Have a Holiday Hug from your SoMa. And Stop Pouting.

So, SoMa’s Barça babies are restless after being bested by the Burger Boys. Everybody under the blankie with hot cocoa and a cookie. (You can add a splash of whiskey in mine, Blitzen, thanks. You’ll find the flask in my Christmas stocking. Just remember to put the cigarettes back because I quit last year.)

Now, BFB BFFs, I admit it. I’m the worst kind of hack. I only have something to say when someone else says something, like using the word filósofo as an insult, or blaming a beastly head-butt on a tiff with the missus, or revealing paranoid delusions about seeing icons wherever one goes. But today I’m inspired by all of you.  And don’t despair your own sad selves, because Euler will be back with a painfully-honest, technically-impeccable review soon, and we will read him, and experience both illumination and catharsis.

Now, earlier this week Eureka reminded us that there is a longer process than the half (i.e., the match) and that there are processes shorter than the season (i.e., the stretch). Any fraction thereof is a part of a larger whole, and people who are actually running around on the pitch during said match (or at least a damn sight nearer to it than you and me) know this. Fidemus Pepo, and all that.

Yet I, too, felt right bummed out today. (Oh, and Atleti, when the Oracle claims that you are going to roll for EE, she doesn’t mean that you literally fall down and roll around on the pitch. It’s a prediction, not a mandate.  Miguel, ¿por queeeeeé?)

And when I feel bummed, I think of one thing. (Cue cheesy musical tune … No, not that!) I think of Cuenca. (No, not like that!)

That’s right. Cuenca. For those of us who don’t follow the Blaugrana B’s, when we think “Cuenca”, we think, “Who in the #^%$ is that? Some skinny lad with a big Adam’s apple is going to sub on for who at what minute?” But, oh yes, he did.

Actually, now that I’m thinking about Cuenca, I’ll think some more. How about … Bartra? Tello? Muniesa. Oriol! Deulofeu (Say that name 10 times fast. Okay, say that name 10 times fast and drunk. Okay, now say “Montoya” without quoting “The Princess Bride”. Now, quick, get “The Princess Bride” quotes out of your head! See? Now you are totally thinking about something else besides losing to Getafe today and letting Real Madrid walk away with 6 more points and aaarrrggghhh …)

The point is, it doesn’t have to be about the points. It can be, like Eureka says, about process. There are some that are now, like Don’t Drop Points. Then there are some for later, like Okay, Don’t Drop Any More Points.

But there are other processes at work in the Phootball Universe. Think of Mourinho. We’ve all become accustomed to thinking of Mourinho as our favorite nutter. (Poke in the eye! What’s next? Whoopie cushions on the visitor’s bench?) But Mourinho is way beyond all us, spiritually. Do think of him — crouched in some dank, dark dugout far from the Pyrenees, wringing his hands, scheming for the day he’ll return to Spain, to the bowels of the Bernabeu, and win. Win the Clásico. Against the blaugrana. Leading the charge of the Royal Whites. Do you have patience? Because he does. And one day, perhaps one day soon, his patience with process, his loyalty to his desired outcome, his mental and emotional discipline will see him through. And you would be worked up by a work-over by Getafe? That’s a nuggie compared to what Mourinho has endured!

We have processes too, you know. Some people refer to the philosophy, even people who are not super-star strikers in a pout because they were put out.  Some refer to a legacy, even when they are not surnamed Dos Santos or Busquets or Alcántara. But the philosophy is not a legacy.  It’s not as if Barcelona’s game were some kind of relic, frozen in carbonite upon Cruyff’s retirement, only to be defrosted by Guardiola and kept alive through steady infusions of Xaviniesta and heart-stopping  interventions by Messi. That’s short-sighted. That’s myopic. And to appreciate Barcelona, one must seek vision.

The philosophy, the legacy, the style, the tiki to your taka — it’s fluid, it’s process, it’s generational, it’s organic.  It ebbs, it flows. It self-generates. Wise veterans give counsel, prodigious sons return to home turf, young buds sprout from La Masia fields. For an American, it’s kind of Thanksgiving-y. Everyone’s tired from traveling, people are out-of-sorts, relationships may even be rocky, but it feels like everyone’s come home. (Put SoMa’s whiskey back in the stocking before she gets too sentimental.)

