blitzen awards, the “It ain’t over till it’s over” edition.

I wasn’t going to do any blitzen awards as I am feeling a bit disgruntled today, but if the team can pick themselves up after the week they had and put in a performance like they did yesterday-I suppose I had better just gruntle myself and get the job done. So without any further ado:

Room With A View Award: To the fans watching the game from the rooftops and balconies of nearby buildings. Want to watch a world-class football game but can’t afford the ticket price? No problem! Just make friends with one of these lucky people! They might charge a nominal admission fee to come into their apartments, but I suspect a six-pack of beer would do the trick.

MOTMOTM Award: Very difficult to pick just one. This was a full-on 100% team performance. I haven’t seen BarΓ§a play this well in ages. See what taking the pressure off will do? This was a team who were having fun out there. If I must pick one, I will choose Thiago. He was very impressive all game. Tim Stannard of La Liga Loca singled him out for praise as well, so I’m in good company.

All Dressed Up And Nowhere To Go Award: Madrid’s statue of Cibeles was adorned with RM flags yesterday and outfitted with a special fence to keep the hoi polloi at bay, in the expectation that Barcelona might drop points to Rayo and seal Madrid’s first Liga title in four years. Sadly for the beautiful goddess, her hopes of a night out dancing were dashed and she will now have to wait until Wednesday for her beau to appear, trophy in hand. Let’s just hope he doesn’t drop it!

The King Is Dead, Long Live The King! Award: Despite Pep insisting that he is only leaving, not dying, there has been a pretty funereal attitude amongst cules. We have lost something irreplaceable and we will miss him for a very long time. However, I believe that Tito is more than capable of continuing what Pep began, and I look forward to the official beginning of his tenure. He might want to spruce up his wardrobe a bit, though.

Plait of Power Award: Pinto!!!! Aside from a few shaky minutes at the start of the game, Pinto had a screamer. Reminding us why he won the Zamora Trophy in the 2005-2006 season, Pinto came up with several big saves to keep a clean sheet. News today is that he will be starting the last three Liga games as well in preparation for the Copa del Rey final. Which means that Victor Valdes will get his fourth consecutive (5th overall) Zamora trophy. Awards all round!


Trollhattan Memorial TOTM Award: This one is for Pep, of course. From his post-match presser: “Karanka saying Liga existed before me & will exist after me? Well, he’s right. Congrats for the observation.” Oh, how I will miss his bon mots. Let’s hope Tito has hidden talents in that direction.

What I Did On My Winter Vacation Award: Ibrahim Afellay, who spent his down time after being injured in September learning Spanish and has reached the point where he can now converse and even do pressers! Well done. I guess we won’t get any more of these videos then. Too bad. πŸ˜€ (And wasn’t it great to see him back?)

Lord Of The Wings Award: Pedro’s back! And he is doing what he does best, creating chaos on the wings and appearing at just the right moment in front of the goal to bang in a rebound. I haven’t seen him play so well since last season. Making his case to Del Bosque to take him to the Euros?

He’s Just Not That Into You Award: If a team gets relegated and their owner doesn’t notice, do they still go down? Racing Santander has never been one of my favourite clubs, but as you recuperate from our own bad news spare a thought for Racing who are the first club to be relegated this season. Their absentee owner Ali Syed probably doesn’t even know or care.

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Canadian, cule, corporate wage slave. Came late to the beautiful game, but fell under FCB's spell in 2006 and never looked back.


  1. The King Is Dead, Long Live The King! Award: Despite Pep insisting that he is only leaving, not dying, there has been a pretty funereal attitude amongst cules. We have lost something irreplaceable and we will miss him for a very long time. However, I believe that Tito is more than capable of continuing what Pep began, and I look forward to the official beginning of his tenure. He might want to spruce up his wardrobe a bit, though.

    ^ Basically, all of this.
    Pep’s not dying, yes, but hell I’m gonna miss him so much, everything about him, including his gestures on the sideline. He’s a very animated man, unlike Tito who looks emotion-less most of the time. πŸ˜€
    I’m so happy to have you as the next coach Tito, but please, I wanna see you in fancy shirt or a suit!

    Thanks for this, Blitz. Entertaining as always.

    1. No one, I mean no one can sport skinny ties except Pep. Tito can sport a suit, but NO skinny ties! lol. Blitzen, it was great to see Pedro doing what he does. Phil and Ray were doing the, “what if’s” during hte game. “What if Villa, Pedro, Abidal, etc.” What a season. In a way, it’s good for it to be nearing an end so our guys can rest. However, watching Pep coach is last game will be a deflating experience. I have faith and trust in Tito, but Pep is Pep and oh how I will miss him. πŸ™

  2. I think Tito can handle himself when it comes to the trolls from Madrid, like when he slapped the back of Mou in the super copa. Infact, i think he’s got a little more bit than Pep and i don’t think he’ll hold his tongue as much.

