Let’s Fix That Away Form: Malaga vs Barcelona Liveblog

Getting right to it:

Barca lineup: Valdes; Alves, Pique, Masche, Abidal; Busi, Iniesta, Thiago; Adriano, Messi and Alexis

Bench: Pinto, Puyol, Jona, Xavi, Cesc, Cuenca, Pedro. In the stands: Sergi Roberto.

By Kari

Just your neighbourhood Barca fanatic


    1. Actually it wasn’t easy at all – in the first half in particular the off-the-ball movement was very poor, we were struggling to penetrate their defense and weren’t creating many chances. If it wasn’t for Messi this would have been a very difficult game.

  1. Thanx VJ, and if anyone of you**lukin@you kxevin-kari-euler** fails to wish me a happy birthday, am gonna invite PEPE(ROUS) TO STAMP on your hands unintentionally,each and evryone of you..yes!…VISCA EL BARCA!!

  2. Brilliant result…
    Glad to see Messi enjoying himself today, haven’t seen him play like this in a while.

    Anybody think it’s the return to his normal role in the 4-3-3 that helped?

    1. I’m so happy for Barca Babies! They played very well in this game. One of their better games 🙂

    1. Yeah. Just hope Bilbao can keep it tight and score in the last ten. Too much scoring early against them and giving them all night to come back.

    2. They are playing well. Missed a sitter though; hopefully it doesn’t come back to bite them.

      Probably will.

    3. Yeah, I’m watching my first EE game of the season lol..apart from when they play us ofcourse.

  3. Llorente goal reminded me alot of Ibra classico winner those years ago. Keep that result a madrid lost!!!

    1. I am not watching, I am just taking a look at the livescore every 10-15 minutes and I am keeping my fingers crossed…

    1. Varane is certainly giving them plenty of those. It’s great to see another coach expose this high line. Vamos Muniain!!

  4. Very fun game to watch. Madrid’s defense is TERRIBLE. Should be 1-3 in Bilbao’s favour, if they hadn’t missed those easy chances. Llorente is going to have nightmares about missing that 1-on-1 with Casillas.

    1. Couldnt agree more.

      Maybe Bilbao can manage to keep it 1-1 till close to the end and score then?
      I hope no phantom offside calls either for Bilbao.

    2. It’d have been a miracle to see an EE game without a penalty for them. I’m as mad as you are.

  5. I’m watching the Bilbao-EE game.

    It’s pretty crazy. I love our passing game and especially our deep-lying playmakers but when personally when I play pickup soccer I run around committing technical fouls and getting smashed into. And smashing people. There’s a lot of muscling-off-the-ball. I’m not proud of it but it’s what comes naturally and there’s fun in it for everyone.
    Watching this game feels like a lot more like the pickup games I play in (with far, FAR less skill involved on our end) than any game FC Barcelona plays.

  6. Fantastic game from Barca today. Really good. Malaga played very well, very disciplined. Barca had a perfect balance of patience and penetration.

    That first goal was exquisite. That was the barca system at its best. Loved how they utilized the ball in that sequence to organize space.

    Madrid’s defending is extremely high risk. They simply aren’t working hard enough to pressure but still playing their back line relativley high.

    That’s an awful combination.

    1. 8 penalties for CRonaldo. That is almost one third of his goals scored. Now I know Messi has two or three penalties, but 8??? That’s ridiculous!

    2. And considering that CRonaldo should have been sent off on a second yellow in the first half…yeah. 🙄

  7. What a game today.

    Some points:

    1. I once worried that Thiago and Iniesta was to be too uneven combination at one point (positionally, both are almost too similar), but the younger player has developed nicely, further giving into the dancing rhythm that dictates his play (something that I think probably annoyed Guardiola) and he took over at points in the second half as Xavi’s successor. It also helps that Busquets has been other-worldly lately.
    2. Interesting to see with Alves jetting forward Mascherano playing the ad-hoc “sweeper.” Perhaps it’s because Pique is a better “defender” or that he’s more capable of covering an entire flank better.
    3. I loved seeing Messi celebrate Alexis’ goal. There are notable moments this season where Messi didn’t celebrate these scores (or he did — individually) but did for others. Developing a trust in the Chilean is important for Messi, specifically because his favorite ball — a diagonal pass on the back-shoulder of the defender — is going to be available a lot with Sanchez’s blistering pace.
    4. Our away from last year is back. Yay.

    1. I posted before the match, don’t watch this. Your hopes will get shattered. And I personally feel less anger when I just read about it, and not see it before my eyes. Bilbao always makes you think ‘this time they might get away with at least one point from the Bernabeu’.
      But they are starting to become as pathetic as Pathetico, at least when they go to Madrid (it’s another story when Madrid travels to the Basques).

    1. Yeah, its 10. Almost HALF his league goals this season are penalties.

      Most complete penalty scorer.

    1. That was… such a clear penalty to Bilbao… I have no words. I’m going to close this tab before I start cursing here.

  8. so we could win all the games remaining and stilll not win La Liga because these referees will make sure EE win all the game too..

  9. More penalties to Crynaldo please!!!!

    Gosh, I EFFING HATE THIS. Already 9 penalties.

    And well… Bilbao now 12 losses in 13 games at the Bernabeu. Last matches 1-4, 1-5, 1-5. At least Bielsa has increased them by one goal.
    No way that Madrid drops any points ever again. Next match home against Zaragoza. Expect a 6 or more goals trashing *puke*

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