Post Clasico: Where I Spam You With Awesome

I give you the greatest picture in the history of EVER:



OKay, the pretty epic cover from Mundo Deportivo is worth a post too:

As it comes from this:

Also a great time to repost this video:

And Mezut Ozil must hate Busi. Not only does he constantly and consistently neutralize him in every Clasico, he also does this to him.

Also, Ray Ray Highlights! [Gracias to FCBHighDef1]

El nino maravilla, que brilla, que brilla…

(Yes, that is a song written about Alexis by a Chilean band).

Alright. That’s it. Really.



Oh, heck yes.

[Also, for those who get this:

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  1. I have been arguing it for a long time (since Rikaard) but Abidal is a monster whose diet consists primarily of egotistical wingers. He is an amazing athlete-ridiculously underrated. Gifted with both pace and agility he is a phenomenon.

    Pepe is low-life but I think people are forgetting that he is following the orders of Mourinho. Mou always liked hatchet-men. Actually I think some Madridista’s will call him a ‘hard-man’. We have known for quite some time he is a cowardly shit. His attack on the Getafe player was lightly punished. 6 months should of been given.
    The ref should be demoted for a period for failing to deal with the shenanigans.
    Alonso has become an asshole , from his dangerous tackles in the super cup to this-

    We cannot forget the Mourinho influence here- Iker and Alonso have become sore losers. And its no coincidence that Mourinho’s team are eventually despised even after his departure.

    1. It’s true, I used to really like both Iker and Alonso, but since Mourinho arrived they have both become finger-pointing, petulant, and (in Alonso’s case anyway) nasty on the pitch. That man is a cancer, and I hope RM cut it out soon.

    2. I hope he stays. And can I just add I LOVE those pictures with Barca players celebrating in front of psycho EE fans 🙂

    3. Hey – at least last night, Iker went over to the Barca players after the match. I don’t think that many others in the RM team did that – they all headed pretty quickly to the tunnel, being jeered and whistled at by their supporters. Carvalho did try to get them all to thank the crowd, but they wuz gone, baby, gone.

  2. I have watched the match again. I think Busquets is really underrated. He is so confident is high intensity games. He is very strong with the ball and also very skillful. You just can’t steal the ball away from him. And he has better passing rate than Xavi in many big matches. Unfortunately people are still using diving issues to haunt him even though he is no longer doing it.

    1. Simply put: HATERS GON’ HATE.

      Busi is amazing. He just doesn’t want to give the ball up. Also extremely skillful when under pressure. You see it in all his quick passes, dummies, cutting the ball back to pass it off again quickly. It’s not easy to be patient and look for (and execute) the best pass when you have the likes of Ronaldo, Benz, Higuain, etc. charging at you.

    2. And I think Bui should start getting some recognition or praise from the coach to build his confidence. He’s always overshadowed by the brilliance of Messi, Xavi and Iniesta. Only once I heard Xavi talking about Busi. i think he is a real phenomenal to the club.

    3. Pep greatly admires him. Just the other day he called Busi the best midfielder at the club. That is a MASSIVE compliment given who else plays in the middle for Barca.

      Barcelona appreciates and rates him highly, it’s the rest of the world that needs to catch on. All they see of Busquets is that dive-peek he had last year along with a couple of other dives.

    4. Did you not hear/read the lavish praise Pep heaped on Busi just 2 or 3 days ago? He knows exactly how important Busi is to the team, and I’m pretty sure Busi does too.

    5. And to add to what the other 2 have: Busquets is so much younger than Xavi and Iniesta that he has many years ahead of him to receive the limelight. He could give us 10 years of this kind of play, imagine that!

  3. What is increasingly clear to me after these innumerable classico’s is the fact that Pep is a excellent manager and most probably, best in the class right now. He not only brings the best out of his resources, he is willing to take risks and try out things. He is also the major influence on his peer’s and that is as good a measure as any on how influential a manager is.

    The copa tie itself is only half over though. Good victory nonetheless.

  4. we shifted from the classy Raul to the thuggery of Pepe…this is the most shameful display yet i have ever seen, and to that i feel ashamed

    a congrats to you all on the great match you guys played,it is a real luxury to have a guy like Iniesta( i just love the guy). and thank god for Iker, that’s all i can say for now…

    1. If it makes you feel better, I thought Iker’s headed save was just brilliant! And Ronaldo was really good in the first half. You have such talented team, it is really terrible to see what Mourinho has done to them.