Now, if you want to sit with your abacus and count points (“Now that’s six for him, and none for me, and we have — click click click — this many ’til the Clásico, at which time we can rack up — click click click –“), well, that’s your prerogative as a blaugranafan, and far be it from me, who can’t count from December first until the tenth with mittens on, to chide you for it. But if you would have peace, if you would have patience, if you would have vision, consider:

La Liga, Week 14

Getafe vs. Barcelona

Coliseum Alfonso Pérez

minute 67: Valera, from the corner.

minute 73: Substitution, Cuenca.

Peace, patience, perseverance.

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By SoccerMom

SoccerMom obsesses over FCB and this blog instead of grading papers, burning dinner and/or raising her small children. She blames a Spanish husband and easy access to Hispanic-targeted cable sports channels for her football addiction and consequent failure as a professor, housekeeper and mother.


  1. As much as i am dissapointed, i’m not gutted. The result sucks but maybe this is the wake up call the team needs to turn things around.
    1- the 3-4-3 needs to go. It saps up a lot of the players energy. The players looked knackerd after Milan.
    2- Pep needs to stop rotating every game now. He needs to start playing his best 11 and fill in the blanks as needed.
    3- Villa needs to be benched like Torres. Not even a shot on goal, geez. Quenca should have started this match with Messi in the middle
    As much as i love Barca, i’ve been saying it all season that this season had a hint of 07/08 when Rijkard and his team couldn’t get their sh*t together. So many rotations, primadonnas are starting to show and a draw or lose every 3-4 games. The only difference is that i think this team can turn it around. They just need to rest, stop shagging Shakira, be injured for every international friendly and poke Mou’s eyes out, lol. Hey if Tommy Smyth thinks Man U can come back, we must also believe Barca can come back. Actually Barca and Man U are playing similar at the moment. Too many rotations, injuries, poor defending and experimenting is costing the teams.

    1. – “the 3-4-3 needs to go”: There are times when the 3-4-3 makes much more sense, mainly when we are missing defenders or when we need to incorporate Cesc into the line up.

      – “Pep needs to stop rotating every game now. He needs to start playing his best 11 and fill in the blanks as needed.”: Rotations are a must to keep the squad happy, keep everyone rested. What’s happening now is that some players are not being rested at all (messi, Xavi) while others are being heavily rotated. Rotations need to happen, but they need to be done around a structured system.

      – “Villa needs to be benched like Torres. Not even a shot on goal, geez. “: He did have one or two shots on goal and looked threatening when he was playing in the center. Moved to the left and immediately became ineffective. Strongly feel like Pep needs to relieve him of some defensive duties and allow him more freedom off the left rather than instructing him to hug the touchline.

    2. Totally disagree with the rotation.part. Every great team in the world achieved greatness based on the first eleven. Not on the players on bench. We have no idea which is our best eleven is. Can you say how we will line up at bernebeu. I have no idea. Players need to play together more just to be on the same wavelength.

    3. 08/09 season, we had a very certain starting 11:


      Marquez was the starter for the first two or three months, and Busquets was a probably our most used sub. But still, a set starting 11. And it was nearly perfect. This season, Xavi should get more rests, and Puyol should probably be our most used sub. But besides that, we need a 100% set starting 11. And we definitely have to figure out what our attack is going to be. Villa-Messi-Sanchez? Sanchez-Cesc-Messi? MVP? Sanchez-Messi-Pedro? With Cuenca, Adriano and Iniesta often playing on the flanks? Seriously, we need to figure this out.

    4. Just out of interest, who do you see as the prima donnas? I’m seeing a lot of things wrong but not that. I just can’t fault the work rate.

    5. I think selfishness is starting to creep in more. Messi gets annoyed when someone else has a shot at goal. It’s seem they are more individualistic than last yr as everyone wants to be the hero.

  2. Thanks SoMa.

    Fidemus Pepo (is that how one declines the proper noun, Pep?) They say that old Latin students never die — they just decline.

  3. So anyOne thinking this may be Villa’s last season in the colors? I do, his season right now seems awfully alot like Henry’s last in Barca.

    1. I think it’s a possibility if his role on the pitch remains the same. His role at Barca essentially reduces him to hugging the touchline, receiving the ball from midfield then returning it to keep possession, and strictly track the opposing team’s right back…..

