Chelsea – Barcelona: CL Semi Liveblog I


Starting XI: Valdes, Alves, Puyol, Mascherano, Adriano, Xavi, Busquets, Iniesta, Sanchez, Messi, Fabregas

Bench: Pinto, Bartra, Thiago, Piqué, Pedro, Keita and Cuenca

Chelsea XI: Cech, Ivanović, Cahill, Terry, Cole, Lampard, Mikel, Meireles, Ramires, Mata and Drogba

Show up BEFORE the match starts at 2:45 PM EST. If you don’t you will have to wait until there is a lull in the game to be approved.


  1. What a pitiful joke, it’s shocking how one team right out the gate at home can be of such an inferior mind, I thought Milan were bad…
    Chelsea is going to be hailed as heroes for that cowardice performance and Drogba should be off the field can you imagine if a Barcelona player acted like that. The English would be furious.

    On a serious note… This has nothing to do with Chelsea’s game plan stifling Barcelona, Barcelona played right into Chelsea’s hand. You would thought they’d learn from Milan and stop attacking so narrow and use the width and strecth them.

    Pep takes the blame for this you can’t compromise Iniesta’s role for Fabregas who was terrible and has been for a few months now.
    Iniesta is not a winger he’s wasted on on the left, had Pep played Iniesta in the middle with Xavi and Pedro on the left or Cuenca Barcelona win.

    Messi dropping deep because Barcelona are playing with a man down with Fabregas on the field. SMH.

    1. have to agree this line up was a serious failure on pep’s part, which costs us dearly

  2. We need words of encouragement n not wat was fabregas doing on the pitch,not fuck u fabregas. Those dissing him shdnt forget. d elclassico goal he scored,he is our second best assist, his goal at Bilbao… oh Catalan let’s not be quick to forget,even he had a good game than xavi

  3. Sometimes results are the residue of luck.

    Barca decides to play the way they do. This produces a bushel of scoring chances for us, and one or two scoring chances for the other team. If ours don’t go in, but their one chance does, this is not a flaw in our design. This is a result of our design.

    Don’t you think that any sober team would take all of Barca’s scoring chances vs the one shot on goal Chelsea had (which, had it gone a foot to the left, VV would’ve saved)?

  4. …and I dun think any body knows better than pep does wen it comes to line up.berating ABA d past game blaming our coach n players for the loss wudnt help let’s discuss ways we can win elclasicco n d return leg

  5. We created so many chances at their home, but our finishing disappointed us.. Cesc and Alexis, what’s up with your finishing, guys? My goodness!

    And it’s not over until it’s over.. 90 minutes in Camp Nou.. Of course to get 2-0 or (if they score) 3-1 is gonna be hard to achieve but it’s possible..

    Remember Chelsea lost 3-1 to Napoli and need to get at least 2-0 at SB, and look where they are now..

    Ugh, how about we score 2-0, and then in injury time they score and make it 2-1.. Talk about a perfect revenge 😕

  6. I do not understand the value of Iniesta on the left wing! I can’t think of a single time it proved a good use of talents (although watching him smoke Gary Cahill rocked). Does anyone understand why he is played there?

    1. I guess it’s something to do with playing the best possible XI and gaining midfield control with Cesc in the MF. Villa’s injury also doesnt help. Today though I felt Pep went for Andres on the wing expecting a traditional Chelsea 4-4-1-1 but instead Chelsea played with almost 3 holding players in the MF which would’ve been better exploited if we played Cuenca or an in form Pedro on the wings.. but then, Pep’s playing safe in the away legs and makes sense being conservative as we can take the tie home and bury the opposition at home 🙂

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