    2. Takes a lot of class to come here and congratulate us when most comments (including mine tbf) are railing against your team. Can’t wish you guys luck in the second leg, Liga, or CL because I obviously want us to win but I can wish that RM gets rid of Jorge Mendes’s crew and goes back to the Del Bosque days. Fans like you deserve better.

  5. It is easy to get angry and play very rough when playing against Barca. Barca makes you chase the ball for a long time yet you can’t get it. They keep on deceiving you with body movement that throws players into the wrong directions that if you are not careful you could break your ankle or waist. These are what makes players very angry and desperate. Barca players really knows how to provoke oppositions though it’s not an excuse for playing dirty.

  6. PeePee has “apologized”:

    “Regarding what happened with Leo Messi, it was unintentionally. But if he feels offended, I apologize. I defend my team and club. I give everything, but I would never hurt a colleague.”

    This is, quite possibly, one of the worst apologies EVAH. In effect is says “I’ll step on his little ass again. Two times. It’s for the club, yo.”

    1. Yeah – and he also goes to confession; gets his sins absolved with a few Hail Marys, and goes back out anew.

      Rinse and repeat.

    2. I’m a pretty clumsy person, so I speak from experience: when you accidentally step or trip on something, it catches you by surprise and you FEEL the foreign object underfoot. The natural reaction is to flinch, look back and check to see what it is you’ve stepped on. If it’s a person, you APOLOGIZE at that moment. It would take an intentional, premeditated action to be able to seamlessly keep walking as if nothing happened.

    3. Listen, it was just a cultural misunderstanding, guys. He meant it affectionately. Pepe’s wife stamps on him all the time at home. He didn’t know Spanish-speaking people could get offended by it.

    4. And with the “if he was offended” bit, maybe Messi and the GF have some S&M stuff going on that PeePee knows about. See, it all makes sense now.

    5. So that’s where he gets this violence tendency..maybe she isn’t stamping hard enough?

      Also, kudos to the away fans..they were extremely loud and boisterous all throughout the game!

    6. All 427 of them. That’s the number of tickets my commentators said were allocated to Barça fans.

  7. It is funny how in the first picture where Puyol is jumping in the air with his fist up, just to the top right corner of Puyol’s head, there is a White House fan showing him the middle finger.

  8. if the league doesnt come down to show that pepe’s (continual) behavior has real consequences, im afraid for our boys

    i know they gave pepe 10 games for his kick to casquero — there needs to be increasingly stiff consequences — he obviously didnt learn his lesson last time.

    thats how it is done elsewhere in society and it should be done here as well.

  9. Well apparently the Federation can only take retrospective action if (a) the referees mentioned it in their match report, or (b) Barça lodge a complaint. I don’t think either happened. So, yes, I think Pepe is actually going to get away with it!

    You gotta love the Spanish game. As Sid Lowe said a couple yrs ago, La Liga: played by geniuses, run by idiots.

  10. I get a feeling Mou may try to bring Drogba, De Jong, Suarez and Hulk for further reinforcements, next season.

    And play the following starting 11 in the la liga clasico. Therefore, the bus driver a.k.a uknowwho gets to honk his only loud strategy in a different way, on a different day!

    Squad name: Mad Bus-tards!

    Subs: 1. Bus no.12
    2. Bus no.13
    3. Thug no.2
    4. Bus no.14
    5. Some pissed off quality footballer.

    and so on……

    1. you know, Lucio and Samuel could be that busses.

      and Mou can bring any player from Portugal and make them thugs.
      just look at Coentrao.

    2. Agreed. And Im sure he would love to carry that Inter defense with him, where ever he decides to go on a glory-hunt!

      Current Portugese players are from this golden generation of thugs! Their treacheries knows no bound!

  11. and Kxevin, just because we’re happy and proud with the last game doesn’t mean we feel that the tie is done and we’re forgetting the 5 points gap.

    there are many things to celebrate, such as a perfect Guardiola’s birthday, Puyol and Abidal! scored on Evil Ground, we levelled them in El Clasico series 86-86.. and most importantly, everyone got out there alive.

    but the cule trolls in RM blogs/forums, yes, they are embarassing.

  12. Guys, this has probably been mentioed but here is an amazing and damning stat for Madrid:

    Only one Real Madrid player (X.Alonso, 34) completed yesterday more passes than Barcelona goalkeeper Pinto’s 25

    1. I just read it here. the numbers reflect what a complete domination we have yesterday. A very deserved victory for us

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