Levante – Barcelona prematch discussion post.

Since it doesn’t look like anyone is doing a preview for the game, you can discuss today’s game here.

Game is at 22:00 pm local time, 4:00 pm Eastern time.

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By blitzen

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  1. OK, I’ll start.

    Seems like Levante is planning to play an ultra-defensive game. It’s going to be very difficult for our players to find a way through. Sanchez could be the key to this game, but I’m terrified that he will pick up a card and not be available for the Clasico.

    I am predicting a narrow 0-1 win for us.

  2. Very tricky tie because of the time. Big games awaits at Stamford Bridge and then El Clasic, but this one is by no means any smaller game. We must beat them to maintain title hope but they beat EE on the same turf this season.

    It will be interesting to see the lineup today to find out Pep’s pressure management and resource distribution. This lineup has to keep Chelsea and Madrid in mind as this series of games will decide a lot of things.

    Bad calls no call, just win. 3 points no injury, not greedy.

    My very unlikely Lineup prediction:

    Alves Mascherano Pique
    Iniesta Keita
    Pedro Messi Tello

    1. very unlikely as we won’t start with 10 men. (laugh)

      Alves MAscherano Pique
      Iniesta Keita
      Pedro Cesc Messi Tello

  3. Its amazing that thugs like arbeloa and pepe are some of the biggest divers in that team.

    1. I don’t think so, but Di Maria just came on and I’m pretty sure he’s a card away from missing the Clasic!

  4. Bah, Sporting miss a good chance at the counter and wouldn’t you know they concede on the other side.

  5. LEVANTE-FCB (LINE-UP / ALINEACIÓ / ALINEACIÓN): Valdés, Puyol, Mascherano, Adriano, Xavi, Sergio B., Thiago, Pedro, Alexis, Messi and Cesc

    Let’s go!

  6. IMO. The most important game for Barca this season.

    Levante are a superbly organised defensive side. They are also a bunch of high IQ veterans who can get under the skin quite well – Ballesteros does that brilliantly.

    They will park the bus and will run a very fast counter led by the strong Kone who will be a handful for Puyol with pace and strength.

    And I suppose we have to root against the blaugrana today as Levante is the home side 🙂

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