The Great (Totally Unexpected) Return of El Clásico Week

Did you know there are only 5 more days until El Clásico? Well, in case you’ve been living under a rock in the middle of the ocean while a massive underwater volcano drowns out any noise that might venture deep enough to disturb your under-rockedness, there is a clásico in 5 days!

PAY ATTENTION, would you?

It’s into the lion’s den, it’s time to do work against That One Team Whose Name I Don’t Remember, this is where championships or at least journalistic tropes are forged, dos a seis!, WE ARE SPARTA BARÇA, etc etc.

But you know that Messi is going to be ready for this. He wants to win himself some giant chocolate Lego people! That is the prize for winning this game, you know.

Don’t take my word for it, though: look who has the Golden Ball already.

Also watch this.

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By Isaiah

Isaiah is a co-founder and lead writer for Barcelona Football Blog. He currently lives in the greater Philadelphia area.


  1. We still have a non-Clasico match before the Clasico tomorrow. I thought we weren’t allowed to go crazy until the road was completely free!

    1. I think nobody of us care about match vs BATE. Wish the B teamers could keep the scoreline respectable for Barca, then coming up CLASSICOOOOO

    1. Yes! Messi looks happy and cool. Ronaldo is with the pouchy expression he thinks is sexy when he makes a goal. Pathetic.

  2. I can’t watch this game since it’ll be in the middle of the week for my uni exams. Having said that, I probably will watch it anyway.

    1. My words exactly!

      I think it’s fitting that it premiers the day of El Clasico (if only it’d be in the morning before the game though) but I think it’s so worth it to go and watch it.

    2. I would think that twice the amount of people would show up if it were to be shown before the Clásico, but whatever.

    3. So this is the El Clásico movie Ray Ray was talking about during the Levante match. I just might let somebody drive me over there, if Barça wins, of course.

  3. I asked in the last post but here goes again since this thread is more appropriate:

    “SO the ’6-point’ question BFB – where is everyone watching the big one? At home? A bar? El Cine? Nosebleeds of the Bernabeau?”

    1. At home for me!

      My brother(EE moron..oops I mean minion) and nephews(culés) will be coming over so that means lots of s**t talking( EE fans have a way of justifying everything so its a pointless battle to argue with ’em).

      I’m completely pumped up for this game 😀

    2. Home on couch w/ hubby. GOLTV. With cava and assorted tasty Spanish food.

      almost OT but not- Xavi (the puppy is now 11 weeks old) has this stuffed animal toy, a bull. Anyway, he chases this bull and bites it, and shakes it, and generally perpetrates all manner of puppy violence (he’s not a mean puppy, he’s teething) upon this poor bull. Hubby has taken to calling said bull Ramos. Get the Ramos, Xavi…shake the Ramos…

    3. the george and dragon pub in seattle. luckily there are no EPL matches to get in the way. it will be a fiery cauldron of pure cules and madridistas. probably around 200 people will show up.

    4. I’ll probably be propped up on my couch, trying to run the liveblog while paying absolutely no attention to it (I’m incapable of multitasking) with refreshments on one side and a pizza on the other.

    5. I replied in the last thread, but–I’ll be racing from the airport to get home in time to watch it on whatever crappy stream I can find. I’ll download a HD version later.

      I’ll be drinking manitas (I find they work best as shooters) and tequila. Remember, the drunker I get, the more we score! 😀

    6. i’ll be watching at home. The game is played at 4 am in Asia. Not possible to watch at bar, because right after it ended, I have go to work at 6.

    1. Def. worth a try when you get home to a real computer.

      Great pre-injury moves from Alexis. “Lose Yourself” somehow lends itself well to this as a background song (profanity warning with song 🙁 )

    2. I love how the editor had to start using non clasico games for EE highlights, whereas Barcelona provided lots more goals vs. EE to show. 🙂

  4. barcastuff:
    Guardiola: “Of course I’ve already thought about how we’ll play against Madrid, but I still want to talk with Tito.”

