Journalists and witnesses report that Real Madrid coach José Mourinho brought his daughter to meet international pop star Justin Bieber at his hotel last Friday. As the darkened car pulled into the hotel’s reception drive, a large number of Justin Bieber fans went crazy, believing their idol inside. The disappointed girls recognized Mourinho, but took heart in reassuring each other that they spotted Bieber’s girlfriend, Selena Gómez, in the back seat.*


@justinjust_in: OK grlz he’s due 2 arrive any minute

@yoosteens_teens: OMG OMB so ready

@justinjust_in: Can’t believe we’ll B f2f

@yousteens_teens: Totally fab I’m Bieberish

@justinjust_in: Car is in! … Bieberblast!

@jo_mo: Car throngs with pyt’s. I’m so special. #special1specialfriends

@yousteens_teens: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

@jo_mo: Looks like CR7’s not the only one around here who gets whistles b/c so rich and handsome. #special1specialfriends

@justinjust_in: W8 … is it rly HIM?

@yousteens_teens: Dunno. Looks geezer.

@jo_mo: So Neymar’s not the Bieber of football. That wld B me. #special1specialfriends

@justinjust_in: Oh noes. Total FAIL.

@jo_mo: This car has been rocked by Madrileñan Chica Army #special1specialfriends

@yousteens_teens: Selena in backtweet!

@justinjust_in: Shout out to Bieber-Shawty!

@jo_mo: Hang on to your ligas, I’m getting out! #special1specialfriends

@yousteens_teens: Not Bieberbabe. *sigh*

@jo_mo: I hope there’s enough ink in my pens to sign all of these posters! #special1specialfriends

@justinjust_in: Selena fail. Other grl.

@yousteens_teens: Is she Biebette?

@justinjust_in: She follows #Bieberfiebre, Total Belieber.

@jo_mo: Grlz, plz. The coat’s cashmr.

@yousteens_teens:  Scooch over, Scrooge!

@justinjust_in: New car just pulled in! #Bieberfiebre

@yousteens_teens: BIEBERGASM !!!!!!!!!

@jo_mo: Who dat Bieber anyhoo? Someone send pic plz #special1specialfriends


@jo_mo: Fail.



The exploit is fully patched.



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By SoccerMom

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  1. Germany is fantastic. I’ve been saying this for a while. So much better than they were in the WC2010.

    They have a very good chance to win Euro 2012 and the next WC. Perhaps the most balanced team in the world.

    Jurgi Loew is a fantastic manger. He’s so good. He keeps pushing that squad, experimenting with how they can expand their capabilities. Just so impressive to watch what he’s doing there.

    If Pep were to ever leave and an outsider considered for the job – Loew should be at the top of the list.

    1. His experimenting keeps all the players motivated and hungry. No one can be sure that their position is safe, so they always play to prove themselves. It’s great methodology from Jogi Loew – he certainly has one of the most talented and complete squads.

    2. VdB better wake up and smell the coffee. What worked for a while won’t necessarily work forever. The whole double pivot has to go. Arbeloa has no business starting, ever.

      On the upside, Villa scored. That little bit of confidence built by that goal may just make that particular useless, worthless friendly a little less useless and worthless.

    3. Villa played huge minutes this international break and wasn’t at 100% fitness to begin with.

      VdB always plays him because they simply don’t have many options for goal scoring now.

      Let’s hope scoring that goal will relieve some pressure. Because playing so much is going to take its toll on his performance for barca.

    4. Oh, I understand why he has to play Villa when they play. I just would rather them not have to play any useless friendlies. But if he has to play, at least the goal is such a plus!

    5. There’s always Soldado if he VdB would just give him a chance. Shoot, even Adrian would be an upgrade from Torres!

    1. Wow, what an incredible move by Thiago, the scene starting at 0:59.
      He really lobbed the ball with his backheel. I can do that with the pick, but lobbing a ball that is on the ground with a backheel is impossible ! 🙂

    2. It was pretty cool, but ultimately pointless. Like I said to Jnice on twitter, Thiago has fun with the U21 team because he gets to do fancy things that Pep would probably chew him out for. I can’t blame him–they were dominant from start to finish and they had already qualified, so why not have fun and show off some moves?

    1. Yeah. I would love to discuss about this topic especially after Rosell came out with this statement;

      “The European top clubs want to reduce national leagues to 16 clubs, as well as a CL with more teams.

