I Guess That Makes Pique Chewbacca

Everyone has their own theory as to where The Ones in White were spawned. Some think it was out of a murky bog in 12th century Mordor. Others think the whole thing was a failed experiment involving a jackal, a cyclops, and a lightning rod in the basement of a dank castle somewhere in Transylvania. The truth will perhaps never be known, but thanks to new research by reader Jafri, we’re maybe just a little closer to uncovering something of value:

I suppose that makes this image from The Sun more understandable. Be sure to read the whole article because it makes for some entertaining reading, especially Thiago Motta’s words.

What we’re all looking for is obviously this:

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By Isaiah

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    Abidal just renewed …………….YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY

    1. Well from the club view, at this point in his career he’s only regressing so fiscally it only makes sense to make short renewals.

  2. Lol, I get it, we are all on course to implode in the next little but, while the two legs of Copa Del Rey unfold. And we expect nothing less from Mou Mou. A very creative way of putting it.

  3. not to spoil the mood, but because of what this match means to all us cules, I’d urge everyone to show some restraint and approach this match with caution rather than over confidence and cockiness.
    i’m not superstitious, but we previewed the espanyol game calling them twerps and they stopped us, we invited betis to come and die, and they almost killed us.
    catch my drift?
    we want to win this clasico and win it well.

    1. I am sure Pep and Tito will prepare the Barca storm troopers well.

      As far as the fans are concerned, there is cause to get excited, and cause havoc on the blogosphere. These games are special.

    2. Yes, restraint is what we need. Let’s not jinx this, people please. Personally I’m just hoping for a solid effort, a workman-like performance and a good win, nothing flashy and heart-attack inducing.


    3. Here, Jafri. Let me fix that last sentence for you.

      ‘No goals given up at all.’

      There. Looks better now. 🙂

  4. So glad that Abidal renewed.

    The review is coming. It’s such a good game that I just keep watching it and not actually writing anything…

    1. Well, isn’t that the actual meaning of review? 🙂

      I’m excited what you’ll make of the match, what’s your main conclusion from it. It would be very hard for me to decide whether it implies optimism for the next match or not.

  5. Yay, you put up the picture! Thanks Isaiah, the Empire is Evil indeed now 🙂

    Great news on Abi renewing, although it was on Rosells terms, not his. Poor guy just wanted to see out his career at Barcelona like anyone would… And he has to pay more taxes now since he’s been in Spain so long and wasn’t given a pay increase? BAD Rosell. BAD Rosell.

    I have no idea what to expect come Wednesday. Not sure anyone does, to be honest. Something different seem to happen every Clasico, but so far we’ve managed to get through them all and weathered whatever monkeypoo Madrid flings at us. Let’s hope for more of the same on Wednesday, and also that we get through to the next round of the Copa, while keeping up with them in La Liga.

    Visca Barca!

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