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Hey everyone and welcome to my latest creation: Barcelona Football Blog. Kevin and I are both moving over from TheOffside, but we’re going to maintain our typical standard of content (I think I heard some of you sighing there) along with a little greater output. I’m excited to be a part of a project that, while not containing any new contributing writers (as of now), looks to dedicate an entire site to FC Barcelona. Behind-the-scenes is our IT man, Tarun, who will be aiding us in a variety of different ways. You’ll see his work every day, but you’ll never really notice it. Our other new contributor is Hector, a regular commenter on our old site who has made the shift to become our tactical liaison. We’re excited to have both of these superstars on our team.

In the coming days and weeks, we’ll be setting a few ads around the site in order to obtain a level of revenue sufficient for us to provide donations to charities. We’re talking about chump change in a lot of ways, but with every visit and every click, we’ll be able to provide better services for those around the world who are in need — this is what, to me, FC Barcelona stands for in many ways and it is an honor and a privilege to be involved in anything that attempts to make our world stronger while also providing scintillating football and good commentary.

Another goal for this site is to provide a space for culés to gather and discuss the club in as erudite and interesting ways as possible. As on TheOffside, we ask everyone to remain civil in discussions, both with fellow culés as well as with anyone from other teams that comes around. Any negative comments will, of course, be deleted and the commenters will be banned for any repeated violations.  Please bear with us as we work to correct any spam-related problems we have in the coming weeks as the site begins to work out the minor kinks in the WordPress system.

At the moment, you can follow me on Twitter (do it!) where I’ll be posting the titles of our latest posts, some thoughts on games as I watch them, and random inanities that cross my mind. You know you want tweeted by me. Am I using those verbs correctly? I don’t know cause I’m new at this whole technology thing.

Also starting up this week is the Yahoo Fantasy league. It is a salary cap league. Please join the group by creating a team and then joining the Barcelona Football Blog group here. The password is the incredibly impossible to guess “barcelona”. PS, don’t call your team The Yaya because we’ll have problems if you do. I’ll make a few dedicated posts to the league throughout the year, including one a bout a week before the official kickoff of the league (when you’ll need to have your teams all picked out) where I’ll provide a few tips picked up from previous years of experience in this league.

Throughout the coming days we’ll be updating this site with a myriad of new content, including more subpages (Contact, Stats, etc) so that the experience here will be far easier for those interested mainly in things FCB. There should also be a Facebook page going up soon that you can join, so look forward to that! Sit back and relax, folks, it’s time to party like it’s 2009.

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Isaiah is a co-founder and lead writer for Barcelona Football Blog. He currently lives in the greater New York City area with his wife and daughter.


  1. Carles P
    August 13, 2009

    Hey guys! Sorry to see you guys leave barca offside, but glad to have somewhere where I can still get my daily barca fix and chat it up w you guys!

  2. ooga aga
    August 13, 2009

    damn carles beat me! wow i cant believe this! all my habits must now change! well maybe it’s not so hard….

  3. Alex
    August 13, 2009

    I joined the fantasy league and snatched up Messi and Zlatan, how the hell does that work?

  4. Alex
    August 13, 2009

    Who is that a picture of on this blog?

  5. lovelymofo
    August 13, 2009

    Wow, ch-ch-ch-changes! Well here’s to hoping this site isn’t blocked at work!

    Also, I want to know the same thing Alex. For some reason I was expecting The Yaya to be the face of this blog.

  6. ooga aga
    August 13, 2009

    that *is* The Yaya. He is a shapeshifter.

    Still getting use to the new aesthetic…of this blog. The fonts, etc. I guess I’m a traditionalist…

  7. August 13, 2009

    How exciting. This will certainly be a change in the positive direction. Does this mean I won’t need to hunt for Hector in the comments when updates on Argentina/false 9s are in the order?

  8. jordi
    August 13, 2009

    Ha this feels like when you move to a new house.

  9. poipoi
    August 13, 2009

    yes it’s kinda hard to get used to the new aestethic… how ’bout a caption for the inauguration? 😉

  10. poipoi
    August 13, 2009

    yes it’s kinda hard to get used to the new aesthetic… how ’bout a caption for the inauguration? 😉

  11. iBlau
    August 13, 2009

    wats up guys?
    long time lurker on the Offside page.
    Good luck with the new website!

  12. Kxevin
    August 13, 2009

    Well now it really feels like home….the first Kxevin post.

    Just want to officially welcome everyone. Your comments and suggestions are welcome.

    Yes, it’s a new look, but the same feel and writers, augmented with Hector, whose posts on tactics and formations have been a delight. The big appeal for him is that he won’t get Hectored any longer. 😀

    I’m excited, and I know that we’ll see new faces, all the old ones, and more.

  13. Kxevin
    August 13, 2009

    Oh, and my big ol’ box from Kitbag came. The MES shirt that the lads will be wearing for the Gamper is big-time, seriously cool-looking. The pix don’t do it justice. I also got a long-sleeved away shirt, players’ polo shirt and more MES t-shirts.

    Comprehensive awesomeness.

  14. Mher
    August 14, 2009

    Hey guys! its so great to have our very own site now! Thanks a bunch to Kevin and Isaiah for setting it up. 🙂

  15. Jose
    August 14, 2009

    Saludos! Good to see this up and running 🙂

    Although could we do something about the comments aesthetic? The black on grey + white on black is a little strange, no?

    Otherwise looks great!

  16. Andrew
    August 14, 2009

    How do I join the Fantasy Group?
    What is the group ID number?

  17. Cesc Pistol
    August 14, 2009

    Nice site guys. Good luck with it. I wonder why you moved though? Doesn’t it now mean that you have to pay to keep this place while your income goes to charity?

