CL Liveblog: Barcelona – Rubin Kazan

Thanks to Andrew M, we’ll have a liveblog! Yay!

By Isaiah

Isaiah is a co-founder and lead writer for Barcelona Football Blog. He currently lives in the greater Philadelphia area.


    1. LOL! poipoi so excited πŸ˜›

      I hope subs are:
      Bojan for Ibra
      Busi for Messi(Sorry, I know it’d be keita but I love Busi guys; I see Pep Guardiola in Busi :))
      Jeffren/Maxwell for Iniesta

  1. Valdes
    Alves – Marquez – Pique – Abidal
    Xavi – Yaya – Iniesta
    Messi – Ibra – Pedro

    Goddamn. I want half an hour of Boajn in the second half though.

  2. Why are you so excited about it?

    I’m actually more on Ramzi’s side, we should be able to beat a team like Kazan at home with a sort of B team and give the A teamers some rest. And even if we draw against them with a B side, it’s not the end yet. BUT if this line-up doesn’t show a high-class +2 goals or more win, there’ll be some criticism.

    1. How about we beat Rubin with our A squad and then rest people against Zaragoza and Cultural Leonesa? Which are more important, the 3 points in the CL group stage or the 3 points in the Liga?

    2. Well this is the first time our BEST 11-Puyol are playing together all in their natural positions. And the next match is on Sunday, the fatigue factor is not much to be worried about I guess IF Ibra doesn’t aggrevate his knock…

      P.S. One of the DM’s I wanted to keep an eye on until December is Lee Cattermole & that dude injured himself and is sidelined for at least 3 months… Same thing happened with Gojko Kacar πŸ™ I guess now I’m gonna be watching Robinho πŸ˜›

    1. In the CL, it doesn’t matter how many points we get, as long as we still get through. Then it doesn’t matter.

      In La Liga, dropped points now could make all the difference in May.

      (And the way the CL has been going the last few years, with so many “powers” getting second place, it really does not matter whether we get second or first. We usually get similar odds.)

  3. Jut laugh this one off and forget about it. Avoid any Madrikitas at all costs and don’t hit the web. πŸ™

  4. I’ve said it before and i’ll say it again…our players need some rest. Messi(mentally and physically exhausted), Alves(too many fouls lately and getting frustrated easily), Xavi(whether anyone likes it or not he hasn’t been the same since the Almerica game), and Pique (he may not need to but it’s better for him to recharge his batteries) all need to sit out a week.

    1. I don’t know if I agree… I’m not crazy about getting the Triplete again, and I wouldn’t mind crashing out of the Copa early if that means we get MUCH more rest in the second half of the season.

      The Copa del Rey, bless it, is to me the least important competition we’re still in. Yes, even less than the Club World Cup (who here forgot that we’re heading to Dubai for competitive matches this December? πŸ˜› )

    1. yeah… me too. keep thinking the same thing after Espanyol defeat. But its good to see our side losing. They will alert after this and Pep has to do something especially for the midfield.

  5. That was very poor. Xavi & Iniesta didn’t create too much penetration and Messi & Alves were average down our normally excellent right hand side. Pedro had acres of space all night and only had one or two good moments.
    Abidal was exceptional, as was Yaya, and Ibra’s goal was a brilliant finish.

    My main problem from tonight is that, yet again, Rafa Marquez cost us goal/goals. For the first, his control let him down but, BUT, he is a defender so should defend.

    The second goal is not solely his fault but all I’m saying is that you have to position yourself so that you can influence the play. He positioned himself in a place where, 1, he could not stop the ball and 2, he could not stop the player. Puyol would have done one.

    1. totally agree!! Do you realize that we never concede goal when Pique and Puyol playing together?

  6. marquez sucked. pique’s passing was off. we lacked finishing or/and luck. everybody was tired. Yaya took himself out of the winning goal when he slid for the ball, which he lost without taking out the attacker. Come on Marquez! if you cant keep up at least bring him down just outside of the box!!!! a red card would mean we’d still have a chance to keep the draw. Now I have to sulk while ALL of the world’s media label us as a disaster and try to put us in a state of chaos. I wish we were playing Milan and Zurich instead ;). Dynamo and Rubin could smash them, just like Inter.

  7. I think a lot of credit needs to go to Rubin who played a quite unbelievable game defensively. They also seemed to be getting lucky whenever they needed to be. We could have had a penalty and we hit the post twice. These games happen. We were gona lose eventually, it just hurts that its at home against a team we really should have beaten. That first goal (stupid Marquez) really made this game difficult because they could just sit back and defend, defend, defend and defend they did. They did it well. I dont think we played that badly, i thought we played reasonably well, it just wasn’t our night!

