Podcasting: 10 Points and Champions League

I recorded a podcast and now you get to listen to it. I think I said that Madrid plays Zenit, but they actually play CSKA. So there’s that error, amongst many others, no doubt.

Also: Javier Clemente sucks.

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By Isaiah

Isaiah is a co-founder and lead writer for Barcelona Football Blog. He currently lives in the greater New York City area with his wife and daughter.


  1. Interesting podcast, Isaiah. Never heard of Javier Clemente until a few weeks ago when he said something about Messi not being a product of La Masia. Sounds like he’s a horrible coach. We’ll see if he can lift Sporting out of the relegation zone. Also, it looks like we might be seeing “mini-clasicos” next year. Hopefully, those games will have less drama than the adult-version.

    I just read an article on foxsoccer about a Xavi-less Barca and it got me thinking about this week’s game. I’m really looking forward to this game because a) less pressure(for me anyway)and b) we get to experiment at a high-level. We’ll see who will play in midfield. My choice would be Iniesta, Thiago and Busquets. I think Thiago can control the midfield better than Cesc but Cesc needs to play that role more often in order to assimilate. Dilemma!

    OT: foxsoccer.com is fast becoming my favorite site. It has some really informative articles on there, and my favorite is anything written by James Horncastle. He and Gab Marcotti are my two favorite football journalists at the moment.

  2. this link has been posted before, in fact i think i myself have posted this link before, but i think it just needs to be posted every once in a while for pure comic value. el traductor speaks:


  3. Forgive me for using this space to vent again instead of commenting on the post itself. But I can’t resist.

    Sid Lowe’s latest piece in the SI : http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/2012/writers/sid_lowe/02/15/copa.del.rey.final/index.html

    Its mindboggling to notice how incompetent and utterly useless, the RFEF is. Is this management of the world’s most popular league (forgive me Premiership fans) so utterly useless that it still cannot decide on the venue of a premier event like the Copa Del Rey? Is it that incompetent that supporters are now talking about the final being played outside the country?

    Add to all this is the sheer narrow-mindedness and mendacity that comes from the Real Madrid institution. For one, they refuse to let Barcelona and Athletic play in their stadium by giving a lame excuse and for another, they lie that Barca refused to let Madrid play in the Camp Nou in 2004. No less than a EE bellwether like Guti had to lie in public about this.

    The meme is startling – the RFEF is utterly a worthless institution and a mirror of Spain’s faltering economy as opposed to its brilliance in sport these days. And Real Madrid continues to live upto BFB’s frivolous moniker- the Evil Empire.

  4. Reading what is happening to Arsenal now how each new defeat brings comparison to that great team…

    I do hope that great expectations won’t affect us too in some years…

    even if conditions seem not to point that way one must wonder how an inevitable decline can be managed…

  5. On a side note – hopefully Valencias win on Thursday night puts to bed the argument about whether Spanish teams can beat Stoke away on a cold night in February…

  6. Host: … and Isaiah
    Isaiah : OOLA
    Host: Okay hold on! let me stop here … And Isaiah
    Host; There we go !

    ~> Isaiah u had him at OLAAA lol πŸ˜€

  7. Besides, when it comes to the rivalry between Madrid and Barcelona, there have always been contrasting narratives. In Madrid, they invariably scoff at Barcelona’s obsession with them. Barcelona suffer, Madrid fans like to note, from Madriditis — an obsession with their opponents that reveals their small-mindedness and paranoia . They note how Madriditis is, above all, the living expression of BarΓ§a’s inferiority

    Okay wait a minute, did he just said that about us Cules D:<
    Gosh, i sooo wanna bust his neck D:<

    1. He’s talking about how Madridistas think, not saying that’s true. And that is true I mean that is how Madridistas have long though, though now it’s quite funny how they’re the ones being paranoid and obsessive about us.

    1. They took it down, but from links to it around the internet it seems that the conclusions was that we would be only a point behind, not 10.

  8. hey guys..long-time visitor first-time poster here..have been a fan of barcelona since the early ronnie days and chanced upon this site around the clasicofest last year..

    am going to santander to watch barca’s game on 11th march with a couple of friends..its my first euro trip and this is the only barca game which is falling at a convenient time..really wanted to catch this group of legends at nou camp but i guess for now this would have to do..

    can anyone plz let me know which is the most economical avenue to hunt for tickets at..we are planning to reach bilbao on 11th morning and i don’t think matchday would be safe to defer the buying to..also if anyone has a clue how safe is basque country to travel at night (we are planning to go to San Sebastian at night after the match)

    And yes Kudos for the great work you guys are doing here :)..i absolutely love coming here!

    1. thanks barca96! and the exotic name is borne out of unavailability of the singular cain moniker here πŸ™‚

      hope to be a regular here!

    2. Welcome cain_aconia!

      Just wanted to comment on the Basque country. We were based in Biarritz for close to two weeks and were driving around the whole time. There was one day we drove from Bilbao back to Biarritz at night and thankfully, there have been no untoward incidents. In fact, we come home late most days (from Bilbao, San Sebastian, St Jean Pied-de-Port, etc) and we never felt unsafe driving at night. Hope this helps.

      The Basque country is very beautiful. I loved, loved it. I’m sure you’ll have a great time.

      Hope you get a ticket too and enjoy the game!

    3. thanks barcaleya for sharing your experience!

      I have heard a lot about the landscape of basque country and hope to have a great time there. As for the tickets can you give me any pointers as to what would be the best avenue to hunt for a Barca away ticket! it would be a great help as all the options we have been getting are upwards of 300 Euros and I think there must be a bargain here somewhere which we are missing!!

  9. lol, this must be a nightmare.

    Another super-stupid sending off for a RM opponent, due to a 2nd handball. Levante hand-ball, sending off and penalty.
    Espanyol hand-ball vs us … no card, no penalty, nothing.

    I’m loving this, FFS!

  10. ok, second goal clear offside – and i have doubts on the first as well – we are back on business…


  11. IDk but giant European teams have been piss poor this season. From Chelsea to Arsenal to Inter, to ManU.

    Ironically they are all the teams we have faced in UCL recently.

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