El Clasico Copa Style: First Leg Liveblog

Words can’t describe the anticipation.

Starting XI: Pinto Alves Pique Puyol Abidal Xavi Busquets Iniesta Fabregas Messi Sanchez

Bench: Valdes, Mascherano, Adriano, Dos Santos, Thiago, Sergi, Cuenca

Storm Trooper XI: Casillas, Altintop, Ramos, CarvalhoMarcelo, Coentrao, Pepe, Alonso, Diarra, Ozil, Callejon, Higuain, Ronaldo, Benzema


Boarding begins 15 minutes before the 4:00 PM EST flight. Don’t be late.


  1. From what I read their lineup is:

    Real Madrid starting XI: Casillas, Altintop, Carvalho, Sergio Ramos, Coentrao; Pepe, Xabi Alonso, Lass; Benzema, Higuaín, CR.

    Maybe a 4-4-2 with Ramos-Carvalho-Pepe-Coentrao; Altintop-Lass-Xabi-Ronaldo; Higuain-Benzema.

    It’s a weird lineup.

  2. Who is on the EE bench tonight? Mou has picked quite the odd lineup. Altintop and Carvalho in the back, Coentrao joins them. Both Benz and Higuain on too.

    1. Granero is on the bench. That’s just cruel of Mourinho. Not like he would ever consider actually playing him.

  3. Okay cules. Time to log off the interwebs and avoid all human contact until I can get home and watch the game.

    Enjoy the game all. Visca Barca!

  4. Yuhuuu..we win, another coming from behind. Will comment later

    Pepe was such a bastard,stepping on messi hand intentionally. I hope he extinct from football. Very unsportsman

  5. Another win at the Bernabeu, our favourite hunting ground.

    iniesta should have scored from that nice assist from alexis in the first half though. and someone please poison pepe’s food or something.

  6. I had the same sense of calm when EE first scored on us during the December Clasico. I never for a single second doubted this team. I’m so proud of this team and proud to support them. I’m wearing my lucky Barca shirt underneath my suit — it never fails! Visca Barca!

    1. Same with me – I wasn’t worried at all before the game and when they scored and I wasn’t worried at all either and just waited for us to turn it around 🙂

    2. I actually felt the same thing, in fact, in a weird kind of way (sorry), i was kind of hoping that they would score first to wake us up and unleash the hunger to attack and score, like it was just a matter of time before we have complete control of the match. Hopefully next leg would give us an even more positive result!

  7. Great, great win. I was lurking in the liveblog and was surprised to see the worry after we went down a goal. I thought outside of CR7’s goal, we looked totally in control. I wish Iniesta had put away the chances he had in the first half. I’ll be worried when we enter a clasico without him.

    I’m pretty sure Pepe can commit murder on the pitch and still get away without being red carded. It’s unbelievable how he manages to escape expulsion time and time again.

    Was it me, or did the team seem very composed and comfortable playing out of the base 4 at the back (moreso than in previous matches where they operated with 3 at the back)?

    1. I don’t think we have been so dominant in the Classico since the manita. They scored first, yes, but that was their only time they created any sort of danger in the whole first half and had we been better at converting our chances, it would have been 1-2 or 1-3 at the half. In all the other games in 2011 they caused us a lot more trouble.

  8. Okay they’re showing the highlights and that stamp on Messi’s foot by Pepe keeps coming on. SO disgusting. How can he get away with this kind of stuff? It’s pathetic that there’s no accountability for it just because the referee missed it. Why don’t they go back to the matches and penalize/fine/ban this kind of behaviour?? How can he be allowed to walk away after it?! He’ll could start bringing a tire iron to the matches to bust some kneecaps and get away with it.

    So pissed off about that. Such complete and utter BS.

  9. Roller coaster , ups and downs ,it’s really toying with my heart.Coming from behind one more time oh boy…thanks Puyi and Abi for saving the day :).
    I really liked Busquets , Pique and Alexis -the only one from our striking force that didn’t take the day off!-.I’m glad that our defenders step up tonight. I’m off to see the morning , have a good day everyone. Visca Barca :).

  10. Captain Tarzan barcelona take matters into his own hands, not for the team but of course he didn’t want his record to be ruined 😀

    What a finish from Abidal! Mr.Copa_del_rey himself

  11. Glad to see we won. I was envisioning Barça goals all the way home, but I must say neither Puyol nor Abidal featured in my visions! 😆

    Now time for a relaxing beer & then I look for a good download.

