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Hey folks, let us know your thoughts on the WCQs from today. We’ll be back tomorrow with some serious build-up to the Valencia match.

In the meantime, enjoy this Hlebian gem from MoSSi:

Oh, it’s actually a Hleb? Holy cow! It’s Vyacheslav Hleb, Alex’s little brother. Oh man.

By Isaiah

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  1. Between Robinho and Suarez it’s the little details that will decide who is the better option.
    In one hand Robinho is an undeniable talent. He is exactly the type of wing forwards that Barcelona need. He has the skills can play on the flank and stretch the field, can cut inside, can contribute in the Tikki-taka symphony, can cut inside, shoot from distance and with a decent finishing.
    Yet, what made this team succeed was the player-profile that we considered as a standard when we approach the transfer market. Ibra is a walking ego, no doubt. But he is not a night life Guru. He is actually more a Family guy. That’s Important. Robinho is no where talent-wise compared to Ronaldinho (no one is even close). If you think of it, a big risk. I don’t want Robinho to show Bojan where Ronaldinho took Giovani once.
    In the other hand, Suarez fits one of the most important elements I wish to have in any player we sign: Being an underdog. Which means having the quality but still in need to prove himself on the highest level. Someone who feel joining Barca is a challenge he need to meet, not an opportunity he needs to take. I started to follow this guy by coincidence. Ironically while scouting Hauntler at Ajax to check if he fit Barcelona standards. And I can only say good things about him. Mind you, he also has a tricky personality, but compared to Robinho, he is a virgin. The risk here is what Hilal said about the quality of the league where he is performing brilliantly at the moment. But last season, we bought a guy who was a star performer at the EPL, and we all know how it ended. (BTW, the Youtube on this post is sick!) This risk is always there, whether with Suarez, Robinho, or any other player we get.

    If we can get Suarez for something near 20 M, then I say let’s go for him. Or else, Robinho option for something near 30 M turns to be increasingly tempting.

    1. All good points Ramzi and a new signing is always a risk, BUT from what i have been reading today it is a loan deal that is being proposed, so a little less risky. As opposed to spending 20-30m we could get a potentially phenominal player on loan. Try him out, if he works out buy him, if not then look at other options. What i dont get is the almost unanimous “no way” reaction that I am seeing from Barca fans. I must be missing something…..

    2. With Robinho there’s no doubt if he’d gel well with the team or if he’ll cope up with the Spanish defenses… He’d indeed be a great success during that loan spell because he’s played most of his best times in Spain. But what then? After we make the signing permanent!? His attitude is what that’s creating the doubts in our minds about this transfer, he doesn’t remain motivated all the time. He’s a moody player, giving in his best only when HE feels like. He’s forced his way out of his parent club, his European parent club and now Man. City. What gives you confidence that he doesn’t repeat the same!? Okay may be Dani Alves has some thing to say about that, but that’s not enough for me not to remain skeptical! After all, with this transfer Barca is putting a LOT at stake… Pedro’s career might totally be jeopardized! Bojan might get lost in all the fuss!! Jeffren & Keirrison are totally being side-lined while we are considering a transfer for our LW!!! Do you really think it’s worth taking such a huge risk with Robinho!?

  2. From my point of view, the transfer of another attacker lowers the chances of Pedro, Jeffren, Gai Assulin and Bojan (plus we still got Keirrison) to be a regular first team starter. Yes, this is Henry’s last season, but if we want to BUY a replacement for him, it has to be absolute dynamite. Because otherwise, I’d say give our Canteranos (and Keirrison) a chance. And the only dynamite I see on the market is Luis Suarez. He’s not more expensive than Robinho and certainly gets lower wages.

    And yes, I don’t like Robinho’s character, I don’t like his selfish style of play and I don’t like his thumb sucking celebration! Plus I can hardly remember a match in which he was outstanding. He didn’t win one or more league titles on his own as Ibra did.
    Though, I would accept a loan deal and give him the opportunity to change my mind about him. But it will be hard to surpass Luis Suarez.

    1. Yeah ok fine Robinho is not Ibra but nobody said he was and he
      wouldnt cost half as much anyways. Nobody is comparing them.

