Job Application

Nike – call me – I wanna work for you.

I think that my design skills are exactly what you’re looking for.

(These are stock standard Photoshop gradients – the Orange/Yellow one is a selectable standard choice.)


  1. yeah that looks alright… but can you put “qatar foundation” over your design?

    and whats even more important: could you do that on a rainy wednesday night in the britannia stadium?

  2. Tequila Sunrises for everyone

    Manitas for the BFB lot ofcourse..but tequila sunrise for everyone else!

  3. Going against the stream here, but here is a gallery of players wearing the new kit, and it doesn’t look half bad:

    Or, as somebody said on youtube:

    1rst day: WTF is that shit??

    Summer Friendly: Not Bad

    First matches of the season: mmm… nice!

    When Messi wearing it: woooww best kits ever!

    In the end of the season, and when nike presents the new kits: WTF is this shit?

    1. As a joke, I’d love to see the opposition team come out wearing sunglasses when Barca wears that away kit!

    2. I’m amused by the fact that they obviously took the shots indoors, but then felt the need to photoshop them onto the practice field background. They couldn’t just step outside?

      The dark blue looks better in those pictures. In a few of the unveiling shots the blue looked almost black. (The blue looks better, but the whole is still ugly…)

    3. Well I didnt like the current spiderman uneven stripes when the first drawings were leaked, and one year later I still don’t so I doubt these much worse ones will grow on me either.

  4. Haha, Michelle!

    Please! Go and work for them and design nicer kits for us.

    These colors and combinations are making me crazy.

    Why can’t we have one similar to the away-kit of Bilbao? Represents them so well. It uses the flag colors of Euskadi. It’s simple, elegant and strong.

    1. But the flag colours of Catalunya are red and yellow. Both represented on the away kit (check out the socks!). And combined they make…orange. Which reminds us of the debt the club owes to the Dutchmen Rinus Michels and Cruyff. So really, this away kit makes perfect sense.

    2. I haven’t seen the socks! Are they even worse than the shirt?

      Blitz, that might actually be the reasoning behind this cocktail drink of an away shirt that we have now. They muddled the Catalan colors and made sure to show our Dutch influence 😀

    3. Yeah – right – I think that the orange meaning that you’re putting on it is a by-product.

      Can you honestly see Rosell wanting anything as a homage to Cruyff? 😀

  5. Except for the logo I like the new kits. I’ll go away now. I guess I’m unculecool. 🙁

    More confessions—I really want the pink jacket.

    1. And I kind of like the striped shirt and hate the pink jacket (hate anything pink, really). There’s no pleasing everyone!

    2. If only I were 15 and a talented soccer-playing kid, the 11 hour road trip and the $2000 price tag would be sooooo worth it! And alas that my youngest is 16 and therefore too old (and a keeper so he’d need a different camp). As it is, maybe all the US based BFBers should go stalk Xavi plan a reunion in Miami this summer…or not… Florida in July is waaaaay too hot.

  6. 2 seasons ago after the Mango jersey I seriously felt like writing to FCB telling them that I want to volunteer in designing jerseys and training kits for them.

    It really irritates me to see teams like Arsenal & Man U getting the nicest kits, t-shirts, jackets etc.

    Some of the designs are so ugly that even if it’s free I wouldn’t wear them. When I look at Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Man U’s apparel, they all can be worn casually while ours I would only strictly wear to Barca related functions. It is so hideous.

    The colors are usually very dull and they look like they’ve been through 50 washing cycles.

    Away jerseys
    Why can Arsenal, Man U etc get nice away jerseys while we get funky ones that are a nuisance to the eye?

    Adidas since 2006 imo has the nicest line up of jerseys, training kits, t-shirts, warm up etc.

    1. I like Adidas too!

      But my favorite is Umbro. Even their shirt material is nice.

      I hate Nike

    2. Ahem ahem.. Umbro is under Nike.

      But yeah, Umbro’s seem to have nicer designs than Nike for the past season.

    3. But it doesn’t really matter who owns them. Their designs are much much better than Nike and not just in the past season.

      I bought a Manchester United umbro jersey for my brother in 2000 and I loved that shirt. It has great material and simple design.

      The only Nike kit I liked from way way back is Inter Milan’s cause that big Pirelli applique in front is super nice, as well as their logo.

      Have no choice with Barca gears cause by the time I started supporting them in earnest, they were already sponsored by Nike. But the earlier shirts were classy since we didn’t have any kind of sponsors then! And my shirt had the logo in the middle, which I loved.

      I also have England NT shirts cause they’re really nice. Umbro makes classy shirts, I tell you 😀

      Oh well…our shirts are getting more and more ridiculous but if this year is another six-plete year, those tequila shirts will end up being a classic.

    4. This year’s black away kit was awesome. I have a Puyol shirt.

      I also have last season’s red training-top with the captain’s armband & it is lovely. The shirt material for that one is really nice.

    5. Those black away kits really looked nice on our players.

      Glad you got one. With all the uproar over the QF in our shirts, little did we know that those shirts would go from bad to worse. The black ones are super awesome in comparison.

