Sergi Busquets: Football Pragmatist

There is one in every team.  A player everyone loves to hate, sometimes including their own fans. They are not afraid to do the unseemly (i.e. embellish) to help the team win and never assume that the other team will play fair. They take matters into their own hands, even if it’s the unpopular way to handle things. Deep down, everyone knows they are one heck of a player and that just makes those critics unhappier.

Sergio Busquets is that player.

“I am not a cheater,” he says simply, in an exclusive, completely fallacious interview with Barcelona Football Blog, “I’m a pragmatist.”

When people think of Sergi Busquets, they think a lot of unpleasant things. A lot of people call you a stinkin’ cheater, amongst other names.

Sergi Busquets: Well, that’s their prerogative to be fair. I can only continue playing football and trying to help my team win as many trophies as possible. Maybe their opinion might change along the way.

Do you believe you act dishonestly to gain an advantage sometimes?

Football is an interesting sport. There are rules and there are guidelines. Some people believe the rules are guidelines and break them with abandon. If someone violently tackles you with no consequences, you could do the same; but then it would become a bloodbath with people trying harder to break legs in retaliation than play the game.

So the alternative, more realistic option is to try to get the attention of the one who enforces the rules and either show or let them know such acts are happening. Maybe the transgressions will stop and the game will be safer to participate in.  If you gotta grab unrelated body parts, roll around a bit, stay on ground long than necessary, scream in fake agony, then so be it. It’s unseemly but you gotta do what you gotta do.

So basically you’re a cheater.

I am not a cheater, I’m a pragmatist. You try to break my face with your elbow, I’ll let the turf hear what I think about it. ‘m not gaining an advantage out of that, more like trying to put a stop to something that shouldn’t be happening in the first place. It’d be great if the referees could see that, but they’re just three people. They won’t see everything so you got to be realistic.

But only a coward would bring gamesmanship to a man’s game

Only a romantic moron would bring ideals to a football match.

What’s that supposed to mean?

Football matches are a lot like a cat fight. In the beginning there are the usual spoken and unspoken rules of engagement (no hair pulling, scratching, etc) but the speed of that going to hell depends on the stakes and how much of a jerk the other is. The higher the stakes and Jerk Factor, the faster the claws come out.

I’m sure all teams would love to win with no dirty tackles, professional fouls, dives and the like, but when there are victories, titles, money and/or football immortality at stake…

That’s a pretty cynical outlook for a person who has Messi on their team.

Look, it would be all well and good if Leo could go through ninety minutes without getting hacked and Iniesta scored every game but it just doesn’t work out that way. No team would ever win a football match, though to witness their utter destruction would be glorious, and in Andres’ case there are hospitals to consider. It’d be difficult to find a place for all those babies.

Two years ago, there was that ‘peek-a-boo’ incident…

…and four years ago I was playing in the third division. Things change, people change. If one incident is enough to give you the reputation of a serial diver, well, that’s just how it is. Never mind that it was a yellow card in the first place.

You seem quite convinced that teams will play dirty against you.

If teams play fair, we beat them nine times out of ten. So that’s not much incentive for them to play fair, is it?


You have to defend yourself if no one is. Take Iniesta. He’s such a sweet guy; eats his ice cream, casually carries his baby in public, and meditates with bears. Underneath all that, though, is a fierce competitor that can punk off the best of ‘em if he has to. Just ask van Bommel.

Do you worry about fans hating you?

Why? It means the fans I do have respect my football and I’ll never have to worry about bandwagoners. I’m okay with having Vincent of the Forest and Pep as my fanboys. It’s the potential hipsters I’m afraid of. [shudders]


And that concludes BFB’s random interview with Busquets.

Stay tuned for the next interview with…

Xavi: Football’s Proprietor

(Sneak peak below as I haven’t thought of anything else and don’t know when I’ll ever post the full thing when I finally sit down to think of it. Reminds me a bit of Villarato Corp.)

“I’ve got 99 problems,” he quotes, “but terrible football ain’t one of ’em.”

Do you have a guilty pleasure with regards to football?

Xavi: You know, sometimes I like to watch truly terrible football matches. Games where there are no tactical innovations, defensive mishaps galore, and a lot of goals.

Excuse me but the irony is too much.

Just hear me out, okay?

