Post Clasico: Where I Spam You With Awesome

I give you the greatest picture in the history of EVER:



OKay, the pretty epic cover from Mundo Deportivo is worth a post too:

As it comes from this:

Also a great time to repost this video:

And Mezut Ozil must hate Busi. Not only does he constantly and consistently neutralize him in every Clasico, he also does this to him.

Also, Ray Ray Highlights! [Gracias to FCBHighDef1]

El nino maravilla, que brilla, que brilla…

(Yes, that is a song written about Alexis by a Chilean band).

Alright. That’s it. Really.



Oh, heck yes.

[Also, for those who get this:

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By Kari

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  1. wow…the force of puyi landing after that fist waving surprised he didnt break xavi’s shoulder and create a giant crator in the pitch! there are no words to describe his courage and passion and love for fc barcelona…when the day comes to hang up the boots, i hope he’s right there next to pep and tito on the bench…

  2. Wow, it looks like a painting from the Renaissance. Puyol as a god among men. Seems to be bathed in divine light as well. Our Captain. Our Rock. Phenomenal.

    Also, great Iker face 😀

  3. you need to post Abi’s dance or celebration gif.
    here or in review, but you have to <3

    I'm so happy it's Puyol and Abidal. they totally deserved it!

    1. Puyol and Abidal…
      We should redefine whether we are playing 3-7-0 or 0-10-0!!!

      SO amazing, but guys we have yet to face them home… do not forget that

  4. Listening to the Punto Pelota link someone posted – it’s great listening the Madridistas go into crisis mode. 🙂

  5. if you really look at all the people in that photo..its really interesting..its fitting that the two guys on either side of puyi’s fist…well, we probably wouldn’t get along with them too well…how about the guy straight up from puyi’s fist at the top of the he wearing a huge gold rm medallion?? my favorite–the kid in bottom right, wearing the yellow boca(?) jersey…he knows what’s up…

    1. ‎”For us it is always a pleasure to come to the Bernabeu, the world is watching us and we know every time we must do our best,” he added. “Tomorrow we must recuperate and prepare for the league because Madrid are five points ahead of us.

      “However, I don’t believe we have an edge over Madrid because they will have opportunities to win. It is true that we are playing very well, but in any free-kick, corner or piece of brilliance from Ronaldo they can score.

      “They are averaging four goals a game. We have done our job very well tonight, but half the work remains to be done.”

      – Pep Guardiola

    2. Thanks K!

      Pep is so elegant in his statement. Only respect and praise for EE again, i felt. Objectively speaking, he always look the thing from positive perspective. The result must be a great bday gift for him.

  6. am wondering what xabi alonso would say about Pepe. He’s the closest ee player when Pepe stepping on Messi’s hand. I believe he saw that deliberate criminal act.

  7. actually…just before that goal, i was thinking about how fruitless all of our 7 or 8 prior cornerkicks had been…we werent even getting close for the most part..then my internet feed went out..we scored the goal..i found a new feed and saw puyi had scored..i knew it must have from a set piece!

    my feed also went out for abi’s goal:( while i was searching for a new feed, i saw on soccernet gamecast that he had scored…i wanted to do something drastic like punch a hole in my wall because i missed it live!!! an abi game-winning goal at the bernabeau! legendary… maybe this goal is his little thank you for a new contract..

    1. Soooo…you missed both goals. OBVIOUSLY you should never watch Barça games live & then we will score lots.

      Suck it up and do it for your team! 😛

  8. that stamp by pepe was odious. no place in the game for such naked malice and cynicism. i shake my head. madrid is ruining it reputation with that guy.

  9. If anyone were playing on going to through RMFB’s liveblog for some schadenfreude, I’d strongly advise against it. Simply put, you won’t get any from it. Some of the comments were just disgraceful and indefensible.

    1. It’s okay to read their blog but to go and rub the victory in their faces and make fun of them is just so classless… It’s sad when people need to get pleasure by making others feel miserable. Especially when the RM fans who comment here like Bassam and all are so civilized.

      A special thank you to Xingxian for making a stand against this kind of behaviour in the comments on their liveblog.

    2. But yeah, disgusting comments all around… People defending Pepe’s actions because he was allegedly provoked. If that’s a justification for doing anything, well then I’m provoked enough to stomp on that commenters hand for saying something so despicable. Or his head, maybe.

    3. Jafri, absolutely touched. I’m literally smiling right now.

      I mean, I didn’t do it for you or for BCB or for me or anyone really other than empathy. I’m not a very classy person and I don’t try to be, but I like to be as compassionate as I can to the best of my abilities.

