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It’s rare that I find myself worrying too much during the first half of the season. Aside from a couple key encounters the heart-attack matches seem to be backloaded on the season. That said, the fact that we can’t afford to lose points has had me on edge for awhile. But I digress…


Starting XI: Valdes, Alves, Pique, Abidal, Maxwell, Busquets, Xavi, Thiago, Sanchez, Messi, Villa

Bench: Pinto, Fontas, Adriano, Mascherano, Keita, Pedro, Cuenca

Cocktails and hors d’oeuvres will begin shortly before 4:00 PM EST


  1. Real Madrid vs Atletico matches are sooooo fucking ridiculous… I’m glad that I just checked a live ticker right now and didn’t watch this comedy!
    Or actually I’m mad at myself because I still checked the live ticker 😀

  2. well,at this juncture,i think its safe to give EE the league title…thay have been getting the job done,unlike we

  3. we are losing La Liga title, aren’t we?

    right now I’m not even sure if we can come to El Clasico with ‘only’ 6 points.. ffs..

    what can we expect from Barça. this season if we lost against Getafe?

  4. Remember when we were amazing last season away from home? Oh how I wished we still played like that!

  5. Keita was technically onside because the Getafe defender played the ball.

    But its too little too late. We had didn’t seem to win long ago. We we’ll lose if we play like this at EE, we need to step up..

    Also, Iniesta and Cesc have been injured at the perfect moment this season, while Messi and Xavi have played faaaar too long without rest..

  6. Thinks it is time to write off the liga title, we could concentrate on the CL. I have no problem with that, after 3 years the wheels had to come off at some point, just pissed that it had to be the Burger boys.

    The team has gave it all the last 3 years, write off this season and start fresh next year.

  7. IF we win the CL and Club World Cup, I will still be satisfied with the season.

    But I think it’s almost safe to say that Real Madrid wins la Liga. They don’t drop many points, and with our most pathetic away form ever, it will still be 6, or even more points advantage for them after el Clasico.

  8. Why would anyone write off the title?We had a 12 point lead in january of the treble season and it got clawed back to 1 point.No matter how insurmountable a lead looks(and surely 6 points is clearly not) football has taught us its a game of uncertainties and twists. Not even December yet,why cant it be EE have peaked too soon and the only way they can go is down as the fixtures pile in may ?

    1. Well said. I’m with you here, but still, today’s performance was just…. just.. ewwwwwwwww….

      It was like…. I don’t even know it was just… ewwwwwwww

    2. Well im not happy about today either, seething actually, but im not going to write off our chances with 6 whole months left to play.

    3. we can hope EE will drop points somewhere, somehow..because I believe they will..

      but what about ourself?
      we are having the worst away form ever under Guardiola..

    4. Love your positivity Jordi but its what we see happening now; EE looks unbeatable and we look tired, uninterested and off form.

      Ofcourse that can change but until it does we’ll all be screaming the league is done.

    5. True enough but hoping against the odds is what 99% of footie fans go through so its ok for us to go through it occasionally.

  9. Team was utter crap. Tired and borderline burnt out.Slow sluggish and zero ideas. Heads must roll. To see Messi’s head drop like that was just depressing. Handing the league away. EE can go into the Classico relaxed. Keita was onside but thats not the point. Mourinho’s referee tactics from last year have paid dividends

  10. Didnt think it was possible to feel this down after a match. I can’t get anything done today. I’ll be curled up in bed, bawling for my mommy. The last time I felt this dejected was 07/08 season. Its still the first half of the season but 6 points seems so much especially after the last few years.

    Lets win at home against Rayo on Tuesday!

    1. Coincidentally, we lost to Getafe in 07/08 away and drew them at the Camp Nou which had the home fans whistling at Rijkaard..

  11. Horrid performance, really depressing moment, but I don’t see the need to give up on the league this early. There is over half a season left to play, and anything can happen. So many “ifs.” If we go down 9 points at the Bernabeu, if we fix our issues, if Pep stops screwing around and implements a real system of play, if we start finishing our chances, if Madrid drop points, if the injury plague ends.

    Don’t need to go there right now. We just have to wait and see.