Watching a truly sh*t football match is a lot like watching a three-legged dog energetically hobble its way down the street, trying to dodge passersby and obstacles, in order to reach a fire hydrant to relieve itself on. You have much better things to spend your time on than watch this dog. Your brain deserves to be devoted to much better. And yet you stare transfixed at this dog, from the second you first notice it to the moment the last drip falls. It’s inexplicable really. The allure is hard to explain.

(It really is hard to explain.)

(Also, weren’t Busi and Xavi just incredible today?  They deserve their own posts in some way. And what a goal from Messi too. Don’t have time to embed it but it deserves a couple of hours on YouTube. Well, I’m entering Ninja Calvin mode…)

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  1. Note that this is posted under ‘nonsense’. Please don’t take this seriously. (I think caughtoffside and tribal football might quote this though… :D)

  2. Great job Kari! I’ve never seen that Busi-TB picture, but it’s awesome on several levels. And here I thought nothing good came from that Spain-Portugal friendly. 😆

  3. LOL, that was so funny, i can imagine him saying that as well. I absolutely love Busi, not only for his skills but his mannerism as well. To every complaint, tackle and even the way he runs is so adorable. I also like that, when a teammate is injured, he’s always the first one to go see if they are ok, also, he likes to fight too. There’s a cheeky side to him that annoys the majority and some ‘cheating’ but hey, every team has a Busi on their side, except EE have at least 4. The opposing fans who really hate him, know his skill very well, that’s why they always hope for him to be sent off b4 meeting their team.

    What i found annoying though is that when Drogba dived and did a peek a boo the other day, no one was really bothered and praised him for his experience to slow the game by drawing fake fouls and yet when Busi gets clobbered and 90% of the times are genuine fouls, he gets called a cheat? Besides the peek a boo incident and the two v EE, Busi doen’t usually ‘fake it’, he’s just too quick on passing the ball that almost always they end up kicking him. What annoys me more is when people say diving is worse than dirty fouls, stepping on peoples hands etc coz, you can’t end an opponents career by diving but, you can end it by dirty tackles. I, as a Barca fan, has never been and never will be ashamed of Busi for going down easy sometimes coz he has to do what he has to do to protect himself from injury from other rough players, better that him retaliating.

  4. I can’t remember what minute it was, but he made one play against Sevilla that was absolutely jaw-dropping. The Sevilla player was advancing with the ball and Busquets moved in from behind him and stuck his foot in and the Sevilla player went 5 yards forward but the ball didn’t move. It was stunning.

    1. Yeah, it was such a clean steal. And even better was that the commentator praised Busi for it – hearing that was definitely the rarer of the two!

  5. *applauds* Lovely piece, Kari. A shame that i missed the match because the cold medicine really knocks one out cold.

  6. Awesome post, enjoyed reading it! Can’t wait for the next installment 🙂

    OT: Everyone really REALLY need’s to read Graham Hunter’s book! I suggest reading it when you have absolutely nothing to do because you won’t be able to stop.

  7. Mixed Ramblings:

    – Kari, this is a cool post. Pretty sum up everything about stereotype of Busi. His diving tendency is reducing considerably now comparing two or three seasons ago. But that stereotype since the peek a boo episode in Inter match would be very hard to wipe away. Maybe along the time, when he established enough as player in terms of sportsmanship (not exaggerating contacts with intent), that negative stamp would fade. And history will remember Busi as a great one touch passer and his “unnoticed” talent to bridge the defense and midfield. Xavi and Iniesta would be few of the minority that recognize how good Busi’s role in building up a play and keeping the ball movement fluid.

    – Since Pep era, I feel we don’t have an exceptional free kick taker. Remember in Rivaldo and Ronaldinho era, a direct free kick at the edge of the box will be a lot expected to be a goal. Now Messi and Xavi are responsible to take it, but in my opinion, the conversion rate is not as good as when those Brazilians were around (no statistics back up, just personal feeling). I am so happy last night Xavi scored from free kick and Messi did it too against Atletico Madrid weeks ago.

    – Is it only me that think how good Messi in chipping or lobbing the ball in close range space with keeper while still running full speed? Who can do it equally clinical as Messi is currently doing? I can’t remember any in the last two decades, perhaps only Zidane.

    – Go Malaga! Go Pellegrini!

    1. ” I am so happy last night Xavi scored from free kick and Messi did it too against Atletico Madrid weeks ago.”

      Em .. . that’s not a bad return is it? I’m a great fan of Ronnie but he wasn’t scoring every free kick. To my mind both Xavi and Messi are extraordinary free kick takers in that both have the very rare ability of getting the ball up and over the wall but with spin to bring it down while still keeping enough pace to beat a keeper. Even when they miss it is usually a credible effort. Easy it aint.

