Copa del Rey Final Liveblog

Here’s to hoping we send Pep off with a trophy.

Starting XI: Pinto, Montoya, Pique, Mascherano, Adriano, Xavi, Busquets, Iniesta, Pedro, Messi, Sanchez

Bench: Valdes, Bartra, Keita, Fabregas, Thiago, Afellay, Tello


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  1. Man we’re playing well! Fantastic movement off the ball. Great! Goooooooallllll. Messi!!!! Wow. As I was typing. What a ball slipped thru by Ghostface!!! What a finish!

  2. ESPN3 feed is great. Almost as good as HD tv. Some of the moves we’ve made maintaining possession under pressure are amazing. Glad Alexis got the nod ahead of Cesc

  3. Dive! Llorente felt Pique’s arm under his and flopped with all his might. If ref didn’t think it was a penalty he should’ve booked for diving

    1. Llorente made the most of it but it was a foul and should have been a penalty.
      In reality, Alexis ‘should’ have had a penalty too to the letter of the law but his was much more of a dive as there was less contact.
      How much do you have to foul someone in the box for a penalty to be given though?

    2. I think Alexis’s was a dive too. His wasn’t even close to me. He should’ve been booked as well. There was contact with Pique but Llorente made more of it and it just looked worse. Pique denied him and it luckily bounced back to him. That’s when he felt Piques body/arm and threw himself in the air. There’s no way he could’ve Ben tossed that way by the contact that was made. At least to me we’ll have to agree to disagree

  4. For the record, if I get a heart attack whilst watching Barca play, I’m going to get my family to sue Pinto for being retarded with the ball at his feet. Why didn’t we just sign Diego Lopez as our second keeper?

    1. Haha. Hilarious! Pinto’s been ok tonight. He was to far off his line on the shot from the near post. He saved it though. I think the first few minutes where he kicked it out of play were not his fault. The 1st one was played to him by Adriano at a horrible angle. Should never have passed it back to him. We need to learn that we don’t need 2 pass back all the time. It’s ok to kick it out of play and set up our defense. We win the ball back so much that it should be a no brainer

  5. What a send off for Pep! 2nd half was a bit lackluster but we got the job done! Team looked refreshed and in full gear 1st half. What a performance. Credit to Bilbao b/c they came to play and didn’t stop attacking until the final whistle. Thanks Pep for everything! You’ve given us so much these 4 years. I eternally grateful!

  6. LOL – Pique wasn’t allowed to cut down the whole net, so he cut a hole out of it! 😀

  7. Complete respect to the Bilbao fans. They cheered for their team to the last, many of them stayed for the trophy presentation, and they are IMO the best fans in Spain. I wish both teams could have won something tonight.

    1. I wish Athletic could have gotten more from the season. Hopefully, they can build on the foundation laid down this season and achieve more consistency next year.

    2. Special, wasn’t it? And I love that our guys had a Ikurriña (Basque flag) to wave with the Senyera. And they laid them both with the trophy when they danced the Sardana. Class, class, class, and utmost respect.

  8. One of the most bittersweet victories yet. Good-bye, Pep.

    Thanks for everything.

  9. Why was the anthem 27secs long? Did the Catalans and the Basques upset someone, lol. Madrid says freedom of speech everytime EE says something out of line, so why cant they handle anyone else doing so.

  10. Sets up the Super Copa de Espana curtain raiser too – 2 Clasicos to start Vilanovas era…

    1. Oh, yeah, for that spat with Ozil. It all seems like it happened a lifetime ago.

    2. IIRC, Mou got two; Tito got one.

      Villa, Ozil and Marcello are all suspended for the first leg.

  11. how can tito still be out, if he incurred the ban as assistant manager. would the ban still stand if he got promoted?

    1. Yes of course it stands. If a player gets a ban as a midfielder but is moved to CB the ban would still count…

  12. I watched today’s match from Sky Sports, and the commentators kept saying that Pep and family are moving to NYC. Is this true? Or is this another speculation blown out of proportion?

  13. 10x for the liveblog… it’s great to share these moments with other brothers and sisters barca-devotee 🙂

    watching the last hugs it struck me how much the players own to Pep and Tito… think of Pique, from unknown reserve at ManU to star player and boyfriend of Shakira; how many titles all of them have added in these years… the fame… how could they not be sadden by this departure?

    somehow it felt that after a point the team was happy to sit and wait for the game to finish; that this game was an end to a beautiful adventure must have been felt by all, us too. we didn’t try to control the game, to run and score more …

    sorry for Bilbao, what amazing fans they have! thou ours were great too!

    P.S. Rm must be living in another world, JM said he is a good loser, that he knows how to lose, CR said next season they will try to win all 6 trophies – he must think they won the UCL too? :))))

  14. Pedro Rodriguez has now scored in finals of the Spanish Cup, the Spanish Super Cup, the Champions League, the European Super Cup, and the Club World Cup.
    Big Game Player…

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