      TLDR you’re welcome ^_^

    4. I’m talking about the actual liveblog, not the comments section of the actual blog post — Kaushik and Bassam a good job patrolling those comments (which are whatever. To be expected from some of the extreme fanbase). It was just bad.

      Culé trolls are just annoying tbh. No point in kicking people when they are down and they’ll never agree with you anyway. Pointless.

    5. The best argument defending Pepe there was that such incidents don’t matter over a period of time. And Clasics have always been ill tempered, physical affairs. So why bother?

      Along with the quote that eerily reminds me of someone justifying rape, goes something like:
      “Messi so provocative, He asked for it!”

      Also, this gem:

      If we have to break Messi’s legs to win, so be it

      Señorío goes for a toss. Welcome to Moudrid!

    1. yup, no place for Pepe in football. I suggest him to changing sport to Karate. I bet he would win the gold medal in next Olympic. His “no looking” kick was pure class. Not to mention his another secret weapon i.e flying kick with tornado turning. Plus his playacting have improve a lot, he must be watching Busquet video haha

    2. As much as I hate to think of Madrid as a respectable club, I’ll have to agree w/G. Hunter on this article. Pepe is destroying that reputation though. . . His antics last night were a disgrace to R.M. and their fans. If I supported them(thank god I do not! FCB Till DEATH!!!), I’d be calling for his head on a silver platter. G. Hunter makes a valid point. Why resort to these antics when Pepe was having one of the better games for R.M.?

  10. woooaah blitzen!?!? really? but i watch every game!! (and they start at 3am-6am where i live)..

    1. Hehe, she’s just joking andrecito. :mrgreen: It takes a lot of dedication to wake up early every time to watch Barca play. True cule in my book!

  11. Thinking about the game there is one thing I am particularly struck with – we constantly praise the team and organization for having so many youth players breaking into the team, but we are also blessed with a phenomenal cast of players brought into the club. Players like Pinto (despite his mistake today), Abidal, and all the other non-homegrown players not only bring a professional attitude to the club, but they bleed blue and red.

    This is especially true when you compare our players with some of Real Madrid’s. I can’t help but feel a little sorry for their supporters, it must be disheartening to see that a player like Pepe has come to symbolize the club. His behavior is embarrassing for Madridistas.

    Pepe’s stamp makes me all the more happy that we have such a phenomenal cast of “supporting” players. The mental characteristics that Pep has cultivated in this team with his approach to the transfer market cannot be understated.

    1. There are so many reasons for this, but at the top of the list for me is the leadership and integrity of our boss (the real puto jefe). While Pep would never stand for this type of behavior, Mou fosters and encourages it. This became clear over the summer when even Mesut Ozil, one of the most laid back, benevolent players got involved in the front lines of a brawl. (not to mention some of the ugly behavior displayed over several Clasicos by the previously honorable Xabi Alonso)

      At the end of the day, they are all grown men, and accountable for their actions, but a strong leader with ill intentions can be a very influential and dangerous force. Add desperation to the mix and the absolute worst comes out.

    2. The environment within the team is playing part as well I think. Those non-homegrown players meet, hang out and train together with groups of players living Barca values. It certainly influences their characters, directly or indirectly – to bleed Blaugrana, like you said. I’m so sure as well that Pep includes the attitude evaluation when assessing to bring in non-Masia players.

  12. – I consider the intensity of EE pressure on this match was much less than previous classicos. They didn’t track and shadowing our players like crazy as usual. I didn’t see the aggressiveness, except the disgraceful act from Pepe and Coentrao. Not sure if it has to do with CDR as their third priority, so as to conserving energy for liga match against tricky Bilbao.

    – I’m amazed with our team mental strength. We did it again, bouncing back from 1-0 down in Bernabeu against the most expensive group of players in this universe. Great determination, no giving up, no confidence dropping and consistent with our style.

    – EE didn’t make Pinto work too much last night because their defensive approach. But as far as Pinto engaged in circulating the ball, I admit he was pretty good last night. No risky pass, just did the normal job as Barca keeper.

    – Messi was staying so deep throughout the match and leaving Alexis in false nine spot. I’m sure this is Pep strategy to divide attention of EE defenders between these two and swarm the midfield area for keeping possession purpose. It resulting less threat from Messi but more space for other players to capitalize on (i.e goalscoring opportunities for Iniesta and Alexis)

    1. – Cassilas was amazing as well. His flying header to neutralise Cesc’s chance was warrior like. Best ee player last night, imo.

