Another Clasico?

That’s all, basically.

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By Kari

Just your neighbourhood Barca fanatic


  1. Hahaha, Kari. You’re too funny.

    But yes. Noooooooo, please God noooo… the same reaction I have.

    Ugh. Especially not now that we are 5 points behind in the liga.

    But anyway, “when” we win, it’s always so unbelievably satisfying.


  2. the first leg is away, right? i’m a little confused…some people out there don’t want to see more clasicos? who would you rather watch our guys play? personally…i think there is something inside our guys that only exists/comes out against me, it’s scarey..will iniesta be back?

  3. Wow we’re already on the 4th and 5th clasico this season, only thing that I like about this is the first leg away makes mourinho’s defensive-counterattacking tactics significantly weaker.
    I hope Pinto’s less tense and distributes better but considering their recent loss to us and how they just scraped past Malaga the pressure will be on them especially on Ronaldo and he hasn’t really responded well to pressure so far.(recent awards can’t be helping). I say we are the favorites but the bernabeu is never an easy stadium

    1. I really wouldn’t start Pinto in this game but that’s what Pep will do. If they press like that did in the last Classico again, his ball distribution will be seriously tested…

  4. I disagree..

    The more..the merrier.. One needs to cut through the paraphernalia, the media nonsense surrounding the Clasico and focus only on the games..That way it is way much more fun. It is clearly an encounter between the two best sides in the world and almost a game between good and evil at their best 🙂

    1. I’m with you 100%. I am a fan of football above all else. Given of course that BOTH of the teams want to play football and not jujitsiu.

      The only downside of all the clasicos is that the more time Mourinho is given against Barca, the better he will become at coming up with tactics. Though in Pep I trust to always have something extra to counter with.

  5. Am I the only one worried about Pinto in goal for not one, but TWO classicos? He’s a good keeper, and he deserves it, but this is EE we’re talking about, they will have shots on goal and Spanish NT captain between the sticks… Feels like a mighty handicap to me.

    1. Not really. He can hardly make a bigger mistake than Valdes did in the first Clasico 🙂

      And Pinto is a good keeper, he showed that with at least one hell of a save yesterday, and with a lot of patience on the ball. His distribution isn’t as good as Valdes, but it’s better than 90% of all other goalkeepers do.

    2. Come on. He played against them last year in the Copa final remember? And he played pretty well, I remember him making a good save against DiMaria. And remember his penalty stopping skills? He has Jedi mind powers..

      As long as he doesn’t try to dribble players we’ll be fine.

    3. Pinto will give his all. As it’s going to be the biggest game of his season so far. And don’t forget that he was the best keeper in la liga in the 05-06 season.

    4. I personally prefer VV. But it’s very unlikely Pep would change his decision about Pinto as regular GK in Copa matches. So we could only respect and support Pep’s choice. The same issue has risen last season in the Copa final, and more or less, Pep said it would be disrespecting Pinto if he didn’t play in the final. We got to the final with Pinto, so he’ll play and so on…

  6. Why No? It’s thrilling every time we play classico. I still believe this January classico would build positive motivation for our players. It’s always good to do something that motivate you.

    If I’m not mistaken, EE would be without Arbeola, Khedira, Carvalho and probably Di Maria. So their first choice backline and DM pairing should be adjusted. We could be somehow take advantage from this condition. Unfortunately, we’re lack of choice of attackers as well with the exclusion of Pedro, Villa and Ibi.

    I have a feeling Mou would be back playing their defensive trivote consisting Xabi, Coentrao and perhaps Lass if he’s not shifted to be RB. Their objective would be a draw and see what they can do in Camp Nou. Last time they played open game against us, it didn’t work. So why would Mou risk the first leg result by playing open game with the probability of conceding goals is bigger. He would try to keep the tie alive as long as possible, unless EE is already giving up the Copa del Rey title in order to focus for the bigger prize (UCL & LaLiga) and let we cruise comfortably.

    1. You spoke my mind! I’ve been thinking about it since the derby match ended. I say throw in the barca babies 3:} But the problem is the 1st leg is away from the comforts of CampNou. Too much to ask from the babies?

      A probable squad imo:
      Squad name: Babies’ day out.


      Coming out with a draw (or 1-2 scoreline favoring EE) would be good enough. As we got important matches in liga coming up. And the 2nd leg!

      But if we win, EE would be humiliated and may start crumbing in liga soon.

    2. They didn’t do it after losing the Liga Clasico depsite the best start possible. They will not start crumbling in la Liga whatever happens in the Copa.

      Question is: Can we still afford/bring up the energy to challenge for la Liga title if we beat RM in the CdR? That would mean another tough semi-final, probably vs Bilbao, Valencia or Espanyol, when the calendar is already packed.

    3. Not worried about the energy/intensity at all. Rotation policy is there to help. The injuries scares are frightening now.

      Look, EE had already hit their peak in terms of performance and luck wise. But history tells that any team is bound to experience a dip in form. So its only a matter of time they falter. If they turn out to be an exception, then there is nothing we can do. But if we can push them till the end, then we would have a great next season for sure.

      18th is the clasico. And on 22nd EE travels to San Mames. We can indirectly affect the outcome of the latter by putting up a show. So lets take one match match at a time.

    4. Oh wait. mistake! Bielsas boys travels to EE, not the other way round. damn it! that changes the odds against our favor 🙁

    5. I don’t think Pep dare to play the babies with the club’s pride of winning classico at stake

    6. Cant agree more with you. Playing the babies is my wishful thinking here. How badly can they fail? 🙂
      I just dont want Xavi, Iniesta or Alexis to catch any sort of injuries.

      What im trying to convey here is that we dont have to win the first leg, even thou we would want to beat the crap outta them as usual! Pep used Alvez+Adriano on the same flank against Valencia at the 2nd half i remember. That tactic can also be used here to pin back marcelorc.

      A different approach. more of 3-5-2 can be tried:

      Alvez – Busi – Adriano
      Thiago/Cesc- Iniesta/Xavi

  7. Lionel Messi is the first player to score and assist during 6 club competitions in one single season.
    And dare I say, this is a record for eternity. There might be other players winning 3 consecutive Ballon D’Ors (or even 4), winning 3 times CL top scorer in a row in the future – but this record is unrepeatable! It’s also worth nothing and not an official price, but I’ll keep it in mind nonetheless 🙂

    1. It’s funny how when Pedro got the scoring in 6 tournaments accomplishment everyone was astonished by it, but you hardly hear about Messi’s even more impressive feat. A testament to how the amazing has become commonplace with him!

  8. why is everyone saying pedro is out? what happened? i didnt watch the game last night. how long is he out? we absolutely need the pedro energy for el clasic.

    1. Me too!!!

      I would go to the financial limit for them 🙂

      Right now, I don’t possess any new, expensive or particularly good-looking shoes. That would certainly change if they were on sale!

      But on the other hand, there’s only one person who truly deserves to wear these special shoes.

  9. I hope Barca would advance to the next round. That’ll do a lot on RM’s surging ‘confidence’.

    Btw, a win on the first leg is a perfect gift for our coach, who’ll be celebrating his 41st birthday. While our adorable Xavi will turn 32 on Jan 25, the second leg of quarterfinals.

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