  12. I would have taken a 1-1 today. Fuck me. I don’t know whats worse, the result, the performance or that we are behind 6 points to EE. ARGGGG!This is frustrating and what’s worse, seeing Messi head his head like he does with Argentina. I hope this is a wake up call for Pep, enough with the rotations and experimenting crap and try to make the team play better away.

  13. I think from now on, I will just try to enjoy football and not thinking too much about titles…

    It’s better that way for me…

    1. Yep but if Barca continues playing like they did today I dont even think I could even enjoy the football. 😐

    2. Of course, otherwise you’d just root for whoever was number one.

      GO Levante!

      I mean, Madrid!

      I mean, I mean …

  14. Look. Playing with a thin squad is hard. Our players weren’t rested well enough after playing their hearts out in midweek. Credit to Getafe for all the hard work they put in.

    Yes 6 points is a lot but its still November. A lot of shit can happen in the 2nd half of the season. We must take something out of the Clasico. Believe!

    Of course, we sorely missed Tito, get well soon..

  15. The ball possession was as good as it has always been.

    Everything else was EWWWWWWWWW……

    The lack of directness is so painful. Oh so painful…

    The width… or lack of….Alves constantly coming inside to link up with the wingers who had already tucked inside. Maxwell on the other side making sure he retains the title of the least threatening full back in the league.

    Villa started out a constant menace in the centre, move him to the left wing and he becomes more 1-dimensional than cuenca, offering NOTHING in attack. He should have come off for pedro around 60th leaving sanchez on.

    Messi, visibly exhausted, frankly his lack of rest is becoming ridiculous.

  16. It’s November, there are 25 games to go, we’re still going to play Madrid twice, we’re only 6 points behind, and you guys are already “writing the title off”? Are you kidding me?

    1. Sorry, but in which parallel universe are we any state to give the EE even a fight? I could stand it if it would be del Bosque Madrid or Pellegrini, but Mou, ah, that is double hearthbreak

  17. To think this time last year we had just put on the most complete performance by any team ever in this sport, THE Manita…

    1. A loss today doesn’t take the Manita away.

      They both are real, and they both really happened.

      Don’t let a midseason mediocre match on a pitchy pitch erase the wonderful memory of the Manita!

  18. Feeling right now as if someone stabbed me almost to death and broke the knife off…
    I’m not even looking forward to ‘el Clásico’ at the moment.

    Maybe I gotta sleep on this setback, and tomorrow everything will be bright^^
    Good night.

  19. Well, i can honestly say i feel pretty crappy after that loss, i can’t wait till my madridista buddies flood my fb wall, :-/ funny considering when Barca was on top, i never once boasted about it… I do think we’re over-exaggerating though, the liga isn’t over. Difficult to see us coming back, but Pep is Pep, and this team is way too good to write off. The pe(p)ssimism is strong in this blog though, lol.. Chin up guys and gals

  20. PEP: “WE WILL STAND UP AGAIN.” #fcblive

    the next 2 games is at home, right?
    win all of that, and see what we can get from El Clasico..

  21. The only reason Real Madrid are 6 points ahead is because Barca are not trying hard enough. In all of the games Barca have dropped points in, other than the Valencia game and maybe the Athletic Bilbao game, the team would have won if they tried to win from minute 1. This team has a bad case of complacency, it’s ugly to watch.

    How many times has the team suddenly kicked into gear after going down behind? They can’t start and finish games strong. If they can’t be motivated to win every single game, then there is no reason to continue watching their league matches, because RM have a team that is just about at the same level as Barca but with A LOT more desire and motivation. That makes all the difference in the world.

    My hope is that the club can really concentrate on the cl now, that is achievable if they obtain the right attitude by the time the quarterfinals rolls around. Right now this club is one to look down upon, not one to learn from. Their current attitude is just about the most unattractive quality a sports team can have. I mean even if a team is cheating, at least they’re trying to win. But if a team is not trying to win it just sucks the life out of the game. I won’t watch any more La Liga matches involving Barca unless/until I read from this site and other blogs/forums that the team is actually trying to play some football. No sir, I won’t let uninspired bores waste my time.

    1. That last paragraph , re-read it later when you’ve cooled off and ask yourself whose attitude really stinks.

    2. You’re gonna need to be direct with me if you’re expecting a response, why does my attitude stink? What I was talking about in my post is that the team is not trying at all. So what is it? Do you think they are trying as hard as they can? Do you think this kind of attitude is acceptable?