  7. Why are they using Yellow shorts for the away kit? I think they should use orange to match the top part of the shirt.

  8. Yakubu Aiyegbeni

    That was the quickest John Terry got into his kit since Wayne Bridge came home early one day. #ChampionLeagueFinal

    1. Some random bits about Chelsea

      Keane & Scholes, in suits, stayed in the stands directly after the FT whistle in ’99. John Terry runs out onto the pitch wearing a kit.

      Roy Keane was too ashamed to even wear his winners medal after being banned for final. Terry already on pitch in full strip

      German Sky reporter says to di Matteo: “Your style of football is successful but is it also nice?” Di Matteo walks off

  9. OT: just watched Jorge v Smyth on ESPN press pass extra and they were debating heir top 10 team of the year. I say Tommy has found his match in Jorge, lol. Every chance Tommy got, he was dissing Barca.

    1. That Tommy Smyth with a Y really boils my blood whenever I used to see him on tv while in Australia. He is such an anti-Barca.

      How is he even on tv?? I never heard him ever saying something that makes sense. All he does is disagree with people. He can never make a point. His comebacks are usually off the mark and plain childish.

      Im going to find a stream for the Jorge vs Tommy.

    2. ESPN3 is only covering the Copa final in Spanish. Am I disappointed? No! Sometimes it’s better to not understand the commentators.

  10. You’re HIRED!

    Thanks for the morning laugh nzm.

    The design exudes laziness. Absolutely no real effort went into this. The biggest club in the world, a shirt that’ll be seen by millions upon millions, and they agreed on this.

    Those saying “well the black kit was nice”. Yes, it was nice. ANYthing black looks good. It didn’t take a genius to make an all-black shirt with really no other design elements on it.

    I wonder how awesome an Adidas-designed Barca kit would look.

    1. Adidas designs Real Madrid’s kits. Including the banana goalkeeper’s kit and the purple (last year) and red (this year) away kits. So…not that much better. Although I do generally prefer the cut if Adidas kits over Nike. They seem to fit the body better.

    2. Hate to say it but Madrid’s kits are far, far better than ours. I mean, their home kit is WHITE. How creative can you possibly get with all white? Yet Adidas did a fantastic job on theirs this year. I personally didn’t like the red one, but tons of my friends did. Even on FIFA12 lots use that jersey colour.

      The banana kit was hideous but is Valdes’ tiger attack any better? GK kits are usually a bit silly.

      You’re right they do fit better. Nike’s almost have a cheap, weird fit/feel to them.

      Liverpool, Argentina, Germany (God that away charcoal black is a delight)- to name a few of Adidas’ beauts.

    3. To me it’s not about the color, it’s how they do the design and fitting. Look at Bayern, Chelsea & Madrid.

      Arsenal’s kit is amazing, year after year!

    4. Yes – the cut has a lot to do with it.

      Nike seems to favour minimum panels, whereas the other manufacturers cut panels to shape.

      Would love some kits to fit the female shape too. Even the Barca women’s teams have to wear the men’s shirts.

    5. Even the women’s t-shirts at the FC Botiga in BCN (what few they had) were awful. Yup, Barca gear is not something this girl wears around for casual attire, but only for games. Guys stuff just doesn’t work all that well on the female frame.

      Maybe paying better attention to the part of the market without a Y chromosome might lead to some extra revenue. Maybe then they can afford color toner.

  11. so what this year’s kits are ugly? next year we’ll have nicer ones…

    i was shocked when i first saw the bright yellow but in the end that prove to be so cool. let’s be patient and actually see the players run wearing it… and I like that we get to have such different shirts from season to season..

    anyways, let’s get ready for the new season and more politics 🙁 now Cruyff seems to blame Pep’s departure on Rosell. I hope the waters in our club don’t get more agitated and I hope that Rosell can read the writings on the wall and invest in our team and the players we need… It may be a key season for us with so many unknowns

  12. Kxkevin, wouldn’t you think that Bein will allow us to stream the games for a fee if we don’t have their cable partner assuming its Comcast? Then I get to stay with Verizon and the multi room 500 GB dvr’s. Comcast is the Series A of the cable world. Hasn’t had an A game in years, needs to get with the times, virtually irrelevant, inferior product, nothing in the pipeline, surviving on reputation, needs to revamp desperately.

  13. In the first half of this season, there were many rumors that Mourinho is unhappy at the club and there were 2 sections in the dressing room but yet they won La Liga and Mourinho extends his contract for 2 more years.

    Is there actually any truth to those rumors that were going on in the 1st half of the season?

  14. Whenever I get to feeling like I might be being unfair toward RoSELL and his trolls, thinking my standards are too high, that they deserve some love and stuff, nzm sets the record straight.

    “Let’s take a stock PhotoShop gradient, slap a logo on it and make some money. Yay!”

    1. If they really want to make some money they should put together a DVD of Pep’s 4 years as coach. They would sell millions. I’d buy one, anyway!

    2. They should make that or a week in the life of Barca players coz i’m curious just like most fans, how the players prep themselves from training up until match day. That dvd alone will get Barca out of debt.

