World Cup Qualifiers Match Comments Post

Hey folks, let us know your thoughts on the WCQs from today. We’ll be back tomorrow with some serious build-up to the Valencia match.

In the meantime, enjoy this Hlebian gem from MoSSi:

Oh, it’s actually a Hleb? Holy cow! It’s Vyacheslav Hleb, Alex’s little brother. Oh man.

By Isaiah

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  1. At least Messi won’t need to go to play-off, because that time he’d have to miss 2-3 matches for Barca if he went to play-off… Henry is not missed anyway now. Ibra off of World Cup. And I guess pretty much all the rest of the players are either qualified directly or totally off. So during play-offs all the team remains with Pep, while for EE Crynaldo would need to head there immediately after returning from injury… So sweet of EE

  2. U know call me crazy but i do think Maradona can come good for Argentina..although they r playing badly..they can only get better i believe/hope.

  3. There are many choices here:

    They can get better
    they can stay the same
    they can get even worse (yes, it can get much worse)

    But if we agreed that things can only get better from here on out, that still wouldn’t really answer anything because they have get MUCH MUUUUUCH better in order to do anything substantial in the WC.

  4. Pretty boring game with Argentina but can’t agree with the assessments of Veron. He was the glue in that midfield despite his age and kept the passing going along with Mascherano . At least tonight Argentina could keep the ball even if they didn’t create much.

  5. Why is ARG celebrating? That was such a pitiful performance. 1.Veron did his best Busquets impersonation 2.Di Maria was awful 3.Higuain sucked and never finished his runs 3.Somehow they failed to manage to even pose a threat despite the fact one or more defenders were man-marking Messi 4.They had almost every call tonight go their way 5.Caceres showed why he will never play for Barca again (not just the second yellow). All that and they could only score against ten men from a rebound of a (late) deflected kick. Horrible. Who are those idiots celebrating with Maradumber!? The only good decision he made was subbing Messi for us so that we’d have at least 1 of our front line for Valencia. Now AFA cant fire the dude. GREAT.

    Suarez was a beast today though.

    1. I think that the ref in fact made all the marginal calls against argies. Veron did suck as attacking midfielder though.

  6. So happy that argentina qualified otherwise it would have been a very sad WC for me. Maradona still sucks though!

    Argentina definitely has players who can take them all the way to WC but with Maradona, I would not bet them even making knockout round.

    Who cares though as argies are there and with maradona, we are guarenteed at least some circus!

  7. Agreed Jim, he was the best distributed of the ball and he had an OK game because he messed up slot of passes but did alright still.

    Jason, OhYes, anyone, do you guys know if JDS was called up for today’s game?

  8. Sigh, Ibra limped off in the 77th minute, and Henry in the 50th. We might be in bad shape for the Valencia match.

    Saw the Spain match, Iniesta was back to his old self and was the architect of a couple of goals. That is good news.

  9. wow so many maradona haters here. inderstandable. I am an Argentina fan even in thick and thin, and i do not want maradona as coach. having said that he did pull it off today with his line up. They had to sitback as the game had much more for Uruguey to win than Argentina. Remember even if they lost, a positive result from Chile would have secured a play off stage. Considering the shit they are in, I think he did the most sensible thing. They wanted to control the midfield and Veron did that quite well. Thouh he gifted the ball 3 occasions. And enough of badmouthing on Heinze. He did shut down the wings and moved up to the midfield well with the ball. He plays with a lot of heart and commitment. Except for one rash sliding tackle he was good.

    Anyhow…the sad part is that Maradona wont step down. but inside news suggests that he will be sacked.

  10. And dont write them of yet. In 86 they qualified at the last stage, went on to win it. It wasn’t maradona who scored the goal in that crucial match. So if the right coach steps in, they have a great amount of players in all positions to build a good team. And may be, we will see the real messi in the cup.

    1. The Real Messi? Oh you guys were playing a fake? Cause Uruguay didn’t think so.
      And this result Guarantees that Maradona will stay through the WC, in other words guarantees you will not win the WC.

    2. I’m happy to bring smile to your face. I feel best when I make someone’s life just alittle better.

  11. I really can’t believe what same of you are saying. To say they will not do well in the World Cup because of their current form makes no sense.

  12. here you go tuto


    penal penal penal! shit.

