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Barcelona Kits 2012-13

Because there’s no better place to unveil a jersey that a team of sweaty men wear, Barça unveiled their 2012-13 home and away kits in an art museum. I mean, er, what, yeah? Okay, I guess. I imagine the color copies we didn’t make this year have saved us an extraordinary amount of–nevermind, you’re here for the jerseys, right?

Here at BFB, you get what you asked for:

Home 2012-13

It’s not so bad. I mean, really, it’s not. I think my eyes gloss over the QF logo, which I’m still not down with, and the darker blue is better than the rumored slightly lighter blue.

Away 2012-13

I do actually love the old orange away from 2006-07, but I wasn’t a fan of the 2009-10 “mango” disaster. This feels like they wanted to do both, but couldn’t decided on which, so they made a combination that just looks…awful. Also it’s held together by tape?

We’ve certainly lived through worse shirt designs and I’m not totally convinced the home one is actually all that bad thanks to the darker blue, as I said. Overall, though, I’m splitting hairs. I kind of hate them and the “let’s sell more jerseys with constant redesigns” horse they rode in on.

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173 Responses to “Barcelona Kits 2012-13”

  1. Kxevin says:

    Not since the Kappa abominations of the ’90s have we had uglier shirts.

    The away kit is clearly designed to boost our non-Nou performances, as opponents will either laugh uncontrollably, or shield their eyes, saying “Make it stop.” Either way, we should have more away goals as a result.

    The away kit always has the most potential for damage, because it is freed from any Blaugrana restrictions. And that stupid-ass, grid-patterened abomination simply makes my eyes hurt.

    One of my all-time favorite shirts is still the 06-07 one, as well as the 09-10 one, both seen on this page:

    I just can’t get behind these new ones. The proportions are off. Ick.

  2. blitzen says:

    Reading through my twitter timeline, you would think the apocalypse was upon us. You know what, though? I bet the players don’t really care what the shirts look like as long as they are the ones who get to wear them. You think Montoya or Cuenca care that they are going look like delicious delicious tropical cocktails next season? Nah. They are just happy they will be wearing Barça shirts.

  3. mom4 says:

    Sorry, I like ‘em.

    Away kit makes me wanna drink something delicious and tropical with one of those fake little cocktail umbrellas. We certainly will never have to resort to a third kit because no team in their right mind no team has a home kit anywhere close except for the yellow of Villareal…sigh… *wipes tear at thought of Villareal’s misfortune*

    Major faux pas that they forgot the CWC badge. We still get that until December.

    Funniest image is below.
    Imagine our ghost really having guns like this O_O (courtesy of Barcastuff):!/gerardromero/status/204879796038139904/photo/1/large

    • mom4 says:

      Of course NOTHING looks better than Xavi our guys in this season’s black away kits.

    • blitzen says:

      I’m telling you, the club has some kind of marketing deal with Sauza. Those away kits will make you want to serve fancy cocktails at your viewing parties!

      Hmm. We should figure out some way to get the club to officially endorse the manita drink and base a kit on it!

      • mom4 says:

        Yes, it should go official. Anything that comes up first on a Google image “manita drink” search should be official.

        You know, Blitzen, you could also make a Manita jello shooter. Think of the layers you could do.

        • blitzen says:

          I’m not a jello fan. The consistency makes me gag. Plus it seems like altogether too much work.

          I have perfected a smaller, shooter, version of the regular manita, though. I like it better because you can make a whole tray of them at once and you don’t notice the sweetness so much when you shoot them.

    • hansh says:

      Eww, what did they do to the “8”? Besides that, I’m quite a fan of the away kit – it looks no more or less ridiculous than away kits of past years.

      The home kit… is growing on me. I still dislike it, but I don’t want to gauge my eyes out every time I see it. I think it would be much better with red shorts/socks, but as it is it has too much blue. It seems like they tried to make up for the lack of red by just sticking some on the sleeves.

      Anyone know what our third kid will be?

  4. Jafri says:

    I’m a big fan of the 04-05 and 07-08 away kits. Also their home kits, for that matter.

    These new ones… ugh.

  5. Gogah says:

    Quite like the away kit, except for the gradient (orange to yellow) transition. Anybody will know that this whole visual language is so out, whether that is web, print or clothing. Flat colors is whats in and will continue to be for a while.
    I’d rather they kept the home kit, bold and old fashioned, the current design (red ray in the middle) gives our QF sponsors way too much attention, which makes me angry. :D
    Victor’s kit is pretty cool though.