  3. I am goona throw this out there and we shall see if come August my prediction comes true:


    He’ll make track suits fashionable πŸ˜‰

    1. There is one manager in EPL who wears track suits all the time too. If Im not mistaken, its Martin O’Neill.

      And of course Mario Zagallo. Google him up youngsters πŸ™‚

  4. maybe an award for best ACTING SCHOOL and best performance by Pepe for getting another goal wrongly disallowed. Seems Pepe outperforms CR here as his diving is less efficient of late.

  5. Great disgruntled blitzen awards! πŸ˜€

    Pinto is awesome! I loved him in goal, apart from his very shaky start. He’s so strong in a couple of areas where VV needs some work. Loved seeing him come out to clear the ball from the Rayo corner, and I loved his communication with the rest of the players. And his goal-saving dives were specatcular!

    Sorry, but I’m not seeing Thiago in the same shining spotlight, at the moment.

    He scored a goal; he also missed one. He also made a silly yellow card foul which gave a free kick to Rayo from which they almost scored, save for Pinto’s brilliant dive.

    At one point, he kicked the ball out from Barca’s penalty area directly to 2 Rayo players which turned into another potentially dangerous situation and caused the rest of the Barca defence to scramble back in cover.

    On the midway line, he also kicked the ball so casually to Puyol in one instance that our capita was forced to go to ground, in an awkward tackle from a Rayo player, as he stretched to recover the ball.

    He loses too many balls for my liking, and I can’t attribute it to one particular fault. It seems to be a combination of lack of spatial awareness; arrogance; casualness and little regard and respect for the opposition players who are tackling him.

    He could be brilliant, but he needs some discipline and some respect for his team-mates. He makes it difficult for them when he’s so erratic, and they’re not always going to be able to save his ass.

    MOTM for me was Keita. Even if he hadn’t scored, he was brilliant. Tracked box-to-box; recovered balls, made great passes and generally had a faultless game. He backed up his forwards and his backline. Great game.

    1. i think keita did score πŸ™‚

      i don’t want to put to much weight in this rather non-important game but in regards to Thiago while i admit he is a fantastic player he may need to change a bit exactly what you noted, how he views the opponent and the team’s interest. I remember my frustration in the classico when he was wasting his energy arguing with Pepe… why was that anyway important? It seems that mental strength is one of the most important assets a player needs at this level. I guess with some progrss in this regard he will grow immensely..

    2. Yeah – I hope that you’re right with his mental adjustment. πŸ™‚

      As far as it being a non-important game – it was for Messi (still chasing the Pichichi and Balon D’or), and it certainly was important for Thiago.

      Thiago needs to take every op that he’s given to prove himself. Just because he’s now part of the first team doesn’t mean that he’s made it.

      In a game against a team like Rayo, the guy should have given a stellar performance, but he didn’t.

    3. I’ll second nzm’s comments on Thiago. I wasn’t as impressed as Tim Stannard was. He’s WAY too casual with possession, and likes to do all that fancy stuff, when sometimes it’s important to just get the ball there. Recall the words that Puyol had with him when Thiago did a little flick that hung him out to dry. That stuff is fine, as we all know from the Ronaldinho days, but you have to work that within the context of an overall game.

      Part of what makes Xavi so magical is that for him, possession is 11/10ths of the law. Thiago seems to think “Aaaaah, we’ll get the ball right back. Let me try thi …. oops!” I also want to see him become more skilled at, or less enamored of the slide tackle. Mascherano is probably giving lessons. He should take some.

      I think he is a wonderful, wonderful player who should leapfrog Fabregas on the depth chart. But he has a ways to go before he is done. Right now, he’s like a guy with a Ferrari who always wants to drive the car to its maximum capabilities. Sometimes, you just need to go to the store at 30 mph.

    4. maybe we should not be too harsh, Thiago does loose the ball way to often and he did so on Sunday in game’s key moments but still he is a player that takes on his direct opponent. he may be guilty of over complicating things often but often this is due to his (good) tendency to take on and open the game.
      if only Puyol could have blasted one ball from a silly corner some games ago… πŸ™ ufff

  6. In other news, the FCB Futsal team. Barça Alusport, won their FIRST EVER UEFA Futsal Trophy, beating Dinamo Moscou 1-3 in the final.

    Huge effort for the guys, and well-deserved.

    We also follow the futsal team, and they’ve been brilliant this season.

    Over the past 17 seasons, FCB has won 22 European Cups.

    34 Euro trophies in total:
    Football: 4
    Basketball: 2
    Handball: 8
    Roller Hockey: 19
    Futsal: 1

    1. Thanks for the info!

      But I thought they won it 2 seasons ago as well. Or was it just the Spanish league?

  7. I sense a very long season of Neymar silly transfer rumours ahead. *sigh*

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