CL Liveblog: Rubin – Bar莽a

Hey, it’s liveblog time! If you’d like to run it, let me know, otherwise I’ll be around to approve all of you and keep things going as smoothly as possible (without mini polls cause I have a friend over and we’ll be, you know, watching together).

By Isaiah

Isaiah is a co-founder and lead writer for Barcelona Football Blog. He currently lives in the greater Philadelphia area.


    1. because we hadn’t played both games yet.

      same reason Sevilla wasn’t listed above real after they beat them…

  1. Alex:
    From UEFA website:

    The top two teams from each UEFA Champions League group go into the first knockout round in the spring, with the third-placed clubs to enter the UEFA Europa League Round of 32.

    If two or more teams are level on points they are split by (a) higher number of points obtained in the group matches played among the teams in question, (b) superior goal difference from the group matches played among the teams in question (c) higher number of goals scored away from home the group matches played among the teams in question (d) superior goal difference from all matches played, (e) higher number of goals scored, (f) higher number of coefficient points accumulated by the club in question, as well as their association, over the previous five seasons.

  2. damnit inter, we asked to equalise not score again!
    PS lyon is qualiies…good game…ryan babel scored one hell of a goal 5 mins before the end but lisandro lopez scored at the last minute 1-1

  3. I think at this point we need to win our next 2 games convincingly to have a shot at qualifying.

    If Pep has a plan to break the bus this season then now is the time to start implementing it. Cause for the next 2 games its going to be more of the same. Especially with Inter.

  4. Damn! I’m absolutely devastated now 馃檨 馃檨 馃檨

    Why did Inter have the luck that we would have needed? Now they can play for a draw in Camp Nou.

    But Congratulations Kxevin, you will be able to see 2 of the most decisive matches live in Camp Nou of this season.

    1. uhm, no look up, ramzi is right, a draw and a win that all we need. if we beat beat inter we can draw dynamo, we just cant lose to them. we beat them before. we have inter in the camp nou, i think we can take them.

      but then again, if kazan beat inter or dynamo or both things will get very interesting

  5. as far as i can tell, 4 points probably puts us through. a win against inter and a tie against kiev will put us through. we would have 9 points, while the most inter could have is 9, the most kiev could have is 8, if both these teams win against kazan. we would beat inter on the tiebreaker and be first in the group.

    go through all the scenarios: there are 81 of them. heh heh. but i dont think we need all 6 points to get through. 3 points might even be enough, depending on what happens elsewhere. i dont care too much about being 1st in the group, though it would certainly be nice.

  6. Ok I don’t want to be overly pessimistic but I don’t see why everyone is so confident of beating Inter at home, when they’re going to set up like Chelsea (this IS Jose after all) for a goalless draw, plus when we’re playing quite shit (Messi, Xavi, Iniesta, Keita were all off today), plus it’s the same week as the Real game.

    1. You sound suicidal at the moment 馃榾

      Look to the bright side, we can draw against Inter and win against Kiev.Nice?

    2. Yay, let’s try another match in freezing conditions but this time in Kiev! Uh, no not nice.

    3. Thanks Ramzi, I was soooo down because I though that if we don’t win against Inter, we might be out of the tournament independent of the other results. But now I have checked your statement, and it’s true, a draw against Inter and a win in Kiev will see us getting through to round of 16 with a 100% certainty!!! That’s great news on a very sad day.

      Could it be that the win for Inter was actually the best possible result? I don’t want to calculate all possible situations, but it doesn’t look that bad at all…

    4. the best result would have been a 0-0 draw between inter and kiev but its better than inter wins than kiev cause they had less points

  7. i just………..
    have no words……………










  8. Damn it! I won’t be able to sleep well for the next 3 weeks, and I’m serious about it… I can hardly bear this situation.

    Imagine we are eliminated from the CL, Real Madrid wins la Liga and the new presidency decides to go for another coach. That would be the end. I am still 100% behind Pep and I hope that despite, any possible results of this season, as bad as they might be in the end, the club holds on to Pep.

