euros :
    So far i’m enjoying very attractive games so far..overall i’m pleased.
    Spain plays to conservative and are only using the defensive aspects of Possesionplay while it’s agreeable to play that way against opponents like Italy,Germany etc.So far not impressed by their performance.

  16. I am scared that England will win the Euros on the back of goals from corners (as all their goals have been).

    And possibly disallowed goals for its opponents.

    It would indeed be a f*ckd up tournament if that happened.

    1. Worst case Scenario!!!Footballwise a Year to forget..Let’s hope not that becomes true..

      Oh Xavi not going to be content by it.Not good por el Futbol^^

    2. Don’t fret, Barcaleya. I don’t think England have quite enough Chelsea players on it for that insane amount of CL luck to carry through to the Euros. Although, after watching the Ukraine outplay them today, I’m beginning to wonder.

    3. A good keeper would have prevented that goal. San Iker, for example. 🙂

      Although I do have that subtle fear building that they might be carrying some Chelsea-ish luck with them. Let’s pray that it’s not the case!

  17. Finally got to a real computer and was able to see Blitzen’s Xavi cartoon waaaaay above (had been fighting with the smart phone all day). That was so fantastic. Give yourself a Blitzen award, girl!

    Also it’s really kinda cool to be on the same side a Bassam for a change. Not that I agree with all of his assessments, but still good to be rooting for the same team. Have a cookie, dear.

    Speaking of rooting for the same team…Well, Kxevin, bless his misguided soul, is a fan of Les Bleus. So most of us will be rooting for a different team than Kxevin for the quarter finals. Strange old world isn’t it?! It’s a shame that Spain had to meet them so soon. I wanted France to go far for Abi’s sake, but fate has dictated that Spain face them next. Do what you gotta do, Kxevin, and then come back from the dark side (I do admit that Les Bleus have better kits).

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