Cherry Picking El Clasico Moments

Oh, tis fabulous the Internet, when it wants to be. And right now, it wants to be. Somethin’ fierce. Major hat tips to daninimo and our very own Kari (via pablitasan) for resisting the urge to troll my request for animated gifs and actually send me Things of Value™.

I was just out minding my own business when, lo and behold, there were these magical moving pictures I simply had to share with the crowd. Enjoy and don’t bust a gasket screaming in happiness.

Lovely, but wouldn’t you want to see that from a different angle? Sure you would.

There were some other pretty good ones in that Super Copa, though…

Thing is, it’s pretty good with commentary too.

And that’s just the Super Copa. There’s so much more in this treasure trove. Remember Ibi Afellay? I do:

But, as with all of these amazing Lionel Messi goals, there always seems to be one that was just a little bit better than the last one you saw. And so:

It’s not all goals and celebrations, though. There are softer moments, moments that make you sniff at the sheer grace of these wonderful kids playing on their little green field with a ball someone gifted them for Christmas:


And defense? Sure, defense is pretty cool too:

And there are simply so many more good ones. But then, of course, the simple yet sublime:

And, of course, to finish it off, my absolute all-time favorite Cristiano Ronaldo gif:

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By Isaiah

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  1. Why do you do this to me ?!?

    I’m already pummped like never before, about to lose my mind – and you post infinitely many, enthralling, brilliant articles^^
    I’m seriously more excited than before the CL Clásicos (mainly due to the 6 points disadvantage and I have absolutely no clue which system we will play, can’t even tell a personal favourite), this series of Barca-Real matches is incredible. You think there’s no escalation left, but it gets more enthralling each time they play each other.

    Let’s all pray for a win now, so that we can add some more gifs to that selection:)

  2. looove the gifs. especially the first and the one where Thong Boy lost in triangle.

    compared to the last 6 El Clasico this year, I’m more excited about this El Clasico.
    not because I’m optimistic or something like that, but I don’t know, maybe because this season our line up is unpredictable and I also want to see how we react with the pressure being behind 3 (+3) points.

    but I must admit the talks about “RM definitely gonna win and the league is over in December” from the journalists doesn’t help my mood at all.

  3. Karanka confirms that Madrid will play 4-3-3 tomorrow. Says he doesn’t yet know whether Higuain or Benzema and what the midfield 3 combination will be. It’ll be Di Maria-Hig/Benz-Ronaldo up front. I imagine it’ll be Xabi-Khedira-Lass/Coentrao in middle. -Sid Lowe-

  4. I am thinking this could be a truer test of the talent in the both sides than any other El Clasico the past couple of years. At the very best – as much as Xavi – one expects an attacking and open game akin to the Supercopa duels between the teams. And if so, while Barca will come under a lot of danger, I think they will ultimately prevail. A dream came to me where Barca won the game 5-3. The probability of such a high scoring game is too low and it is difficult to stick one’s neck and suggest that as a possible scoreline.

    The flipside – Mourinho becomingly overly pragmatic (not out of character) – and Madrid parking the bus, aware that they have the upperhand in the league standings, does not seem very probable to me. It is after all the Bernabeu and I think Madrid will be more confident to attack than ever before.

    I don’t think we cede any disadvantage as we go to the game. Others are talking about poor away performances, but I think those can be chalked down to tight schedules and injuries to key players in the squad. I think the Barca squad is peaking now and the one problem that we have is that of a selection and tactical dilemma – play the conservative 4-3-3 or the radical 3-4-3 against Madrid. Madrid on the other hand have a settled selection and tactical alignment. So, the only thing going for them now, in my opinion, is the fact that they are not (should not) going to be reactive for once.

    1. Well Madrid playing a 4-3-3 as Karanka confirmed (unless this is more mind games) as opposed to their usual 4-2-3-1 is quite reactive to start off.

      Assuming Ozil counts as a forward a la Iniesta in our side (but why would he?) and not a third midfielder, playing three in midfield would mean one of their four starting forwards being left out, wouldn’t it? Di Maria has been in blinding form, I’m certain one of Benzema or Higuain will start, Ronaldo duh, and even though Ozil has supposedly dipped in form he’s still so quality.

      Carvalho is out so Pepe will be in the defense, not the midfield. Alonso will definitely play, but with who? Alonso, Khedira, Lass/Coentrao? Alonso, Khedira, Sahin? It’s mind games and Ozil starts nominally as the third midfielder?

    2. I posted that before I read about Karanka’s presser. I don’t quite think it is mindgames that EE is dishing with the 4-3-3 talk. They played that system against Valencia except I think Di Maria was out due to suspension.

      So if they are indeed playing 4-3-3, then Ozil is the one who is going to drop out and possibly going to be substituted later. This should remind us of the Liga game in Madrid last season, when Pepe, Alonso and Khedira formed the trivote.

      This time around, it should be Xabi, Khedira and Coentrao, most likely. A pacy midfield which will want to stifle Barca’s midfield build up through high pressure and counter-attack.

      So, if Karanka is speaking the truth, then this is the squad we are going to face –

      Arbeloa, Ramos, Pepe, Marcelo
      Khedira Coentrao
      Di Maria Ronaldo

  5. Okay, c’mon, the Ronaldo cartoon is too funny, I laughed so hard I cried, I don’t mean an LOL when you really don’t LOL, I mean, 6:30 this morning trying not to wake people up and eyes watering, while squeezing your nose trying to hold in painful laughter – thanks, my kids cracked up too, youngest asked to see it again 2 more times. That’s a gem. The comic timing of the delay on the dive? Perfect.

    The posts are coming “fast and furious” and are “gone in 60 seconds” – I still have to find time to get back to listening to the second half of Kari’s podcast. Nice synopsis of our challenges this season, and good job representing under such outnumbered circumstances, thus far…

    1. I saw that cartoon the first time Isaiah posted it and it still get’s me. I have to stop watching after 5 views or I go into an asthma attack.

      Me too re Kari’s podcast, Soma brilliance #2 Isaiah’s podcast.

      Our Xmas stockings are full! Thanks guys!

  6. LOL @ the last gif. That’s also my all-time favourite TB gif. It came out in his earlier ManU days when he really was mostly a step-over show pony.

    These days, despite the continued stepovers and despite his off-the-pitch personality, he’s by no means a “no results” show pony. He has matured greatly as a player and tbh I actually feel for the guy sometimes, for it it weren’t for a certain #10 in blaugrana, the guy would be sweeping all the individual trophies.

    With that said, lets go out and kick Mr. #1, #2, and #3’s ass tomorrow. May he forever chase the triangle. Amen.

  7. i dont see how we dont completely control this game. we cant let them score first on a counterattack, for me it all comes down to this

  8. I love the gif of Cristiano lost in the Blaugrana Triangle.:D

    I’m not as hyped about this Clasico as I normally would be, as Real Life Problems are taking up most of my attention at the moment, but I am quietly confident. I think it will be a close game but Barcelona will come out on top.

    Visca Barca i Visca Catalunya!

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