An Ode to International Breaks

Fall Leaves
A young man will stand
His posture straight and grand
Looking towards the sky
And though he’ll not ask why
Thousands will scream his name
Some in joy, others in shame
He sports the precious number ten
Perhaps he’s the greatest there’s ever been
Perhaps he’s just a boy playing a game.

He’ll catch a ball with his feet
Defenders will twirl and have a seat
Vexed, perplexed, and cross-eyed
Shrugging as if to say “Well, I tried,”
But the poor defender will hear
The fans laugh and jeer
As our hero jukes then stutters
While more defenders fall in clutters
This time, the fans will start to cheer.

The goalie stands still and straight
“Maybe he won’t see me till it’s too late!”
But the young man has already seen him
And the goalie’s chances go to none from slim
He lines up a solid blast
The ball is off his foot so fast!
There it goes, quickly curving
It’s weaving and wobbling and swerving
And it smacks the net at last.

I feel like I’m about to have a heart attack
I pause and rewind it back
What a run, what a move, what a play,
I could watch this video all day
There’s nothing else on after all
And it’s raining out ’cause it’s Fall
Oh, damn you international break
What rumors and news mockeries you make
Perhaps I’ll go outside with my own ball.

Open thread below, folks.

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By Isaiah

Isaiah is a co-founder and lead writer for Barcelona Football Blog. He currently lives in the greater Philadelphia area.


  1. if that ‘young man’ is bojan, he’ll give it a 2!

    just kidding!

    but for real, if you were to rate Guit as cancer to the team would he be:

    a) terminal brain cancer
    b) early stage colon cancer
    c) melanoma easily removed with outpatient surgery

    1. Sure, good idea!!! But Henry is the best thing that has happened to that position since sliced bread. So…now that he is returning from his injury we should keep Ryan Babel in the wannabeees list.

  2. Too good… Can you make some thing similar for Messi’s goal against Getafe? Would love it and save it 🙂

  3. Can we get Hector to do one of his “analysis of a goal” for this one?

    Poetry… this blog has everything.

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