    3. A bit unfair. It’s not like Rosell loaded up the ol’ Photoshop and designed these himself. I’m sure he had an input and the “final say” perhaps but maybe he personally liked the designs? Can’t knock a man for his taste.

      I doubt Nike quoted him a higher price for a better looking shirt that he turned down or anything silly like that.

    4. No but his board had say-so over the designs. It isn’t just his taste. They floated those designs, trial balloon like, months ago, and the disapproval was almost universal. And yet, here they are, to my eyes the ugliest FCB shirts since the Kappa years.

      If the president isn’t the one to take stick for that, then who is?

    5. the disapproval was almost universal

      The disapproval on English-speaking blogs and twitter was blatant, yes, but I’d be willing to bet these designs were test-marketed in China with different results. Call me cynical.

    6. But on the Sport and EMD pages, as well. Nobody liked it. I’m curious about where their test-marketing was done.

    7. Well they’re making it easier for the guys over here and China to rip off. There’s a huge market for fake jerseys and guess what? You only need basic photoshopping skills to do so now..

  15. I like the new shirts (as long as the next couple of seasons we revert to more classic designs).

    1. Couldn’t really care less about the shirts. Gets harder each time to get something different without it looking bizarre. However, if it’s to last for a season simple is better. Btw, I haven’t seen many efforts from those who are criticising. Have a go yourself. Personally I hate just about anything Adidas does with their trademark lines. It just looks cheap.

      Bottom line is Rosell wouldn’t agree to anything he doesn’t think will sell so at worst it’s a taste error. Not a capital crime imo and these constant barbs at him for anything and everything are hard to understand but then I liked the peppermint and the black so maybe I’m just easily pleased. I’ll wait till I’ve seen the whole team play a few games before judging.

    1. Pep says Zubi told him last November that Tito would be most likely be his successor if he left. That Pep fully supported that idea. That he had spoken to Tito about it after the Chelsea game and told him it was his time. Mentions stresses that go along with the job. That Tito overcame his health challenge and is fully ready to face this new challenge as well. Also says that he, Pep, has had excellent relations with both Laporta and Rosell and is grateful to both for treating him so well.

    2. He always regrets when he has to leave someone deserving out a lineup. He doesn’t want to recommend that Alexis not play tomorrow or all of Chile will be angry with him! 😛

  16. Pep also says that none of Messi, Mascherano or Alexis will play in the futsal game on Sunday because their national teams won’t allow them. Boo. 🙁

    1. Chelsea won the final also with that strong dose of luck in terms of penalties and the game we all saw in general.

      See, he was suffering during the final! I knew it. 😛

  17. From Guardiola, via the Twitters (@barcastuff):

    “Will be away from the game for a while, need some months to recharge. If after that a club can seduce me, I’ll coach again.”


    1. Thoughts?

      Argentina NT. Do it because someone with common sense needs to do it. Do it for love, truth, beauty, goodness, and all that is messi in the world. Messi needs you,, Pep. A nation needs you. Football needs you. And we’re tired of fretting over the flea everytime he wears blue and white.

    2. Thoughts about months not year/years?

      It’s dawned on him that for all it tortures him, he will feel positively bereft without it.

    3. He won’t work with any of the other NTs because he said that they should find local coaches ‘as a rule’..

    4. I’m not sure about that translation. I just went through the Spanish versions tweeted by @OpinionCule and @CanalBarca and neither of them said anything like that.

  18. My all time favourite Barcelona home jersey is the 2001/02 one, and my favourite away is the 2007/08 turquoise one. Those were awesome. But these aren’t that horrible either.

    The away kits are awful, but I like them more than the salmon coloured one from 2010, and just as much as the green from 2011. People complain that not much effort went into it, but who cares really? Do you think more effort went into making the all black away ones from this season that everyone seemed to enjoy?

    And I actually really enjoy the homes jerseys. If they had a bit more red (red socks maybe?), I think they would be one of my favourites. As it is, I greatly prefer them to our current Spiderman shirts.

    Remember that most people hate the jerseys the first time they see it. Even the ones from the 10/11 season, when the designs were first displayed, so many people were going crazy because the “gold trimmings were just horrible!” After a while, no one remembered criticizing them.

  19. OT: It seems things are now starting to get interesting on the transfer market front.

    Malaga are rumored to be making some movements for either Dzeko or Adebayor from ManCity. While also being interested in Bologna playmaker Gaston Ramirez. I hope they make some key signings this summer and do well in the UCL.

    On the flip side, there is a story going around that Malaga are in debt to a few people and can risk UCL participation if they don’t pay off.

    1. I like the idea of Malaga pushing on because they actually want to do it in the right way, signing good Spanish players first then adding more talent. Remember, when they brought in all the players last winter it was because of results, not just the money available. The Spanish players they had signed earlier hadn’t been performing quite good enough.

      Sevilla signed Diego Lopez from Villarreal. Good move from them but Javi Varas was one of the best keepers in La Liga this season.

    2. yup, Its even rumored that Borja Valero may join Malaga, great signing if possible. I actually hope they also pick up Nilmar in the process.

    1. On which, however, you feel the need to make an unnecessary comment.

      Funny, that.

      How’s Montenegro these days?

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