    Further, it would be nice if you could add an edit feature where one could edit posts till 5 mins after posting. Would be really helpful for the long posts 😀

    Special congrats to Hector! Don’t hectorize me please! 😛

  18. Andres
    August 14, 2009

    Hey guys – I’ve been avidly / semi-obsessively following this blog’s insightful posts and comments on The Offside for a few months now, and I just wanted to say thanks for saving me from an otherwise Barça-devoid summer, and congrats on the new site.

  19. ElShowDeJason (formerly known as Jason)
    August 14, 2009

    Ok… packed my bags, moved ’em over here…

    I’m still not happy about this move. I have to chance my top favorites/bookmarks on two laptops and on my phone (Thanks Isaiah and Kxevin)

    I took advantage of the move to change my moniker, since that is what i go by on the interweb.

    now, someone go get Ciaran, OhYes, Ramzi, and anyone else who is lagging on the big move. Even John. (i know he is an E.E. supporter, but it’s good to hear what the enemy thinks of you from time to time.)

    Again, I’m not sure i agree with the change guys (even if it’s for a good cause), but I will accept it dutifully.

    Good luck, and i hope this one is as great as the Offside has been.

  20. jake
    August 14, 2009

    Just know that this will be as great as the Offside was, and can (somehow) get even bigger and better. Loving the new layout, and can’t wait for us to get back in to action!

  21. Kxevin
    August 14, 2009

    I’m with you all on the white/grey thing. But I’m sure that our magical Web Guru can fix on that.

    Hey! My MES shirt is no. 1377 of 1890 (I think that’s right) that will be produced. Comes in a fancy-pants box and stuff, that’s all eco-friendly.

    ElShowDeJason, it’s going to be better. And better still, all proceeds go to charity.

  22. drew
    August 14, 2009

    change is always hard.
    good luck for the website and hope to see some good stuff!

  23. Kxevin
    August 14, 2009

    So, not sure where to put this, and almost certainly one feature of the new site will be a daily (unless it’s slow) news aggregation post. But in the meantime, EMD is saying that Krkic is the only way that a Fabregas deal can go. Krkic+Monument+Euros.

    I’d do it. Krkic isn’t going to be a striker. And with Pedro! and Jeffren, we have wingers. Fabregas could potentially (only 22, remember) become the next Xavi, a far more crucial cog in our well-oiled machine.

    I know. I’m crazy. Don’t worry. Guardiola will NEVER do it.

  24. Ramzi
    August 14, 2009

    Congradulation guys!

    Do you have any software on this site where I only need to talk and it type my comment Automatically? It burn fewer calories and save some spelling mistakes.

    Though with the fact that the comments may get even long..errr, I don’t recommend this option.

    Good luck!

    (I wonder if I will be white or gray…I am sure you made this game By intention as Hectored…not hectored…(if I dare using any “hector terminology” Unlike theoffside, The guy is one of the bosses here 😀

  25. Ramzi
    August 14, 2009

    Grey…Ok I will stop this endless game…

  26. Cesc Pistol
    August 14, 2009

    Disgusting idea. Gives a horrible message to our canteros. I can’t believe you even considered it let alone accept it. Shameful to say the least.

  27. ElShowDeJason
    August 14, 2009

    oops… Forgot my toothbrush at offside…

    ok, i’m just kidding, i’m actually just testing my phone browser’s ability to post here.

    here’s hoping it works

    oh, and Kxevin, i encourage you, Isaiah, and everyone else to just call me cal me Jason, or ElShow, if only to delay the devestating effects of carpel-tunnel syndrom (dissorder?). i mean, call me whatever you like, but i’d feel guilty if i am forcing people to type more. Plus i feel more casual that way…

    So… Do we have any updates on our forward line for sunday. If messi, ibra and titi are out, i’d like to see;


    and I’d seriously consider playing Maxwell if we play Keita and Yaya as two DMs as oppossed to one DM and a 3rd Mid.

    aaah… Feels good to talk about football again.

  28. gv
    August 14, 2009

    hey, congrats isaiah, kevin, tarun and hector for the new site. be looking forward to your articles. i am going to miss the offside. 🙂

  29. jordi
    August 14, 2009

    No way, and what will we do when at arsenal bojan becomes top class. buy him back for 30 million pounds i guarantee. why do you think they want bojan and not pedro or jefferen?

  30. jordi
    August 14, 2009

    maybe one suggestion could be the blog having a little more blue or red. the prevalence of EE colors unsettles me 🙂

  31. IggyMBYM
    August 14, 2009

    congrats on the move, I was an avid reader (not so much a commenter) on the offside blog and I have to say I like the new page layout

    ps what’s the group ID for the fantasy league?

  32. IggyMBYM
    August 14, 2009

    scratch that ps, I figured it out

  33. ElShowDeJason
    August 14, 2009

    Woah Kxevin…

    I can’t beleive you said that.

    Yes, i think at this point, especially with Keirisson in the works, Fabregas is more usefull to us than Bojan.

    A world class striker is one of the hardest things to develop. A Xavi? Thats damn near impossible.

    if i was given the option of trading Bojan+Oso+€s for Fabregas, i’d be conflicted. Then i’d be conflicted while I made the trade. Then i’d be conflicted after i’d have made it. But at the end of the day, most of us would do it.

    its not that we want to reward Cesc’s move 6 years ago. its not that we don’t care about Bojan, and do not want to reward his patience. But Sometimes we have to think with our brains, and not with our huge cule hearts.

    now lets remeber that this trade isn’t even probable. But you never know with Wenger. he’d sell his soul for the latest 18 year old sensation…

  34. Jnice
    August 14, 2009

    I would hate it if Bojan turned into this world class striker at Arsenal. Eww.

    But like you said Kev, Pep would never do it.

    I have high hopes for Bojan, even though he has disappointed. me a lot. He has to BRING it this season.

  35. ElShowDeJason
    August 14, 2009

    i love Bojan to death, for obvious reasons, but i sadly admit that as far as youth strikers, Alexandre Pato and Carlos Vela are the most promising, and exciting.

    but then again, they are 9s, just Like K9. I KNOW Bojan will be world Class, but not as a 9. He will be Henry 2.0

    And just as hector about how usefull a front line of 3 world class second strikers is. Aka Argentina’s Aguero-Tevez-Messi. Scary names, but it just doesnt work.

