Barcelona – Valencia Liveblog

I’m late! I’m late! For a very important date!



  1. We suck! What a terrible match! Only 5-1 etc etc.

    On the Fabregas-Pep thing, it looked like a joke the first time in live action but in the replay it looked like something serious…what was that about?

    1. Cesc deserves a boot up his ass…Look the good it has done to Pique..dude was boss tonight!

  2. If we can play with this effort and class in the left CL matches, we will be the first team to ever defend a CL title!

    Today, no team would have stood a chance. An absolutely magnificent performance! ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. You know, it may not be that bad of an idea for us to give a pasillo to EE in the league game. And then play with the intensity we can and give them a thrashing

  3. I think with that goal Xavi has just bettered his goal-scoring record in a season; impact sub Xavi!

    1. And Sanchez is just one goal away from his best.

      He and Cesc should have scored today, but hey… I don’t want to complain^^

      And Tello is great. How come we’ve heard so few about him prior to his first team debut?

    2. I kinda like how we have these amazing players under the spotlight, in addition to the more glitzy and talked-about players, coming from the B team. If it’s surprising us, imagine how it feels for our opponents!

  4. After long time, today was performance matching any our team has given in last few years in terms of attack. Loved it completely.

  5. Actually if you see the Fabregas-Pep thing, Pep is snarling and Fab is laughing. Pep is too intense sometimes, I bet he was joking but his expressions make it look like he’s serious.

  6. If this doesn’t show Pep the hunger this crazy bunch has, I dont know what will.

    I am in love all over again.

    1. It’s been a long time since I’ve been so happy.

      Today, Barca has once again mystified me ๐Ÿ™‚
      The feelings of joy during this match are indescribable.

      I don’t care about la Liga standing, as long as from time to time Barca showcases such brilliancy, everything’s fine.

    1. Dunno ’bout Cesc but Pep deffo says “Hostia” at the end which is a spanish/catalan swear

  7. Phenomenol match, best of the season from where I sit, we were creative, uncontainable and relentless, beautiful to watch.
    Messi is not normal, there are not good words when he plays like this, and when we think he’s off it’s only because of these standards he sets, he is regularly exceptional.
    We paid to little for Cesc, wish Alexis had scored as he had a fantastic match as well.
    Many many highs could be listed, Xavi’s goal, Busquets assist, Pedro’s first touch,…. ahem, etc. etc.

    Will be rewatching this one again later. Should have been a double manita with a bit more clinical finishing and a bit less Diego.Alves.

  8. We were sensational, even the misses were outrageous. More than anything though Im glad to the back of Diego Alves for the season.

  9. 32 f..king shots on the goal, 32!!! And only 5 goals scored, shame.
    On the other hand, this is how we should play on the road and scare the shit out of everybody.

  10. What a beautiful match. Valencia attacked Barca on their turf through out the match. Hats off to Unai Emery.
    Now to the way that the Barca team played.
    Busi – You are the best DM in the world. A big bow to you.
    Cesc – You are the best box to box midfielder in the world.
    Messi – Best player in the world, when not asleep :).
    Alexis – Dude please start taking players on, I want to see you compete against Messi for the best player in the world award. I know you have it in you. I see flashes of them in matches, and then you turn off. Another awesome game. In time, hopefully, Messi can show you how to put your one on one’s away. Hey, Im not complaining, you did an awesome job in the CL match against Leverkusen.
    Pique – Owned the air and water and the ground where he stood.
    Puyol – Captains performance. I almost thought he was playing midfield at one point. Intervention after intervention, he owned Soldado many times.
    Abidal – From left back, to central defender, to owning the left side of the defence, he was every where. What a defender.
    Tello – Keep playing like this, you will get your first start soon. You are so good that you outfoxed yourself after beating the defender. That third Messi goal was “Made in Tello.”
    Montoya – Helped keep the width on the right of the pitch… and spread the Valencia defence. Not a spectacular match, but a great workman like match with some great crosses runs and support to the key players in the team.
    Pedro – Please make way for Tello.
    Valdes – Great save, and great distribution from the back.
    Iniesta – Dude is sublime, his touches on the ball are beyond comparision. He moves like a dream, totally changing dimensions, on the soccer field.
    Xavi – Great to see you back buddy.
    Thiago – What a luxury to have on the bench. The future is bright.

    Special Mention:

    Diego Alves – If it were not for this dude the score would have been something like 15 – 1. Hats off to all your saves. Now back to watching the match again.

  11. What a stunning match.. Could’ve been 10-1 or more, seriously..
    10 points doesn’t bother me anymore, just watching Barรงa plays like this, it gives me an enormous joy.. moodbooster to my morning.. ๐Ÿ˜€

    About Pep – Cesc :
    At first Pep hugged him.. Then I think Cesc said something stupid, a joke maybe.. And Pep pushed him with an ‘angry’ face, probably something like “you silly boy!”.. It’s nothing serious, I believe..

    1. thanks, barcastuff..

      Guardiola: “Cesc sub? I told him he should score more, he has the talent to do it. We’re allowing all goalkeeper to shine this season.”

    2. “When I took Cesc out I told him he should mark a *&% goal — they were really clear chances.”

    3. I was kinda worried about that exchange, I just saw it as I downloaded the second half. Nice touch from Camp Nou’s, chanting “Guardiooola Guardioola) in the 82th minute..!

  12. I sneaked in here thinking, “Well, maybe it was just me, but I had *fun* today.” And here’s everyone all bucked up and business.

    I didn’t care that we are down points; I didn’t care that we were down one goal, and then only up by one for so long; I didn’t care who had signed what with which pen.

    It was just fun, really fun, to watch the game today.

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