A Dead Rubber: Barcelona – BATE Liveblog

This match is about as important to our overall season as the polar bears turned out to be in LOST. With 90% of the first team given a rest, this should be a great chance to get a glimpse of what the future holds for the team. Personally, I’m really excited to see Montoya and Fontas get some time, but come by and root for your own favorite youngster.

Starting XI: Pinto, Montoya, Bartra, Fontas, Maxwell, Sergi Roberto, Dos Santos, Thiago, Pedro, Rafinha, Cuenca


Refreshments will be served at 2:40 PM EST. Game is at 2:45 PM EST


  1. oh man, i nailed the lineup. perfect 11 for 11. shower me with mad props please.

    Pinto (13)
    Montoya (35) Bartra (32) Fontás (24)Maxwell (19)
    Sergi Roberto (30) Jonathan dos Santos (28) Thiago (11)
    Cuenca (39) Rafinha (34) Pedro (17)

  2. That was brilliant. We should play the same team against Madrid. No way they would know how to prepare or react against them. We will easily win 4-1.

    1. i was thinking the same thing.
      4-1 is a bit much. it could very well be a draw which ill happily take. what an embarrassment that’d be to EE though

    2. On that note… Anyone remember who Pep subbed in right at the end of the second CL semifinals against EE last season?

      Sergi Roberto. I love when Pep thumbs his nose like that.

    3. Always be a good host/hostess to your guests. Epecially if it’s a Madr*dista that we particularly like.

  3. It was a very entertaining game. Very good showings all around… but I feel like covering Cuenca in praise.

    1. I do too, but that’s probably because if you include earning the penalty, he had 3 assists tonight

  4. So as things stand who do you guys want for the R16.Most of the runner ups in these groups are all favorable for us. Uefa get us Apoel!!

    1. Oooo i thought how Apoel lost and Zenit got the draw that Zenit would top the group my bad.

    2. Trabzonspor is the best option if they can get at least a draw tomorrow at Lille. But really, the only difficult options are Manchester City or Manchester United if one or both of them finishes second in their group. Hopefully City ends up second, get EE and beat them

    3. Only Manchester United that capable to eliminate EE in round 16, if they finish 2nd of their group. City still dont have enough capacity right now to fight EE, imo

    4. I’m afraid United don’t have that capacity right now either. City looks the better team of the two 🙁

  5. Pep: “Riverola* was warming up and I asked him, ‘Are you ready?’ And he answered: ‘I’ve been preparing for this my whole life’.”


    *He’s been at Barca since he was 6 years old.

  6. Looks like we’ll be ass-kicking well into the next decade 🙂

    Amazing work from Cuenca! He’ll soon have a truck load of girlfriends to pick from 😉

    I’m all for playing the same 11 against EE!

  7. Ooooh, impressive match from the barça babies! 😉
    It’s just so satisfying seeing the bbs win like that.
    Much love..

    And cuenca!! Keep it up.

  8. This was the first time I had seen Rafinha for a whole game (as opposed to Youtube highlights). I was really impressed. There’s something about his presence. There’s a brashness to him that really stands out. It reminds me a little bit of Ronaldhinho actually (the same way Thiago’s skill-set and position on the field remind me of Ronaldhino).

  9. The passing rhythm was amazing. The pace and accuracy, one touches and steady movement we’ve sometimes been lacking in the first team. Really impressive match, they out and out dominated.

  10. The team celebration for Montoya’s goal was absolutely adorable. 😀 It was his first goal for Barca’s senior team, right?

  11. comparing two matches against BATE

    1st match score 0-5
    2nd match score 4-0

    1st match:Barca shots (on goal) = 23(12)
    2nd match:Barca shots (on goal) = 22(9)

    1st match:BATE shots (on goal) = 5(0)
    2nd match:BATE shots (on goal) = 2(0)

    1st match:Barca possession = 73%
    2nd match:Barca possession = 75%

    now tell me which game we had mostly B-teamers playing against a BATE team that still had Europe League hopes?

    1. I didn’t watch the match. But looking at the scoreline, was BATE playing their first evelen? If they rolled their first team, then Barca babies were so damn good :p. Occasionally, the quality gap in CL group stage is just too far-off, especially for debutant if they meet European big fish.

      I’m curious to know what’s the feeling of BATE players after defeated by our B boys. Congratulations for all youngsters.

  12. Barça get 16 points in their Champions League group, a record under Guardiola. This was their best ever Champions League group.

    I guess we’re not in crisis, are we? 😛

    so proud for Barça babies, their reactions just too cute and adorable, they’re so happy! congrats, babies!

    1. Maybe next time, we could start juvenil A in meaningless CL match to give the opponent chance to fight 🙂 **just kidding man** for BATE fans

    1. Oh my gosh that’s brilliant. And Dani can get away with just ’bout any hat. Villa, not so much!

    2. One row up, there are Valdes, Iniesta and Busi. (not showed in the gif)

      all first teamers were there, except Messi. Where’s he?

    3. ok nice if you saw him. am afraid Messi is mad at Pep because he was sidelined from that meaningless match and decided to cry or play lego at home, rather than watching the game.

    4. I believe Messi wouldn’t stand seeing a match outside the field. As a matter a fact, I have never seen him in the stands.
      I have never seen Pedro taking a penalty kick also.

      Great game for the future of our club, Madridistas are gonna be still dissapointed for some time to come.

    5. Mom4 is right, I’ve just read he was with Masche in two seats more discreet, closer to the subs seats.

    6. Those youngsters can still develop and dreaming playing for first team as long as we have coach with one of Pep typical. Unwavering faith to the youth and willing to pave the way for them.

    7. Messi sat with Masch lower down towards the field. There was one camera shot on him during the game.

    8. Just wanted to add that Pique has been the absent one on the sidelines when he hasn’t played. He has not been seen in the stands for any of the matches in which he hasn’t played.

  13. Silly topic. Reminded about Pinto braided hair last night, I wanna know how long he set up his hair everyday before go to work (playing match and training is working for football players, right). Not a simple task in daily morning rush in the real life 🙂

    1. I’m so sad that they’re not renewing Pinto’s contract. His absence from the team in terms of camaraderie and keeping up the spirits and sideline battles against RM will be missed, I’m sure.

  14. I’m gonna catch the clasico with the Barça penya in Melbourne..any Cules in Melbourne are welcome!

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