    I’m sure Bojan will deputize excelently as our 9, when the ocassion calls for it. But he is developing into a great wide forward.

    its almost 1am my time, and i’m not sure what the thesis of this speech is. I’m sure i’ve said everything and nothing at the same time….

  36. ElShowDeJason
    August 14, 2009

    wow… I just re-read that, and entire sentence fragments were missing.

    I think i meant “as hector would surely warn, a front line of 3 world class strikers “… Etc.

  37. jordi
    August 14, 2009

    Well im fully against paying through the nose for a player we developed, in the 1st place, but then on top of it to add a promising player in the mix? We might as well just give Arsene a lifetime ticket to all the youth team fixtures at the club and repeat the process every few years.

    I dont know, id just like to for once come out of a transfer deal with arsenal without feeling taken to the cleaners.Other than van brocnkhorst and titi we have never gotten the better of a transfer with them.

  38. Helge
    August 14, 2009

    Hey, everything looks quite familiar to me, except of the gray-and-white thingy.
    But as I’ve read, this will be changed soon. Plus I’m looking forward to Hector’s official contributions. This will be great!

    There’s just one thing I might be missing: Will there still be the Real.TheOffside users on this new site to “discuss” the eternal rivalry between us? From time to time, it was kind a funny!
    Oh, and maybe they are jealous, because just like their blog is build on TheOffside, their team is build on money from the outside. And about us, I want to say in remembrance of the CL Final “Now we are free”.

    Visca el Barca y Barcelona Football Blog!

  39. jake
    August 14, 2009

    Honestly, I had no problem with some of the EE fans on the old blog. Most came and gave insightful opinions and added great debate to the blog.

    Just made my fantasy team 🙂

  40. Cesc Pistol
    August 14, 2009

    As I said somewhere before, we play our midfielders like #10s. So I would rather that we get a cheap young #10 than cesc as Xavi backup.

    Also Bojan is 19, hugely talented, a canterano, catalan and a cule. There will be calls for blood if he gets sold like this.

    And you guys seem to have little faith. A top striker makes it at Barca at 19? Tell that to David Villa. FFS guys, where are your heads?

  41. Cesc Pistol
    August 14, 2009

    You guys talk like mierda fans. With no soul and will do anything for success.

  42. eklavya
    August 14, 2009

    Whoaaaa thiiis isss weeeeird….
    I’m was gonna shift houses (in real life) and now we’re shifting in web life too.Wtf? Um so lets check this out, shall we?

    😀 😛 😉 😮 ❗

    strikerout?it is possible?

    im guessing im gonna be white….
    i dont like the black/white thingy too much, hope you guys are gonna chance it 😛

  43. eklavya
    August 14, 2009

    Who’s the guy in the top pic wearing the barca jersey?

  44. ElShowDeJason
    August 14, 2009

    ah… Eklavya… You made it. Now it feels like home 🙂

  45. ElShowDeJason
    August 14, 2009


    we sell alot canteranos. But they just arn’t high-profile enough for us to hear about.

    Selling canteranos isn’t evil. Buying a good player isn’t evil. Thid shouldn’t liken us to the EE at all.

    but like i said. The deal would take an emotional toll. If we ever parted ways with Bojan, i wouldn’t want it to be this way, and if we got cesc, i also wouldn’t want it to be this way,but thas how life is. It usualy doesnt go as smoothly as you’d like.

  46. ElShowDeJason
    August 14, 2009

    in an ideal world, Cesc would never renew his contract, complete it, and return to us on a free.

    in an ideal world Bojan has a long successfull career with us, playing on the left.

    we can’t have our cake and eat it too…

  47. eklavya
    August 14, 2009

    OK so how long have you guys been working on this and keeping it secret from your readers? 😕

  48. Randal
    August 14, 2009

    MY FIRST POST… Please excuse me if I’m wrong 🙂

    Suppose the deal does go through, us getting Fab for Bojan + cash, I’m pretty confident we ll be nearer to the benefit end both in the short term as well as long term. BUT Bojan is gonna SUFFER. Arshavin would be the regular starter for 3-4 years to come at LW for them & there’s plenty of young talent at Arsenal up-front. Don’t think Wenger would give much playing-time to Bojan at CF position with Van Persie, Eduardo, & Bendtner there. With Arshavin & Vela at LW as well he’s not gonna get many chances. He could displace Walcott at RW though. I agree Bojan is better than both Walcott, Bendtner & Vela but Wenger sort of loves them, so I think Bojan would take much longer time to develop there than being with us 🙁

    So I think one sufferer from the deal would be the little Bojan 🙁

  49. Eduard
    August 14, 2009

    I don’t see what everyone’s fascination is with
    Fabregas besides him being a cantero. Let him wait a few years, he will be better in the future. I do like the idea of Bojan leaving Barcelona for a bit, for developement purposes but I doubt Pep would let him go.

  50. jake
    August 14, 2009

    Welcome Randal, and you get the trophy of the first newcomer to the community 🙂

    I’m really not sure where Bojan would develop, but I’m leaning towards your logic. Bojan will make it big as a winger, and Arsenal just have too many of those. So do we though, so take that as a positive or a negative, depending on your thoughts of the very unlikely transfer. I have no doubts that Pep would pull the plug on any deal involving Bojan, but never say never I guess.

    Jason, I completely agree with you that selling Canteranos isn’t evil, but I think that we need to repay the faith Bojan showed us when he refused Arsenal the first time (a few years back I think). He could’ve got playing time a lot earlier, but chose to stick with us, and he needs to be rewarded for it. It would also be a great example for the whole academy.

    As much as I would love Fabregas in the colours again, I agree with Cesc Pistol. Bojan has plenty of time to develop. Messi may have hit the big time at a freakishly young age, but thats all it was, freakish. Most strikers don’t peak till mid-late 20’s.