    2. his saves (Casillas) were amazing but his distribution were poor. I saw a lot of madridistas complaining about it.

      he kept hoofing the ball away where he could just made a simple pass to Coentrao or other defenders.

    3. They didn’t hv the creative midfielder to build the attack. Xabi Alonso was too busy with the defending role. Not much option for Iker.

  13. i have examined the pepe stomp frame by frame..and there is no doubt in my mind that it was a deliberate act of agression that should be you watch it frame by frame, you can see his left leg brush up against leo’s to get a feel for his exact position..then his right leg bumps leo’s wrist..and then the same leg inexplicably takes a very short, abbreviated step, stomping down on messi’s hand…it is my opinion that instead of stomping, this leg should have carried out a longer, more natural is the frame x frame image i made..

    1. I think the little glance down he has before that stride shows it all..
      Also, I think Pepe was also trying to knee Lio in the face but then changed his mind and stomped on Messi’s hands.

    2. I already knew that it was deliberate even before seeing one replay because

      1) This is not the first time Pepe or the EE players did something dirty off-the ball.
      2) Why was his step so short? Just a foot long? That is not a proper footstep.

      I am so glad that this broadcast which Im sure you guys were watching the same one except with different commentaries, kept showing replays of certain incidents which were most by Madrid players.

      I guess Pep stressed to Busi & Alves in particular that there are extra cameras in the stadium today, so they behaved themselves perfectly.

    3. He looks down before stomping! Btw does anyone know if he was fined/ punished for that assault on Xavi Torres?

    4. The club must appeal and get this incident investigated by the Spanish Federation. We cant let this unsportsman act passed without heavy punishment.

      Real madrid as the club must also apologise for the tarnished image done. its worse than poking the eye i think, which mou specifically made public apology to ee fans afterward. Banned and fined Pepe!

  14. I saw someone from RMFB said Messi deserved that stamp because he ‘provoked’ it.
    Mourinho and his players provoked Barcelona A LOT since 2010, do we have to poke their eyes or trying to break their fingers too?
    Respect for Bassam and some others who refused to defend Pepe.

    In other forums things are really out of control.
    A madridista genuinely wishing our bus or airplane crash and the whole team die.
    Others regret why Messi’s fingers were not broken, or why didn’t Pepe stomp his foot instead?

    1. People say crazy things when their team loses. You don’t need to visit different forums and then come back and list every bad thing they’ve written you know.

  15. Wondering about the role of vowels, simple addition and subtraction in day to day life….

    Say when you subtract the “i” from indescribable genius Messi, you obviously, are left with a mess. On the contrary, if you add an “e” to the master tactician Pep, you get a disgrace, a criminal named pepe.

    Guys look, pepe has two Es (or EE) embedded in his name! His existence makes sense, right?

    Anyways, the battle at Camp Mou is over!
    The battle for the middle earth (la liga) is about to resume…

    No f*&k that!
    Lets keep on pouring praises for The awesome, awesome display.
    Cause being a Cule is so ridiculously kewwwl these days!
    Hope the winning streak stays, till the end of May!
    Then again I dont want to jinx things, per se,
    But allow me, if i may, stop rhyming here! XD

  16. I’m glad that there is so much talk about Pepe’s dirty play because to me this is nothing new. I’ve always spotted it even without the need for multiple replays.

    But thank God the people in charge of the broadcast kept showing replay after replay where viewers and anti-Barca fans especially can see what’s going on off-the ball.

    This is not the first time where Pepe did stupid things. It’s just that it was never replayed before. I guess the tv crew just found out that Pepe is a dirty player and decided to expose him.

    1. EE’s violence and thuggery is nothing new to cules, it’s just people saw ‘acting ang diving’ as a bigger crime.
      our antics last year overshadowed the story about their violence.