    But what the hell is with the PINK jackets?! i’m not against pink, but that pink and blue makes me want to throw up.

  6. barca96 says:

    We need Adidas!

  7. olbucky says:

    The home kits look like an away kit. It doesn’t look Blau grana to me. I won’t be getting one for my five year old. I loved the yellow away kits when Iniesta hit his goalazoo against Chelsea.

  8. olbucky says:

    By the way, it appears that gol tv isn’t broadcasting the copa final so that’s the last we’ve heard of Ray Ray since they’ve lost the rights next season. As well ESPN is only broadcasting in Spanish. A real bummer for Pep’s last game.

  9. blitzen says:

    Guardiola and Vilanova watched the CL final together during a dinner with their families on Saturday [el mundo deportivo]

    Isn’t this the same newspaper that reported that Pep & Tito had fallen out over Tito’s appointment as first-team coach? :roll:

    (via @barcastuff)

    • messifan says:

      HA! Tell that to Tim Stannard a.k.a. Laligaloca a.k.a regular guest expert @ realmadrid tv. Did you see his article posted on his fourfourtwo blog? SMH

  10. Kxevin says:

    For those who don’t follow Phil Schoen on GolTV, he has left the network as of this week, so the Phil/Ray Ray combo is no more, at any rate. There has been speculation about what the new beINsport network will mean for GolTV, who had U.S. rights to Liga matches until being outbid by the new network. It remains to be seen, but speculation is that beInsport will buy GolTV, which would get it immediately onto cable and satellite lineups, as GolTV is already there.

    Will have to wait and see, but as of right now, there isn’t any way to watch Liga in the U.S. next season outside of Web streams and downloads after the match.

    Schoen has signed on to beInsport. Have to see about Ray Ray. The new network is also Miami-based, as is the U.S. arm of GolTV, I believe. Hmmm ….

  11. Messiah10 says:

    Tragic. Both kits are Nike taking over and trying to be to clever with their 1st design. Nike executives in meeting, “We need to do something spectacular. Something that will grab the eyes. This is Barca! The best team on the planet, who play the best football. When they go on the road we want people to notice them.” Away fans will have to avert their eyes or wear those dark sunglasses after you have lasic eye surgery! Simply horrendous. There was a solar eclipse in the Western part of the world a couple of days ago. It was less bright then this away kit. I stated in previous post that I wasn’t fan of home kit because I like traditional stripes and traditional blaugrana colors. This is anything but traditional. I like 04/05 and 06/07 but my favorite home kit is 10/11. I think the yellow is a touch of class. These are anything but.

  12. barca96 says:

    Oh my goodness that sucks!

    But I remember last time you guys (the Americans) were saying that there were a few channels showing La Liga matches but the problem was that they were all on different cable tv providers.

  13. Laurentiu88 says:

    I say to wait for the team to dress in them first and only judge after the team has scored a goal… I bet it will seem much better :)

  14. Messiah10 says:

    Oscar Garcia is leaving. That’s not the way to keep continuity.

  15. Jafri says:

    OT – Has anyone played the Fifa ’12 game on the iphone? I decided to start the season in manager mode but there’s something screwed up about the default Barcelona settings – they don’t press, don’t attack – anytime the other team gets the ball they start a mad dash back towards to their goal to hang out with VV, even Messi and the wingers. It’s made them into a complete counterattacking team cause they’re in their own half most of the match. Which means the only way to score goals is to tackle them near your own box, take Messi and go on glorious solo runs.

    Anyone know how to make ‘em function a bit better? It’s so not Barcelona.

  16. blitzen says:

    Juvenil A coach Oscar Garcia (39) leaves Barcelona to join Israeli club Maccabi Tel Aviv. Assistant replaces him until end of season. [md]

    This makes me sad. Not just because he is leaving, but because he is going before the season is over. Juvenil A is still in contention for their CdR. Why can’t he stay for that? The kids have played their hearts out for him, they deserve better than that. Lucho did the same thing last year IIRC, left with a few games yet to be played. Anyone know why?

  17. Eklavya says:

    Omg, my eyes are bleeding. 8O

  18. Messiah10 says:

    NOOOOOOO! Mourinho inked a new 4 year deal w/EE. We have to deal with him and his antics another 4 years! I think his original deal was as long, but this is improved. How improved can it get? Wasn’t he making close to $10 mil US? Hopefully, he has a couple of disastrous years and is given the Heave Ho!