    1. Jesus about over dramatising the situation. Imagine we win the next two games, smash Madrid and do the treble again; you can imagine a lot things….why would you want to imagine the worst possible scenario. Last I checked we are still top of the table in the league and progressing in the CL is still completely in our hands. The world has not ended yet, so relax

    2. I described a horror scenario which is not likely to happen, but I am a bit drunk right now and still shocked, not only by our draw, but also by Inter’s win.
      Right now my mood is pretty fluctuating. And the above comment was made during a low phase^^

      The essential, and rather seriously intended aspect of the post was that I will be all-excited until the next CL match, independant of La Liga results (it won’t be decided until April or May anyway). And I think I’m not the only one who cannot wait for this match.

  9. it took me like 20 minutes to get the draw @ inter win @ kiev math. my head hurts.


    the only easy opponents out there (on paper) would be olympiacos & urziceni as things stand in the table right now.

  10. Its like eerily 2006-07
    Wed. 18 FT Chelsea 1 – 0 Barcelona UEFA Champions League
    Sun. 22 FT Real Madrid 2 – 0 Barcelona Spanish Primera Divisi贸n
    Wed. 25 FT Badalona 1 – 2 Barcelona Spanish Copa del Rey
    Sat. 28 FT Barcelona 3 – 0 Recreativo Huelva Spanish Primera Divisi贸n
    Tue. 31 FT Barcelona 2 – 2 Chelsea UEFA Champions League
    Nov. ’06 STATUS Home SCORE Away ATT. Competition
    Sat. 4 FT Deportivo La Coru帽a 1 – 1 Barcelona Spanish Primera Divisi贸n
    Wed. 8 FT Barcelona 4 – 0 Badalona Spanish Copa del Rey
    Sun. 12 FT Barcelona 3 – 1 Real Zaragoza Spanish Primera Divisi贸n
    Sun. 19 FT Mallorca 1 – 4 Barcelona Spanish Primera Divisi贸n
    Wed. 22 FT Levski Sofia 0 – 2 Barcelona UEFA Champions League
    Sat. 25 FT Barcelona 4 – 0 Villarreal Spanish Primera Divisi贸n
    Dec. ’06 STATUS Home SCORE Away ATT. Competition
    Sat. 2 FT Levante 1 – 1 Barcelona Spanish Primera Divisi贸n
    Tue. 5 FT Barcelona 2 – 0 Werder Bremen UEFA Champions League
    Sat. 9 FT Barcelona 1 – 0 Real Sociedad Spanish Primera Divisi贸n
    Thu. 14 FT Am茅rica 0 – 4 Barcelona FIFA Club World Cup
    Sun. 17 FT Internacional 1 – 0 Barcelona FIFA Club World Cup,
    Thu. 21 FT Barcelona 1 – 1 Atl茅tico Madrid Spanish Primera Divisi贸n

    This CWC is going to be extremely annoying.I just want champions leaugue football after january.

  11. we are in tough position and right now, i am not even sure we will make it the next round. Messi was aking the difference in such situations last season but he is not this season and we are falling short.

    I like Iniesta but he is less then useless in attacking right position. sad. P! would make way more sense then he would no matter what Pep thinks.

    Right now, i would be happy if we play even decent football. We are not by any stretch of imagination.

  12. IN PEP WE TRUST………LAST SEASON WAS AS difficult as this one but we always pulled through cuz of share will-power…WE can have a successful season once we all have faith…Look at us acting crazy cuz of the thought of Elimination but imagine how the players are feeling…..I’m just glad this rough patch in form is happening now rather that later.

    1. YEah i remember a lot of people worrying about the RM game at the Bernebau last year. We werent in the best form, they couldnt drop a point and everyone was getting nervous. Remember what happened? Maybe one of the best wins we will see in our lifetimes against our arch rivals. Nothing is going our way right now, but football is like that sometimes, you just have to keep trying your best and hope your luck turns around at some point.

