Copa Liveblog: Leonesa-Barça

Check it out, it’s the Copa del Rey and we’re back with a liveblog. Fantastic!

By Isaiah

Isaiah is a co-founder and lead writer for Barcelona Football Blog. He currently lives in the greater Philadelphia area.


  1. Just posted this earlier… but I thought they were GREAT reads!

    Sid Lowe on EE loss:*

    J Wilson on false 9 revolution: *

    1. this is what i was talking about when i said i had noticed both valencia & rubin lined up in a 4-2-3-1

      “When a back four meets a 4-3-3 or 4-2-3-1, the full-backs, even ignoring the increased attacking role they have in today’s game, have a clearly defined role in negating the opposition wingers. They are less likely, in other words, to be able to provide cover. But worse, if the false nine drops deep, there are two centre-backs left redundant. One can follow the false nine, but the other is left isolated, with space all around and the full-backs too busy with their own concerns to help him. He can be attacked from wide or from deep, and he has no support.”

      i get to watch the copa game from the comfort of my casa yay!

  2. The ref for today’s match is Bernardino González Vázquez; last year he reffed our 1-1 draw with Getafe and our 4-3 loss to Atleti. He’s fairly well known for dishing out cards, so expect a few today.

  3. In other vital news, Marca claims that Guti was so angry at being subbed at the half that he literally told Pellegrini to “go take it up the ass.” Yikes!

    If true, wow. However, take into account the source.

    1. Yeah. What makes it even more ominous is that we know that specifically Marca is to Florentino what Pravda was to Stalin. Its his own personal propaganda machine. So, if Marca is already screaming “Leave NOW!” in its headlines one would think that its only a matter of time before, to use an analogy from today’s Sid Lowe article*, Florentino throws away Pellegrini’s bullet riddled body.

      *The analogy: “Madrid’s president is not a man to stand by his coaches – except, like a hostage taker, to thrust them into the firing line, shielding himself behind their bullet-ridden bodies.”

  4. my starting line up : Pinto, Puyol,Rafa,Chygrinski,Maxwell,Jeffren,Jonathan,Busquets,Keita,Pedro,

    2nd half we get to see Gai and Soriano.

  5. Interesting note pulled from FCB’s official page: Leonesa’s striker Jito has scored all 9 of their league goals this year. So I guess if we shut him down we shut the whole team down. That’s a fairly absurd stat, by the way, but it might be a big reason they’re in the relegation zone.

  6. if anyone finds this game archived on the net let me know so i can download and watch. thanks.

    1. usually i make sure not to make work appointments that conflict with barca matches (so i can sneak away for a “long lunch”) but i overlooked this one!

  7. Well, I’m going to try taking notes, if I can find a good Web feed, and get up some sort of review. Cuz that’s just how we roll.

    Good streams are going to be crucial, kids. Did a check of all the footy broadcast sites, in hopes that the EE loss would elevate the desirability of this early-round match, but nope.

    1. *

      Don’t know quality yet but last night’s match was perfect there

  8. my comment didn’t go through…it didn’t even say “…awaiting moderation” or nothing.



  9. Sport seems to be claiming 3-4-3 as the lineup:

    Er…I imagine The Yaya would be in the fourth defensive spot rather than a 4-man midfield, though effectively he could be DM the whole game if we take control of it.

  10. official

    Márquez, Toure Txig Maxwell
    Keita Sergio Gai
    Bojan Jeffren Pedro

    ?? weird!

  11. Final fantasy is RB

    Pinto; Jeffren, Márquez, Chygrynskiy, Maxwell; Busquets, Touré, Keita; Gai, Bojan, Pedro.

  12. Well this is what sport had.


  13. Interesting lineup. If Jeffren can play wing back as well then he can provide more depth at a spot that is badly in need of it.

    1. I just hope he is crystal clear that being caught up field and out of position is NOT one of the things he should imitate. 😀

  14. Hopefully we can get a few early goals and let the kids come in and give our starters some rest.

  15. i just got hectored twice in a row! so i re-repost

    i am rying to understand this false number 9 thing. (1) is a player like ronaldinho a false 9? (2) but ibra is a true 9? (3) but when our CF swaps with messi and messi plays in the middle, he is a false 9? (4) is that because he doesnt hang around the defensive line of the opposition waiting for the ball like ibra sometimes does? (5) because he is always tracking back to get the ball, start the play and then finish it too. (6) was keita a false 9 against zaragoza?

    sorry for all the questions, i numbered them for convenience.

  16. Most important thing about this match was the experiments at right back. I’ll throw my vote in that Jeffren cant play their, but Maxwell can.

    I’d also be willing to vote for a resolution making instant banning the result for posting tons of nonsense pictures of players girlfriends in the chatroom.

    1. i was joking. you missed all the links to the player’s gfs while you were out. keep up the pace dude.

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