      Now you might say he’s always been played off the left in valencia and with spain but he still has the freedom to use his excellent positioning to get into scoring positions. The freedom to drift into the center even switch wings. Making him a width provider helps Messi, but when messi is having an off day or the opposition’s defense is having a good one, there is no threat…

      Lately he’s been reduced to just another midfielder waiting out next to the touchline far away from the goal.

      He’s not being played to his strengths (positioning and finishing), and instead is expected to use pace (not renowned for) and dribbling (not world class) on the wing.

      Villa is probably the most pressing issue for Pep right now. He needs to figure out a way to get him into the game. His goals (on a weekly basis) are crucial if barca want to seriously challenge for la liga.

    2. Villa’s role isn’t just to hug the touchline. Pep doesn’t instruct any one of his forwards to do just that. The width is usually provided by the LB (Spain did this well with Capdevila, allowing Villa to drift inside and become a goal threat) or by another midfielder (Iniesta?).

      Villa is not only allowed to drift into the middle and run into the space vacated by Messi dropping deeper, he is EXPECTED to. Villa has Henry’s job, but he isn’t doing it. Maybe it has something to do with playing off a false 9. Villa seems to struggle with that. But when he plays in the same position, off an actual 9, like Torres or Llorente, he thrives.

  4. Are we gonna get a review? Oh boy I hope Kxevin can somehow find a time to watch the match twice and write a review with badass ratings.

    I’ll start with Pep. I’ll deduct 3-4 points of him for not seeing this coming. Yeah everybody wants to see Messi play but not when he just came back from internationals and has a gruelling schedule ahead and being 3-0 up, he still doesn’t get in his shiny bald head that Messi needs to rest so that he can provide that extra spark when the rest are lacking them.


    Messi is more important to our team than CR7 is to Madrid this season.

  5. Thank you SoccerMom for this. I needed something like this. It seems everytime I can’t see the game live, and I downloaded it and don’t see the result, I end up seeing my team drawing or losing. I’ll be sure of seeing the clasico live.

  6. read the live blog comments section.simply wow.

    the amount of pepssimsm,the whining,the muddling,finger pointing, made me think i have just entered into a barca fan site where all the readers(except few) are band wagoner fans and start watching barca after 2008.

    so we lost a game,yes we played lethargically,ran out of ideas,got behind 6 points to our bitter rivals and suddenly its all doom and gloom.

    to me its the best barca fan site cause of the quality of the blogs and the quality of the readers input here.but to see almost all of them write us off from the liga cause we r 6 points behind ee with 24 games and 2 classico remaining,is simply ridiculous.

    yes, the probability is as low as 10%,but where is the perspective here?the way barca played against BKING made me pathetic and sad,but i never stopped believe in them and still i do.did this team do something that we lost beleive in them.A BIG NO.

    have some faith in this team and have some perspective,please.


    @KARI(please post something that will cheer us,i m still disappointed)

    1. But hammer, I pointed the problem out a few posts back.

      They just have no more passion it seems.
      They don’t pressure and are careless with the ball.
      It’s been happening for the past few weeks already.
      In the beginning of the season when we kept drawing, I thought it’s just a form but now it seems that they just lost it.

      The worst part is, if Madrid doesn’t drop point until El Clasico and we don’t either, they can just park the bus like they did in the 50 encounters we had with them last season except the Manita.

      Mourinho and gang don’t need to win that game. They can just sit back and counter attack us and they will hurt us. But the problem is that we can’t strike back!!

      Mourinho will definitely play defensively because they don’t need to win. If we will indeed draw, we will still be 6 points behind.
      And if we will still be >4 points behind them at Camp Nou, he will be content with playing defensively again because he doesn’t need to win.

      I know Mourinho is smart. He will definitely have the head to head rules in mind and thus apply those tactics.

    2. cant agree on your passion part.what we lack right now is rhythm.there is too much change of players and tactics in every game.hence no rhythm and fluidity also from the begining we r too reliant on messi for goals.agreed on the mou part.this defeat made his job easy

    3. Yes we are over reliant on Messi. At this point, I hate to admit it but Messi is more important to Barca than CR7 is to EE.

      What Pep should’ve done is rest Messi whenever possible especially after the international break/FIFA virus where we leading with 3-0 and yet he let’s Messi play the full 90mins.

      By doing that, Pep is also maybe giving the players the belief that they need Messi at all times. They indirectly have this thinking that everything must go through Messi so wait for him to create some magic.