    A disturbing trend i have noticed….when Marquez plays we concede. Not good.

  8. I don’t care what the Madridistas say, really. Let’s take the criticism. Because the effin’ Russian champions, the way they played today, could have gotten a result against pretty much any team in the CL.

    P.S. Sevilla and Lyon can seal their knockout stage qualification on the next match day.

  9. cue “barca aint the same without Eto’o” Fuck will it be like this everytime we dont win 5 -0?

    1. This game would have been Eto’o worst nightmare. We all saw how he coped with parked buses. Not well. We created chances, we were unlucky. It happens. If the post doesnt stop Zlatan and Yaya it would be a very different story. That is why i dont think we will win the CL this year, luck plays too big a part and they way all teams will play us we will need our fair share of luck. There will be no Bayerns or Lyons this season in the CL, because every single teams will employ the same tactics. When teams defend like Rubin did today we are not going to score 3-4 goals so we will have to take every single chance we get and hope the opposing team doesn’t.

      While this might be a little unfair I think Marquez has a lot to do with our loss today because besides their two goals they never ever bothered us. I am pretty sure if Puyol plays we dont concede either of those goals. Ifs and buts dont get us anywhere though. We have to come back and react at the weekend now…

    1. oh, i don’t mind chipping in. let’s do 50-50 and give him a first-class.

      i totally wished Puyi started… but he never came on.

    1. he didnt impress. And He carrys some responsibility for the second goal. But that change nothing.

    2. Count me in.

      But I would have had Maxwell instead of alves as well.
      Thats the least to expect.

    1. same here. Henry draws more attention than pedro and bojan because he can dribble pass defenders like he is the only one on the planet who can sprint.

  10. Unless Henry steps up we’re going to struggle. Pedro, Bojan nobody can do a mans job. They have to be subs for couple of years more.
    I don’t even want to start about Marquez. First one I can take… but the second one was just horrible.
    What happened to Alves? Seems like he’ll be gone for weeks πŸ™

  11. Well may be its only me, but I felt that pedro was great today. If he was doing on the right what he did on the left, with Maxwell on the left instead of Alves to create a balance between the two flanks(which we lacked today), things would have been different.

    1. Excellent idea. That second goal, he was smoked. He no longer has the legs to be a defender!!!

  12. I’m not pushing the panic button yet but I agree with whoever suggested that we need to crash out of the Copa del Rey early or at least put out a full fledged B team for that competition. I also think that we need Henry bad right now…we’re missing his size. I’m more and more convinced that the Robinho deal is a must now but I also think we need another CM for cover. I’m already dreading what might happen when Yaya and Keita leave in January.

    P.S. just so I don’t feel all alone in my misery right now, I thought i’d share this little bit with my fellow Cules: I was watching the English Al-Jazeera broadcast and the lamers they had in the studio all said they’d take Cristiano over Messi because…wait for it…he’s more of a complete player since he can head the ball and take free kicks.

    1. To be fair, don’t you remember that amazing header Cristiano Ronaldo made in the Champions League final last year?

    1. The bad part about this isn’t that Alves is injured but that it means we’ll be seeing more of Marquez since Puyol will take over the RB duties.

    1. Defensive mistakes, no luck on finishing, and a damn efficient Rubin Kazan.

      I think that’s the consensus.

    2. An absolute freak of a goal after 1min 20secs after a poor piece of control by Marquez.
      Ibra scored just 2mins into the second. After Xavi put the ball over the top, Ibra controlled on his chest, turned and smashed it in to the bottom corner.
      For the 2-1 Rubin goal, Bojan gave the ball away in midfield, Yaya missed a slide tackle, and then Marquez didn’t know what to do and just watched rubin score

    3. For the second goal, which should have been defended by Marquez, firstly, he was in the wrong position for a defender, second thing, he was smoked for pace by their attacker.

    4. I just watched the highlighs and:

      shots on goal:
      FCB – 24
      Kazan – 3

      looks like we played ok… didn’t we? damn kazan!!!!

    5. Best summary of the game is the -attempts at goal- field map on here:



  13. i remember marquez being our best defender last season. well, atleast until pique had to step in for him after el kaiser’s knee injury. missing the cl final like that must have really messed w/his head. i didn’t get to see either goal so i can’t really elaborate on that, but after this performance it doesn’t look like he’ll get very many chances to gain some continuity and his confidence back :v(

  14. I really hope this all down to fatigue and not that teams are starting to get effective against us.

    1. I personally think it’s fatigue. In all the games we’ve played, the teams were always defensive, the results always relied more on if we were efficient in our finishing or if we weren’t. The only game that gave me pause was the Valencia game to be honest…even though we tied that game and lost this game against Rubin, Valencia really seemed to man handle us.