  17. yeah barca96…your point #2–

    “2) Why was his step so short? Just a foot long? That is not a proper footstep.”

    those are my thoughts exactly…it really infuriates me that this is a tactic that he repeatedly seems to is very offensive, dangerous, and painful…

  18. Very interesting to see the how Real approached the game. They went back to the super defensive destroyer recepe from last year. It seemed that they were worried about losing the tie in the first leg and wanted to make sure that the second leg mattered. I think Pep produced another great game plan and I felt that Cesc played a very good tactical game. For me it seemed that he really understood his role and balanced his directness with making sure Barca kept the ball. Games like this show his value to this team. At times we have struggled to break down the bus, but Cesc gives the team another dimension against the well organized teams. I thought the midfield played extremely well and Iniesta always being available as an outlet and continually causing problems for Altintop was a major key to the game. I thought we played the game at our pace and I felt that Real had almost no impact on the tempo of the game unlike some of the previous encounters this campaign. With their makeshift back line it seems odd that they let us go out and do whatever we wanted. They hardly pressed and Ronaldo, Benzema, and Higuin were largely anonymous for large stretches of the game. Messi may have had a relatively quiet game, but his presence on the pitch game lots of time for the midfield to operate, which was probably the goal in the away leg anyway.

    1. I’m sorry but I completely disagree with you. I thought Cesc had the worst game of the team. His short passes were off target and he found him self in wrong position a lot of the time. RayRay pointed it out perfectly when he passsed to Iniesta and Iniesta was fouled and a free kick given. The past was behind Iniesta and never going to get there. We were lucky a foul was made. Cesc has been a tremendous asset this season and I can’t believe the goals he’s been scoring but to many times his tiki taki isn’t on par with the rest of the team. His pass 2 Alexis was fantastic and almost resulted in a goal to level the game, but I just find his pace and reaction to play. . . slow? I don’t know. Some games he shines brightly but last night was certainly not one.

  19. Haven’t seen the possession stats but there’s word that we had 73% the Bernebeau? That can’t be true..can it?

  20. The more people talk about Pepe’s foot stomp, the more it makes my blood boil and more negativity is attached to a game where we were absolutely brilliant.
    Valdes wouldn’t have allowed that shot to go through his legs, but one does not feel like criticizing pinto. he is obviously in our team for more than just goal keeping skills. Alexis!! what a buy! this guy is going to be a future ballon d’or winner, thats for sure.
    And puyol, I don’t know if i am ever going to be able to watch this team without you.
    How many times has Pep completely demoralized the Madridistas at their home now? 5, 6 times?
    We are witnessing the greatest team to ever grace the sport.
    dont ever let anyone tell you otherwise.

    1. Exactly, Gogah! I hate it when the circumstances have to overshadow the brilliant footballing display, yet again. Its always about them in media and mainstream press. Them igniting a brawl, poking, stomping, making excuses, losing games and dignity, breaking trophies. lol But dont worry! It’s all a temporary thing. That’s what i’ve been saying to myself.

      Valdez might have saved it alright. But i felt Pinto had a really good game. One or two errors is bound to happen in pressure matches, as always. Lets think of this hypothetical situation where you had to miss the last two clasico for some weird reasons, (and assuming you were disconnected from any sort of news about the results). So what if I described you the two blunders and asked you to guess which goal was conceded by which keeper? 😉

      We are indeed watching the greatest team to ever grace the sport! 😀 The question is, how under-appreciated are we? Can it be measured? Are we on the same elite group as the likes of artists such as Van Gogh, Edgar Allan Poe or J.S.Bach?

      But im pretty sure that the future generation as a whole will fully appreciate the beauty that is this team!

  21. Mou and his thugs are really doing everything they can to destroy the image of EE, i really hope MOU MOU stays forever as EE coach.

  22. eh, what chant EE crowd sang during the game?
    “Olele Olala ser del Barça es ……….. (?)”

    I believe Spanish speakers know this.

    1. I am not a spanish speaker but i believe the word is subnormal but can’t be sure of the translation

  23. You might notice some comments disappearing from your eyes. Don’t fret, it’s just me.

    Just a reminder:

    This is a Barcelona football blog. Barcelona and football are discussed here. If you feel inclined to discuss and express views on other things, there are other blogs on the internet for that.


    1. Agreed. We may have disagreeing views on a lot of World, economi and political issues. Why express it here. Especially after such a sweet victory. Am still singing

      “Home Away from Home – Santiago Bernebeu
      We score tons of goal at Santiago Bernabeu”

    2. I actually wish Bassam/Kaushik/theOthers DELETED the antagonistic posts that keep coming up on RMFB, so that nobody of any affiliation has to read that kind of behavior.

  24. You have got to download the sky broadcast of the game..Michel Salgado and Guillem Balague having a pretty funny row and falling all over each other praising Barcelona..oh how the proud have fallen 😀 ..Balague was always a sycophant and Salgado-old hatchet man himself..even he couldn’t defend what that Pepe character did!