    Visca Barça, Visca Catalunya, i Visca Pep!!!!!

  12. I was calm and confident even when Pinto gifted them the customary GK’s present for being such good hosts, but what really made me sure of the win were Sadster’s comments. Seemed to rub off on Puyol and Abi..

    PS – Seems my SELLSOPA handle brought good luck.

    3 points


  13. Great win. But very disgusted with the violence that EE continues to perpetrate on the pitch.

    This is getting worser and worser and no one seems to want to question Mourinho’s role in it. Barca is continuing to take the high ground expecting officials to do their job, but this is going too far. The lax punishment to Mourinho for his utterly disgusting eyepoke on Villanova has set the tone.


    How cool it is to see Rooney come to twitter to offer his thoughts on Pepe – “Pepe. What an idiot. Sometimes people wind u up.”, “Haha. That goal serves pepe right.”!


    And so it is . 9 games against Mourinho’s Evilest Empire. 5 Wins (3 in the heart of Mordor), 3 draws and a loss. FC Barcelona continues its hegemony over the White Thugs of Madrid.


    All said, while 2-1 is a good score to take to Fortress Nou, there is no reason to stay complacent. Barca has to play to win and squeeze out all from the short squad yet again. How I wish, there is some decent reinforcement in the forward line during the winter transfer window.


    Visca Barca!

  14. …a non-soccer fan watched the second half with me: “what’s wrong with the white team? Can they do that??” My thoughts exactly. EE looked “owned” but respectable in the first half, but the second half descended into the morass of a few Classicos back.

    I would’ve been perfectly content with a 1-2 victory, but after the antics of Pepe and co I wish it had been 1-4…oh well there’s always the return leg!

    Meringues: we call you EE for fun…you don’t have to live up to it!

  15. Mourinho: ‘If someone criticizes Cristiano Ronaldo, he has a problem with me’

    If someone doesn’t criticize Pepe, he has a problem with everyone…


    EE – Was hoping you guys turned a corner but you were as bad as ever…truely, surely even the most die-hard Madrid fan must be now over-concerned over Mou and his instructions and just falling back into Farcical ways…

    I’m happy to get my prediction wrong, as I was SURE law of averages and probablity means we were due to drop this one…but hey, happy to be proven wrong!

    And Pinto, no matter what, I still like you in the team for all the good morale you bring AND Pep the balls you have to start Pinto 🙂

    Have a good day ya’ll.

    1. lol, I had to look up what ‘limpio’ means. But that has to be a f*in joke.
      Or have all the Portuguese players lost their mind?

      Back in 2000 or so, under Figo & Co, I even liked the Portuguese national team. But for the upcoming WC I just that they get humiliated by Germany and NL. I think there’s no other country, from my point of view, that contains more ‘dirty’ or ill-minded players (aka arch rivals of mine) than Portugal.

    2. I’m not sure about Carvalho’s humor though his irony is pretty good as Pepe’s play is as ‘limpio’ as a 12-hour old diaper:

      And yes, I hope Germany and the Netherlands send Carvalho, Pepe, Coentrão, and co. packing in the first round this summer. I couldn’t agree more with your loathing for the Portuguese national team.

  17. Some stats from the official Barca site:

    Attempts: Barcelona 11 (5 on target + 2 to post), Real Madrid 5 (2)
    Fouls: Barca 13, RM 20
    Possession: 68% – 32%

  18. Is anyone else ready to say, enough already with the violence crap? I feel like everyone always says, let’s take the high road, let the refs do their job… Guess what? Dosn’t work, and they aren’t doing their job. We are soooo lucky we’ve escaped without serious injury, but that clock is ticking. Should’ve been a pair of red cards today. Really fed up with their lack of class and plain pure thuggery – poor sport thug cry babies. Period.

    Great victory, cheers Puyi and King Eric.

    1. Yeh, as I said a few posts back, thought we turned a corner with the classicos but obv not

    1. they were disgusting all this time, with their thuggery and all..
      BUT it was overshadowed by Alves, Pedro, and Busquets antics back then..
      people saw us as the ‘bad guy’ because of the diving and racist accusation..

      now all the antics are on them. the diving, the acting, the thuggery. all is complete.

  19. I have to bow down to the greatness of this team. Simply AWEsome!

    Puyol with another thundering header, there’s so much power and willingness in him, he’s one of a kind.
    Iniesta’s first touch was ridiculous, absolutely inhuman. That IS NOT possible.