      Oh, and it’s not possible to reply to a free kick comment without reiterating how far Alves should be kept away from any free kick.

    2. When he was with Seville, Alves was a sublime free-kick taker. I’m not sure what’s happened since he came to Barca, but he must have a lot of friends, in the 15th-20th rows behind the goals, to whom he wants to gift the balls.

    3. I agree with Jim except for the Alves dig^^

      Actually Barça do have a bunch of freekick shooter in Messi,Xavi,Villa,Cesc,Alves,Thiago and used to have Marquéz,Henry,Zlatan,Chygrynsky,Jeffrén and scored some beautis under the reign of Pep 🙂

      I believe it’s more a matter of practice than lacking a freekick Specialist.
      Messi for one used to be horrible at freekicks look at him now and Alves is the quite contrary..

      I tend to believe that Pep and Tito do prefer other exercises over the free kick exercises probaply leave it to the players for selfpractice…

  8. Abidal took part in some of the training today. And so did Afellay!

    *sniff* I, uh, I have a little something in my eye.

    1. i hope football and the family spirit at the team gives him the force and resoluteness to overcome this episode in his life!

  9. Busi’s theatrics have subsided considerably this year. I was absolutely appalled as a fan by the peek-a-boo and EE incidents, but that was a lifetime ago. It’s time to give Busi his due. The only TV announcer who does is Ray Ray. Busi is an incredible football player. I think he’s the best DM in the world. He is so critical to our system. He picks players apart multiple times throughout a game defensively and is that player Xavi & Ghostface find when they are closed out and need an out. He’s also extremely important for us in the box on opposition corners. Being one of a few w/height that is. Obviously, Pep saw something when he was w/the B team and brought him up as soon as he took over the 1st team. VDB also knows how important he is to Espana shape and form. I’m sure he’ll have some more “moments”, but that shouldn’t overshadow his brilliance.

    Kari: great stuff! I’ve enjoyed your musings and look foreward to more

  10. “Busy puede jugar de central porque tiene una generosidad impagable, se adapta a una posición que no es la suya, y en eso ya me tiene el corazón robado”, ha enfatizado Guardiola. (16 septiembre 2011)

    “Busi can play midfield because his generosity is priceless — he adapts to any position — and for this he has stolen my heart,” Guardiola insisted.

    Vicente del Bosque comentó que “si fuera jugador de fútbol actualmente” le gustaría parecerse a Sergio Busquets, centrocampista del Barcelona. “Lo hace todo, está continuamente en disposición ayudar al equipo, es generoso, se vacía defensivamente, y es de los primeros que empieza a jugar al fútbol. Y cuando el está bien el fútbol se hace más fluido”. (23 junio 2010)

    Vicente del Bosque commented “if I were a player today, I’d want to be like Sergio Busquets. He does everything, he’s always ready to help the team, he’s generous, he gives his all in defense, and he’s one of the top young players. And when he’s playing well, the game really flows.”

    “Él tiene algo más. A Busi lo ves y dices: ‘Éste no vale un pito. No tiene ni estilo’. Pero ve el juego antes que nadie, de primera siempre. Con lo largo que es, medio encorvado, cayéndose pero siempre con la cabeza levantada… Necesita ver el campo, donde estamos y luego decide. Y siempre bien. Pero, además, es un cabrón. Mete la pierna, va al choque, es puta, de barrio. Esa picardía se tiene o no se tiene […] la tienen Ramos. Pepe… La tiene Raúl. Saben cuándo protestar, cuándo tirarse al suelo y parar el partido… Yo no sé hacerlo. Eso también se tiene o no se tiene”. -Xavi Hernández (29 noviembre 2009)

    “Busi’s got something special. You see him and think, ‘This guy’s not worth squat. He doesn’t even have any style’. But he always sees the play before anyone else. He’s all gangly and hunched over, but his head’s up. He sees the field, sees where we are, and then decides — and always makes the right decision. But he’s a pain in the ass, too. He sticks out a leg, goes in for the crash — he’s a little street that way. And this trickery, you’ve either got it or you don’t. Ramos has it, and Pepe, and Raúl, too. They know when to protest and when to stay quiet, when to fall and stop the game and when to stay on your feet. I don’t know how to do it. You’ve either got it or you don’t” — Xavi Hernández.