    Gosh, it would be great to have Tito at the clasico with protective eyewear as long as it is with his doctors’ blessing and it in no way hinders his recovery.

    1. mom4, as Tito would not be there, I suggest Juan Carloz Unzue to wear that protective eyewear. Just brace for the worst scenario, we cant afford to have 2 assistant coach injured for club world cup 😛

  5. line up for bate borisov?

    how about

    montoya / bartra / fontas / maxwell
    thiago / dos santos / sergi roberto
    pedro / cuenca / rafinha?

    pique will probably play but not a full game

    help me out here guys

    Pinto, Piqué, Thiago, Maxwell, Fontàs, Pedro, Cuenca (39), Oier (36), Montoya (35), Bartra (32), Muniesa (26), Sergi Gómez (33), Rafinha (34), Jonathan dos Santos (28), Deulofeu (27), Riverola (29), Sergi Roberto (30), Kiko Femenía (38)

    1. Looks good except Rafinha would be in the middle and Cuenca on the wing, that’s what he does.

      Subs? Deulofeu, Riverola, Muniesa? or maybe Kiko gets a look-in, but he hasn’t even played with the B team in ages.

    2. In keeping with my (probably wrong) theory that Pep’s POed at Pique for the yellow card (“cause the dang boy a veces Pique no esta bien en la cabeza (what was that Pep quote about Pique again?) could’ve just sat out of the Levante game) and he is on the BATE game squad rather than resting with the other “starters” because of it, if Pique plays against BATE, he won’t play in el clasico. Or it’s all a pre-clasic Pep mindgame. Tomorrow should be very telling in that regard…or not…because hey, it’s Pep!

      I like ooga’s lineup with Blitzen’s changes.

      My old grammar teaching would have had a fit about my run-on sentences.

    1. EE looked just as dangerous in the beginning of this match as they do now, but man, that Xavi goal was such a sucker punch. Watching this makes me miss P!! :/

    2. yup, back then I was so nervous I had to go to the toilet over and over again, I even missed Xavi’s first goal!

      Puyol in that game, just wow. what a lion heart.

      “Real Madrid’s defence stretched out like spandex on Miami Beach and Casillas is left naked!!!” – Ray Hudson-

      I’ll remember that line forever 😆

    3. Puyi was awesome, but so was everyone. Villa was absolutely tormenting EE defense, even if some of his runs were offside. Pedro was a constant annoyance on the other flank, and Busi never dawdled on the ball. Such a joy to watch. And Ray Ray’s comments were awesome like always. We were playing both “orgasiac” and “orgasmic football” according to him 😆

  6. from

    Eight FC Barcelona players have been nominated for the 2011 edition of’s Team of the Year. The Champions League and La Liga winners are the most represented team among all the nominees and also have coach Pep Guardiola nominated for Team of the Year Coach. Voting is open now and runs until 12:00 CET Monday, January 5th. The official announcement will be made Wednesday, January 18th.

    link to vote :

    1. one of Guardiola’s timeline on UEFA site :

      August : finally succeeds in bringing Cesc Fabregas to Barcelona from Arsenal FC after long courtship 😛

  7. OT: Wishing Valencia good luck tomorrow. I think AVB is gorgeous and his touchline sideshow is almost as good as Pep’s. But my allegiance to la liga is too strong, so go Valencia!!!

    1. I agree. I really like AVB, Romeu (obviously), and Juan Mata.

      but my support goes to Valencia.

    2. In the form Soldado is in, I really don’t think Chelsea’s backline is going to be able to stop him.

  8. I will be at my home, snuggling my little one to bed and sneaking out from my hopefully deep asleep wife to my living room to watch the game in mute ( I promised her that I have kicked my habit of spectator sport until I finish my bloody PhD thesis ).

  9. Time to file for temporary divorce again from my madridista husband and I’m not going to share custody of the title. Can’t wait!!

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