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By Kxevin

In my fantasy life, Iā€™m a Barca-crazed contributor over at Barcelona Football Blog. In my real life, Iā€™m a full-time journalist at the Chicago Tribune, based in Chicago, Illinois.


  1. I watched a bit of France and – of course- Spain vs Argentina game. I guess this international break will deliver us -Barcelona- a different output than the typical ones. The players will come back in a better form and moral than when they left. Iniesta played his best game this season so far, Henry (during the segment I watched in the first half) was also good, Messi released some passive charges while celebrating that goal, and Busquets was better than this season standard.

    I started to have some conserns regarding Pique form recently. I sense some drop that I hope he will overcome. Not sure if Puyol got injured though.

  2. And I hope I am as wrong regarding Maradona as I was when I critisized Dunga too early. He is killing me!

    Alright I had to release that. No further details…

  3. Hope everything went well after I checked out.

    Got caught up with all the matches. England/Brazil was insufferable, but that was to be expected. Scoreline kind of a surprise, though.

    Spain/Argentina didn’t have as many goals as I expected, and about two more penalties than I expected. Go figure. Iniesta is looking better and better. Could it be that the Copa match was the kick-start that he needed?

    From what I saw of Messi, I wasn’t that impressed. He looked to be rolling around at about half-speed, watching the match and picking his spots. What the hell was Busquets doing fouling him that hard, though? Somebody needs to talk to that lad.

    Abidal tried to give me a heart attack. As predicted, he was mostly excellent, but then had that one blinding moment of stupidity that almost gifted Ireland a goal, were it but for Lloris, who saved the day. The 1-0 was expected, but Gignac was absolute, festering shit in front of goal, including a shot with the goal mouth gaping, that he shanked wide of the far post, somehow.

    1. Oh well, that was an incredibly bad shot “on” goal. I’ve barely seen a worse effort in my life šŸ™‚

      I was watching the match with a friend of mine, and I immediately shouted “There must have been a deflection, it just couldn’t have been HIS shot” and he replied “No, this guy really sucks so bad”…^^

    2. Gignac sucks more than a whore when the fleet’s on shore leave. I’ve never liked him. I also wonder, if Malouda and Benzema were healthy, why Dumbassnech dicked around so long with a horrid Gourcuff. “But he eees so handsome, oui!” Jesus!

      Unfortunately, no deflection. I still don’t know what kinds of laws of physics were violated to make that ball do what it did. Thankfully, the hilarity of the TV5 lads kept me from screaming (too loudly) in rage.

  4. Nice! No injurries, the better team has won the match between Spain and Argentina, France is lookin’ good, what more to ask for? šŸ™‚

    In my perfect world, Bosnia would at least have drawn against Portugal and more importantly, Van Persie would not have been injured… I was seriously starting to believe that Arsenal has some words to say about the EPL title this season, but now that Van Persie – who is actually there only world-class striker – is out for ~2 months, my hope vanishes:(

    1. I didn’t see the Holland match, but I understand it was a Chiellini tackle? Ouch. That’s what worries me so much about friendlies. Messi wasn’t playing all out, and I’m glad for that.

      Interesting thought, however: Every year, Arsenal are outdone by a laundry list of injuries. Is it training, type of training, what are they doing or not doing that screws them every year? It can’t just be bad luck.

    2. Horrible tackle… I thought Robin van Persie, my fav in EPL, is finally gonna answer his critics with his performances and prove his worth but damn he had to get injured šŸ™
      Training definitely got some thing to do with injuries imo. There are numerous examples where a player branded too injury-prone changes a club for peanuts & then doesn’t get affected by those freaking injuries any more! Very recent example being Michael Owen. Look at our own Messi, when has he played a whole season injury-free prior to Guardiola taking over!? Wenger, as much as he’s considered genius for spotting young talents, surely has to improve in that regard… His players get injured TOO frequently!!

      But Helge they still do have a world class-striker in Eduardo. And if he’s not proved as effective as RVP for a lone-striker role they could still switch to 4-4-2! And Wenger was in search of a winger/striker during summer, I guess he’d be more serious now putting aside his ‘miser’ instincts for some time. AND Bendtner boy has finally got the opportunity to prove his worth & this could well be his final one!

    1. Ouch. It’s always that trailing leg that does the damage, isn’t it? I don’t understand why you tackle like that in a friendly, but that’s just me. Shoulder him off the ball or something. 3 months means that he effectively isn’t back until February.

  5. darn, i didn’t know there was a live blog for the game. Entertaining match, the Argentinians didn’t park the bus, Spain experimented, and no injuries! I’m happy with the game.

    1. It was a last-minute call, Eduard. You also missed, however, briefly, the Attack of the Two Kxevins. It was horrifying, I hear tell. šŸ˜€

  6. *

    That’s some Pep fucking Guardiola for you šŸ™‚

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