    I would love to see us move for Gourcuff, but I dont think it will happen, and I don’t even know if it could be possible this season, as he’s already been signed by Bordeaux.

  51. Hilal
    August 14, 2009

    Congrats guys, its like moving out of an apartment block into a detached house with a pool. Can’t wait for the juicy posts to start rolling in. Only thing that is missing are the completely inaccurate flags 🙂

    Bojan for Cesc? Nah, not worth it. We will get Cesc, i have no doubt in my mind, maybe next summer or the summer after, but we will get him eventually. My feeling is that it will be next year because of the elections. Swapping Bojan now for a player who might spend a lot of time on the bench is pointless, especially if it is likely we will get him in the future, when we actually need him. Right now we dont need Cesc, we need a bench player, somebody who is good enough to fill in but is also not going to kick up too much of a fuss sitting on the bench. Also what message does it send to swap a loyal cule who is willing to work hard, be patient and prove himself with a cule who jumped ship at the first opportunity,

    Btw what do you guys think about these Eboue rumours….

  52. jake
    August 14, 2009

    Eboue? No way do in hell do I want him in our colors. He’s just not good enough. He was close to Fiorentina, let him go there. And exactly what I was trying to say about Cesc, Hilal 🙂

  53. eklavya
    August 14, 2009

    Its not just about giving up Bojan but also that we will lose another striker.And Keirrison is in Benfica.We’ll have only Ibra at that place and if he gets injured then put Henry there and move Iniesta to the left and make a hole in the midfield.And if that happens during the ACN….

  54. JeffP
    August 14, 2009

    Wow. This is gonna be great. Good show, Isaiah and Kevin, on directing all proceeds to Barca-sponsored non profits.

    I think we need Corrine to start making cool t shirts with proceeds going to charity as well.

    Also, is anyone having trouble joining the fantasy league? I created my team but then it’s asking me for our ID.

  55. JeffP
    August 14, 2009

    Also, I kinda liked The Offsides’ ‘recent 25 comments’ feature. Scrolling through a couple hundred post you’ve already read to get to the new material can be laborsome.

  56. Randal
    August 14, 2009

    Thank You jake

    It seems Jeffren is very close to signing a deal with Racing. That means we are indeed for a Winger/Striker like Mata and Suarez or a AMF/Winger. I would surely love the second option though. That way Pep could give Xavi, Iniesta & Messi an occasional rest without compromising much on the quality you know. I would want to keep Henrique, sign 1 of Kompany/Vertonghen & 1 of Modric/Afellay/Turan. I am not concerned about the development of JDS & Thiago, they can wait to get into the first team. All I want is Busquee to get more playing time in the attacking area, the lad sure has got some creativity. Was really impressed with his performances during Confed. Cup and most recently in our pre-season. I want him to be the NEXT Xavi 🙂

  57. August 14, 2009

    Welcome home, guys!

    Looks like the transition is definitely going well so far. I am so excited and honored that Isaiah and Kevin asked me to help them out that its not even funny. I get to post even longer rants and actually use pictures, diagrams, and videos. I hope you guys enjoy it and have fun. Also, I really hope that the likes of all you knowledgeable folks (especially you, Ramzi and CP) stick around to correct me and call me out when necessary 😀 . Suffice to say, I’ll be developing tactics-ish posts and the first one should be up next week. I’m trying to do my best to complement Kevin and Isaiah since they have the synergy thing going. Think of it this way, if this site is Lethal Weapon (American buddy movie reference) then Kevin and Isaiah are Mel Gibson and Danny Glover which would make me more of a Joe Pesci, I guess 😀 .

    Regarding Bojan and Cesc:

    Like El Show (LOL, Jason) mentioned, I have a thing against not playing what in my closed mind is a true #9. Either way, like Ramzi has said countless times in the past, Cesc is used to being an undisputed starter (he’s the captain even). Its not how many games he starts but who plays in the important ones. If Iniesta and Xavi are healthy, you know its them and the Yaya who will play a final or a clasico. He wont be happy with that. Not to mention the moral hazard of telling canteranos, “leave for the English money, and if you are good, we’ll buy you back for dozens of millions euros”.

    I say we wait till his contract either expires or is about to expire and grab him then when Arsenal is desperate to sell. By then Xavi would be retired. Although who knows? Maybe a JDS or a Thiago will end up developing and eventually surpassing all of them? We don’t know. The “4” position at Barca (which on other teams is a CB but here its in reference to Gaurdiola’s number so its the playmaker and tempo setter) is like a dynasty. First Gaurdiola, then De la Peña who did not unfortunately work out, Xavi, and then hopefully Iniesta. It keeps evolving. Its about time to start breaking in the next in line though. Keep an eye on JDS (I know Jason would love that) and Thiago. They’re going to get a serious first team shot within two seasons.

  58. Cesc Pistol
    August 14, 2009

    @Jason: I think I know about which canteros we do and do not sell. I’ve been watching Athletic the past two years and know about most our canteranos since the last five.

    And we do not sell those who have the ability to make it. Specially not when they’re less than 20, played very well in one season and was an important member of the copa winning squad.

    Hilal and Eklavya more or less summed up the rest so I won’t bother with that.

    BTW who said anything being evil, we have a policy and a way of thinking, they have theirs. What we must not do is betray our system when it has given us so much. Bojan exchange for Cesc is betraying our own system.

  59. Flippy
    August 14, 2009

    This is too weird. White and Grey?
    But congrats anyways and hopefully you become successful and you will have given so much to the world.
    On topic, I’d rather not have Cesc at all, especially if it meant Bojan leaving. Cesc left, because Xavi and Iniesta were too good for him and he will never ever be a suitable replacement for them. I think JDS, Crosas (we can buy him back next year for 2m), and Thiago will end up much better than Cesc. It is just that everyone hears Cesc succeeding at Arsenal and then think he’s good for us, but IMO Cesc succeeds at Arsenal, because he learned what everyone else learned at La Masia, passing skills and combine that with Arsenal – who like to pass – you have a good player. It may be that in England a playmaker like Cesc can succeed more than in Spain, because in England everything tends to be slower and there aren’t many skilled playmakers there? At the 2nd Clasico the pace was British and Xavi ended up giving 4 assists.