    1. I’ve downloaded it, full match!

      and they were arguing before the game.
      Salgado thought it was a bad idea to put a defensive line-up at home, when you have spent 300M in 2 years to built a team. EE needs to take the risk.
      while Ballague defended Mou, said “the only way to approach Barcelona is just this way, you have to admit you’re not as good as them.”

      oh, you genius, Ballague. 😀

    2. It was pretty funny. Salgado was right, though. RM has an obligation to its fans to play skillful, attacking football—the same obligation Barça has. They may win the odd game playing defensively, but in the long run the supporters and the directors of the club won’t stand for it. If RM spends all that money building up a squad with all those talented players (and they are very talented), they need to use them properly and not act like a small club. It’s a matter of pride, and that is what Mourinho doesn’t get and never will. To him, it is just about winning, when the club expects him to win well. The club is so starved for good results that they have put up with his soulless tactics, but they won’t for much longer, as every Clasico shows how far he is from real “Madridismo”.

  25. Sorry I know it’s only been said about a gazillion times but my two cents on the stomp. Forget judging “how long a footstep should be”. It’s obvious what he’s trying to do! He’s looking at the ref as he shuffles closer, gets as close to Messi as he can, toe kicks his arm and then stomps down. No footstep lengths about it! The man is an animal. His sole job last night was to be barbaric.

    Though lets not forget Coentrao’s violent head shove on Messi. It almost looked like they got in a tackle, were trying to make up (which in retrospect was probably cursing galore), and then BAM he shoves Messi’s head.

    Carvalho’s kick on Messi’s knee in slow-motion makes me cringe. You see Messi’s knee completely move and I believe he ends up kneeing himself in the other leg. Not a fan of Carvalho but seeing his and Puyi’s mutual respect for each other was touching.

    And hey, even if we can’t play every away game AGAINST Madrid, can we at least play it AT the Bernaboo?

  26. Outside of Isaiah’s old school match previews, these GIF and YouTube post-match posts are the best thing on the internet.

  27. i dont know what just happened in those last posts..anyway–we have leveled the overall clasico series at 86 wins apiece..and 45 draws…awesome!

    1. Keeping in mind Barcelona have not been tied (or ahead) head-to-head since the 1930s! Amazing isn’t it?

      Now if we can keep dominating for a decade or so more we can beat their all time European Cups + Ligas records.

    2. And that’s the “official” count because, during the Franco era, Barcelona was not allowed to win. Hence, many games that should have been Barca wins were referee-ed into a win for Madrid.

  28. Big news of the day – and dedicated to all the Live Blog people:

    Espinosa joined the first team practice today! 😀

    (Seriously – no joke!)

    1. Really? He can’t even get playing time with the B-team.
      I guess Pep wants to save his career. Good thing!

  29. Enough with Pepe.

    How on earth did Xabi Alonso manage to finish the match without one yellow card? His tackles were late, mis timed, from the back and many more.

    I really hope VdB starts benching Casillas soon. That guy doesn’t know how to keep possession. It’s not jsut today but he’s always been like that. VV can do what he can in goal and much better at distributing the ball.

    Don’t come back at me saying the typical thing that Casillas has great reflexes because VV has them too. Better at one on one.

    1. It’s become unfair almost. Seems the refs are TOO reluctant to book or send off EE players for sake of a Mourinho/Madrid rant later. Or even that they just EXPECT EE to play dirty now and let it go most of the time. Quite disgusting really. Pique and Alves (I believe) were carded for the most ridiculous reasons, and first time offenders at that too.

      Something HAS to be done. I think they’ll all smarten up once one of ours gets a serious injury.

  30. Just call me cold water:

    –This tie is still in the balance. They are coming to our house next week, a house in which Betis put two past us, and they will be playing to win. None of the defensive nonsense that allows us to flourish. This opponent should be respected.

    –We are also looking up at that same opponent in the Liga standings. It’s a 5-point gap, and even if the smug faces on the Lateral side expect that we will win the home Clasic, it’s still a 2-point gap. We will need help, and we will also need to stop screwing up and dropping points.

    –I have a humorous Twitter hashtag, #dumpthecopa. So it’s hard for me to get all that excited about this. It just means more matches for the team, never placed at convenient times. I still think of the Copa as the Plat, and still think of it as a tertiary competition. So I like that we beat them. I don’t like the fact that in less than a week, they can come into our house, do the same and shut everyone the heck up by advancing.

    –Iniesta needs to work on his shooting. He had three goals dead to rights. I don’t know if he just doesn’t have that attacker’s instinct or what, but those chances were just begging to be put away. One he didn’t even shoot, one he shot (unfathomably) wide and the other was somehow stopped. If he ever starts scoring, people are going to pay him not to play against them.