    2. Agreed. I think we played better in this game than against Valencia but we got lucky against Valencia and we got unlucky tonight. Funny game football..

  15. Just gonna put in a word for Marquez for the second goal – don’t know why he attempted the first time clearance on a ball coming down from the heavens.

    for the second, Bojan lost it needlessly, Yaya attempted a slide tackle that was always a long shot when he didn’t have to ( he stays on his feet the goal doesn’t happen) Pique was caught out of position by this ( no blame) but Marquez for an instant is faced with slowing down their first attacker until he is sure Pique has him. By this time he is side on and this cost him vital time in trying to catch the guy. He hasn’t been playing great and it may be that his legs have gone but it isn’t fair to heap the blame for that goal on him alone.

    1. Why not make a decision if you are Marquez?
      If he runs towards his goal in an attempt to slow down the attack and gets beaten 2-on-1 then its a case of blaming someone else.
      If he makes a tackle on the attacker with the ball but the attacker gets the pass off then its unlucky.
      Puyol would have probably made the tackle, and even if the ball goes through to the striker, he is offside.

  16. We blasted lot of Shots on goal, on and off target. Is it also a sign that we were not able to get closer to the net? Just saying…

    Its just one of the games we need from time to time, and it can only make us better. Thats if we concluded why it went wrong. We will recover.

  17. I know we should be able to win without penalties, but still i have to wonder if we will ever get one this season.

  18. Not saying Marquez was brilliant, just that its pretty hard to beat up on him when they were all caught off guard by mistakes from Bojan and Yaya. When Marquez tries to stall the first attacker the second is square and a little behind the first. if Marquez goes in to tackle its a pass my granny could make and the guy is away. Stalling him for a second gives Pique the chance to come across and deal with the first but by this time the second has a head of steam up and goes past Marquez. Fair enough Marquez couldn’t catch him to tackle but neither could the (I’m told) pacy Abidal who was as close as Marquez by the end of the move. Just saying its easy to pick on a player who imo did nothing wrong on this occasion.

  19. Marquez’s 1st half mistake is similar to the cl emi when he laid it on a platter for Drogba.Fortunately VV came up big then.Anyone notice every time we screw up a clearance, it results in a wonder goal? even as far back as when Zambrotta “assisted” Scholes 2 seasons ago, or Essien’s wonder strike at Stamford bridge last season, the one today and maybe more.It just seems like teams score more wonder goals against us than other teams.We should probably work on clearance distance improvement.

  20. Chill out kids. It’s one game, and our only real rivals for the group are at the bottom. Hell, they might not even make it, the way Rubin and Dynamo are playing.

    I know losing sucks. But big picture, it’s not the end of the world. Yes, some rest would be nice. But everyone else in Europe has a tight schedule too. Yes, Marquez fucked up. But him and Pique formed our best CD partnership last year, for a period of about 10 games. Yes, we need more imagination in midfield and the final third. But it will come.

    Before people accuse me of denying reality, please keep in mind that FCB had about 75% possession and about 6 times as many shots, and 2 shots hit the post/crossbar. It’s a loss, but it’s a loss I’m ok with, particularly given Inter’s struggles in the group. If we beat them (which I think we will) and get at least four points off our remaining two games against the Eastern Europeans, we’ll be fine.

    Just performing a duty, folks: calming everyone down.

  21. One positive from the game is the way Zlatan IbrahimoviΔ‡ played today, he’s had a great day, his touches are world-class, the way he holds up the ball and provides those perfect passes in front of goal is a treat to watch, he’s settling well into the team; I’m fucking sure he’s gonna give us a lot of joy… And what a Golazo!!!
    Rest of the team had put up an average performance when you consider them individually, but as a team we were good today… Just that bit of luck we were lacking, I mean 3 shots hitting the post that too one in the dying minutes! It doesn’t happen all the time!!!