    Far be it from me.

    1. Thank you! Imo an undeserved lead thanks to Oier who kept the clean sheet.. he is in top form right now. MOTM so far.

      balanced Game needs to score a second one.

    2. Only saw the second half of that match and not liking what I saw.
      Defense was too shaky and control in midfield was lacking.
      Disappointing to see the lack of control with bad passes. This is an area where they should excel but not sure what has happened to them this year.

      I know injuries with the first team play a huge role but I just can’t seem to understand why they are so bad in midfield.

      Dongou played for about 20ish minutes or so and he didn’t really see a lot of the ball.

      I don’t like this new coach but i guess we’ll have to deal with him one more year. I hope Pep stays and be a bit more hands-on with the B-team. I think some of these young players are getting way too much publicity. They need to be a bit more disciplined in their work.

    3. Yeah, I have a lot to say about this B team. Maybe I should make a post on it. Jnice & Kari, would you like to send me your thoughts & we can do a post or something?

    1. Nope, Pepe intentionally stomping Messi’s hand went no card. Perhaps giving jab to referee until he faint could count 🙂

    1. In Villarreal they called him the Spanish Ronaldinho – just as good and just as ugly. 🙂

  11. Great strike. Real could have had 3 penalties, two were pretty clear (hopefully putting to rest the tired conspiracy talk). They also could have had 5-6 more yellows. Ramos and Diarra could have easily walked.

    8 points turns the heat up just a bit.

    1. They played decently and should have finished a few more chances, but there was some complacency. Malaga looked really poor though and hardly threatened.

    2. Missed the first half, where I hear Malaga had chances as did Real.

      Their attack is potent as ever but their defense is so suspect, worse than ours really. Both their fullbacks are in need of recovery. Lass played RB and from what I saw was exposed in the 2nd half by Eliseu(?). RB is certainly a problem for them this season.

      This game their midfield were basically non-existent. Khedira adds nothing, and Ozil and Kaka faded in the 2nd half I saw, duo to fatigue probably.

      IMO Pellegrini needs to be praised. He sent out a defensive lineup with Demichelis in the midfield to contain Kaka and/or Xabi but exposed a tiring Madrid in the 2nd half with timely subs (both Eliseu and Fernandez).

    3. Pellegrini is definately doing well with what he has. I think Demichelis played fairly well defensively. His positional mistakes in midfield are not as costly because he has cover, and he can make last ditch tackles more because the are not last ditch. If he makes it into Argentine team, Mascherano should play CB and Demichelis should play in mid.

      Malaga created some almost chances in first half, but I don’t remember Casillas having to be brilliant (or make any saves even). Isco looks good though.

    4. they did have some periods of dominance, especially in the second half they put a lot of pressure on malaga and did create plenty of chances (let’s say 3, 4 important ones).
      but their goal did come when malaga where beginning to play fairly well. had the most decent chances while real were maintaining pressure.
      the referee was weird, Sid Lowe said it was good not going after players diving’s, i would say real can try to complain about some decisions ask for some penalty – which were clearer this time than other time without necessarily making it one. in the general game Ramos pepe alonso were lucky not to get some simple cards. first penalty call, ronaldo advances in the area, passes one defender and bumps into a second one that was coming his way. commentator was calling it one, but the contact was not on the direction of the ball. second call, seems that marcelo is fouled inside the area, but to be fair he falls quite easy and long after the contact with the referee 3 meters next to him. brave call i have to say. he did miss, ramos two shirt pulls and pepe knee to head!
      overall, real looked good but less sharp than other games. you could sense that something is wrong as malaga was holding the ball and getting close to RM area. they did miss plenty of chances thou’.

      i have to admit it is hard to have an idea of their force – after games of rayo and betis they look average. espanyol was impressive but the catalan team did not show much belief. so, i would want to see them play some decent teams to see how powerful they really are for a showdown with us.

    5. Still believe Madrid peaked to early. Its crunch time now, and they have just been getting by. Against Getafe, Betis and Rayo recently they were lucky to get the 3 pts and now with the ref calls even itself out, look out for a title race.

  12. Just Yesterday I read from Barcastuff: Most Liga goals from direct free-kick this season: Cazorla (Malaga) 3 well now 4 – Benat (Betis) Suarez (Levante) Xavi 2

    When I saw Malaga had earned a freekick in the 90+2 mins and saw Cazorla stepping up I hoped and knew something had to happen.