  60. August 14, 2009

    Good points, everybody.

    Vincent Kompany has actually impressed me every time I’ve seen him play. I actually liked him more as a d-mid than CB but I remember watching, I think it was Belgium-Spain when Iniesta scored one of the sickest goals you’ll ever see (look it up on youtube), and thinking he was the best player for a very talented but very young Belgium squad.

    Yeah, right now we need a reliable back-up and bench player, not a starter. Sometimes its harder finding the former than the latter.

    I am I the only one scared shitless about the upcoming elections? I’ve seen the political strife at this club blow up very good things in the past and am NOT happy that the politicians are about to take over at this point in time. Hopefully we can ignore it and worry about it when the time comes but oh so much can go wrong.

  61. jake
    August 14, 2009

    Hector, trust me, your not alone. The presidential elections have the potential to screw up everything Laporta and co. have achieved. Especially if that moron Rosell is elected. Word around town is that Laporta wants to get Cesc because Rosell will promise him. So, if we get him, whoever Laporta wants to succeed him from his own board has a much better shot at gaining presidency.

  62. Unkown
    August 14, 2009

    I have a question to kevin and isaiah, and im very sorry for writing this offtopic comment on your blog

    I am planning on applying to write for barca offside. When you guys applied, how long did it take to get a response back?

  63. fabian4barça
    August 14, 2009

    Although I do not fully understand the reasons for this move, I’m going to keep following you – of course! I love the match reviews, the special humor, the intellectual touch.

    Good luck, keep up the fantastic work.

  64. RUV
    August 14, 2009

    Nice site, fellas! Very sharp.

    My 2cents– I want Cesc back but not at the price of Bojan.

  65. August 14, 2009

    Hey folks, thanks for all the kind words, questioning remarks, and general discussion. We’re going to be working out the bugs over the coming days as we move rapidly from off-season hullabaloo to actual competitive hullabaloo.

    So excited.

    As best as I can tell, the group ID for the Yahoo fantasy thing is 1037. It’d have been way “cooler” if it had been 1337, but whatever. Here is another link to the page. If you’re signed in, it should take straight to the group page.

  66. Achraf
    August 14, 2009

    Hey guys,
    Congratulations on the new site, im sure none of us will find any problemmaking this move here permanent.

    2 recommendations:

    The YAYA on the photo
    and change the white and grey.

    Also im interested in knowing who is on the current photograph.0 is it one of you guys.
    Oh ya also this new Turan guy is he gonna be posting or exclusively taking care of the site related issues.

  67. Cesc Pistol
    August 14, 2009

    I guess if it wasn’t clear the first time i’d say it again: I didn’t really find a place on the net where the day to day discussions were on a high enough level before I found this place. So in all respects, I hope you do brilliantly!

    @ Hector & Jake: The elections are both a source of worry and excitement. That we have big reasons to be worried means at the least that the current management is doing very well and we cannot be but satisfied with that.

    Further, as Jake said and hopefully I’ve pointed this out before, that the Cesc move is at least in it’s timing of being now, in this highly inflated sellers market, rather than in a year when we should expect more stable prices, is largely political. Basically Rosell’s future campaign seems to be based around bringing Cesc back an Laporta has yet to make a big-name non-replacement signing for the club to sign off his era.

    To talk more on the election issue may be a bit premature as we are yet to hear something concrete. At least one thing is clear: Rosell is very strongly anti-Cruyff. Cruyff ws the key person behind the suggestions of Rijkaard and Pep. With whom he has discussed issues in quite some detail. Rosell split with Laporta because Laporta listened to Cruyff alot regarding club policies and image buiilding that Barca undertake. I think we can say without a shadow of doubt that the performance of the management in those areas has been near flawless.

    It brings in to question how Rosell differed and where his policies might have led and more importantly if they remain same then aren’t they at odds with something that has worked so wonderfully?

  68. August 14, 2009

    Achraf, no it’s none of us in the banner. It’s just a fun picture that might be changing when we design a full banner. I look more like Andres Iniesta,

    Tarun will probably not be posting, just doing site maintenance and changing things. If it’s necessary/important, we’ll do a post of all the changes so everyone knows about it and maybe Tarun will handle that so it makes sense from a technical point-of-view (I’m technologically retarded).

  69. Charlie
    August 14, 2009

    Great new site! It’s in my bookmarks now 🙂

  70. yogi
    August 14, 2009

    Nice to see you guys again. Do agree with all comments that site can look bit more barcelonaish:). Best of luck!

  71. eklavya
    August 14, 2009

    This is stupid.I though Pep wanted a “bigger” squad this season!Then why are pushing out Henrique/Jeffren when we already have done so with Caceres,Hleb and Keirrison?! We’re buying players then selling them as if FCB is a main train station stop through which every player has to go through ❗


  72. gv
    August 14, 2009

    one question. will cover it live still be available during games? 🙂

    and great workl with the schedules and scores. it’s much easier to catch up with the games.

  73. eklavya
    August 14, 2009

    And don’t give me the “bigger-squad-meaning-more-quality-not-quantity” sh*t (i dont wanna be the one to say a not-so-nice word in this new blog).
    We’ve got TONS of games this season….

    P.S. all the smilies not have a square between them! OMG! They’re all so square-y now haha.

  74. Colin
    August 14, 2009

    Congrats on the new site gentlemen, good luck!

