The End of 2011 Is Nigh

Or for some, it’s already passed.

Happy New Year!

A multitude of 2011 videos are below:

[Old Man Sylvinho sobbing at 1:59 always gets me…]

And for the wondrous Dahveed Villa, a compilation of goals:

His SuperCopa goal isn’t included so…

Of course, THE moment of 2011:

coupled with:

Chills. Every. Single. Time.

Enjoy your days, guys!


Videos courtesy of: fcbarcelona, mastamind9682, EdwinTV42, FGCIbi, and silvioderossi on YouTube.

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    1. Nah, sorry, Been and done my time at Flinders and UniSA – when you get here give me a message and ill catch up for a beer!

  1. HAPPY NEw YEARS ALL!!! and oh how I miss both Affelay and Villa now. Wishing them well guys in all your new years wishes.

  2. Happy new year, all! I didn’t think we’d ever see another 6 trophy year, but we were a marginally offside Pedro Copa goal from repeating! Amazing club, amazing blog!

  3. Some thoughts on the videos above and the year gone by…

    Villa was, and remains one of the best forwards in recent history. Asked to play out of position, in an unfamiliar system, with his main function being to provide width so Barca can wreak havoc in the middle, he’s managed the task admirably, tracking back to defend and keeping disciplined – of course the offsides add to his charm – and he still manages to score, and score some of the classiest goals you’ll ever see. Let’s hope he recovers sooner than expected and retains his old verve. And for all those people who think turning 30 in football is a sign you should be put out to pasture, Villa’s going to return and prove you wrong! Turning thirty doesn’t mean anything if you can be fit and firing on all cylinders.

    Having said that, this is the year our Captain will turn 34. Even granite walls erode with time, the mighty oak tree weathers each storm unbowed and unyielding, but with the passage of time is brought down. He’s still capable of giving a 110 percent when he’s fit, and there is no one as lionhearted and fiercely committed as him. This is the man you want to fight for your life. The one that won’t falter or ever stop trying. And it’s so depressing to think his injuries are catching up to him, that his time with us could be coming to an end. With him, Barca (and Spain) are world beaters, drawing upon his aura to keep their focus and tenacity. Without him, everything becomes that much more tenuous, and our world class defense is suddenly bereft of its center. They say Xavi is the heartbeat of our side. Well, Puyol is definitely its soul. Here’s hoping he can continue playing till Gigg’s age or even later.

    You can’t replace a legend like that, but La Masia continues to unearth and train youngsters with tremendous potential. The list of talented youngsters is staggering, and as L’Hospitalet found out to their chagrin, they can slot in seamlessly with the first team. The only issue is that with the League situation being so fraught, Pep is forced to use the established members in every match; the kids need time to play in order to get experience and integrate themselves into the side – and also so that they don’t become disillusioned with the lack of playing time and seek to ply their trade elsewhere. I’d also like to add here that we don’t need Neymar. Or Bale. Or Torres. Or Captain America and the Avengers and whomever else the myriad transfer rumors are linking us to. There’s enough talent in the farmhouse to field two Primera Division teams.

    Five out of six cups this year. Abi successfully overcoming his liver tumor. The return of the prodigal son. Clasico after Clasico after Clasico. Messi the creator, the destroyer (And the preserver also, I suppose). Dani bombing down the right flank. Busquets making life miserable for the opposition’s attack. Mascherano’s full potential being realized. Keita’s boundless energy. Xavi’s ability to see every blade of grass on the field and sense disturbances in the Force (and take on more scoring responsibility!). Iniesta rediscovering the lost art of teleportation. Pedro and Sanchez destabilizing defenses. Pique being all rabiosa. Pinto proving he still has the moves. Thiago – dare I say better than Xavi at his age? And Rafinha’s even better! Valdes – world class? Yes he is, thank you very much! Maxwell. Adriano. Any team would be proud to have them.

    It’s been a glorious year for a glorious squad, and we should count ourselves privileged for having lived it with them. 2011 was ours. May 2012 be also.

    1. Well said, Jafri. :mrgreen:

      Just something in general: We still don’t know if Rafinha will be better than Thiago; all we know as of now is that he’s a better goalscorer (due to the nature of his position). Crazy talented tho.

    2. Personally, I don’t think Rafinha will be better than Thiago. 1. because Thiago continues to improve in leaps and bounds and 2. because I’m biased. 😀

  4. Happy New Year everyone!

    Wishing everyone the best for the coming year.

    And thanks so much for reading and being part of the community.

  5. I miss Eto’o. And how I miss the Henry Eto Messi trident. That season was just unbelievable.

    1. Nowhere near as good as it should have been. They never really played together with all three in their prime

  6. There are still a few minutes left of 1/1/12 on the east coast of the US, so Happy New Year everyone!

  7. Now this is funny. Cleaning to move, found some random numbers written on the back of what is clearly a sheet of match notes from …. what season? Here they are, verbatim:

    Gudjohnsen, Messi, Yaya, Valdes, Pedro, Fontas, J. Dos S., Jeffren, Oriol
    Gudjohnsen still terrible — ball hits him in the shin?!
    Don’t like — Al Ahly not good enough.
    Gudjohnsen can’t even complete a simple pass to Messi?
    Goal Jeffren — Gudjohnsen kills keeper
    Pedro goal — pass from Gudjohnsen
    Jeffren 2 late w/shot
    Like Fontas
    Good to see from Messi — fought back
    Gudjohnsen shit

    Wow. Hilarious.

  8. are we going to get a Transfer Rumours blog?

    i’d be interested to see who we’re interested in.

    1. Hahahaha YES! I kept rewinding the PVR to see this over and over. Gotta love Arsene. Oh, and he was late getting back after half-time and jogged down the entire pitch to laughs from the crowd.

      And not one to laugh at another’s misery but his reactions to the two Fulham goals were hilarious as always.

      SAF and Arsene should retire to the same neighbourhood. Or they should both have a footie analysis show together. I will miss them once they are gone from the sidelines.

  9. Happy New Year to everyone here who has made this the best FCB blog on the web! Sorry I never did my year-end blitzen awards. I just couldn’t get my creative juices flowing, and you can’t force genius. 😉

    Also, I only need one more follower on twitter to make it an even 100. Feed my ego and follow me now! @blitzen13

    1. Pep said in his press conference today that they were considering it. The problem is if they promote him he can’t go back to the B team due to age regulations. It would have to be permanent at least until the end of the season when they can decide whether to sell him or keep him with the first team.

      His performance with the B team has been excellent, which is actually the problem. Without him the B team will struggle. The only other reliable forward they have right now is Tello. Rodri has been inconsistent, Kiko has hardly played (does anyone have any info on his situation?), and Cuenca is pretty much permanently with the first team now. Deulofeu is there but he is a bit unsteady these days as well. They really need Soriano’s leadership & skills on the field.

      It’s a quandary.

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