    8 Points sounds a lot nicer than 10 doesn’t it.

    OT: Currently hearing that Pep has agreed to renew for one more season. They are saying Guardiola plans to continue another season, take a year off, and then coach a team in Italy or England. He could return to Barça later in his career.

    1. Barcastuff Facebook, just rumors btw, nothing concrete.

      Also read sometime on sport or el mundo that Pep is grooming either Xavi or Puyol to coach Barca someday. I would like that.

    1. And Pepe got carded! It wasn’t for any physical fouling, but still pretty rare indeed.

  13. Due to their sorting rules, 8 points is effectively 4 points, if we win, or rather once, we win at CN. 4 points and 10 games to go. Sounds good.

    1. Yes it is. It’s 5 points — if we win against EE and they drop 5 points then we will be even and go through on head to head.

    2. how huge those games with vilareal and osasuna look now. espanyol too.

      or some malaga getafe betis valencia rayo ref decisions… 🙂

    3. Also, considering Madrid’s schedule – 2nd leg of the CL 1/4, 4 days later – Valencia at Bernabeu, 3 days after that – a visit to Vicente Calderon, and a few weeks later, just 4 days after a home game against Sevilla, they go to San Mames to face Bilbao. The Liga most certainly isn’t over yet.

    4. EE has some tough away trips coming up. Their mid week game is against Villareal who just fired their 2nd coach this season and are fighting a relegation battle. Could see a battle happening there.

      They still have to visit Osasuna, followed up with a home game against Valencia, right after its their Alt. Madrid derby. 3 games where points are certain to be lost somewhere.

      Not to mention their trip to our home, a trip to Bilbao and Sevilla visiting them around the Champions League Semi-finals.

      Once we get our jobs done in games let EE feel the pressure, something we have dealt and responded with 3 seasons straight now.

  14. Yes! A good result to lift our spirit after a week full of bad news.

    Credit to RM for showing support for Abidal and Muamba.
    Also, Sevilla did the same thing yesterday with Abidal and Basora. It was a nice gesture and their fans were also great!

  15. Funny how the German commentator disrespected Malaga, during the first half, by saying that they simply do not have such a good free-kick taker as Real Madrid has in CR7.
    But actually Cazorla has now scored 4 direct freekicks, and CR zero 😀

    For me, league is still over. But getting more and more optimistic about the CL (if we should reach the final at all).

    1. Those commentator Guys @Laola are an annoying bunch furtunatly it’s for free and i’m grateful for that but imagine if you have to pay to listen to that^^

      To me League is almost over i have only little hope and that’s only because of that legendary Teneriffe match would suite well to Pep Reign to win an almost lost League^^

    2. Yeah, you got it.

      I was referring to 🙂

      I have never heard worse commentators before!
      Maybe one of us should apply for the co-commentator spot in the Vilarreal – EE match. But it is probably to late. And we are not impartial 😀

    1. There has been a lot of bad news for the last couple of days…#AnimsAbidal #PrayforMuamba …something to cheer us up a bit…

    2. Yeah of course, but I was referring to a more optimistic tone re: the title race. It’s funny how perceptions work; I bet if the lead was 5 points coming into this weekend and became 8 points, people would largely be conceding the title.

    3. Yha people look at the unconvincing CSKA display then the Betis smash and grab and now this upset to malaga. Looking at the fixtures a loss and a draw is quite possible for madrid especially given they have Cl games and having di maria out,and being forced to rely on the ungainly partnering of ozil and kaka.
      I would not post here if the tone on this blog did not change, barring such a good weekend result cause at the end of the day, even the eternal pessimists can see that La Liga is far from dusted
      “I bet if the lead was 5 points coming into this weekend and became 8 points, people would largely be conceding the title.”
      Yha we would be conceeding the title because momentum is a big thing in football and teams have runs of poor form. Hardly fair to compare the point diff changing though our teams poor play, as opposed to rivals poor play.


  16. Just watched the RM-Malaga game.

    RM was incredibly wasteful with their shots on goal – some absolute howlers that didn’t go in. Malaga GK Willy Caballero was immense and should be considered for Argentina.

    Pellegrini fielded a hugely defensive team. Demichelis at midfield was a great move. Malaga took a very physical game to RM and gave as good as they got. That was a very tired and somewhat battered merengue team coming off the pitch.

    The Cazorla FK was wunderbar in the last minute of normal time.