  13. Oops penalty for T&B……didn’t get to see it as i am doing work….is it in????? yes very well struck 1-0 T&B

  14. pinche guardado. i hope dos santos comes on for israel castro or whoever. i didn’t get to see him play against colombia.

  15. shit there’s a u.s.a. game on too. is the honduras game on as well? who are they playing? el salvador?

    what’s third place like?

  16. i have telemundo. it’s in beer-goggle def. honduras el salvador isn’t on tv. u.s. suckfest is right.

  17. Watching Telemundo games is the most frustrating thing in the world.

    When you want to see the time, they have the score. When you want the score, they have the time.

    OHH FINALLY 36:30 god damn how hard was that

    1. better than univision. on telemundo you don’t have that one loud fuck as a commentator. he’s their phil schoen.

    2. LOL Phil could never sound dignified.
      US came back to tie and celebrated like it was the WC Final and they just won it.

  18. Sad for Costa Rica, but good fight from the USA and congratulations to Honduras. I’m not supportive of their coup, but hopefully this brings more attention to their illegitimate government as well as providing the Honduran people with a ray of hope and a bit of fun in their lives.

  19. havent been here for a while. a lot of new faces! just wanted to drop a line. I think the US national team is playing it’s prettiest football. ever. anyone agree?

    1. Haven’t seen them play since they blew it vs. brasil, but I would agree with you. I can actually enjoy watching them play (although it is sometimes frustating to see them pass up easy through balls only to dribble into the defender).
      Anyways, they have a very solid starting 11. Good goalie, strong CBs, good midfielders in bradley and dempsey, and donovan isn’t bad either. There are two things that will hinder them from making it far in the competition next summer: (1)Lack of depth, which is needed when you have such a tough schedule and a small squad. (also one of spain’s greatest strengths) and (2)red and yellow cards. there are so many times that the US team has to play a man down, or a key player is missing through suspension. They have to be more disciplined, the USNT does not have the ability to do what they did against Spain and almost Brasil with only 10 men on the field (I think they were missing Bradley for the final, btw)

  20. dont la Roja play a friendly against Argentina at some point? Around November or something.That should be an interesting game…..

  21. is reporting that TV3 (Catalan TV channel) reported today that the Robinho loan is official and he will be coming in December………….interesting.

    1. big time. dont know what to believe since most of the papers have some kind of robinho story.
      but winter transfer is over 2 months away! we’ll see what happens

  22. Argentina are going back to the dark ages of the late 80ies, WC90, where their football was about huffing the ball forward, having 4 central defenders in defense who never make it past the midline and scoring goals from set pieces only. The handwriting of Bilardo was all over the last game. Still a progress compared to what was before, but is it really progress when you go back 20 years and play the football you played in 1990? I really don’t know.

  23. For the iPhone owning cules: giro the app store and search ” Nike Control ” and be amazed (it’s free).

    PS: weird to see Cesc in a Barça app.

  24. Please someone tell me that there is still the possibility of Maradona getting sacked. Because as long as the AFA doesn’t confirm him as a coach for South Africa, there is hope!

    Why did they have to win? They played an awful match offensively, it reminded me a bit of Italy (though their defense is usually more solid). Since Chile won, why didn’t Argentina lose and thus go into relegation with a new coach? Now it’ll be hard to fire him 🙁

  25. NOOOOOOOOO, Ibra injured 🙁

    Anybody know the extent of the inury? Man i really hope its nothing serious, he just starting to find his form. Damn stupid international break!!

  26. Why do so many ppl hate on Robinho? Yes he used to play for the EE, but he is a quality player, who i think would be a great addition to our squad. In Pep we strust guys, if Pep wants him, then quite frankly i want him too. If the worry is his partying or his workrate on the pitch i am sure Pep will get the best out of him. The same thing was said about Ibra being lazy and I think we have all seen that Ibra is willing to work just like everybody else. Workrate and pressure on the ball is our trademark, as much, if not more so than our tiki taka passing game so I dont think any player will think they can come play for us and get away with not working as hard as anybody else. He adds quality depth to our front line, he has experience in this league as well as the EPL and the way Madrid treated him he must hate them as much as any Barca fan. A loan deal is perfect as well, cos if it turns out he doesnt work as hard as Pep wants or is any sort of problem in the locker room we just dont buy him in the summer….