  75. ballbeav
    August 14, 2009

    break out the bubbly, ballbeav is in dee haus…

    arranging the knick-knacks on my bedside table here in my new digs…got the framed pic of iniesta up already…let’s roll.

    btw hector i became FCB fan at the same time. those were good days, but i suppose these are even better…

    …though my love for rivaldo has never waned…

  76. Randal
    August 14, 2009

    Wenger gave a statement in press-conference that he’s not gonna sell his best player 2 days before the start of championship.
    Man that was close! I was so afraid we were gonna over-pay or heck lose out on Bojan!! Now I hope Txiki has been silently working on the required reinforcements for this season amidst all this speculation.

    @Wenger who said “I believe that in life you are committed to clubs with contracts and in no contract is the colour of your blood described.”

    Yeah Wenger! You are damn right. But lets see, Barca wins few more silverware in the coming years, you guys end up with nothing judging by the way you are handling the transfers at your club, then we shall see if the “colour of blood” creeps into his contract or not. Until then, all the best to you guys to stay in the ‘TOP 4’ and to TRY to be ahead of Man City.

  77. OhYes
    August 14, 2009

    I don’t like that they are thinking about sending Jeffren out on loan. And I don’t think it would be a smooth move if we then went out and bought another winger to back up Messi. It’s a waste of money. There’s already a winger that’s young, skillful, and talented. Why ruin that?

  78. Kxevin
    August 14, 2009

    I hear you, Cesc Pistol. But here’s my view:

    Krkic isn’t going to grow, which means that he is always going to be pushed off the ball, etc, etc. He can become an exeptional winger, but I think that Jeffren has more potential in that regard.

    I admit, it’s pretty bloodless. I love me some Krkic, and I think that he is immensely talented. But all the time, clubs make decisions that fans don’t like (Eto’o is the most recent example) for a risk that could improve the entity.

    Wenger’s statement has put paid to that supposition. But the question is worth asking. We are chockablock with young talent. A Krkic devotee might suggest that by the time Xavi is ready to move aside, Iniesta will be ready to be the next Xavi. So Johnny Two-Time will be ready, and that Krkic and his second striker (eventual) role will have more value.

    And that’s a valid argument, as well, as I counter-argue against myself. 😀

  79. MoSSi
    August 14, 2009

    Hey you guys!

    Congrats with the new website, it’s gonna take a while to get used to it tough..


  80. August 14, 2009

    The question about liveblogging was asked earlier. With the possible exception of this coming game on Sunday, we should have a standard liveblog, if freakin’ GolTV ever shows any of the games and stops showing stupid ass Coppa Italia matches.

  81. Bashir
    August 14, 2009

    I was actually wondering to my self, when you guys would creat your own place, …. knowin how well the blog on offside was, to me this seems like a logical stepforward.. So congrats…

    Just like barca this year i wish you all a great 2009/2010

  82. ballbeav
    August 14, 2009


    in this article on the official site, it says that iniesta and ibra are certainly not going to play sunday, while messi and henry are doubts. it mentions four players who will make up an attacking threesome “poco habitual”


    im thinking that jeffren will be the one not starting. we have seen guddy as an attacker plenty this preseason, and pedro played 90 minutes against chivas. bojan has played and scored alot in the tours of england and the US. the main question is between jeffren and guddy. other than that…

    another question, will we see keita, busquets, or both? i think Yaya will play more offensively and, of course, there’s xavi…

  83. JeffP
    August 14, 2009

    That’s cold Kevin.

    I enjoyed it immensely.

  84. Kxevin
    August 14, 2009

    Good question, ballbeav. I think that The Yaya will push up more. I could see:

    ————————–The Yaya——————————-

    The back line is solid, which will keep us from conceding, and if we are capable enough to knock in a goal or two, so much the better.

    eklavya, believe it or not this all came together very quickly. Isaiah had the idea. I figured he was kidding, and said “Sure,” because I’m a kind-hearted soul.

    Then suddenly he had a design, and the name, and the site, and then it was live.

    So I guess he wasn’t kidding. 😀

    Short answer: “Not long.”

  85. August 14, 2009

    Athletic must be happy with the developments in terms of who is going to play. Our best 2 attackers (Ibra has never played with us, so he’s still an unknown quality in our side) are out along with our second best midfielder…hmm…Athletic better hope they come out HUGE against us in this game because we’re going to go at them with all guns blazing on the 23rd.

  86. August 14, 2009

    The idea had been there for a while, actually, floating around in my brain trying to get the decision-making parts all lined up. My head is very much like Congress: slow-moving until critical mass is reached and then bang a 1,000 page memorandum on where I’d like to go for dinner.

    All of this came together in the last month and a half, but really, it came together in the last 2 weeks. Critical mass was reached some time last week and then it hit newsstands last night.

    I’ve got some things in the works to entertain us all during breaks and whatnot, so don’t worry, this site will be rockin’.

  87. ElShowDeJason
    August 14, 2009

    I was working on my Yahoo! Fantasy Team, and while browsing for Defenders i was saddened to see Dani Jarque still listed.

    anyways, this is looking to be my line-up this season:

    German Lux
    Alberto Botia – Cristoph Metzelder – Cosmin Contra
    Andres Iniesta – THE YAYA – Sergio Busquets – Miguel de las Cuevas
    Lionel Messi – Zlatan Ibrahimovic – Pedro! Rodriguez

    obviously some descisionis were made based off of the rediculous point awarding system, some where made for financial reasons, and obviously alot were made cause i love some of those players.

    i’ll try to finish the team and then join/sign up in Isaiah’s group

  88. Helge
    August 14, 2009

    “You cannot stop people from having a lot of creative imagination during their sleepless nights, but that does not mean we will do it.”

    I like that comment from Arsène Wenger. And I am actually happy that Cesc stays at Arsenal, at least for one more season. He can join us in 2 or maybe 3 years.

  89. ElShowDeJason
    August 14, 2009

    Ah Kxevin, you will never give up hope on your 4-2-4 will you?

  90. August 14, 2009

    Jason, you get to choose every week, you know. I’ll be writing a post about some of the things I’ve learned from playing in that league in the past. Hasn’t helped me too much, but you never know.