    3. Well I dont think its fair to question their commitment.Is the question of sustained urgency one of choice or ability. Are they physically able to push themselves for 90 minutes after a tough game in milan 3 days before or are they lazy and just dont care.Perhaps our system isn’t foolproof and it can sometimes break down.I didnt make up my mind yet but Im certain its not a lack of trying or caring that’s the cause. Also, I thought it was ironic you questioned their attitude when you said you wouldnt watch till they play well again in the league.What if they never do? It can get worse,has before, probably will again sometime in the future.

    4. Having played 3 days before is not an excuse for this type of performance. The Milan game should be taken into account, but there is no way that the players were not capable of putting in a better performance today. 3 days of is rest is plenty of time to recover from a match, don’t be fooled. If they are training adequately there is no way this can be used as an excuse, at this point of the season.

      I did not say I would never watch Barca till they play well again, I said I wouldn’t watch them until I am assured they are TRYING to win.

    5. I might not agree with everything, but he is right on one thing: our players did not do the club any proud with this game, no drive and no hunger to win. We made it nearly impossible today for ourselves to defend the league title

    6. @Jacob

      Sorry but the team had only 2 days between the Milan match and this one. There was no “rest.” There is no time for “rest” at this stage.
      The team played a tiring match on Wednesday, flew back to Barca on Thursday and trained on Friday. It was practically one day training…I dont even think there was time for recovery.

    7. But how many times have we seen Barca play countless high intensity matches one after the other? Playing two matches in 3 days may seem exhausting to you, but for professional athletes it’s normal, they’re used to it.

    8. Geez, fella.

      Xavi Hernandez, what an uninspired bore!

      And who’s that little guy with the funny hair. Leo someone. What a snooze!

      At least that mophead was on the bench today. I can’t take another sleepwalk from him!

      You go up against Milan at the San Siro on Wednesday and see if you’re up to meet your Mom for brunch on Saturday morning.

  22. I agree with some points, Jacob.
    except the part where you said you won’t watch Barça La Liga match, that’s not me.

    this team is tired physically and mentally. that happens to every team who stays on top for long period.

    you don’t have to watch, it’s up to you..but Barça has given me so much joy these recent years, I’m not going to leaving them now.

  23. Some thoughts:

    Lack of rhythm and chemistry were the main problems methinks. Injuries have meant that not only do we not have a fixed XI, players haven’t been able to get a feel for each other. Messi, Alexis and Villa all occupied the same space today (the middle) and it meant that there were times where we had no-one on the wings. It was pretty evident half-way into the first half, and it wasn’t sorted out well. Cesc and Iniesta would have been great today, particularly Cesc as we desperately needed some directness in our play and runs into the box.

    Wasn’t a fun match to watch to be honest; I really didn’t like the way the team was playing. Looked uninspired and out of ideas; though, Getafe did put up a decent defensive performance.

    But oh well. I’m not too worried, despite the 6 pt gap. For all the angst, we were pretty unlucky not to snatch a draw at the death. And the season’s long; although they look ‘unbeatable’, EE tend to go down to teams in the bottom half of the table – incidentally, teams like Getafe. That, and I think they peaked early, but time will tell, I guess.

    I like to consider this as the Hercules/Rubin result for this season. We’ll find some kind of rhythm eventually, fingers crossed that no-one else gets injured.

    And on another note, take a deeeeeeeeep breath guys. It’s November. 6 pts isn’t all that much. Two draws and a loss (ahem, against us) and BOOM, we’re back to the top of the table.

    Team’s given us too much joy to count them out of the title race in November. We’ll stand up from this. After all, what’s the fun in winning a title if you don’t work for it?

  24. @BarcaTheOffside “To those asking the last time Barça was 6 points behind Madrid, they were 18 points behind at the end of the 07/08 Liga.” (@pedritonumeros )

    that’s not gonna happen this season.
    we’ll stand up again. /positiveculé

  25. Dropping six points in this league is a lot, and certainly the chance of retaining the title looks slimmer. I just want everything to go back to the way it was but that might take a while. I agree with Kari regarding our lack of rhythm. Maybe, in hindsight, too much depth is not such a good thing. Nonetheless, it’s November and win, lose or draw, I still love FC Barcelona 🙂

  26. @3gerardpique I want to know, have you ever seen the rain? Comin’ down on a sunny day..