      Pep should’ve planned for the rainy days when the rest of the team in under performing. Rest him when we have the chance. We need to keep our best player and difference maker in tip top condition.

      Maybe Pep should watch some basketball, it’s not possible now, but maybe download an old game and watch how each team protect their best players.

      E.g. When LA Lakers are cruising, Phil Jackson (coach) just lets him sit out the 4th quarter (last 20-25mins).

      I’m sure Kxevin would love to bring in Jordan into it. By the time I followed NBA religiously, Jordan already retired so I don’t know how Phil Jackson (coach of Jordan’s Chicago Bulls) managed Jordan during the season. I would love to know about that.

      WHat it looks like Pep is doing is;
      1) wanting Messi to score as many goals as possible or Messi said that he wants to win the Pinchichi this season and Pep is scared to rest Messi. I really don’t believe in the latter because Messi isn’t selfish.
      2) doesn’t trust the rest of the players to do the job
      3) doesn’t trust the team to hold on to the already 2-0 or 3-0 lead so let Messi stay on so that we can score more.

      No matter what, Pep as a coach should’ve seen this coming. One day, the players will be out of sorts so they need Messi magic but in order to get magic, they need a well rested Messi.

      At this point, I dare to place a bet here ala Cesc-saga that Messi will somehow play in the meaningless CL match.

  7. to see some fans starting to scream “Pep out!!” “Pep don’t need to renew next year!!” makes me dizzy and sick, even more than reading we’re all gonna die comments..

    thanks, SoMa.. we need a hug from a mom.. 😉

    1. WTF?! Where did you read that? I didn’t see any of that in the previous post. I didn’t even see it in the TB match review comments.

  8. Disappointed but it could be remedied. Pep will make some tactical changes. But I doubt he’ll totally abandon his game plan.

    Also, let’s put it in this way: Barca isn’t the only European champs who’s having a bad run. I mean, look at Chelsea, Arsenal and Man U. They’re on the same predicament as ours. In the Liga, Real Madrid is our (bitter) rival. We are their number one competition. So it’s obvious they will rejoice at our loss. Just like what Barca fans did when EE lost to Levante.

    The Liga is far from over. Barca just need to re-organize…fast!

  9. not from this blog, of course..
    there are some from TB, and I’m not going back there to see who posted it.. there’s a guy who mentioned AVB and Wenger (!) as Pep’s successor..lol..
    and some non english sites..

    they feel right now Pep is making too much experiment, rotation, and wrong decisions.. so we need to replace him..for heaven’s sake, those people..

    1. AVB & Wenger? They are in danger of getting the sack themselves at their respective clubs. So what makes them more attractive than Pep? Sometimes they can really get ridiculous over there.

      Some of the commentors there love to mention other people’s names (players and now even coaches!).

      Btw, I’m sorry if some of the names in the list offended you or any other member here.

    2. that’s okay, I just prefer this lovely blog stay clean from dirty and inappropriate words..

      for me that’s one of the best thing from BFB.. 🙂

  10. when u have a player as messi as messi its natural that the team relies on that player.my problem is in this season we r reling way way too much on him. Add that with our non existent flank play in away games u will get the whole picture.

    1. My commentator kept on asking himself why Alexis is in the middle and who they are not using width from the earlier parts of the 1st half already. Even the commentators can point that out, why can’t Pep and the players figure it out? It seems like the commentators, our opponents know the trick already.

      Alves completely ignored Pedro and before that anyone hugging the RW spot on multiple occasions to go through the middle and in the end of course losing the ball. I just don’t get it. They are all professional football players. How come none of them can figure it out?

      Cruyff needs to have a sit down with Pep and the players regarding this. Only he can bring some senses back to them. Cruyff complained about this as well in the late 90’s during Van Gaal’s first spell.

    2. I agree about Alves. He’s been really poor all season. Remember when he used to be a goal scoring threat? He can’t score, he won’t beat defenders on the outside, and he doesn’t seem as quick to get back and defend. So what exactly has he been adding to the team lately?

  11. Nice post SoMa.

    For me, we played well. Getafe just played as well and slightly better in their way of playing.

    A blow, nonetheless in our liga defense.