  91. August 14, 2009

    Also, Jason, what’s up with that Metzelder fella in your lineup?

  92. ElShowDeJason
    August 14, 2009

    jaja, Isaiah.

    well he was the financial desicion, i had >4 mil to spend on a defender. I thought about Henrique, but i’m not sure he will be in the squad this season. And out of all the available players, he and contra were the highest scoring last year.

    plus, Pepe isn’t gonna play the first couple of jornadas 😉 so i’m guessing Metzelder starts.

    believe me i didn’t want any EE players, well, i have a soft spot for Casillas and Ramos, but i wasnt gonna spend big on GK or DEF.

    OH, i didn’t know that you chose every week. This is my very first Yahoo! fantasy spccer league, so i’m still not 100% on the rules, any advice you throw my way would be appreciated.

    i had done ESPN’s CL one, and in that one, the squad you chose is pretty much the squad you keep.

    by the way FCBlaugranaSanDiego has joined FC Barcelona Blog’s league

  93. Anna
    August 14, 2009

    This is great!! Congrats on the new site!
    Excited to see some more of the great posts The Offside Barca has gotten me used to 🙂

  94. ElShowDeJason
    August 14, 2009

    Hm… just now thinking.

    if it really is Match by match, having Messi the first jornada would be downright useless, since he should be in with the NT during the first week.

    dammit, this changes everything.

  95. inNYC
    August 14, 2009

    As Dr. Nick would say on the Simpsons, “Hiiii Everybody!” Congratulations on the new site guys. I have one suggestion–nothing personal, but I vote for a separate page/separate threads for dorking out on fantasy football…as I prefer to stick to the real version.

  96. Kxevin
    August 14, 2009

    Well, Jason, I figure Monument will slide back anyhow, so it isn’t really a 4-2-4. 😀

  97. Aeneas
    August 14, 2009

    Swap the Monument with Busquets and switch his role with The Yaya and I like the lineup.

  98. Helge
    August 14, 2009

    DragonBarca is also registered for the Fantasy Game 🙂

    But before I compose my team, I would like to make sure that I understood the rules correctly:
    I can spend 100Mio on at least 11 players (but I can also buy more than 11), I can trade players during the whole season (so no actual transfer period as in real-life) and I can change my line-up every playday (if I’ve got more than 11 players or substitute one by another – on a financially reasonable basis).

    Oh, and one question: Is a goal keeper rated by the amount of saves or by goals conceded?

  99. Helge
    August 14, 2009

    Another question about our league:
    Will it ever be possible to see the line-up of other members directly on yahoo site? Will they be visible when the first playday has been played?

    Good luck to all participants, may the best win!

  100. Hector
    August 14, 2009

    The Bilbao game at San Mamés is going to be interesting. Those Basques love their team and you could definitely see that with their great fan support at the Copa Final. We’ve had a good streak recently over there (we last lost 3-1 in 06 as per Pep’s Place) but its decieving in that the wins are always hard fought and close. We only beat them 1-0 over there last year with our A Squad out and a great goal from Samu. That said, we dominated Camp Nou with the Bojan show (40 touch goal included) and also at the Final.

    I think a lot will depend on Messi and Henry. If one (especially Messi) or both are healthy, we probably can afford to be more aggressive. I want Yaya next to Xavi with Busi at DM in there. The important part is not to concede. Bilbao are very good at set pieces and Llorente is always a threat although Pique made him his son every time they saw each other. Keeping a lid on Javi Martinez and Iraiola’s runs from FB into space is also always inportant. We go into the Camp Nou with any sort of tie and I really like our chances. Heck, a 0-0, even if not satisfying, will get it done. Those Basques are tough as heck at San Mamés.

  101. Hector
    August 14, 2009

    Damn. Just realized Aeneas read my mind. 😀

  102. Kxevin
    August 14, 2009

    My idea behind starting with Monument was to see if he’s playing well early, rather than late, when you need him. It’s easier to find out he’s off and pull him, rather than putting him in to find a spark and find out that he isn’t on.

    Busquets, on the other hand, will always do what he does. He’s less erratic than Monument.

  103. August 14, 2009

    inNYC, yeah, we’ll be doing that shortly. For today (and today only!) we’ll be working from this particular post. I’ll be writing the preview tonight/tomorrow for everyone to geek out over. Then I’m going to write a separate post for the fantasy thing for next week (probably on Monday evening) so that everyone who is interested can get the full instructions. Probably should have waited to say anything about it, but whatever.

    Helge, as for the fantasy, here’s the short of it: 100 to spend, spend it on whoever in whatever fashion (change your lineup if you’d like, I run a 3-4-3 to maximize point-scorers). Each week you choose your lineup. You can keep the same one if you’d like and you don’t pay the difference if they become more expensive. If they drop in value, you get the difference to spend on other players (or you can sell him). You get 11 players, total. Then you can swap them out whenever you’d like for the coming week. Once the deadline for the week passes (either Friday night into Saturday or the kick off of the first game), you can no longer switch that week’s team.

    Jason is right that getting Leo Messi right now is probably a mistake because he probably won’t play in the first league game. If he does, you can always add him. For instance, I do not have Messi on my team, opting instead for a front 3 of Aguero, Fabiano, and Fernando Llorente, which should have some success.

    You can use their points total from last year to see what they earned before (I have The Yaya in the middle, obviously, but he’s worth so little because he never really does anything on the offensive end thanks to his tactical role; he just picks up cards, which are negative points — he was worth just over a point per match, which blows).

    Again, a muuuch longer post on this coming next week. You don’t have to have everything finalized until August 28 or 29, depending on the deadline.