    I don’t know what was he tying to say, but it cheered me up 😀

    1. That’s so funny that we knew this.

      IIIIIII wanna know-ow-ow …

      Have you evah seeeeeeeeeen the rain …

    2. We know this song from the early 70s…does that make us old?…nah…Pique knows it too so that makes us cool!

  27. How many Getafe players were involved in midweek matches? How many were playing with 2 days rest?

    We looked tired and uninspired after a tough CL game and people are surprised? Yeah I’m worried, but it’s not time to despair totally. And if we don’t win the title, I still love this team.

    C’est la vie, c’est la guerre.

  28. Problem is we just can not afford to rest Messi, even against small teams and even if he surely needs rest: Who will score goals? It is an absolute catastrophe that Villa as well as Pedro have completly lost form. I prefered Alexis to Rossi, but in the hindsight we might have been better off with an other striker. but who could foresee that both of MVP can not score at some point in the season?

    1. We can afford to rest Messi…

      I know this might sound crazy but a lot of the difficulty the team has been having has been the increased reliance on Messi.

      Our other forwards and midfielders are very hesitant to shoot or dribble, and take the game into their own hands because its become the norm for messi to do that kind of thing…

      Barca’s dependence on Messi is increasingly turning it into a fork with one prong…

  29. 6 points behind with many games still to be played. Sorry, dudes, but nowhere I can see that we have lost La Liga. Madrid won’t win all their remaining games and we won’t either… there’s still too much to be written.

    Why do you people get so down with a lost game? Hey, Barcelona is also a team made of humans. =)

  30. If PEP and his Boys got to get up then KXEVIN and KARI got to get up as well! off late BFB is not as lively as it were during last year! how can we not get a KXEVIN review after an AC Milan match? now a days when you come here you get a POST which has been here for about 1 week. guys we need you to encourage us KARI(adversity test loyalty post) and KXEVIN( your AKA post) we need it!

    1. chill out..

      Kevin is on holiday to London.. Kari said that in November she’ll be out for a while..

      they will come back.. 😉



  33. Two worrying nights in a row, huh?

    Still in our hands by my reckoning (just) with two wins over RM.

    Defence looked decent – didn’t see us losing a goal until it happened. Still not sure why. Was it Busi who failed to get a jump in? However, Alves has lost his danger atm and Maxwell seldom carries any.

    The midfield is totally reliant on Xavi and he played too far back for most of the game because we couldn’t get the quality possession further up. Last twenty he moved up and we were better. He does, though need to start varying the tika-taka with the early through ball for Villa or alexis and the quick switch of wings. I know a lot of people here think Thiago is ready for prime time but I’m not seeing it. I don’t know what he brings atm. He isn’t a Xavi and at the moment isn’t carrying any destabilising threat like Iniesta. He has great skills, is working hard at his defence and is learning but we have Busi for the DM spot.

    Up front, we have problems. Messi has played a lot. It’s easy to say he’s tired when he doesn’t play well but he comes back the next game. I’m more worried about him picking up an injury in his current state. He needs some time off and if we can’t beat lower teams without him we don’t deserve the title. Other than that we have villa, alexis and Cuenca not looking like they can score enough goals to keep us in the chase. Pedro looked lively tonight but he hasn’t been great either.

    I’ll leave Euler to wax eloquent about our lack of width again but I would say that we score either by threading passes through defences or by someone making a destabilising run and we’re not doing either well enough at the moment. We need to take more chances in the last third rather than passing around them forever. Someone, apart from Messi, needs to take defenders on a the edge of the box. I thought Sanchez would but he hasn’t. Thiago has stopped doing it, Cuenca isn’t ready imo and Iniesta, the best of all at that is now injured after spending games in the stand resting. Ironic or what?

    I’m still waiting for the VV, Alves, Pique, Puyol, Abidal, Busi, Xavi, iniesta, Pedro, Villa Messi lineup. hopefully against RM. . . If Cesc comes on its for one of the forwards not the midfield. If that doesn’t do the trick then I’ll worry.

