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Hey everyone and welcome to my latest creation: Barcelona Football Blog. Kevin and I are both moving over from TheOffside, but we’re going to maintain our typical standard of content (I think I heard some of you sighing there) along with a little greater output. I’m excited to be a part of a project that, while not containing any new contributing writers (as of now), looks to dedicate an entire site to FC Barcelona. Behind-the-scenes is our IT man, Tarun, who will be aiding us in a variety of different ways. You’ll see his work every day, but you’ll never really notice it. Our other new contributor is Hector, a regular commenter on our old site who has made the shift to become our tactical liaison. We’re excited to have both of these superstars on our team.

In the coming days and weeks, we’ll be setting a few ads around the site in order to obtain a level of revenue sufficient for us to provide donations to charities. We’re talking about chump change in a lot of ways, but with every visit and every click, we’ll be able to provide better services for those around the world who are in need — this is what, to me, FC Barcelona stands for in many ways and it is an honor and a privilege to be involved in anything that attempts to make our world stronger while also providing scintillating football and good commentary.

Another goal for this site is to provide a space for culés to gather and discuss the club in as erudite and interesting ways as possible. As on TheOffside, we ask everyone to remain civil in discussions, both with fellow culés as well as with anyone from other teams that comes around. Any negative comments will, of course, be deleted and the commenters will be banned for any repeated violations.  Please bear with us as we work to correct any spam-related problems we have in the coming weeks as the site begins to work out the minor kinks in the WordPress system.

At the moment, you can follow me on Twitter (do it!) where I’ll be posting the titles of our latest posts, some thoughts on games as I watch them, and random inanities that cross my mind. You know you want tweeted by me. Am I using those verbs correctly? I don’t know cause I’m new at this whole technology thing.

Also starting up this week is the Yahoo Fantasy league. It is a salary cap league. Please join the group by creating a team and then joining the Barcelona Football Blog group here. The password is the incredibly impossible to guess “barcelona”. PS, don’t call your team The Yaya because we’ll have problems if you do. I’ll make a few dedicated posts to the league throughout the year, including one a bout a week before the official kickoff of the league (when you’ll need to have your teams all picked out) where I’ll provide a few tips picked up from previous years of experience in this league.

Throughout the coming days we’ll be updating this site with a myriad of new content, including more subpages (Contact, Stats, etc) so that the experience here will be far easier for those interested mainly in things FCB. There should also be a Facebook page going up soon that you can join, so look forward to that! Sit back and relax, folks, it’s time to party like it’s 2009.

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By Isaiah

Isaiah is a co-founder and lead writer for Barcelona Football Blog. He currently lives in the greater Philadelphia area.


  1. Hm… just now thinking.

    if it really is Match by match, having Messi the first jornada would be downright useless, since he should be in with the NT during the first week.

    dammit, this changes everything.

  2. As Dr. Nick would say on the Simpsons, “Hiiii Everybody!” Congratulations on the new site guys. I have one suggestion–nothing personal, but I vote for a separate page/separate threads for dorking out on fantasy football…as I prefer to stick to the real version.

  3. Well, Jason, I figure Monument will slide back anyhow, so it isn’t really a 4-2-4. 😀

  4. Swap the Monument with Busquets and switch his role with The Yaya and I like the lineup.

  5. DragonBarca is also registered for the Fantasy Game 🙂

    But before I compose my team, I would like to make sure that I understood the rules correctly:
    I can spend 100Mio on at least 11 players (but I can also buy more than 11), I can trade players during the whole season (so no actual transfer period as in real-life) and I can change my line-up every playday (if I’ve got more than 11 players or substitute one by another – on a financially reasonable basis).

    Oh, and one question: Is a goal keeper rated by the amount of saves or by goals conceded?

  6. Another question about our league:
    Will it ever be possible to see the line-up of other members directly on yahoo site? Will they be visible when the first playday has been played?

    Good luck to all participants, may the best win!

  7. The Bilbao game at San Mamés is going to be interesting. Those Basques love their team and you could definitely see that with their great fan support at the Copa Final. We’ve had a good streak recently over there (we last lost 3-1 in 06 as per Pep’s Place) but its decieving in that the wins are always hard fought and close. We only beat them 1-0 over there last year with our A Squad out and a great goal from Samu. That said, we dominated Camp Nou with the Bojan show (40 touch goal included) and also at the Final.

    I think a lot will depend on Messi and Henry. If one (especially Messi) or both are healthy, we probably can afford to be more aggressive. I want Yaya next to Xavi with Busi at DM in there. The important part is not to concede. Bilbao are very good at set pieces and Llorente is always a threat although Pique made him his son every time they saw each other. Keeping a lid on Javi Martinez and Iraiola’s runs from FB into space is also always inportant. We go into the Camp Nou with any sort of tie and I really like our chances. Heck, a 0-0, even if not satisfying, will get it done. Those Basques are tough as heck at San Mamés.

  8. My idea behind starting with Monument was to see if he’s playing well early, rather than late, when you need him. It’s easier to find out he’s off and pull him, rather than putting him in to find a spark and find out that he isn’t on.

    Busquets, on the other hand, will always do what he does. He’s less erratic than Monument.

  9. inNYC, yeah, we’ll be doing that shortly. For today (and today only!) we’ll be working from this particular post. I’ll be writing the preview tonight/tomorrow for everyone to geek out over. Then I’m going to write a separate post for the fantasy thing for next week (probably on Monday evening) so that everyone who is interested can get the full instructions. Probably should have waited to say anything about it, but whatever.