  19. messifan says:

    I like them both! I wasn’t sure about the away jersey, but now I’m glad they choose to go with yellow shorts and socks. The shirt reminds me of the Catalan flag. OR, maybe Nike wanted to try color blocking and failed :D

    The home jersey doesn’t have the traditional blaugrana look to it but the gradient design is done nicely. I think it would be difficult to counterfeit that look.

    Is it just me or do you think the new shirts look a little tight?

    Also, according to the club official statement, “the typeface was chosen to reflect Catalan architecture.” What does that mean? I don’t see any semblance.

  20. Kari says:

    Why does Nike want us to look like PSG?

    The away one reminds me of Fuzzy Peach (the candy).

  21. blitzen says:


    On a personal level, I’d give myself lower marks than for other seasons. But there’s still Friday to fight for and after that there’s the European Championship. In football you can only look ahead … I have found it hard to get into the team due to a number of factors”.

    From the official site. Decent attitude, knows it’s his own fault for not being focused.

  22. Kxevin says:

    This beIN Sports story is potentially a blockbuster, if they do it right. The new player is backed with Qatari money, which presumably means nobody is going to be able to win a bidding war with them. They whipped Canal+’s ass in getting rights to Ligue 1 and Champions League broadcasts in France, which is huge.

    Here, they have Liga, Serie A and Ligue 1 rights. And they are going to bid on the Premiership, facing off against incumbent Fox Soccer, and ESPN craving an increased piece of that pie, rather that being tossed matches by Fox Soccer. Here’s a very good piece on the potential situation:

    As the writer justly observes, without having a deal for one or both major U.S. programming providers going in (DirecTV, Comcast), it’s screwed. As the writer also notes, NFL Network has been around for more than 3 years and still isn’t on many cable nets. Rest assured that we’ll be following this story as it develops, as 1 of 2 things can happen:

    1. beIn Sport buys GolTV, and they’re all set for world dominion, as everybody carries GolTV.

    2. GolTV doesn’t sell or BIS doesn’t buy it, and everything goes to hell in a handbasket, just when the game is really taking off in the States.

    We’ll see.

    • mom4 says:

      Soooooo for those of us switching to Fios next week this means????


      • Kxevin says:

        Interesting follow-up: (read first 5 or so comments)

        It gets more interesting. The Al Jazeera program is being bankrolled by the Qatar Investment Authority, which has links to the Qatar Foundation, which makes all the links close on our choice of first pre-season opponent, since the QIA also owns PSG and Ligue 1.

        But if any of the speculation related to the comments are to be believed, Comcast is not going to be a problem for beIn Sports. Another interesting batch of comments in the thread here:

        • nzm says:

          Al Jazeera is owned and based in Qatar.

          The country is loading and locking for its World Cup event, even though it’s 10 years away.

          By that time, they’ll have achieved world domination on broadcasting and hosting rights. :)

          They’re doing everything that Dubai (UAE) tried to do and failed. If the Qataris don’t run out of money, they’ll succeed, because they’re smarter and have done their homework.

        • mom4 says:

          In other words, I should be happy we have 30 days to cancel if we have to jump ship and go back to Comcast. Guess I should also be glad you were on top of it all to give us warning as to what to look out for.

          • olbucky says:

            That would suck. I hated Comcast. Verizon is a far better product. I hate the thought of giving back my 500 GB DVR with so many of this seasons games on it. Please make a deal with Verizon.

          • Kxevin says:

            Were I a betting man, I’d bet that in a month or two, you’re going to be calling Comcast. As for me, it looks like I won’t need the Spanish language package from them any longer, since that new channel has kicked Liga on ESPN Deportes to the curb.

            On the other hand, who knows? Let’s not forget that this is all semi-uninformed speculation about this business. Time will tell.

          • Kxevin says:

            Do what I do olbucky, and move them over to DVDs.

        • Messiah10 says:


          I have Uverse. Any news on them getting beINsports?

          • Messiah10 says:

            I guess since I get GolTv I should get Liga. That is, if they purchase GolTv. I bet they will. Like the Vito Corleone, they’ll make an offer they can’t refuse. :)

  23. Calvin says:

    I rarely agree with Kxevin, but my favorite kit of all time was the orange ’06-’07 away jersey as well. I wish I could find one of those bad boys on sale somewhere, but it’s basically impossible to even find a jersey from 2 years ago.