    1. Well said…
      Lack of directness is key. Especially against teams that park the bus…

      Feels like players are too afraid to lose possession (mainly dribblers like thiago and sanchez) and end up not even trying to dribble or take the match into their own hands be it by going by some players or simply shooting.

      I’d gladly take only 60% possession if it meant players were taking chances and responsibility to change the game.

  34. In 15 of the last 18 official games Barcelona didn’t win, Carles Puyol wasn’t part of the starting line-up #fcblive [via @ 2010MisterChip]

    ^ that.

  35. I missed the match as I was travelling. So was shocked whne I sa wth scoreline. The title could be very much over. Now what this result makes is the match at Bernebeu a must win one. I don’t think we will win that. Such have been our away form this season.

    I have always maintained here that we still don’t know our best eleven. Guardiola is playing around too much with the formation for my liking. Villa don’t play much with the team, Pedro was injured, we never saw our best back line play consistenly. Many would say that we need a good bench to be world dominant. But what we need most is the first elevn to play more and gel more.

    In normal scenario, a six point lead is no matter of concern. But not for us especially this season. If we don’t win at Real the lead could be six or nine by the time we leave for club world championship. And may be the time we come back it could become 12 as Real would have already played one more match. A 12 point lead or a nine point lead even with a game in hand is a huge task.

    Real Madrd definitely may drop some points, but what guarantee is that we will not.

  36. This team owes us nothing. It has given us more than any fan could ever dream of in any team in the last 5 seasons. The mere possibility that we may lose a league title…so what? Madrid has literally thrown Millions upon Millions to topple us, and maybe finally they can do it… but, bugger me, look at what we have celebrated recently:

    three Spanish league titles, one Spanish Cup, three Spanish Super Cups, two Champions Leagues, two European Super Cups and one World Club Cup.


    Enjoy the ride, support the boys, and whatever happens, happens.

    1. This^…

      Thanks for this comment, lots of people here (I’m the first) tend to lose perspective…

  37. Off the ball movement was practically nonexistent. If they’re going to play a tiki-taka type football, it’s all about moving around creating space, angles and triangles. None of that was happening tonight. Barca reached the 18 yard line,abruptly stopped causing a traffic jam of players. That’s the reason people here mention “lack of creativity” or “having zero ideas”. There’s no room to make things happen in such tight space if players aren’t QUICKLY making themselves available for passes and give and goes. They played tired.
    It’s back to the drawing board, but I have a suspicion that the key lies more in their heart than in their feet.

    1. Wouldn’t go as far to say that it was non-existant (or even practically).

      Main issue for me was the sharpness and directness in the final third. I think that many times this season we’ve seen the possession mentality taken to an unhealthy level. Players (other than Messi) are so afraid of loosing possession that they’ve effectively stopped trying to dribble past players (thiago, sanchez) or have a crack at goal (villa) despite their undeniable talent….

      Many times this season it has seemed our game plan revolved around endless ball circulation until Messi decides to dribble or shoot…

      It works great at times, but our forwards (not messi) and midfielders need to take more responsibility in changing games…

      It’s painful to see an explosive winger like sanchez, or a predatory striker like villa resort to recycling possession to the mids over and over until Messi decides to do something.

  38. A couple of cosmos later. Feelin’ better. Visca Barca!

    Really guys, you win some you lose some. Reality is that we may not win all or even any titles this year( well there are the two super cups and hopefully the CWC). Sometimes we won’t play well. Sometimes the other team will have our number.

    Truth is that a well rested Getafe played a defensively outstanding game against us and managed to knick a goal on that great equalizer, the corner. Give them some credit and our guys a little grace (but Pep should work on defending corners again, just sayin’).

  39. I don’t think the league is completely over but it will be unless Barca win (a draw won’t do) the first clasico and on this form, I don’t see Madrid losing at home to this team.

  40. I am distraught at this result… but I will never give up on this team in any competition. They have shown too much will and spirit in the past to get down so easily!

  41. The team should start to play some games without Messi. Just to lern to score without him.
    How could it be that all the highly rated (and prized) players can’t score when Messi does not score or has an off day?

    And by the way: the players who didn’t play midweek, had no better game than the others… (Maxwell, Pique, Alves, Sanchez)

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