Happy Holidays from BFB!

May you and yours have a wonderful holiday season, whatever your faith or cultural heritage. Just know that as 2011 winds down, the BFB team would like to thank all of you for contributing to this website as readers, commenters, and fact checkers. We’re thrilled with you and we hope you remain thrilled with us.

For me, I’d also like to thank all the other writers who make this site what it is. Kevin, Kari, Linda, Soccermom, Euler, Luke, and Colin have all been amazing contributors. Without them, this site would just be a strange, nerdy man yelling at his computer screen and being ignored by everyone, including his mother. Instead, we have many readers and a thriving community. Thank you all for making BFB something worth writing and worth reading.

Also, our moon base is really sweet, even though Kevin mostly just sits around and throws moon rocks at me and demanding the corporate card for “research on Mallorca.” The minimal gravity we’ve got going on over here causes the rocks to really fly.

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By Isaiah

Isaiah is a co-founder and lead writer for Barcelona Football Blog. He currently lives in the greater Philadelphia area.


    1. Not exiled, but you should know by now that when I get in a group of people I’m the guy who creepily stands in the corner….

    1. I am just happy that ridiculous haircut of his is gone and that was after the game against Porto I reckon..

  1. Calvin, do you guys really wrestle?
    It sounds like your family is like the Eriksen’s family from How I met your mother. Big family from the Scandinavian who loves to wrestle 😆

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