The Splendid Return of Tito Vilanova

He won’t be making the trip to Japan with the team next week, but Tito Vilanova was back with the team and should make the trip to the Bernabeu. Such fantastic news! Hopefully Mourinho doesn’t look up what a parotid gland is and then try to poke him in that.

Some pictures:

"Human Potential achieved, captain."
I might just get this tattooed to my face I love it so much.
Awww x infinity plus Guardiola kicking the ball like a small child and going "shucks"

Injuries are bad, but illness is terrible and Tito’s recovery is fantastic on a lot of levels. Obviously the team needs him, though they’ve turned in some stellar performances without him, so his return is good for the squad. More importantly, it’s good for Tito (and his family) that he’s healthy and able to get back to work.

And what work there is to do. El Clásico awaiteth, after all.

[All pictures via the official site, by Miguel Ruiz]

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By Isaiah

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    1. Haha he should remain seated in the dugout no matter what war happenned open on the pitch and sidelines. And pinto should sit right beside him to guard him if mou try to poke the paraotid gland 🙂

  1. a Darth Vader mask will be needed to protect Tito’s eyes and parotid gland.

    glad to have you back, Tito!

    like they said on the shirt : we’ll beat this one too.

  2. Apparently Pedro is on Twitter, @_Pedro_17. It’s also mentioned on his official website, so it seems to be the real deal.

  3. By the by, the great thing about these picture shows, once again, that our team is more than a team. It’s a family. And that is huge. In thinking about this group, which is officially my favorite Barca team, it’s the biggest reason that I’m so calm about this Clasic. It isn’t just the silver, the victories, the records broken. It’s the beauty, the human moments that make this sport of ours transcend the “game” status.

    During idle moments on the bench, there is genuine affection, empty seats because players are sitting atop each other, joking, real joy when someone new does well. The locker room standing ovation from the first team for the Babies is just one example. Did they have to do that? Nope. But is anyone here surprised that they did? Nope.

    Guardiola has shaped a family of players, and new members assimilate quickly. Look at how Sanchez is already part of the group. And the absolute giddiness at the Cuenca success, just as it was with Pedro.

    This is one hell of a group, and without being nostalgic, it really doesn’t matter to me what it does any longer, in the sense of the joy that it has brought. This is Bonus Time for me, gravy ladled on the potatoes of life.

    1. Well put Kxevin and it is exactly how I feel about the club. Especially that “it really doesn’t matter to me what it does any longer, in the sense of the joy it has [already] brought”.

      I recall reading somewhere (probably barcastuff) that 24 (or was it 28?) players have made their debuts with the senior team while ‘el mister’ has been coach. 24! In 3 years and some. Remarkable.

    2. This is a team of miracles. The team that turned Kevin of the:
      “club solum, super omnes club”*
      mindset to the dang this is one awesome group of people mindset, the team that melted Kxevin’s heart.

      Yes, it’s true that:
      club > team > player

      But without the awesome players (and the coach that instilled the team values) you don’t get the great team, and that hurts the club.

      btw, I know you have said that you don’t support any one player. So…just kidding and I agree 100% with you.

      * Forgive my bad Latin; I blame Google.

    3. Ah, mom4, hope you’re feeling better. Sinus infections are horrible. Try inhaling some steam and drinking warm beverages.

    4. Cipro and saline rinses and tons of fluid.

      Actually the Cipro has kicked in. This morning was the first morning in the last few days that I woke of without wishing I hadn’t.

      I’m on the mend. Thanks for asking.

    5. Ah sucks. I went through the exact same crap for the last week and a half. Finally just getting better.

      What keeps the sickness around, often times, are all the germs on your sheets/blanket so unless you wash your sheets/blanket very regularly might I suggest tossing the blanket in the dryer to work out the germs.

      Okay this is turning into instead! Hope you feel better 🙂

    6. Exactly what I thought but I can’t express it in words as you did. You put it in the writing perfectly. 🙂

  4. The Tito-Abidal hug is touching, considering the latter’s own recovery last season.

    <— will pay for Isaiah to tattoo said picture to his face

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