    –Puyol! Abidal!

    –For me, the outrage over Pepe is misplaced. Pepe has always been like that. When he was brought to EE, he was that kind of player. When he leaves there, he will be that kind of player. He has established that he is that kind of player, so he will continue being allowed to be that kind of player.

    Two things will have to happen for him to stop being that kind of player: death or a lobotomy. (Kidding! Kidding! Only partly.) He has gotten to where he is by being that kind of a player. And that’s that. Can Liga officials start red-carding him for his actions? Sure. But that would mean that a new precedent has been established, and suddenly a player can’t be the kind of player that he has always been.

    It isn’t an excuse for him. I find his behavior appalling. Any football fan should. But for the same reason that Bill Laimbeer was “that guy” for the Detroit Pistons (he, too, was a very good player, in addition to his other …. um …. qualities), Pepe has value to his club precisely because of what he does. If a player hesitates when he is around, or flinches instead of controlling the ball and doing his job, then he has been effective.

    1. Agree with you on Pepe. I wasn’t surprised at all when I saw a replay.
      It’s not the first time he has done something dirty like that.
      I was just happy that they kept on replaying it 🙂
      Otherwise people would’ve said that Barca players were acting again.

      Iniesta is the 2nd best player on earth but he really does need to work on his shooting. I wonder if Pep even adresses the situation.

      Nobody is disrespecting Madrid.
      In fact it looks like you are cause you are already thinking about more games! Gotcha!

  31. Some of the OTHER points of the match, other than all the stompings galore:

    -Puyol with a forward’s run on to the free kick. Does a very goofy shimmy or two in the box. Gives Carvalho a playful pat.

    -Alexis’ one-touch pass to Ini in the box. I personally would have taken that shot but what a mind to pass it on to Ini. If only the Ghost didn’t scuff the shot entirely!

    -Busquets dummy and turn (made it look RIDICULOUSLY simple) that made Ozil fall flat in the most hilarious of manners. A great .gif in the making.

    -Ronaldo trying oh so hard to play some defence and win possession back but getting owned and falling on several occasions. Also seeing just how much space they give him on the left before closing in on him. As if he doesn’t even matter.

    -Benz missed that header. If it was on target, the slow-motion replay showed that Pinto was not there in time. Phew.

    -Alexis’ header that went off the post was SUBLIME. That would have sent us all into delirium, though I suppose it was fitting our beloved Captain took those honours later on. Casillas was simply watching it float over and it hits the post. Given where the ball landed after hitting the post, it was INCREDIBLY close to being a goal. Perhaps a mm or two lower on the bar and it was a goal.

    That was a very enjoyable game. They’ve made us so happy. Amazing team is amazing.

    1. And, as if by magic, all the defended header balls suddenly found their way to other Barca players on the pitch – in contrast to what was going on in earlier games.

    2. A little correction:

      The astonishing header by Sanchez actually hit the post, not the bar. Given the trajectory of the ball, it is physically impossible that it deflected off the bar 🙂

    3. Hahah thanks for pointing that out. I had “post” throughout the paragraph and my mind fumbled it into “bar” right at the end.

      Though with the right side spin on the ball, it is possible for the ball to land where it did even if it had hit the bar. I’ve had something similar happen in a game. Luckily it landed kindly for a teammate who stole my heroics 🙁

  32. I would add this as well.

    The 3 beautiful plucking the ball out of the air by Iniesta.
    At least 3 times in the 1st half alone.

    1. Ah, yes, Iniesta. He doesn’t run, he glides. Reminds me a lot of the great Zizou, very calmly gliding through oppositions.

      If only he can improve his finishing, and actually score goals that aren’t monumental winners in the 90th minute. We really miss him when he doesn’t play don’t we?

  33. Real Madrid must really be having a hard time. Since Pep took over Barca has won the Clasico 9 times, drawing 3 and losing just 1. The result looks very lopsided for a team as great as RM. I am very happy as a fan of Barca but I also pity them.

    1. If they played a good game, put their hearts in, and came out on the losing end time after time perhaps I would pity them. But no way, not this way. Not with the barbaric display they showed.

    2. Exactly. Real Betis played their guts out against us, and they played cleanly. Even the couple of harsh tackles weren’t made with any malicious intent. They were an opponent worthy of respect and I was a bit sad they had to go away without a point after they great game they put in. I have no such feelings for this Madrid.

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