Barcelona – L’Hospitalet Liveblog

Not much to say about this one, other than I wish more B-teamers had seen a start.

Starting XI: Pinto, Piqué, Puyol, Fontàs, Cesc, Busquets, Xavi, Iniesta, Thiago, Cuenca, Pedro

Bench: Valdes, Muniesa, Sergi Roberto, Dos Santos, Tello


Hors d’oeuvres and drinks served at 4:00 pm EST


  1. Hey I just went on twitter for a second and the LB closed just when I came back and I couldn’t make a last minute joke! Damn you Calvin!

    Anyway, MOTM: ESPINOSA.

    Too bad we couldn’t make it 10 though.

  2. RT: barcastuff

    Barcelona is the first team in history of Spanish football to score 168 official goals in one year, surpassing Real Madrid [via misterchip]

  3. iniesta out for 15 days. he will likely miss the first match of the next round of the Copa (taking place January 4, 5 or 6), as well as the Espanyol match on January 7 or 8. (from official site).

    draw for the next round of the Copa is tomorrow. actually the entire bracket will be determined at the same time.

  4. Guess what. If we slip up at Espanyol, like we do after the break, whatever we did at EE will count for nothing. Losing Iniesta is a big big blow. Especially against teams like Espanyol. Desperately hope he’s back against Espanyol..

    1. yep. we (usually) don’t play too well after a break.

      if two weeks, I think he will be available for Espanyol, but I’m not sure Pep will start him, too risky.

      well, fingers crossed.

    1. barcastuff barcastuff
      Medical report: Iniesta has a little rupture in his left hamstrings, he’s predicted to be out for 2 weeks #fcblive

      Keeper claimed ball legally but toppled Ini in the process.
      2 weeks is not too bad. Hope he’s not feeling too poorly for his baby’s first Christmas.

  5. Well that, minus the Iniesta injury was kinda fun.

    Congrats to all on the Ray Hudson shout out. We love you too, Ray!

  6. What a game to be at! 😀

    We had a great time tonight.

    Sat next to 2 Saudi guys and had a great chat to them. They were sad that Messi wasn’t playing.

    Had a crowd of about 10 people about 3 seats away, and not sure where they were from, but they had made up their own chants and tried to get the crowd to chant with them. Only problem for them was that the chants were in Castilian and no Catalan was going to join in! lol.

    Game was supercool – Thiago was supergreat and everywhere. Tello was superfast down the left. Pedro was superwasteful in front of goal. Puyol was superman.

  7. BTW – Yaya just won African Player of the Year, ahead of Keita.

    Pleased for Yaya (because I really like him), but bummed for Keita.

  8. Damn, I foolishly decided that this game will be boring given how many players were not even in the squad so I didn’t plan my day around it and missed it. And they score 9…

  9. I was really disappointed with Cuenca’s dive. Didn’t like that.
    Ray Ray had it right called him a “naughty boy”
    Unnecessary, unbecoming, and a bit embarrassing. There’s a time and place for trying to get that call, not sure this was it.

    1. yeah, I hate that dive. not good, Cuenca, not good.
      don’t do that again please, it’s embarassing and disappointing.

      he’s lucky we scored 9 goals (crazy!) and this is only Hospitalet in CdR, so his dive doesn’t get too much attention from the media.

    2. I have to say his low crosses through the box are amazing though. It is like the ball is being radio frequency guided through there… I just keeps going until someone gets on the end of it or it goes across a line.

    3. Ray Hudson is very entertaining – we were just rewatching in our house because some missed it ealrier… he also called Cuenca a “cheeky monkey” and said he thought when “the defender raised his arm he may have caused a bit of a draft that knocked Cuenca over” 🙂

  10. Haha what an Espinosa liveblog.

    I laughed in hindsight at Mila’s prediction of 10-0 before the game.

    Also c’mon Kari 9 is perfectly fine 😛 that said I get the same too hahaha in many games I keep on thinking one more to make it a nice number would be good… even in the Clasico I was a leeeetle irritated that we didn’t score a fourth after getting so many chances with Iniesta running riot haha (though I was more delighted at the win once the final whistle blew etc).