      I agree completely with you about only signing dynamite otherwise letting the youngsters grow. How is Suarez dynamite though? Not sure how anybody can claim he is even as good, let alone better than Robinho. He hasnt played in any of the top leagues, he has scored a lot of goals in a league where scoring a lot of goals is standard procedure. The Kezman example is perfect, Kuyt also scored 70 goals in a single season and he is lucky now if he scores 10-15 for Liverpool. Yes he has a lot of potential, but so do our kids! Why go buy another prospect (at least 20m) who has never proven himself outside of the dutch league? Did he impress anybody vs Argentina yesterday? Cos i didnt see much to get too excited about, certainly not enough to think he could even come close to replacing Henry. The best option would be Ribery for that position, but we are not going to spend 60m+ on a winger so who is the next best proven option? If we are going to give our youngsters a chance then fine, I would be happy with that, BUT if we are going to go out and sign another attacker then it should only be somebody who can at least come close to replacing Henry straight away. The only player i can see on the market who might be able to do that right now is Robinho.

  3. Robinho is a flat-out stud, when he’s on. But when he isn’t on, he contributes absolutely nothing. When Henry is off, he still passes, tracks back on defense and contributes to the overall effort. Robinho does a few step-overs and calls it a day.

    And to correct matters, Robinho wasn’t screwed over by the EE. He played himself into the shithouse by doing exactly what I mention in the preceding paragraph. Fans don’t dig that crap, nor should they.

    As I’ve said before, he’s on my “all potential” side, Perhaps he is thinking that this is his last chance to prove himself, and will work like a dog and be a model citizen. Because I think that it is. If he can’t cut it in our system, he isn’t going to cut it anywhere, and he’s done as a major player on the world stage.

    In his defense, he has never been surrounded, as Hilal notes, by real talent. Note how easy Messi, Xavi, et al have made Ibrahimovic’s life. If Robinho is willing to commit to the system, and understand the rest of that role–contesting for possession when we don’t have the ball, applying pressure and working his natural-born ass off, I’m all for it. We’ll have to wait and see.

    I also reckon that Guardiola will say “You have a shot at excellence and championships here. It’s up to you what to do with it. Prove yourself and if you don’t, you’re gone like last week’s laundry.”

    I wouldn’t categorically be resistant to any player except for Julio Baptista, because he picked the home Clasico to score the goal of his life.

    More importantly, Henry and Ibrahimovic. What do we know? Checking now….

    1. Not to knock Craig Bellamy too much but.. why would we want a player that has been made surplus to requirements at Man city by Craig Bellamy?

      But the EE did screw him, being used as a pawn to bring in Thong Boy after you’ve given them a great season should not please anybody

    2. Robinho is injured which is why he hasnt been playing, Bellamy is his replacement, although to be fair to Bellamy he has been playing very well recently…

    3. I know that’s why he hasn’t been playing. But the conventional wisdom nowadays is that Bellamy has produced as much or more filling in for that role, and I think most would agree Robinho has a fight ahead of him to win back his place. He wasn’t exactly lighting the place on fire in the couple of months leading up to the injury

    4. Well i duno about that, lets see what happens when he returns. You cannot really compare what Robinho did last season with what Bellamy has been doing the last few weeks because they are a much much better team this year. They control the midfield much better, they defend better and their attack as a whole is much much better. Last year they mostly relied on Robinho. I would be very interested to see how Robinho does now, supported by the likes of Adebayour and Tevez. Does anybody know when he will be fit again?

    5. OK. I’ll just say that we have already seen Robinho with the rest of the cast in a handful of games this season before he got injured. Sure it’s not a lot of time for him to prove himself, and Bellamy’s incredible run of form hasn’t lasted much more than a month either, I’ll concede that.

    6. So we might go into this game without Henry, Ibra or Messi(usually doesnt start after travelling from Arg)!??!?!

      Fuck….i really hate the international break.

      Kxevin, please give us some good news regarding Henry or Ibra…

    7. At least reports that Xavi can play against Valenica.

      And quite to my surprise, Messi landed at 15:00 CET in Barcelona, whereas the match in Montevideo lastet until 02:00 CET. That’s quite a fast return! Plus, he will play if Pep wants him to.

    8. I don’t have any good news, Hilal. Everything that I find is bad. Henry has re-injured a pre-existing calf injury. How severely is not yet known. That he picked up the knock in a meaningless match infuriates me to a degree that I lack sufficient verbiage to adequately capture.

      Ibrahimovic is more worrisome. Initial reports were that the injury was “serious,” but is the only source that I can find for any information on his injury. If he is injured, the silence is pretty deafening, which means that a) it’s no big deal or b) it’s serious, and we’re fucked.

    9. Damn….what about Bojan? Is he ready yet? I suppose a front 3 of Pedro, Bojan and Messi wouldnt be the end of the world. Valencia will be missing Villa and a few others right?

  4. Krkic is ready. And I do think that Krkic has talent, but he ain’t no “9.” Not against Valencia.

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