      I believe we will beat Inter and I believe we will beat Kiev and I believe we will qualify. I believe because we are the best team in the world and bad luck can only hold us back for so long.

    2. Exactly Hilal……Perfectly said…I would love to see the faces of Inter players if we give them a trashing Like EE got. Would be priceless……….

    3. Ibra is top scorer for us. He got unlucky today not to score and was one of our best players out there.

  13. All i can hope for is now that Henry is back,he can be the turning point of this season so far.Like how Iniesta was last season when we started to hit the bumps in form.

  14. wow. i’m watching a replay of the arsenal az alchemist game and fabregas’ scored two really great goals thus far. yay! more fab back to barca rumors.

    1. I can only imagine what he could’ve been doing for us this season…But good things comes to he who waits…;)

    1. what am i chopped liver? i haven’t even seen the second half of the barca rubin game ha! stupid streams.

  15. You know its not the fact that we drew. Its that it was a goalless draw. 1-1 or 2-2 leaves me unsatisfied but less annoyed.

    Not being able to score goals against this kind of defense is a serious problem. Everyone is going to be following the blueprint that Chelsea laid out last year and so far it seems to be working.

    Big ass bus + Tiki Taka = Few goals.

    When teams roll out this kind of defense.I wanna see some brute force in the attack.

    More long range shots, more crosses to target men in the box, more physical play, less passes around the edge of the box and hoping for that magical opportunity to appear. We’ve got guys big enough to make their presence felt, let them know you’re there!

    This kinda of game and result brings back memories of a certain coach that I would rather not experience again.

    1. Agreed, what was the point of spending 70m on a 6’5 striker if we dont use him!! We should have been pumping ball after ball into the box today and taking as many shots as we could from outside the box. At the very least it would have forced Rubin to come out the box a bit in order to close us down. Then again Alves couldnt drop a single decent ball into the box all friggin night. Its exceedingly frustrating that so many of our crucial players have seen a simultaneous drop in form and for the love of god stop playing Iniesta on the wing! Would rather see Pedro there frankly. At least he tries to cross it.

  16. Damn Pep!! Why the fuck do you take so much time to bring on a substitute!?!?
    It was fucking crystal clear Iniesta wasn’t doing shit from that wing, why not bring on Henry when there was still time left to change the game! Even fucking Babel was brought earlier and turned the game around for Pool!!
    Every player that we feel proud to have in our team is out of form except may be The BANGS, The Yaya & VV!! Iniesta was as clueless in wings today as he is when he scores those occasional goals and stands in front of camera!! Messi, don’t know where he wants to dribble the ball to… How many times did he lose the ball today!? Alves, crosses were more off than they were against Chelsea!! Xavi is being helpless in the mid field against buses & don’t understand why even he’s losing balls!!

    VV 8 – He again won us a point
    Alves 6 – poor crosses but defensively was solid, at least didn’t piss me off totally like he did in the first leg
    Puyi 7
    Pique 6 – Don’t give up as soon as an attacker crosses you man!
    Abidal 7
    The Yaya 7.5 – Hands off Hughes!! Remember that bit where he had the ball & slightly pushed an opponent who was rushing on to him with his knee and the opponent fell down!? LOVED it 馃榾
    Xavi 6 – The MF General losing the balls is becoming not-so-rare occurrence now a days 馃檨
    Keita 5 – The man in form wasn’t his usual, totally directionless game
    Messi 5 – Way too much dribbling & losing the balls in the process
    Ibra 6 – Unlucky to have hit that shot to the post, almost assisted Messi in first half but was totally anonymous in 2nd
    Iniesta 5 – Totally clueless in wings. As I said earlier he was allowed space on LW but as Kxevin pointed he couldn’t really do any thing with that! Hope Pep plays him only in the “MF” and he gets his form back as early as possible, it’s hurting to see him under perform 馃檨

    Guardiola – Too fucking late substitution man. PLEASE ask Messi & Xaviesta to be ready to pounce on the ball when Ibra chests a long ball gets it to the ground, I know Messi & Iniesta would dribble it onto defenders but at least Xavi would be able to take a shot!!

