World Cup Qualifiers Match Comments Post

Hey folks, let us know your thoughts on the WCQs from today. We’ll be back tomorrow with some serious build-up to the Valencia match.

In the meantime, enjoy this Hlebian gem from MoSSi:

Oh, it’s actually a Hleb? Holy cow! It’s Vyacheslav Hleb, Alex’s little brother. Oh man.

By Isaiah

Isaiah is a co-founder and lead writer for Barcelona Football Blog. He currently lives in the greater Philadelphia area.


    1. did anybody watch bolivia v brasil? there were two people who stood out for me. ramires looked just like abidal but as a midfielder and martins for bolivia. he was everywhere and took that free kick brilliantly, cesar didnt even make any attempt to get to that ball.

      looking forward to uruguay v argentina tonight. should be a good one plus we get to see luis suarez in action.

    2. Marcelona Martins Moreno is a great talent, but somehow he doesn’t succeed on club level. He has been loaned from Shakthar to Werder Bremen but he barely plays… I’d like to see him play for my favourite German title aspirant. Maybe the good performance will give him a new chance. He’s got Pizarro besides him, but the rest of the Werder attack is in no way better than him.

  1. If he has half the talent, but twice the professionalism, that he will probably be a better footballer than his brother.

  2. England – Belarus is about to kick off and speaking of Hlebs, does anyone know if Alex Hleb is injured and that’s why he’s not playing? Otherwise I’m sure he’s the best Belorussian player there is, though in a useless game maybe they’re blooding others.

  3. I do not have confidence in Argentina pulling off a Uruguay win. They barely made is past Peru. And, they have also been in a disastrous form of recent. I think that will be good for Barca as Messi will be in well rested and in top form for Barca.

  4. Wow Spain are running riot….away from home, with qualification secured and basically a b-team. Not sure what team can really challenge them for the WC, maybe Brazil. They definitely have the best starting 11 and probably the best bench as well. The rest of the teams look miles behind…can you imagine what Spain would do to Argentina right now?!?!

  5. WTF… why is Iniesta playing.
    maybe i should be optomistic and say he 100% now? (doubtful)

    BTW, why isn’t this being broadcast in the USA, that’s rediculous!

  6. Damn you Simao, I don’t want Portugal to leave Sweden out! Swedish girls are way better at the WC than any of the others!! Nooooo.

    Also screw Crynaldo and viva Ibrahimovic.

    1. That’ll happen when Pique is being replaced by Sergio Ramos 😀

      I’m f***ing glad that he plays at Madrid and not the other way round…

    2. Holy cow Ramos has been stinking it up quite a bit this year. I wonder what gives. Btw- I was listening to the game on Carrusel Deportivo on Cadena Ser, and when Bosnia scored the second, Manolo Lama (aka the best Spanish announcer today, imo) was like “AHH! END THE SHOW! END THE SHOW QUICK BEFORE THEY TIE US! END IT!” and— they did. it was pretty great.

  7. Damn time goes so slow when you are anticipating a match..

    can’t wait to see Uruguay slaughter Maradona!! 😀

  8. Hey y’all. I am in Hermosa Beach in LA for work purposes. Anyone know of a sports bar that will be showing the Argentina Uruguay game live?


  9. Spain scored 5 goals without Villa, Xavi and Torres. Words can’t describe how good that team is – I’m shaking in anticipation of watching them challenge for the World Cup. Hot damn.

  10. And out of curiosity: are there many Spain NT fans that read this blog? It might seem like a stupid question, but I notice a lot of France, Argentina and Sweden supporters (okay, not a LOT of Sweden supports) but when Spain plays, the reaction here seems kind of tepid.

    1. I used to be a big fan of Argentina, but since Maradona took over, it’s become impossible. So now I’m definitely a big fan of Spanish NT, I’m quite sure everybody who likes Barca also has sympathies for Spain because they play with equal style and there is no other country which does.

    2. I definitely enjoy Spain and cheer for them, but you have to support your country’s team, so it’s USMNT for me. It was *slightly* bittersweet for me when they ended Spain’s streak though. I learned to love the game in Spain, so I consider myself excused for that lack of patriotism.

      Also, about the love of Swedish girls – they leave a lot to be desired from behind, if you know what I mean and appreciate such things.

    3. Spain NT fan here, hard not to be with that lineup and style of play. Of course as an American I will cheer for my boys from home, but honestly they don’t have much chance of winning anything.