    Helge, as for the fantasy, here’s the short of it: 100 to spend, spend it on whoever in whatever fashion (change your lineup if you’d like, I run a 3-4-3 to maximize point-scorers). Each week you choose your lineup. You can keep the same one if you’d like and you don’t pay the difference if they become more expensive. If they drop in value, you get the difference to spend on other players (or you can sell him). You get 11 players, total. Then you can swap them out whenever you’d like for the coming week. Once the deadline for the week passes (either Friday night into Saturday or the kick off of the first game), you can no longer switch that week’s team.

    Jason is right that getting Leo Messi right now is probably a mistake because he probably won’t play in the first league game. If he does, you can always add him. For instance, I do not have Messi on my team, opting instead for a front 3 of Aguero, Fabiano, and Fernando Llorente, which should have some success.

    You can use their points total from last year to see what they earned before (I have The Yaya in the middle, obviously, but he’s worth so little because he never really does anything on the offensive end thanks to his tactical role; he just picks up cards, which are negative points — he was worth just over a point per match, which blows).

    Again, a muuuch longer post on this coming next week. You don’t have to have everything finalized until August 28 or 29, depending on the deadline.

  10. finished my team, lets see how this goes


  11. Hello! Hello!
    for those of you who signed up for Fantasy League id like to know the team that you guys built 😀
    See how much of Barcelona playeres you bought and which other players ddid you hired

  12. note, scratch Contra, I replaced him with Acasiete. I had to, I need at least one Peruvian on my team

  13. i got rid of messi considering he wasn’t playing the first game… this is my new line up (i gave some thought as to the respective Match Ups):


    Ibra, Pedro! and Yaya could all be last minute changes, depending on who is helthy and whatnot.

    Thierry Henry, David Villa, and Xavier Hernandez Creus are all possible last minute entries.

  14. Also, Isaiah

    Since I am very new to this fantasy football league thing… can you comment on the ethical and strategic implications of A) posting our respective line-ups for everyone to see beforehand and B) having multiple (two) teams (using the scientific method, of course, to pursue more experience in fantasy leagues)

  15. is botia gonna start the first game?
    I thought it’d be Alves, Puyol, Pique, Maxwell/Abidal

  16. And we are playing against Sporting the first week 😉

    so if Botia starts, it will be AGAINST us!

  17. and it really is too early to guess our Barcelona’s starting line-up against sporting considering we have 3 matches between then and now. We have our complete Forward line recovering from injury, and we have transfers to make.

    so, the line-up against Sporting could be Alves-Puyol-Pique-Abidal, or it could be Puyol-Marquez-Pique-Maxwell. or it damn well might be Henrique-Muniesa-Yaya-VicSan. We’ll see when we get closer to Week 1

  18. my question to Kevin, Isaah and all involved in this site is how will you get new readers? I must say, you guys are great but I was only fortunate enough to stumble to theoffside by chance wont this forum attract less new readers(but I hope I’m wrong)?

  19. @Achraf.

    we did some informal version of that. We always like to give our guesses for the line-up, or our ideal line-up (not always the same).

    Except we didn’t really keep score. We just laughed at Isaiah for never being able to correctly guess it. (you know, except when it was valdes.alves.puyol.pique.abidal.iniesta.yaya.xavi.messi.eto’o.henry)

    I like the idea of a game with a point system. If Isaiah and Kxevin are busy, I’m sure they can delegate the duty to someone.

  20. I hope the new blog doesn’t get all Dawson’s Creek Trapper Keeper Ultra Keeper Futura S 2000 on Pep’s Blog. I fear a Bill Cosby robot from the future would not come to save the day.

  21. What the fuck?
    I hope to still support whoever tries to fill the gaping hole left on theoffside,
    We made that place no.1 (if only for a while).
    Congrats on the move.

    I first commented on Isaiah’s Offside about 2 or 2 1/2 years ago and it has exploded in popularity over the last 12 months.

    That’s all the sentimentality out of the way. Good luck Kxev and Isaiah, I’ll support you all the way…

  22. I’ve been having a look around…

    In the Schedule Section you should put the links to the Preview or Review posts when the matches are coming up/finished.
    It would be awesome

  23. I still have not figure out why people watch south park.

    i’ve heard rumors that some people find humor in it. I have watched 2 or 3 episodes and can’t say i agree with those rumors.

    no offense to anyone who watches it.

  24. @ Corrine. Its not like it worked that well anyways. Some days everyone was American, the next everyone was Lebonese, then Indian. 🙂

    Hey Isaiah, are you missing the infamous Spam Filter yet? (aka, the comment eater)

  25. Hey guys, I was scared for a bit when i thought you guys were gone just like that. But its nice to have our own place now, Congrats! to all of us. AND a huge thanks to Isaiah, Kevin,Tarun and Hector. I’m glad that you are going to be helping us understand things tactically Hector I learn a lot from you and Ramzi.

  26. The spam filter never seemed to catch the guy from ‘football fraternity’ whatever it was. Spam filter scores were nice, too.

  27. One goes on holidays. Comes back depressed. But, in the morning, with a nice cuppa coffee, sits by his desk, willing to read Barcelona The Offside. There is something wrong! What? Bye bye? It cannot be possible! Why me? Why? Then, suddenly, I see a link. God bless! I have just bookmarked your new site.
    Congratulations for moving on. Changes are not easy. Wish you all the luck (or “mierda” as we say back home).

  28. I’ve really enjoyed reading your articles. You obviously know what you are talking about! Your site is so easy to navigate too, I’ve bookmarked it in my favourites 😀

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