    All this talk of players like Suarez or Willian is fine, but they are not proven in any sense. All due respect to the dutch league but Kezman scored 105 goals in 122 games in 04, went to Chelsea and was a complete and utter flop. Why go and buy young prospects who may or may not work out when we have the likes of Bojan and Pedro, who IMO have a lot more potential anyways. We have our players for the future…. Would much rather buy a known, proven player. A player who has performed at the top level both internationally and at club level. A player who can be an asset straight away, not in 2-3 years. Who is currently available who isnt cup tied and who brings as much quality to the table as Robinho does?

    1. I have seen nothing from Robinho that leads me to believe that he has any interest in working hard, working within the system, or working as hard as a player needs to in the Guardiola system.

      Without question, he ha talent. But he has been sold or loaned by every top flight club that he has been with. That ain’t because he’s setting the world on fire. Is he worth the risk? Sure. On a loan. But I am not confident. I have never, ever seen him play defense, or track back. So if the rumor is true, we will see.

      Ibra was very different. The “lazy” card was pulled mostly by Eto’o supporters. But if you watched him at all, it was clear that he wasn’t lazy, but had a different work style, but he wasn’t lazy.

      With Robinho, I haven’t seen evidence of the essential skills necessary to do anything other than vex me as people run past him on the counter.

  27. I think there is a massive difference between Ibra and Robinho.

    Yea people said Ibra would be lazy and cocky and all that jazz but he at least showed signs that he would put in a big effort.

    With Robinho…it’s a little harder. He got screwed by the EE but at ManC he hasn’t much. A few good things, sure but you can bet ManC is eager to dump him.

    We’ll see. If Pep wants him, and these stories of his loan being done are true, well we will have to deal with it and Pep probably wants him for a reason..

    I don’t like the kid at all. If he comes and is a big success, I will happily accept him and eat crow but for now, I remain very highly astronomically skeptical.

    1. Yeah ok i get that most ppl dont like him, but why? I just dont understand why he gets so much stick…

      First of all Man City are not eager to dump him, not by a long shot. He is by far their best player and the fans love him. The only reason i think they are even going to consider letting him go is because they want Ribery instead and I think they are going to use a boatload of money to get him. I watched a lot of Man City last year and let me tell you, Robinho was the only good thing about them.

      Is it cos he parties? Because i have to tell you, A LOT of players party, as long as they dont let it effect their training or their performances on the pitch then i dont see a problem. I know there is a fear because of what happened with Ronaldinho, but that doesnt mean the same will happen here, especially with Pep in charge.

      The workrate thing is something that is demanded by the coach and the team, if he comes he will work, as does Ibra and as would any other player. Can you imagine any player strolling into our team, with all its superstars that work their asses off and NOT work as hard? If anything he will work twice as hard to try and prove his worth to the team since he wouldnt be guaranteed a starting spot.

      I am just not sure i understand why he gets all this hate. As far as i can see he is a top class player who is only lacking a top class team to realise his full potential. Madrid never used him properly and treated him like shit, he was basically a bargaining tool to try and lure Ronaldo, so no wonder he got pissed off and left. Man City are a work in progress and maybe one day they will be a top class team, but today they are a mediocre team with one or two world class players. Can anybody really blame him for wanting to join Barca instead?

    2. but, Robinho chose City. Chelsea wanted him and he chose City.

      Anyway, David Villa was a done deal too and we got Ibra.

    3. No, actually that is completely incorrect. Robinho did not chose City, RM forced him to go to City because Chelsea would not bid as much as City. Robinho wanted to go to Chelsea, he made that very clear and Chelsea wanted him. RM just acted like the dicks that they are though and sold him to City for more money than Chelsea were willing to offer. That is why so many Chelsea fans hate RM now, I know cos i have a lot of friends who are chelsea fans and they were very excited about the prospect of Robinho.

      Not sure what your point is regarding Villa. There was no done deal, Valencia rejected every offer we made and hence we went back to Ibra. In fact Llorente came out today and admitted that they rejected a bid of 42m euro from us.

  28. Even if Robinho is the best player in the world, I still don’t want hhim. There’s something wrong with that guy psychologically and I am not sure Pep can fix that. He was at Santos and played well, then he started getting unhappy, so he moved to EE. played well, then got unhappy again wanting another move. off he goes to city. and the pattern continues. He will come to Barca, will play well, will get unhappy for some reason (he always find things to get unhappy about which always affects his form), and then I guess he’ll say he want to move. A loan is ok, but not a buy please.

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