Liveblog: Valencia – Barça

Valencia – Barça from the Mestalla. It’s on, baby.

By Isaiah

Isaiah is a co-founder and lead writer for Barcelona Football Blog. He currently lives in the greater Philadelphia area.


    1. Sevilla could deal with the threat from Athletic but couldn’t cope up with Deportivo huh!? No wonder Deportivo gave Madrid a run for their money!!

  1. No surprise Real Madrid 2-0 up already but i can’t believe Sevilla lost i wanted them to keep putting pressure on Real Madrid for thing about EE is that i do have respect for Raul as a player but y do teams just let them play the way they want.If teams played EE like they did us i doubt they would win as easy as they do…

  2. Shouldn’t have risked Xavi IMO… Hopefully Xavi helps in getting the lead as early as possible and we get to see Bojan subbed in for Xavi

  3. This is a really interesting front line, I’m looking forward to seeing how it does. I’m not exactly sure how they are going to line up and interact. There is going to be so much switching, you have to feel for Valencia’s defenders.

  4. César, Miguel, De Albert, Navarro, Bruno, Albelda, Banega, Pablo, Mathieu, Silva and Mata for Valencia.

    1. they’re playing their left back mathieu in the middle. that’s weird. they don’t have a true striker in either. why not play zigic?

  5. at mestalla no one has got our valencia’s number.. if villa was there it would have been easily a los che’s victory.. amunt!!!

    1. Funny I remember us banging three in two years back.. But I guess you weren’t a fan back then..

    2. vj if that’s how far your memeroy goes back,then it is a bit sad..
      and three years back even the 20th position team won against us..

    3. no teams had koeman’s number.. that was a disaster for us..
      we lost madrid 6-0 and were close to relegation with the same team.. apart from that teams have always struggled at mestalla as the same way teams have struggled at camp nou

  6. Kxevin, please deduct 2-3 points from Pep’s rating for poor, late & poor substitutions… P! lingered for far more time than that was necessary

    1. Ruben Kazan are a very tough team. They are the current Russian champions. Barca will need all their starters and luck to win in below freezing conditions.

  7. aw come on jordi.. valencia had clearer chances.. in nou camp we might not win but at mestalla against the big teams our performances are immense.. anyway it was a great games for us che fans..
    and again unai got his tactics right..

  8. VV was superb today. He was quick to come out of his line and block shots in couple of occasions. Definitely my MOTM.

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