  11. -Why did Pep play with so many 1st teamers?

    I was shocked when I saw the likes of Puyol-Iniesta & Xavi in the line-up.
    Totally unnecessary!!

    Is it really worth it to risk our key players in order to to win by such a margin when we have more important league matches coming up?
    He should’ve rested the high-risk players.

    -What’s up with Tello’s 1st goal celebration? Kinda embarrassing . He celebrated alone instead of doing a team celebration.

    -Why did you guys mention Espinosa? He was’t even in the squad wasn’t he?

  12. Iniesta injury is fine for me. Going by Iniesta’s history – he is bound to get injured especially towards the second half of the season. So it’s better that it happened at this time. Also he usually comes out of this two weeks – three weeks lay off roaring like a lion. Espanyol could be tricky but I think we should be able to deal with them without him.

  13. Espinosa?
    If he’s mentioned so many times then that means he has to be sold!

    Sell Espinosa!

  14. There could be another round of clasicos in January, if both Barca and EE beat their next opponents. Clasico overload once again?

    1. Please, no more Clasico overload like last season. If that happens, I might just have to get myself sedated until it’s over.

    1. So it goes.

      FCB has claimed no interest, but it would be nice to have another striker of Hig’s abilities. I like the guy, and he plays Lego well with Messi.

    2. I like Higuain. and Benzema too actually.

      they are on my oh-you’re-Evil-and-wearing-white-but-I-don’t-hate-you list.

      definitely not on the same list with Mou, Pepe, Ramos, Arbeloa, Marcelo, Callejon, TB, and Dive Maria.

    3. Yep.
      i some what like higuain. always did.
      he never carried a cunning, evil, hateable sort of vibe, unlike some players in ee.
      but i think this news is bull.
      perez would charge us a bomb for him.

  15. Do you guys think that Pep’s plan was to peak the team in December?

    I’m not taking the match vs. Hospitalet into account, I mean Madrid and the 2 matches before that and afterwards the CWC.

    1. Assuming both Barca and Madrid win their respective next CdR rounds, January looks like this:

      4th: Osasuna (CdR) Camp Nou
      7th: Espanyol (LL) Estadi Cornellà-El Prat
      11th: Osasuna (CdR) Estadio Reyno de Navarra
      14th: Betis (LL) Camp Nou
      17th/18th/19th: Real Madrid (CdR) Bernabeu
      22nd: Malaga (LL) La Rosaleda (Round 1 that was never played because of the strike at the beginning of the season)
      24th/25th/26th: Real Madrid (CdR) Camp Nou
      29th: Villarreal (LL) El Madrigal

      Mama Mia, Madre Mia, Oi yoi yoi, Oy vey.

      And then comes Hlebruary…

    2. I don’t know about you guys, but for some reasons, I prefer to meet them in earlier stage than in the final.

      and about Espinosa, you must check the liveblog to understand 😀

  16. Garrido has been sacked at Villarreal and the position has been given to Jose Molina who managed the Yellow Sub B team, and Manzano was let go at Atletico Madrid.

    Neither sacking was unexpected, but disappointed for both of them who had non-gelling teams due to transfers and injuries.

  17. I’ve only been able to watch the highlights so far, but it seems like Tello had a great match? Did he play a full half?

    1. Tello came on for Xavi in the 38′. I think that after Iniesta’s injury, Pep thought twice about risking Xavi for any longer.

      Tello was awesome. Great runs down the left, and when he wasn’t on the ball he kept really wide which stretched out the L’Hospi defence.

      His second goal was very Henry-esque.

      I must say that we were also impressed by Fontas last night. L’Hospi didn’t play that badly – it’s just that they didn’t see much ball. 🙂 But when they did get chances, our backline stood firm. Fontas was resolute at LB. He recovered some critical balls, and made some key challenges which stopped the L’Hospi game from flowing.

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