    P! shouldn’t start guys, he cannot and should not PERIOD! How much space was he allowed and how should he have utilized that!? Not single cross from him was more than average… Except for those 2 shots on target there was nothing noteworthy from P! Any other day I’d say that it would have been better if Ibra played on left flank allowing P! to be on right flank so that he’d have had some help from Dani Alves, but not today because Alves is in a world of his own!!! Now I feel Maxwell could have been more useful as LW than P! today. So disappointed Pep had to start him when he gave such a poor performance in the very last match. This is for you Txiki B… FAAAAAACCCCCCKKKK YOU
    Marquez really had an awful day, so disappointing he had to do this when he’s been given the chance after such a long time. But I think the first mistake which resulted in a goal was quite Marquezque & the second one I think he’s not completely to be blamed… Some one called Alves also needs to take some credit for that I suppose.

    So is Alves out for 3 weeks now? Well, I’m not so disappointed as you guys… Sorry if I seem harsh but I have my own points. How many times was Rubin LW left unmarked by Alves!? Did you guys count? I did, it was 4 times! 4 fucking times! And not one time was Alves out in front providing crosses or trying to assist our forwards, he was in our own ‘D’ Any other winger there would have tared us apart. You guys think we should have been awarded a penalty!? Well even Rubin were robbed of a penalty! And that foul was courtesy Alves & his day-dreaming!! Remember why Iniesta got that yellow? It’s again Alves for you!! Well that time he was in our right wing, but did he wip in one good cross today!? He’s totally off guys, totally… He needs some real smacking

    I’d rate Marquez 4 & Alves 3… Ibra 9. Rest I’m not sure, every body was just average individually!!

  22. every problem people have attributed this loss to can be explained the same 3 words we’ve all known since the beginning of the season: LACK. OF. DEPTH.

    :: all of our players are tired not just because of recent internationals but because we have no suitable replacements to rotate for them.

    :: we lack options on the left wing and in attack generally; Pedro isn’t good enough to start there and Bojan showed very little when he came on. if Henry struggles with injury this season we’re playing at 66% offensive effectiveness.

    :: we lack options at center-back. Pep goes to rest Puyol for one game and the only player capable of playing the position is Rafa Marquez, who isn’t on form and should not have started a Champion’s League game his first time back.

    :: our Divine Three (Messi, Xavi, and Iniesta) are all exhausted, mentally and physically, because they’ve been forced to play every available game in addition to internationals. Iniesta has less of an excuse than the other 2, but if he’s having an off day (like today), there’s nobody to pick up the slack.

    :: we have NO offensive options off the bench. Bojan and Pedro and Jeffren are at best stop-gaps; they bring nothing extra to the front line that might have been missing. Keita is at best an equal swap for Iniesta, trading aerial ability and an outside shot for dangerous dribbles and assists, and Keita is the only even remotely attacking midfield option.

    :: now Dani is out for 3 weeks to a month, which means Puyol takes right-back, which means Rafa and Dmitro are the others available to pair with a stuttering Pique. and neither of them inspire a great deal of confidence.

    we need to purchase heavily (3 players minimum) in January, because our season doesn’t get any EASIER from here, not with the Club World Cup, King’s Cup, and knockout stages of the Champion’s League interspersed with much greater tests in the league than we’ve seen so far (Sevilla, EE, Espanyol) AND losing Yaya and Keita to the ACN.

    1. I say we have to play VV, Puyol, Marquez, Dima, Maxwell, Busi, Yaya, Keita, Henry, Bojan & Ibra against Zaragoza… Henry needs to be 100% in 2 weeks. Or else we have to get ready for some tough times!!

  23. alves is out for three weeks and will miss like 6 matches. he said he already had been feeling some pain when he cross a ball to the center the leg muscle tore on him.

    pep said the gap will be filled with puyol and the cantera.

    pep said he thought we played a really good game, “it’s just one of those things” in football where you can be the best team by far, and still lose.

    we worked very hard today. cant deny that, and what else can you ask for.

    1. During these 3 weeks the tough fixtures are against Osasuna(away) & Rubin(away)… Mallorca & Zaragoza are home.
      I think that Alves getting injured is in a way boon for us. He’s totally out of form, at least today, and needs some rest anyway. And with Puyol playing RB I’d feel more than safe man. And Maxwell will also get some playing time and chance to integrate more into the team. And during these 3 weeks we won’t have to endure all that frustration when he keeps missing those FKs which we cannot afford to miss against big oppositions, hopefully Ibra would cement his place as the main FK-taker during these 3 weeks.

  24. hey, is this the same hot chick from your preview, isaiah? the outfit at least is uncannily similar.


    just sayin’.

  25. Any of you watched Pool vs Lyon today? Martin Kelly, the guy who played RB, man what a game he played today. It was his debut and what a matured performance he delivered… Too good!!!

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