    One point i do agree is that not playing our best 11 week in and week out is hurting us. one of the key things when we have played our best football over last three years is that we have had identifiable first 11. this season we have not had or pep has not used any such first 11 regularly.

    i can understand the need to rotate though. pep is trying it with a vision. at the same time, currently the trying vision thing is having impact on results.

    1. I don’t buy that regular 11 excuse. Or us missing Iniesta, Puyol or whoever. Other teams miss their players as well. Other teams have injuries as well. They just have to deal with it.

      Every team does rotation. We are not talking changing 4 or 5 players. It’s just a couple of players.

      It is just the mindset, hunger, lack of creativity, lack of urgency, lack of width that is the problem and all of those I mentioned earlier up above.

  12. TBH this team at one point has looked a lot more consistent and solid defencively then it ever has before, The midfield contributes a lot more in defence then it has. Xavi has had a less strenuous role in the team and despite the heavy rotation of our defence we really never had an “inexperienced/unreliable defence” we are very secure defensively in midfield and defence that we don’t even have to play Fontas. Remembering the times in the past when we had to play Chygrysnkiy and an extremely aged Marquez who were more likely unreliable then reliable.

    I don’t think the new system Pep is establishing has any more problems then any other system used in the game. I just think that the system only works at its best against selective teams. I remember the first few rounds of la liga we witnesses a lot of goals created just from little dinks over the top. Teams also had trouble defending the space in front of their box and that is where we flourished. But lately those little dinks and little passes into the box have not flourished. Rather Teams enjoy defending the space in the box then the space around the box.

    I applaud Villa for his efforts, he does exactly what Pep tells him to do, but Pep just has to find a way to build that left side up.

  13. As if we werent stressed enough with the 3 points lead, a loss to getafe pushed us further far from EE.. yesterdays game was a disaster , its about time we react..


    sure there are still 25 games left, and sure the lead is only 6 points with 2 games against EE, which means our destiny is still in our own hands, but there needs to be changes, and even mighty PEP has to learn from what has happened.

    1- we are not our majestic selves we were the past three years, we are not playing attractive football any more.

    2- we have to start establishing a plan B, the past three season we were so dominant that we didnt even think about a back up plan.

    3- we need to buy a center back in january (gary cahill), and a true striker at the end of the season(leandro damiao).

    4- PEP should use his authority and rest messi, even ronaldo is being rested, messi wants to play in every game, but come on this is not ps3 fifa 12.

    5- villa should start in every game in order to regain his confidence, especially with a all the talks about disharmony in the dressing room and some jealousy between him and messi.

    6- rotation should stop right now, we should have a fixed starting 11, and the rotation should be applied on a strategic basis. i mean every game the formation is different, the players are playing in different positions that they dont have the time to acclimate to the position PEP is putting them in.

    7- EE is not 6 points in the lead because they are playing very good, its because we have been playing badly, and luck is on their side currently (valencia’s robbed penalty, courtois’ red card, messi hitting the post, and having a goal disallowed yesterday). but things will change soon.

    8- we should start worrying only about football, and drop distracting things such as tito’s sickness, pique’s shakira, and all transfer rumors.

    8- PEP needs to start implementing changes right away before its too late, we might end up looking like the team rijkaard managed in his last year.

    9- 3-4-3 might be a good formation but we can not find out if it is when we change it to 4-3-3 game in game out. i mean if it aint broken dont fix it.. our 4-3-3 proved to be effective in the past 2 seasons, why change it now?

    as a conclusion, we are still alive in the title race, not in a wonderfull place for sure, but there is still a lot to play for, so lets have faith in PEP, and support our knights in shining armors some more.

    visca el barça i visca catalunya

    1. 3 – Absolutely no need for another defender!

      6 – We need rotation to keep players fresh. So you want Messi to play in every game? Just like how you pointed it out at point 4.

      7 – Please, those things you mentioned are part of the game. We get some luck sometimes too you know.

      You have two point 8’s btw.

      1st 8 – They are human beings too. Before the internet age, Im sure players were talking about similar things too. It’s just that now we know a bit more of what they are thinking about in their daily lives.
      And what’s wrong with thinking about a coach’s sickness? Wouldn’t you think and talk about someone close to you if he experiences *touchwood* something similar?

