Someone Will Get Hlebbed: Barcelona vs Real Sociedad Liveblog

Win, lose, or draw.

I’m excited for the game today. You should be too.

Kick off is at 4pm EST, 6am in Tokyo, 11pm in Beirut, 3pm in Tegucigalpa, and midnight in Minsk HLEB CITY. Liveblog starts whenever I feel like it. (Probably half an hour before)

FCB Lineup: Valdés, Alves, Puyol, Mascherano, Adriano; Fàbregas, Dos Santos, Thiago; Messi, Cuenca Tello

Bench: Pinto, Xavi, Alexis, Pique, Busi, Abidal, Sergi Roberto

By Kari

Just your neighbourhood Barca fanatic


  1. “If Madrid win all of their matches, we will obviously applaud and congratulate them for their great campaign. They will have deserved to win if that happens.” – Javier Mascherano.

    The difference in class between EE & Barca….

    1. I actually watched this last week on Netflix. I thought it was fairly enjoyable and worth the time spent. I particularly liked their experience in the prison in Colombia(?).

    1. Love how happy she was to meet him. Really cool. Also love that they both spoke a bit of Engish.

    2. Yeah – her reaction is awesome!

      I guess that Sawa knows quite a bit of English from her 5 years playing in the US, and Xavi is currently taking English lessons – probably from Cesc! 😀

    3. With our present shortage of players we should have given her her own jersey and gotten her ready for Wednesday’s game.

    4. Sawa’s great 😀

      “Awesome! Thanks! Yamada-san, quick, take a picture!”

      Xavi is actually pretty well known over there, at least among soccer fans. I remember seeing giant posters of him in the convenience stores during WC2010.

    5. That was cute but it bummed me out that Xavi kind of treated her like some random fan–she is a World Cup champion and female Balon D’Or winner–he could have shown a little more mutual respect

    6. I don’t think he did anything wrong. He looked happy to be taking the picture. He even wished her luck… don’t think he does that for random fans.

    7. Hahaha i think it’s Sawa that acting more like Xavi little girl fans instead of Ballon D’Or winner. Xavi look cool as usual 🙂

      btw, Sawa look pretty old there. How old is she? *not sarcasm*

  2. Barcelona named Laureus Sports Team of the Year 😀

    We beat out “NBA champions Dallas Mavericks, Formula 1 outfit Red Bull, Rugby World Cup winners New Zealand, England’s cricket team and the Japanese women’s national football side”

    Messi and Abi lost out in their categories though 🙁 – Djokovic won sportsman of the year and Darren Clarke got comeback of the year…

    1. too bad for Messi. But Djokovic also doing a great year in tennis. toppling Federer and Nadal at their peak from world no.1 is equal himalayan mountain to climb

  3. Roberto Carlos (Anzhi): “If Barcelona would sell Messi, Anzhi would buy him. The fee wouldn’t be a prolem, money doesn’t matter.” [marca]

    from barcastuff tweet.

    1. Messi picture?? I thought it’s Caceres and it’s some old comic made while Gudjohnsen and Caceres were there LOL

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