    However, RM has the blame for not putting the game to bed by failing to convert some golden chances into goals. Much the same as Barca often did in the first part of the season.

    1. I felt the same way when watching EE miss chance after chance: “hey, this is just like when we can’t finish our chances with a 1-0 lead… now they just need a set piece goal”

      Malaga was actually finding some space on the wings, but the delivery from them was pretty woeful.

  17. while i realise this is post is meant as a joke, it still pisses me off from time to time to realise that everyone – and even people that appreciate Busquets’ football – automatically think of diving when he’s mentioned.

    it’s becoming a stretched record to be quite honest. i do approve of most of the content of this “interview” though.

  18. Some views:

    – At some seconds of Sevilla game, I also feel Pique lacked some focus. The miscommunication with Valdes to clear the cross ended with their chance hit the bar, fortunately. And other occasion when Kanoute was freed by a through pass, I assume Pique slowed down his run. I don’t understand why, perhaps he thought Adriano was closer to mark Kanoute. But by easing your marker, it didn’t help to contain that attack. More mans to hold Kanoute would be much better in such circumstance, IMO.

    – As we are trailing behind in the table, anyone thinking if we play one day or hours before EE would be a “slight advantage” in terms of psychological influence to start a match? The team that plays earlier would carry lighter mental weight measure up to the later one. We don’t need to think the result of the other team when entering the pitch. Just saying.

    – Credit to Palop of Sevilla and Cabalero of Malaga. Both keepers delivered an on-fire appearance this weekend. The result would not be as good as 0-2 and 1-1 without their impressive saves, respectively.

    – 8 points now! EE dropped point in one of the least expected match i.e.: their home game. Our probability to triumph in the league is still slim, but the wind of hope at the end of horizon is a bit stronger compare to before. They have a series of tricky challengers (Villareal, Osasuna, Valencia, Atletico Madrid) in the following weeks. The downward trends of EE performance have started since the Rayo match. I pray the idea of EE peaked too early get materialize and they’re running out of fuel at the most decisive phase of the season. Alonso looked worn-out and their fullbacks give the impression of being a bit “mediocre”. I am expecting Robben and Ribbery to rip their wings apart in the CL encounter.

    – Let’s see how many points would be cut before EE visiting Camp Nou. The gap they carry before the classico would determine the significant of that match in title race and have an effect on EE tactical approach consequently. I said a few threads ago, the most pessimistic scenario for me would be: EE lead by 6 points heading to classico. Then we win and slash the gap to 3 points. Subsequently, we could possibly take this contest mathematically meaningful until the last jornada. Better than above scenario, means Cules should be a bit more optimistic. Keep hope! (Please don’t shoot me guys, cheers :))

    – Next, GO VILLAREAL!

    1. it will be fantastic if madrid drop some more points relative to us. what a game that classico will be: between the two semi-final legs, after coming from London and Munchen…

    2. I hope Madrid will drop some points, while our boys win their remaining games both in Spain and Europe. It’s really brutal but at least they reap the fruits of their hardwork and labor.

      Btw according to @fcblj, Madrid still have to play against Barça(away),bilbao, (away),atleti (away),villareal(away), valencia (home), sevilla (home).

  19. Even if we win against EE at home, how many people are fostering the belief that EE will draw 3 additional games? or draw one and lose another?
    I am hoping for the latter with huge favours from bielsa, simeone and the ref.

  20. Gap could be 5 points by Tuesday night – what a difference a few days makes!

  21. A French player who scored a stunner yesterday dedicated the goal to Abidal.

    He printed Abidal’s name and number on his club’s jersey and his team mates from the bench took it out after he scored.

    Nice gesture!

    1. That was Lyon’s Bafétimbi Gomis who has played with Abi in the French NT. He has had health problems of his own and hasn’t played in the French NT since he collapsed during training back in 2009.

  22. the good news keeps on coming: sid lowe predicted that we won’t catch EE!! 🙂 starting to believe?

    1. Hahaha, I love how the map they’ve superimposed on the field keeps shrinking and stretching and shifting to align itself with the players. Almost as if, you know, they’re trying reeeeeally hard to force the route to fit.

      Dudes got a LOT of free time on their hands.

    2. This is fake. This whole story was fabricated by Ynet which is an Israeli propoganda news site. They regularly make up outlandish stories about Syria, Iran and the Palestinians.

  23. I feel bad for never having spoken up about liking your Gargoyles piece, Kari. I’m sorry.

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