    2. Yeah. I can’t agree with much of what you’ve said there, Hassan.

      1. We have played a lot of attractive football this season against teams which are now learning much better how to deny us.
      2. It isn’t always working but I don’t want us to change our style. At its best we were a great mixture of the passing game plus great through balls. That’s why we bought Villa. Yet, he arrives at the time when we seem to lose the will to play the quick ball through.
      3. What Barca96 said. The only issue I would take with him is that I do think the absence of Puyol and Iniesta are crucial to us. Nobody in our team reads the defensive game like Puyol and Iniesta is essential when Xavi is under strain. Remember he is more or less man marked in most games now. That is a huge strain on him and he is still the key to our game. None of the newcomers to the side, despite a lot of hype when they first appear, have really added much to the mix. That’s why Pep won’t rest him.
      4 / 5 / 6 I actually broadly agree with these.
      7. You can’t look at the RM side and not see that they have moved on from last season. They are playing much more as a team and in particular are now prepared to work harder for each other. Not as good as us yet but they have the inevitability of scoring about them that we’ve had in the past three seasons.
      1st 8. Don’t see the relevance of this, really.
      2nd 8. What changes? Other than playing our first 11 more often?

      With regards to the liveblog, although there was a lot of justifiable concern over the way the team was playing I didn’t find the total negativity that others have mentioned. I had concerns last season that there was gratuitous abuse being directed at certain players without justification but that hasn’t been so obvious to me this season. Remember, what you are getting are the raw emotions everyone feels appearing before they have time to temper them 🙂 No big problem there as long as we don’t turn on the team. Can’t agree with the lack of effort / passion comments.

    3. Madridista here, and just to let you know that I for one am not rejoicing (yet). Its a decent position to be in, but still too many games left to be played including the 2 classicos.

      Regarding point number 7 above, I must say that I admit that the Higuain clearance against Valencia may have been a penalty, you needed various camera angles to come to a conclusion (albeit still not conclusive in my opinion), and the referee will/should never a give a penalty until he is 100% sure. I believe we are leading the table because of our general performances (some poor ones against Sociedad, Racing and Levante) till now because of that decision alone.

      Regarding the Courtois sending off, well it was a clear red card. Period.

    4. Welcome, vivaespana. Discussions with polite madridistas like you and Bassam is always welcome. You’re not catching us at our best; I guess we’re pretty spoiled.

  14. Yesterday when i was watching the match, as the minutes passed, as my frustration, paranoia and doubts grew, as the clock ticked 67 minutes, i almost wished suddenly for Getafe to score. Just to wake us up, kick us in the ass a little bit.. And then suddenly they did.
    i knew immediately the match would end 1-0, we would suffer our first loss, go down 6 points, and all these doubts and blaming and finger pointing would begin in our minds and blogs.
    Seems like thats whats happening here except a few level headed commenters.. umm people this is barcelona we are talking about. it is in the typical schizophrenic mentality of some bandwagoning cules to immediately start picturing LIFE after the defeat at the bernabeu leaving us 9 points behind and we’ve kissed the league goodbye…then, oh my god, ok, lets just go for the CL and oh no, but the refs wont favour us and then oh no! the era is over..

    First of all like someone said ‘this team don’t owe us shit’
    We have to look at it as Pep would want to see it.
    I am glad this defeat has come. its a clear signal. i mean come on, it had to. you didn’t expect us to go through the whole season undefeated did you? Yesterday the problem was clear for everyone to see, the lack of motivation, directness, creativity, width etc etc..
    but give these guys a break and see what they give in return.
    I predict that Madrid will lead us by one point come the end of the next clasico.

    1. 😀
      If only my random thoughts could have an influence over games!!
      was just picking up the vibes man.

    2. I’ve said it earlier a few weeks back that I prefer to have less manitas and win more and lose once or twice rather than drawing a dozen games. At least when they lose, it will wake them up a bit.

  15. All calmed down now folks?

    OK, now let’s hope Pep fixes this current funk.

    But ALWAYS:

    O le le, O la la, ser del Barça és el millor que hi ha!

  16. Ok. so we lost, ill say what i always say TRUST THE TEAM FOR IT WILL DELIVER.
    Yesterdays performance was poor, it happens, its not the end of the world, i think this team can bounce back and be really competitive real soon.
    And yes i miss you all, but im busy these days and cant comment as much as id like to.

  17. winning at Bernahpoo is a very difficult task, but possible.

    let say we can win El Clasico, we still have problems to solve. La Liga title is not just about winning against Evil Empire.

