Barcelona – Zaragoza Liveblog

It’s one of those dreaded post international duty matches, but at least this one is at the Camp Nou. Cuenca has earned himself another start, while Pedro and Busquets have failed to make the bench.

Starting XI: Valdes, Alves, Pique, Puyol, Maxwell, Keita, Xavi, Cesc, Sanchez, Messi, Cuenca

Bench: Pinto, Abidal, Fontas, Mascherano, Iniesta, Thiago, Villa


  1. Awww, they took Puyi’s goal away from him and gave it to Own Goal instead. That selfish little goal poacher! 👿

  2. Man, what a shame that Soldado’s 3rd goal didn’t count. And that EE can handball in their own box with impunity.

  3. Although they won,Im happy to see them exposed so easily. I quite enjoyed this game. Hay La Liga.

  4. Figured. If a team decides to put up a fight they get robbed why bother?

    I’m kinda shocked I checked back and it wasnt 6-3 or something. Heard it was a good game..was it?

  5. Of course, is on about Messi’s goal being offside… wonder what will they make of that Ramos save.

    1. hahahaha Messi had about 2 players playing him on!

      unless they want to digitally delete players from pic again *roll eyes*

    2. My comms kept going on and on about its being dubious, but I see it as clearly onside… Maybe I need my eyes checked again.

    1. If you are talking about the Real Madrid game, then that was NOT a hand ball. Very close decision but it his the his side. Higuain even confirmed it in the press conference.

    2. Bassam is right, honestly as bad as a I wanted valencia to draw (and i think they deserved it) it was not a handball.

      also how in the world did Iker make that save?

      As it stands now I expect barca to trail by three going into the clasico, hopefully they can win there and take momentum/the lead.

    3. That was a picture perfect save, if only a camera is fast enough to catch it! Such quick reflexes.

      My hopes are that we go into El Clasico with a 3 point lead. Psychologically it will be immense for us, since losing only puts us level on points, not behind you guys. If we win, it puts us 6 points ahead, and that’s amazing!

      Di Maria returning to full fitness will be vital. We have been hit with injuries in the worse time, with Kaka, Coentrao, Di Maria and Arbeloa all injured. We also have Marcelo and Ronaldo who are playing with no fitness what so ever. I can never imagine playing Barca without Di Maria in the squad. Aside from his pressing and dribbling, who is going to dive?!

    4. You’ve been hit with injuries? LOL!
      Madrid is supposedly the best squad in Europe 2- 3 “injuries” to you guys is nothing I would assume.
      Every week we have an injury and we are just NOW beginning to find some kind of rhythm with players finally getting back to full fitness. Madrid has been coasting by for the past couple months with virtually litle to no injuries to their important players. Please come back when ALL of your backline is out injured.

      About the supposed handball by Higuain. It wasnt a hand ball niether was it his chest. When did the chest shift to a person’s side? If anything he shielded the ball while sliding with his side and it ended it up under his arm. Even if it was a handball do you really think Higuain would come out and say he used his arm? haha

    5. Someone will step up to take the diving responsibilities.

      I must ask, how did it feel to taste your own sweet medicine of kicking players when they’re down. Did you guys take any lesson out of it?

    6. I can’t make out from that video/angle if the ball hits is hand or the bar. I can see the crossbar wobbling a bit but not sure if its due to the hand hitting the bar. Honestly I can’t remember someone saving a shot like that an the ball looping in the opposite direction of the dive the keeper made. My guess – it hit the crossbar as Iker’s hand would’ve turned it in that direction.

      Clear chest/No handball from that angle..

    7. But really though the Valencia player who was standing nearby could have attempted to kick the ball into the net instead of protesting a handball that was never gonna be given!

    8. As i was arguing with Josep. If there was an issue like this with a Barcelona player and he said in the press conference that it didn’t hit his arm, many will say that they believe him. Why? Because of trust in their players. His words just confirm the video evidence that he didn’t handle it. That’s what it means.

    1. To be honest, I don’t have a reason to worry. We’ll defeat Real Madrid at the Bernabéu and we will be on the top of the League once again. Mourinho, as always, is gonna moan about “Barcelona being favored by some kind of evil conspiracy” when in reality, his system and his players are just unable to win against us.

  6. So glad the team is back to its winning way 🙂 I haven’t seen the game yet, but I heard Cuenca played really well, and Villa scored (with his head twice in a row!!!), which should help him regain his confidence. So how did Barca do? I can’t wait to see how the team play as we are entering the final stretch of the first half of the season. Hopefully, players are reaching their full fitness and ready to entertain 🙂

  7. Have we ever looked sharper than last night after international break under Guardiola?

    and so glad Villa scored, hopefully this is a sign he got his form back.

  8. @Kimcelona:

    A) I never said it hit his chest, i said it hit his side. Wherever it hit, it wasn’t a hand ball.

    B) You went without having a CB to play not because you were just hit by injuries, but because you don’t have numbers. At one point during the season, we were missing Carvalho, Varane and Albiol (3 CB’s) and Marcelo. For Barcelona to have no CB’s, they would only miss 3 players (Pique, Puyol and Abidal). We always get hit by injuries, but it is our deep squad that helps with that. I would even say we get more injuries than Barcelona do, especially considering our crap of a medical staff. For all our back line to be injured that would mean we would have to lose 8 players. That’s almost half of the Barca squad 😉

    C) If Higuain said that he hit it with his arm, would the ref now change his decision? It’s done and dusted. Video evidence + what he said just confirm that it didn’t hit his arm.

    1. @Bassam:

      a) Some of your players have come out and said it hit his chest hence why I brought that up. Seems everyone saw a different body part lol

      b) Nonsense. For almost all of this year our backline has had injury problems. I remember at one point last season even our backups were injured. So that has nothing to do with squad numbers. Unless you would propose we have 5 backups for each position on hand? :)Madrid’s so-called injury problem is one player who doesnt even play that much out for a few weeks (except Dive Maria and Ricky Carvalho this season). And so far this season almost every key player for us has been out for a good period of time and that messes up team rhythm.

      c) No, you’re right it wouldnt change anything but the point still remains that even if it did hit his arm he wouldnt have admitted anyways.

    2. Other camera angles do seem to show that it hits part of his arm, but there’s no point debating it now.

      At least, maybe, Del Bosque was watching and saw how good Soldado was vs. his beloved RM and will finally give the man a deserved call up. Probably a pipe dream though…

  9. Cuenca: “It’s encouraging when they chant my name, it makes me want to keep on working and fighting,”

    They chanted his name??? I’m all verklempt! 😀

    1. yes they did, on 2nd half, when he was so close to score, but his shot was way too high…

      Isaac got the ball from Messi, I think…

    2. It was no “Bojan Bojan Krkic” chanted to “We will rock you,” but it was still pretty sweet!

      And I was kinda happy that he tried a higher shot, as we saw how many low shots that the keeper was saving/defenders were getting blocks to.

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