    Alejandro Dom铆nguez, every time he got to touch the ball made me piss in my pants… What a performance!! I wonder how he seemed to be present on both their flanks 馃槢 And Cristian Ansaldi, whom Pep admitted to be following for quite some time now, had a good game. Was good going forward and was great in defense as well!!

  17. I guess this is the price we pay for our untouchable success last season…BUT we all know what goes up must come down…But We are yet to come down as we have only lost once this season….Its more a case of high expectations and a mix of bad luck……But don’t worry the footy gods would shine on us soon enough.

    1. Oh! You mean to say we can still do bad!? Yeah, probably in league… but in CL!? We might even get knocked out of the group stages if we are not careful!!! Rubin more or less worked out a theory on how to park a bus against Barca, keep them from scoring AND also create chances for them selves! I’m sure Mourinho must watching the game DVD already!! But thankfully, at least one thing might work in our favor here… he’d be lacking a proper pacy winger like Rubin had in Dominguez to counter attack us, although Mou would be more than content with a draw

    2. I think any loss suffered this season outside of a CL caliber team would be unexcuseable. Why? All other teams, and some of those (Inter…) are going to park the bus every game. The only reason why we would concede in those games is cause of stupid mistakes (Busi, Marquez, Bojan…those kinds). I expect to see all of losses from last year converted to draws this year. If only that was enough to win trophies….

  18. I think WE have the toughest CL draw. Fuck all the EPL junkies who claim we ALWAYS get the easy draws. Like Standard Liege, Rangers, Stuttgart, Alkmaar, APOEL, Porto, Atleti, etc… could handle Kiev and Rubin. This is shit. Kiev and Rubin are VERY good teams, at least from the aspect of home field advantage and coaching strategy (bus parking, right? Not exactly). I think the Bayern group is difficult, but come on, none of those teams will make the semis; Pool’s group is also difficult but Fiorentina and Lyon also won’t come close to the semis. In fact, none from either group will probably make it to the quarters, unless Liverpool qualifies.

    I’m disappointed that Iniesta started at LW again. His skill is great, but Henry’s size would have been much better, as displayed with his cross immediately after coming on. Of course, Henry did suck epically when he let the cross just deflect off his leg. I mean HE HAD TIME TO KICK IT INTO THE NET!!!! He just stood there, like he was receiving a prostate exam or some shit. WTF? CHECK THE MATCH!! damn…at least didn’t concede. I was really worried about someone slipping on the pitch and conceding a walk-in. Fortunately, we just had Dani and others roll the ball straight to Rubin.

  19. To further reaffirm just how invulnerable to pain and the elements puyi is, he took off his shirt when the game was over.This was after not playing with any protection but his hair for the cold.Only time and age can stop him 馃檪

    1. do you guys ever read his official blog? on today’s entry he said he stuck with the short sleeves even though they were playing in below 0 weather because it was more “comfortable”. he is a super human and the only being in this world who can beat the yaya in a cage fight.


  20. I was dissapointed with the loss, but I am not at the end of the day stressed or worried about it. I enjoy watching Barca play, yes they frustrate me at times, but I remind myself to enjoy the fun of it. Right now I would be talking with my dad on the phone about the world series, but life changes, and I am, we are reminded to enjoy the beauty of life, of futbol, of beisbol, of loved ones. Cheer up everyone, life is one beautiful trip!

  21. I felt its better to let things calm down before commenting.

    Then, I read all the “We are doomed! We are doomed!” craziness and all what I can say is: I am glad for the result. Thank you pep.

    You guys are judging based on what you are used to see, not on what happened for real. If you can watch the game again, try to forget the prejudgements, expectations, and traditional style. You will see a different game.

    More to come 馃榾

    1. I haven’t commented yet, but I didn’t think it was that bad. What should honestly be worrying us is the fact that our next two games in the Champions League are very very tricky, and we won’t just be able to cruise by them.

      Why do we always do this the year after winning the Champions League? Remember Werder Bremen?

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