    Pepe… wow. I’m speechless. At least Mou didn’t defend him but criticized the stomp from Pepe on Messi’s hand.
    Nonetheless he is a true psycho and doesn’t belong on any football pitch. He’s a shame for the history and reputation of Real Madrid.

  20. I guess Real Madrid just wanted to prove (again) that BarcelonaFootballBlog bloggers are right all this time by calling them Evil Empire.

    Poking eye? Check.
    Kicking legs? Check.
    Shoving face? Check.
    Grabbing hair? Check.
    Stomping foot? Check.
    Stomping hand? Check.

    1. Obscene Gestures? Check (Check out Pepe’s celebration when they scored in the Final)

      Conspiracy Theories? Check

      In Denial? Check (‘Pepe always plays clean’)

    2. discredititing rival? Check

      pushing head? check (coentrao pretending to help each other to get up, then pushing down messi head)

  21. Oh and I know the players have made for a pretty happy birthday for Pep. Hope he extends his contract soon..

  22. Exceedingly proud of this team. Brilliant performance. The score line doesn’t even reflect how lopsided the match was.

    RM was just gifted that first goal by Pinto’s awful keeping.

    Otherwise Barca was in complete mastery of a match at the Bernabeu. This game was even more dominating than the last Clasico at the Bernabeu.

    Mourinho’s tactics were also completely regressive. He took his team backwards. The lost progress they had made – at his doing.

    And it’s so unfortunate after a positive match last time, that the disgusting violence has returned. Embarrassing performance all around by Madrid.

    1. This.

      Also wonder just how Messi and others really could shake their hand at the end of games like this. I’m all for not stooping to other peoples levels but it surely must be hard to do –

      Having said that, always rise above other peoples mediocrity!

  23. Wayne Rooney on twitter:

    Pepe, what an idiot. Sometimes people wind up.

    Haha. That goal serves Pepe right.

    We have humiliated him and his team twice in the finals of the most important and prestigious competition in club football, nonetheless he was in the end clearly on our side. Well done, Pepe… 🙂

  24. The great paradox is that Mourinho is incredibly overrated as a tactican. The media circus he creates adds as additional motivation for the team. All this benefits Barca. The problem is, the tactics he does employ is very dangerous to our players.

    1. Agreed, there is no doubt his players are following clear instructions to harm.

      I doubt he had to instruct Pepe though. I never thought I could loathe a footballer this much…

  25. A thundering trademark Puyol header and MOTHEREFFIN Abidal scoring in a dominant display at the Bernabau, what more can you ask for?

    Other than that the game was absolutely terrible in terms of what it could be considering its the two best footballing sides in the world.

    One man can take most of the credit for that… Pepe…
    I stand by the opinion I had of him when I saw him rake his studs into that player’s back some years ago, and it’s that he should never be near a football pitch due to the fact that he is absolutely mental. An absolute disgrace to the game no matter what team you support.

    1. last El Clasico in December we could enjoy discussing football, just football, but now… *sigh* it’s just embarassing

    1. Brilliant

      The look on my Madrista friends faces as they watched that should be made into a GIF…

    2. if you guys don’t know, I think it’s Ai Si Eu Te Pego by Michel Telo..www.youtube.com/watch?v=hcm55lU9knw
      Lots of football players use it for celebration, including CR and Marcelo..

      that’s also Neymar’s fave song! NEYMAR! 😀

  26. I didn’t hear it on my low-quality stream, but I just read that there were more than a few monkey chants after Abidal scored the 2-1.
    This match is getting more and more disgusting 🙁

  27. I like how Messi didnt wear his new white and gold shoes at the Bernabeu. Red and blue like a boss 8)

    1. He posted them on his Facebook page today, with the message that the white and gold was not to be worn today! ;D

    1. I know others have said his header reminded them of the Germany-Spain match from the WC, but for me, his header reminded me of the header he scored in the 2-6 Clasico back in 09. I was half expecting him to take the captain’s armband off and give it a kiss again in front of the Bernabeu lol.

      How will we ever replace this lion of a man?

  28. Funny thing about today’s game was how utterly average Messi was. I don’t recall him being more uninvolved in a Clasico basically ever.

    1. Wait until next week.

      Pep is playing this as 2 halves again – just like he did with the Spanish Supacopa.

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