    I’m also a bit partial to the 1950’s home jersey with the rugby tie in front – for owning that is.

    A bit of B-team news from barcastuff:

    A bit of B-team news from barcastuff:

    Despite a clause on promotion this summer, B winger Kiko Femenia (21) will continue at the B-team or leave, possibly on loan. [md sport]

  24. TITO says:

    I have both away shirts, 06-07 and 05-06 cause that was the choice those years.
    My favorite is 04-05 away though, i like darker colors. I don’t want to look like a Christmas tree.

  25. blitzen says:

    Here is a fun game for all you history buffs! Guess the Barcelona Champions League XI by year (drawn from most appearances by season):

    (Link provided courtesy of @BassamDgheim.)

  26. AJ_10 says:

    When I first saw the pictures of the leaked kits, I thought the away one was good but hated the home jersey. However, now , I find myself liking the home jersey but not the away one .It’s way too bright.

    Anyway to look at it in a positive note:
    The dawn (home jersey) of a new era and to a brighter (away jersey) future. :-)

  27. Huckleberry says:

    I like the kits. They look better in the presentation movie than in the pictures. I guess that the smudged colors are chosen to prevent easy copies…

  28. icemel says:

    “Brighter” is good. I’d like to see stats but I would guess (away) teams with hi-vis kits complete more passes on average (and less passes to the ref)

    I’d prefer traditional stripes of 1960s, or 05 or 09 or 10.
    (wow I’d love to own one of those 50’s shirts!)
    For away a similarly striped bandera-esque one ala US Lecce:…surprised they’ve never done something like this.

    • Messiah10 says:

      The “throwback” kits is something I think FCB have missed the bus on. They could make a lot of profit that could go to transfers if they invested in or gave the rights to someone to create vintage kits. Here’s to hoping a president will one day.

  29. hansh says:

    Is anyone watching the Netherlands-Bayern Munich friendly? The second half is just starting, the score is 2-2. Anyone have any highlights or know if Robben is playing for either side?

  30. messifan says:

    Uh Oh! It’s official: Villa won’t be part of Spain squad for the Euro :(

    • blitzen says:

      Officially official, even. From the RFEF site:

      Sad for him, but he needs to do what is best for his recovery. Barcelona is counting on him for next season.

      • mom4 says:

        Oh dear, the Euros which were supposed to have been, along with the Olympics, the “methadone” to my football addiction just got a little less fun.

      • messifan says:

        This is bad news for del Bosque and his team. First, they have to deal with the CdR being played so close to the tournament, thus not having enough time to prep. Now Villa is out, and Soldado, Negrado and Torres have not been all that impressive this season.

        • blitzen says:

          I have a feeling David Silva will be the big goalscorer for Spain. He can play in the false 9 position, wing, or midfield.

          Llorente will also be important, of course, and I’m wondering if Pedro might even get a call-up now. Didn’t look likely before, but his form improved so much at the end of the season that VDB might be willing to take a chance on him.

          Then there is Navas, and Mata can also play on the wing. Del Bosque has plenty of options up front.

          • Ryan says:

            It’s too bad Guiza isn’t good anymore, as that guy was a weirdly high-scoring forward. Think Muniain will get a sniff at the NT? Losing your best-ever goal scorer is never a good thing, but Spain definitely has credible backup solutions.

    • Ryan says:

      Yeah, I just read his official FB status update saying he doesn’t feel 100% and that he called del Bosque to say he wouldn’t play. Big blow to Spain, but hopefully it means he’ll be good to go for la Liga.

      • Kxevin says:

        Can’t say as I’m sorry about that, if it will help him be at his best for the club next season. We needed him this year. I daresay had he been whole, we’d probably be a lot giddier right now.

        • Ryan says:

          He certainly has nothing to prove by playing with an injury not fully healed. Spain will just have to learn to cope and have someone else provide the goals.

          And I agree, although his offside runs were frustrating, we certainly lacked some punch with him on the sidelines this past season.

          • blitzen says:

            Also, the fact that Villa was honest with himself and his doctors about this is a very good thing. Too often players con their doctors into passing them fit too early and end up doing themselves more damage. Look at Torres at the last World Cup. He was so desperate to get there that he went unfit, contributed little and injured himself again in the few minutes he did get in the final. Frankly, I think that was the reason his form dropped so precipitously even when he was “fit.”

