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Today we face Rayo Vallecano. The last time we played was a 4-0 drubbing with Alexis, Messi, and a certain David Villa all finding the net. That was the last match in which Villa scored before he broke his leg. He is not in the starting lineup to find the net again on his return, unfortunately, but Ibrahim Afellay is on the bench! Yay!


Barça: Pinto, Montoya, Puyol, Mascherano, Adriano, Busquets, Keita, Thiago, Messi, Alexis Sánchez, Pedro

Rayo: Cobeño, Tito, Arribas, Pulido, Rober, Movilla, Trashorras, Michu, Lass, Tamudo, Diego Costa

And with that, Pep ruins my plans for Fantasy league domination. Valdes and Cuenca will take no part and Cesc and Tello start on the bench. At least Messi will play…

By Isaiah

Isaiah is a co-founder and lead writer for Barcelona Football Blog. He currently lives in the greater Philadelphia area.


  1. Very happy to see Afellay on the bench! I hope he gets at least 15-20 minutes.

    Pinto is getting some much-needed practice for the CdR final.

    And I have absolutely nothing against Ray Vallecano (in fact I think they are pretty OK), but I really want to see Barça demolish them today. The team needs a morale boost, Messi needs some goals, and I need to see some pretty football.

    1. Seeing Affelay on the field warming up made me smile. Very excited to see him hopefully get some minutes. Messi does need a goal or 2 to boost his morale and the teams. I’d also like to see Pedro get on the score sheet. Let’s see what Ray Ray says!

    1. I think Calvin said he’s did not want to do them anymore due to the negativity last time.

      I’m sure many would be happy to volunteer to do them, including me, but hopefully Calvin will be back next week

    2. I’m not surprised. I wasn’t in the last liveblog since I was at work, but I can imagine what it was like. There is a certain subset of “fans” that like nothing better than to point out every negative thing about their team when things aren’t going well.

      I’m not saying that everyone has to be all sunshine and butterflies all the time, and it’s perfectly fine to voice an opinion, but some people act like a poor performance from this team is a personal affront. They need to get over themselves and realize that this team is made up of human beings who can’t be perfect all the time. Especially considering how hard they have worked over the last 4 years.

    3. Arriving a bit late here, but I just wanted to give blitzen the award for awesome post that I couldn’t possibly improve on. Thus is the awarder himself awarded 😉

      I really couldn’t ask the team for any more than they’ve given — even what they’ve given is already too much to ask for.

    4. Oops, sorry, now that I know that “himself” awarded sounds weird. Thanks for being cool about it.

  2. I would have liked to see more canteranos now that they won against Sevilla but hey Montoya’s getting some time =)

  3. Ray just mentioned ruomours that Dani could be otw out??? I don’t like the sound of that

    1. Great play by Alexis to find Pedro. Phil likes Pedro on the right side. Ala Villa Messi Pedro days

  4. 3-0 to the ones who are missing it. Playing beautifully! Alexis, Messi, & Pedro clicking on all cylinders!

  5. THAT pass is why Messi is the greatest. I mean C’MON. How did he see that opening???

  6. People standing on the roof to watch the match. I officially love Rayo stadium 🙂

    1. like Wrigley Field in Chicago! Ha. Lol. Ray just said, “don’t push” to the people on roof of building!

  7. Stupid British commentators saying that Puyol might leave for a big $$ contract.


    1. Even Pep left at some point. It could happen if Puyol wants to get 1 last payday to set his family up

  8. An open first half. Both sides came out attacking. And we scored THREE goals. Rayo fans are fantastic!!!

  9. i wonder what is Pep noting in his book there? some cocktail recipes? some advice for Tito – ‘Thiago to do 100 push-ups for each ball lost’ …

    no matter what they say this team looks amazing! we look very strong! maybe we need some extra.. that a new leader can bring.

    what an assist from messi. the guy knows his job!

    but, very few smiles tonight…

  10. Scintillating half from the team. They look so free and fluid out on the pitch. Playing some beautiful stuff.

    Messi has scored a goal to finish off a brilliant team move. He assisted another with a gorgeous pass after a great run. And he created the opportunity for the other goal through his defense and pressing up the pitch.

    The front 3 are playing so well. Rather than having the wingers hug the touchline they are getting the ball, using it to commit defenders and then create attacking thrust towards goal.

    1. Euler,

      That being said. Did Pep make a mistake in playing Xavi or did Xavi hurt the team by wanting to play in the Clasico and CL Semi? I know it would’ve been impossible to sit me had I just had a minor knack, but it did hurt the team

  11. Wouldn’t it be icing on the cake to see him find the back of the net or a nice assist

    1. Yup – great game for him tonight. Held the ball when needed, defended very well, and tidied up.

  12. That’s why he’s our captain. We don’t need that nonsense after a goal. That’s EE celebration stuff. Ha. Shaquira just called Yoko Ono of Barcelona!

    1. Commentators being a tad harsh calling her that but she has had that yoko Ono effect 😉

    2. Phil & Ray didn’t call her that. They were just mentioning what’s been said in Barcelona this year. Probably by the press. Just want to clarify my comment.

    3. Not trying to be a jerk and correct you, so don’t take it that way, but this post reminded me of my very stern statistics professor:

      “You may find results that are not significant, but nothing in statistics is insignificant!”

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