    Getafe is not going to be the last team who play super-defensive against us, and we have our worst away form ever under Guardiola.

    this season, we don’t seem to have a better solution against 10 men-defense (especially away) other than “let’s just pass and pass and pass the ball around, give it to Messi, and see what he can do, he will save us somehow”

  18. My question is, did anyone really think this team would keep winning forever and ever until the end of time? Obviously not. The run had/has to end some time. If it’s this season, so be it.

    One thing to note: Barca’s form and points total, in any other league in the world, would be enough to see them win easily. They’ve had one defeat all season for god’s sake. Madrid is a brilliant team, there is no real shame in coming second to them.

    I believe that unless we win the first Clasico the league is their’s but I’d be happy to be proved wrong. However that does NOT mean anyone has the right to be upset with this team. The joy they’ve given in recent times more than makes up for any so-called shortcomings this year and in the future.

  19. Well its not that a team never loses. To remain unbeaten for so long is quite a feat in itself. But the thing I’m really excited about now is how we pick ourselves up. That’s the true sign of a Champion. Come Rayo, we’ll see how this team responds..

  20. I find it so funny how English and Spanish speakers alike have so much trouble saying Deulofeu’s name. Good thing my native is Portuguese so I can say it fine 100 times while very much drunk.

  21. I really think that Mourinho will set up his team for the counter and play ultra defensive cause he doesn’t need to win. You gotta admit, his defensive tactics almost worked for them last season and of course the season before with Inter.

    So I really don’t think it will be an open game at the Bernapoo (thanks nanda for the name). Don’t think Mourinho would want to risk the 6 points cushion. There is absolutely no need for him to play an attacking game which will of course suit us better.

  22. of course not, Ahsan..
    we know it will come to an end someday..

    but how shame if it has to end this season, while we still have Xavi and Puyol with us..and Pep Guardiola..
    it will become even harder after they leave us..

    however, not winning anything this season doesnt mean “Welcome Back, The Dark Age”..
    like Kevin said on twitter :

    Remember that Phil Jackson won 3 titles with the Bulls, reset then won 3 more. Dynasties aren’t always consecutive.

    1. Haha I was earlier on the day talking about Kxevin with his Bulls and Jordan too. Could you ask him on twitter how Phil Jackson treated Jordan as in keeping him fresh. If it’s the same way the way Phil keeps Kobe fresh than it’s really high time Pep should take a leaf out of it and treat Messi the same way.

    2. What do you mean by “not winning anything this season?”

      We’ve already won 2 titles due to our victories over Porto and EE!

  23. Did you guys see the fights at Walmart on Black Friday? Funny Americans. I thought people get together with their families to eat a big turkey on Thanksgiving Day. Not pepper spraying and brawling at Walmarts.

  24. I’m curious, what kind of foodball Barça is going to play, when all the players (midfielders) Pep fields together, really play together in the way he intends…
    At the moment, it is not working. Possession, passing, pressing, the key elements of the last three years, are far from the former standard.

  25. Quite looking forward to the rest of the season now – the written off, chasing down, coming from behind Barca will make a nice change to the last 3 years..!

    1. Not for me. I find it hard to believe that anyone would rather be behind than ahead in this situation. The pressure not to drop any more points just becomes greater. I’m also not into the idea that we accept all good things come to an end. Neither of these are the mentality that makes champions. We have a once in a lifetime opportunity with this set of players and need to grab it. I genuinely believe we can beat RM twice given the matchup of players and styles. It’s the dropping of points elsewhere that irks me.

  26. We aren’t playing as well as ever, but I think all the “did you think we would always be winning? No, the fire eventually goes out, we have to be prepared for it” talk is unwarranted. This isn’t the end of any era. And even if it is, I have a little suspicion that the dark times won’t last long at all. We got a little team called the Juvenil A, and judging by many reports, they are supposed to be the most talented group of youngsters in the last 10 years. BUT AGAIN, I think this team has a hell of a lot more to give, the fire is burning as strong as ever, and the recent loss has more to do with the lack of an aerial threat than lack of commitment…

  27. A SoccerMom shout out? I can die happy now. You inspire us all.

    Re my Atleti: Why you bringing up old $#*^?

  28. Haven’t checked in lately, so just saw the shout out from SoMa now. Thanks, babe, you’re my everything. <3 😀

    (And I don't smoke, so your ciggies are safe!)

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