          • Ryan says:

            Iniesta is another good example as he played through pain for the ’09 CL final. Granted, he owned United and assisted Eto’o for the first goal, but he was crocked for a huge chunk of the next season as a result.

  31. messifan says:

    Here’s for your viewing pleasure. Leo and Ini in the new shirts. Yep, the shirts look tight around the chest area :P!/messi10stats/status/204968644395024385/photo/1
    (via @barcastuff)

  32. K_legit in Oz says:

    what a monstrosity that away kit is! then again I though the same about the spearmint chewing gum kits of last season.

  33. ptrlng says:

    I’d like to see Barca with a red and gold stripe kit. Similar to what Valenica did.

    Would be nice to see Barca releasing retro shirts as well.

  34. barca96 says:


    Rugby shirts have been tight for many seasons now – the reason being that there’s nothing loose for opposition players to tug on to hold back players.

    They used a similar tactic long time ago. Kappa adopted it first during Euro2000 with Italy.

  35. barca96 says:


    Do what I do olbucky, and move them over to DVDs

    You can transfer the files from your cable tv owner DVR onto DVD’s?
    First of all is that allowed and secondly how do you do that?

    The ones that we have in my country we can’t do neither of them.

    • Kxevin says:

      You should be able to connect a DVD recorder to the audio/video out jacks of your DVR, and record the contents from one to the other. It would surprise me if your DVR doesn’t have output jacks.

  36. The kits look FABULOUS!

    and when I say FABULOUS, I mean homosexual

  37. blitzen says:

    Barça players in the new kit:

    Pique are seryus moddle. :P

    The orange kit looks surprisingly good on Busquets and Thiago. No comment on Iniesta.

  38. blitzen says:

    Barça Babies Deulofeu & Grimaldo will be playing their first U19 game today against Armenia! Vamos!

  39. blitzen says:

    It looks very likely that RM Castilla is going up to the Segunda next season. We will have 2 mini-Clasicos. What fun!

  40. Jackieboy says:

    Is it true that has officially retired? It says on on Wiki, but the source provided gives no official source or anything.

    • Jackieboy says:

      *Abi *it says so on Wiki. No idea what happened to my spelling there.

    • blitzen says:

      No, it’s not true. One of the Spanish papers reported that he had “accepted that he will never play football again,” but his people denied it.

      The likelihood is that he won’t play again, but I think the plan right now is to just concentrate on recovering fully from the operation and then see what the doctors and physios think. Step by step.

  41. Arvind says:

    Does the home kit remind anyone of this??

  42. blitzen says:

    From @YoungCules:

    Six Barca players in Spain U21 squad to face Estonia: Martin Montoya, Carles Planas, Marc Bartra, Marc Muniesa, Isaac Cuenca, Cristian Tello

    Thiago is notably absent from this list. Which must mean he is going to be called up to the Euros!

  43. messifan says:

    I miss seeing Barca play so much. It’s been almost two weeks since they last played, so hopefully the players will bring their A-game on Friday. Leo’s and Ini’s goals would be nice :D

    Apparently, there’s a controversy surrounding the national anthem. The Mayor of Madrid suggests that Barca and Athletic fans should not boo the anthem. And if they do so, the game should be abandoned (I read this through google translate, it might not be an accurate translation). Dang, politicians are so hyper-sensitive about everything.

    Anyway, can’t wait for Friday! Looking forward to seeing a beautiful game. The LAST game for Pep’s team.

  44. blitzen says:

    This may be the most adorable thing you will see this week:

    Players plays his last ever game, is subbed off by his 5-year-old son. Opposition lets him score. :D

  45. blitzen says:

    Soundbites from Oscar Garcia’s radio interview today:

    –He was interested in coaching Barcelona B because he knows many of the players, but they already have a coach and that’s that.
    –He thinks Dongou has the capability to be any team’s number 9, and Deulofeu is a very special player.
    –He is very happy with Tito’s appointment as first team coach.
    –He would be happy to return to Barcelona in the future, but “I want to be the best coach possible and for that I must prove myself professionally.”

  46. Barcelinha says:

    the kits are atrocious.

    the home one has no stripes. that’s horrible and offputting enough, but they added the “gradient” which makes it look terribly unfortunate.

    the away. sheer horror and abomination there. ‘matching’ two bright colours is a huge nono.

  47. nzm says:

    sorry should be €32 million pre annum


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