  104. IggyMBYM
    August 14, 2009

    finished my team, lets see how this goes


  105. Kevo
    August 14, 2009

    Hello! Hello!
    for those of you who signed up for Fantasy League id like to know the team that you guys built 😀
    See how much of Barcelona playeres you bought and which other players ddid you hired

  106. IggyMBYM
    August 14, 2009

    note, scratch Contra, I replaced him with Acasiete. I had to, I need at least one Peruvian on my team

  107. ElShowDeJason
    August 14, 2009

    i got rid of messi considering he wasn’t playing the first game… this is my new line up (i gave some thought as to the respective Match Ups):


    Ibra, Pedro! and Yaya could all be last minute changes, depending on who is helthy and whatnot.

    Thierry Henry, David Villa, and Xavier Hernandez Creus are all possible last minute entries.

  108. ElShowDeJason
    August 14, 2009

    Also, Isaiah

    Since I am very new to this fantasy football league thing… can you comment on the ethical and strategic implications of A) posting our respective line-ups for everyone to see beforehand and B) having multiple (two) teams (using the scientific method, of course, to pursue more experience in fantasy leagues)

  109. IggyMBYM
    August 14, 2009

    is botia gonna start the first game?
    I thought it’d be Alves, Puyol, Pique, Maxwell/Abidal

  110. August 14, 2009

    Botia might start the first game. However, he’d be playing for Sporting 😀 . He’s on loan there.

  111. IggyMBYM
    August 14, 2009

    …shit, I’m a little behind the curve

  112. ElShowDeJason
    August 14, 2009

    And we are playing against Sporting the first week 😉

    so if Botia starts, it will be AGAINST us!

  113. IggyMBYM
    August 14, 2009

    so now I’m torn, hoping the canterano will succeed, but not at our expense

  114. ElShowDeJason
    August 14, 2009

    and it really is too early to guess our Barcelona’s starting line-up against sporting considering we have 3 matches between then and now. We have our complete Forward line recovering from injury, and we have transfers to make.

    so, the line-up against Sporting could be Alves-Puyol-Pique-Abidal, or it could be Puyol-Marquez-Pique-Maxwell. or it damn well might be Henrique-Muniesa-Yaya-VicSan. We’ll see when we get closer to Week 1

  115. Eduard
    August 14, 2009

    my question to Kevin, Isaah and all involved in this site is how will you get new readers? I must say, you guys are great but I was only fortunate enough to stumble to theoffside by chance wont this forum attract less new readers(but I hope I’m wrong)?

  116. ElShowDeJason
    August 14, 2009


    we did some informal version of that. We always like to give our guesses for the line-up, or our ideal line-up (not always the same).

    Except we didn’t really keep score. We just laughed at Isaiah for never being able to correctly guess it. (you know, except when it was valdes.alves.puyol.pique.abidal.iniesta.yaya.xavi.messi.eto’o.henry)

    I like the idea of a game with a point system. If Isaiah and Kxevin are busy, I’m sure they can delegate the duty to someone.

  117. Aeneas
    August 14, 2009

    I hope the new blog doesn’t get all Dawson’s Creek Trapper Keeper Ultra Keeper Futura S 2000 on Pep’s Blog. I fear a Bill Cosby robot from the future would not come to save the day.

  118. August 14, 2009

    Congrats guys. Just wanted to sign my name on the first post wall. IInKWT!

  119. Ciaran
    August 14, 2009

    What the fuck?
    I hope to still support whoever tries to fill the gaping hole left on theoffside,
    We made that place no.1 (if only for a while).
    Congrats on the move.

    I first commented on Isaiah’s Offside about 2 or 2 1/2 years ago and it has exploded in popularity over the last 12 months.

    That’s all the sentimentality out of the way. Good luck Kxev and Isaiah, I’ll support you all the way…

  120. Ciaran
    August 14, 2009

    I’ve been having a look around…

    In the Schedule Section you should put the links to the Preview or Review posts when the matches are coming up/finished.
    It would be awesome

  121. Aeneas
    August 14, 2009

    hmm. South Park and Football may be mutually exclusive for some.

  122. ElShowDeJason
    August 14, 2009

    I still have not figure out why people watch south park.

    i’ve heard rumors that some people find humor in it. I have watched 2 or 3 episodes and can’t say i agree with those rumors.

    no offense to anyone who watches it.

  123. Corrine
    August 14, 2009

    haha now we won’t know which countries everyone is from 😛

  124. ElShowDeJason
    August 14, 2009

    @ Corrine. Its not like it worked that well anyways. Some days everyone was American, the next everyone was Lebonese, then Indian. 🙂

    Hey Isaiah, are you missing the infamous Spam Filter yet? (aka, the comment eater)

  125. Corrine
    August 14, 2009

    yeah i was always labeled as an american even though i’m from canada :@

  126. tutomate
    August 14, 2009

    Hey guys, I was scared for a bit when i thought you guys were gone just like that. But its nice to have our own place now, Congrats! to all of us. AND a huge thanks to Isaiah, Kevin,Tarun and Hector. I’m glad that you are going to be helping us understand things tactically Hector I learn a lot from you and Ramzi.

  127. Aeneas
    August 14, 2009

    The spam filter never seemed to catch the guy from ‘football fraternity’ whatever it was. Spam filter scores were nice, too.

  128. Alexis
    August 15, 2009

    One goes on holidays. Comes back depressed. But, in the morning, with a nice cuppa coffee, sits by his desk, willing to read Barcelona The Offside. There is something wrong! What? Bye bye? It cannot be possible! Why me? Why? Then, suddenly, I see a link. God bless! I have just bookmarked your new site.
    Congratulations for moving on. Changes are not easy. Wish you all the luck (or “mierda” as we say back home).

  129. I’ve really enjoyed reading your articles. You obviously know what you are talking about! Your site is so easy to navigate too, I’ve bookmarked it in my favourites 😀

  130. Boat Forever
    November 13, 2009

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  132. April 6, 2010

    barcelona is the nice team, barcelona can be champion in the champions league..forza barcelona..

  133. Dar_vincy
    February 12, 2015

    Thanks for coming up with this concept, guys.

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