    1. Bojan is back in training all week so he should be able to come off the bench at the weekend too… and Iniesta should be able to start too

    2. He’s saying himself that he’s “aggravated something.”

      Ibra is also injured, but he walked off the field and apparently went right to his hotel room. Initial reports, however, said that it was serious.

      Going to Valencia in two days and it’s looking suddenly like we have no strikers–will Bojan jump right back into it?

  11. what minute did iniesta get subbed off? i only caught the 1st half. what i saw was pretty impressive. iniesta didn’t look all that banged up but i’m cheer captain & iniesta should be in the bleachers.

    1. 67th minute. And yeah, I’ll be happy if he plays similarly good against Valencia, but more important is to have a fit Xavi!

  12. Line-up of Argentina:
    1 Sergio G. Romero
    4 Nicolás Otamendi
    3 Rolando Schiavi
    2 Martín Demichelis
    6 Gabriel Heinze
    17 Jonas M. Gutiérrez
    14 Javier A. Mascherano
    8 Juan S. Verón
    7 Angel F. Di María
    10 Lionel A. Messi
    9 Gonzalo G. Higuaín

    No Aimar, but at least Di Maria!

    1. he could’ve done worse. a dude playing for a relegated english club over el payasito? tisk tisk.

    1. i think these are both espaneesh & something else respectively, but i’m not sure.

      // sometimes it’s a bit choppy


    2. That second link is great, its in Italian I think. Don’t understand it, but like the way it sounds. 😀

  13. English commentary, but a pit pause-y.


  14. This Spain team is scary good. 5 goals without Xavi or CESC?!?!?! Like someone said at the top, we didn’t even field our best lineup and we took the second place team in our group to school. This is our world cup to lose. Brazil is obviously the top rival I think, but there are going to be teams out there looking to do exactly what the U.S.A. did to us. Funny, I live in the USA, but I don’t care about our team at all, well a little bit, but not really. Spain don’t let us down, we have too much talent, let’s bring home the Cup!

  15. It looks like injuries are starting to pill up on us as both Ibrahimovic And Henry picked up various knocks..I wonder what kind of lineup Pep has in mind for Valencia..Would surely be a tough test now.

  16. Thank you Maradumber for displaying such suckitude in that first half. Veron sucks. Di Maria is sucking more. WTF man? He keeps running into 2-4 defenders without passing the ball. STUPID. And what about the diving and horrendous shots? horrible…

  17. Jnelson:

    Agree with you on Veron, but a bit harsh on di Maria for me. He’s the only one actually trying to do something out there. For me, the problem with him is that his frame and sense of balance is seriously out of whack with his style of play (dribbling through a bunch of defenders).

    Is Aimar injured? If not, why was he dropped for Veron? Or am I being stupid for even trying to discover the sense of logic behind Maradona’s decisions?

  18. I’m watching here: \\ Surprisingly so far so good.

    I am also crying right now as in waterfalls of tears. This game is that bad. You know something is wrong when effing Heinze gets more touches on offense than Messi.

    Di Maria played like the raw albeit extremely talented newbie he is. I would like to see a little variety and some attacks from the right (i.e. Messi) for a change. However when Messi’s support is a 22 year old centerback playing fullback and Newcastle reject Jonas Gutierrez you can see why he is not near Barcelona level.

    Caceres had good plays and bad plays. Surprisingly he seemes relatively offensive minded, not just defense. Suarez and Forlan are not getting service.

    1. i’d let, as retarded as this sounds, jonas play rb and put aimar in; making sure masche played really deep keeping an eye out on the right.

  19. I’m not able to watch the game, but according to espn soccernet’s live updates Argentina has only taken two shots, and both from 25 yards out. Is that true?

  20. Boring, ugly game, god I cant wait to watch Barca on Saturday.

    Anybody notice how weird and Caceres shirt looks, it almost seems like he ripped off half of the sleeves.

  21. Is it wrong to cheer on Uruguay at this point? Just to make Argentina have to play a playoff game to qualify? I’m clearly looking for maximum drama.

  22. Caceres offf, and another maradona substitution is rewarded. i hate when it makes him look good.

  23. O_o

    I really hate it when they show Maradona celebrating, I always feel like yelling “THEY DIDN’T SCORE BECAUSE OF YOU!!!!”

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