      “We don’t think it’s fair that we pay the salaries and UEFA and FIFA get income using our players. This has to be treated seriously

      “If we don’t find a deal, the worst case scenario is that the top clubs will go away from UEFA in 2014 and organize an own league.”

      All via the great Barcastuff.

      I have always been a fan of the G-14 or any super league for that matter ever since when the idea was mooted in the mid-90’s. That’s why I am delighted to hear that something similar is back on track. There are a few major drawbacks to this though.

      I would love if there is a post on this matter before the teams prepare for the next match or during the next break that we have in the future.

  2. Oh no.

    Barcelona have decided that second goalkeeper Jose Manuel Pinto (36), whose contract expires, will not continue next season. [onda cero]

    Let him at least be the 3rd choice keeper as long as he is in the dressing room and on the bench to stand up for his mates.

    1. If it’s true, I’m sad. 🙁 I will miss the Plait of Power. Can’t they at least keep him on to emcee the victory celebrations at Camp Nou?

      But wasn’t it just a couple of days ago they were saying the first team would have a third keeper next season instead of just two?

    2. That’s why he should be the 3rd GK and let a young or someone in the more younger part of the 30’s.

      We lost Silvinho before, Milito and to lose another vocal non-Catalan member would be a great lost. Who else is a vocal person we have now besides Puyol?

  3. Toure can’t stop being nice can’t he?

    Toure (Man City): “Messi, Xavi, Iniesta… They are great guys, that’s why they win. It’s the best dressing-room I’ve been part of.” [sport]

  4. Graham Hunter with the Truth on Ibra:

    So my argument is that he knew. Ibrahimovic knew that Guardiola had built a strict system on and off the pitch. He knew that things revolved around Messi. He knew that Barca’s success is fundamentally pressed on intelligent movement — with the ball, off the ball and in pressing to regain the ball. He knew that team harmony was valued about two million light years above self expression. Above all, he knew the impetus was on him to adapt and learn. Not vice versa.

    Instead of working, he started walking. Instead of obeying the rules, he went snow jet-skiing in the winter break. Instead of fitting in with the daily discipline, he trotted out late to training. Last by a distance. By his own definition, Barca was his big chance. He blew it. It was his fault.

  5. Wow. Dinho might go to Panathinaikos.

    On a totally unrelated note, Messi looks like Copernicus


    which reminds me of this episode on Family Guy.


  6. If you live near a Ross store you might want to go and take a look around. I was browsing around and found the mint green away shirt(long sleeved) for $24.99. It doesn’t have a players number or name but it is the real deal. Just thought I’d share 🙂

  7. In this article Ruben Uría explains how Cristiano Ronaldo could have been signed by Barça in the summer of 2003. Barça sent Txiki to Portugal, and Rosell with Laporta had contacts with Mendes (Ronaldo’s agent) and were willing to put 7M euros for his signing. ManUtd offer was of 15M euros. So they won. Mr. Uría also explains how Ferguson wanted Puyol, and offered 20M euros for him, and also offered three times his salary in Barça. And how Puyol turned down the offer, because he didn’t want to become a Figo. It also gives a quote from Laporta (and this is really important):
    La tesorería del club no está para demasiados alardes. Anuncia que el déficit del Barça asciende a 164 millones de euros y que “el objetivo sigue siendo el déficit cero para el año que viene, cosa que, además, creo que es factible”. [ Frase que, negro sobre blanco y con el paso del tiempo, alcanza hoy trascendencia y relevancia]
    “The clubs treasury isn’t prepared to give too much money for a signing. Laporta announces that Barça’s deficit is about 164M euros and that “the objective keeps lowering the deficit to 0, next year, action that I believe to be doable”.”

    1. Three months after the failed signing of Ronaldo, Rikjaard gives minutes to a little young boy, that made his debut against Mourinho’s Porto, by the name of Lionel Andrés Messi Cuccittini, this was November the 16th of 2003. Eight years ago exactly.

    2. Ronaldo was offered to Barcelona again when he was playing at Manchester after his clash with Rooney in the WC. Laporta rejected the chance to sign him because he had his eyes and heart on Henry.

      I thought it was a mistake then, and still I do.

    3. Maybe Messi wouldnt have had the same chances. Or maybe Ronaldo would have grown up with our values, and would have been an asset to our team. Who knows? If you ask me today, I believe CR7 doesn’t have a space on our team, because of way of playing, values and general behaviour. I believe Messi was born to play and succeed in Barça, and that him, Iniesta and Xavi are the 3 best field players on the world.

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