Journalists and witnesses report that Real Madrid coach José Mourinho brought his daughter to meet international pop star Justin Bieber at his hotel last Friday. As the darkened car pulled into the hotel’s reception drive, a large number of Justin Bieber fans went crazy, believing their idol inside. The disappointed girls recognized Mourinho, but took heart in reassuring each other that they spotted Bieber’s girlfriend, Selena Gómez, in the back seat.*


@justinjust_in: OK grlz he’s due 2 arrive any minute

@yoosteens_teens: OMG OMB so ready

@justinjust_in: Can’t believe we’ll B f2f

@yousteens_teens: Totally fab I’m Bieberish

@justinjust_in: Car is in! … Bieberblast!

@jo_mo: Car throngs with pyt’s. I’m so special. #special1specialfriends

@yousteens_teens: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

@jo_mo: Looks like CR7’s not the only one around here who gets whistles b/c so rich and handsome. #special1specialfriends

@justinjust_in: W8 … is it rly HIM?

@yousteens_teens: Dunno. Looks geezer.

@jo_mo: So Neymar’s not the Bieber of football. That wld B me. #special1specialfriends

@justinjust_in: Oh noes. Total FAIL.

@jo_mo: This car has been rocked by Madrileñan Chica Army #special1specialfriends

@yousteens_teens: Selena in backtweet!

@justinjust_in: Shout out to Bieber-Shawty!

@jo_mo: Hang on to your ligas, I’m getting out! #special1specialfriends

@yousteens_teens: Not Bieberbabe. *sigh*

@jo_mo: I hope there’s enough ink in my pens to sign all of these posters! #special1specialfriends

@justinjust_in: Selena fail. Other grl.

@yousteens_teens: Is she Biebette?

@justinjust_in: She follows #Bieberfiebre, Total Belieber.

@jo_mo: Grlz, plz. The coat’s cashmr.

@yousteens_teens:  Scooch over, Scrooge!

@justinjust_in: New car just pulled in! #Bieberfiebre

@yousteens_teens: BIEBERGASM !!!!!!!!!

@jo_mo: Who dat Bieber anyhoo? Someone send pic plz #special1specialfriends


@jo_mo: Fail.



The exploit is fully patched.



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By SoccerMom

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  1. HEADS UP !!!

    Egypt being led by Bob Bradley will be facing tomorrow a Brazil team that has Dani in the starting line-up.

  2. I don’t know if someone else posted this but Thiago running the show for the u21’s… impressive.

  3. Wow.

    My friend Aimee biebergasmed yesterday when we saw Henry Rollins digging through records at Amoeba.

  4. Pele : “For example, watch Lionel Messi play for Barcelona. He is very good. Exceptional. But for Argentina, he’s completely different.

    “Compare him to Zinedine Zidane. He won the World Cup and was at the top for 15 years. He was a more complete player than Messi.”

    Since when was Zidane at the top for 15 years?????!!!

    Zidane was a late bloomer! He was a talent at Bordeaux and only became an established star after a season at Juve. That doesn’t even make it 10 years because he retired after the 2006 WC.

    And usually I get irritated when I see fans all over the world saying that ROnaldo is a complete player. But a complete player doesn’t mean that he’s the best right? Heck. I look more like a complete player than Messi is but that doesn’t make me better don’t it.

    Seriously. What is their fascination with the complete player? If it’s really important, they, all the football players who are not complete; not tall, not fast, should just give up football.

  5. I thought I find something to like about Justin Bieber when he wore FC Barcelona jersey, but he did this… no me gusta…


  6. B right back Martin Montoya (20) will in the coming days decide on his future. If he doesn’t renew, he can leave for free next year.

    I’m worried…

    We still have to renew Montoya and a few other Babies and most importantly Abidal.

    Nowadays whenever I go to this site, it tries to download something. It did the same last year but it stopped. Not it has started again.

    1. I’m actually not that worried about Abidal. He has said he wants to stay and retire at the club, and he likes working with Pep. The only issue is the length of the deal he is offered – last I heard (admittedly, some time ago) he wanted two years while the club was only offering 1 year plus an automatic 1 year extension if he plays enough games.

      Montoya is a much more worrying issue. He is good enough that he needs to be getting first team minutes. The problem is Alves has averaged over 50 games a season for the last 3 seasons – he has right back on lockdown. If Montoya could play as left back he might get more time – but he would still be competing with Abidal and Adriano, neither of whom should be allowed to leave next summer.

      This could be a problem across the board in coming years. Youngsters like Busquets and Pedro, and even players like Fontas and Cuenca have staked their claim to the first team by taking advantage of our light squads over the past couple of years. With the squad looking stronger than it ever has (particularly in defense and midfield) it will be more difficult for the young players to get some playing time due to injuries.

  7. Did you see the dive of Altintop in the game vs. Croatia?
    He still has to learn from di Maria

    1. Haha I have been rambling everywhere for the past week about this complete player myth. I’m so irritated whenever someone says that Messi isn’t complete so CR7 is better as he is more complete. But just because he has a better build frame doesn’t mean he is the best or at least good doesn’t he?

    2. Right, I remember reading a article when TB scored his 100th goal for EE. Over 3/4 of his goals were from his right foot, with the 1/4 split between his head and left foot. Which is pretty much what Messi scores for Barca, with a quick switch between left and right-footed strikes.

      I think that’s another way that TB fans say that he is more complete by saying he scores in more diverse ways, but that is also false!

  8. Wonderful words from YaYa.

    Toure (Man City): “I left Barça because I wanted to play every week. My wife said: ‘You’re 27, you can’t be on the bench, you should leave'”

    Yaya Toure: “I said from day one that Barça is my dream club. I still watch them, it’s a joy, phenomenal. Returning? You never know”

    Toure: “People comparing Silva with Messi? Look, there’s only one Messi. Messi is Messi. The best in the world. And he’s also a great guy.”

    1. He said the same things when he left as well. That Pep tried to convince him to stay, but that he was fit and at a physical and footballing peak so he wanted to play 50 games a season, so he decided to leave. And that he still loved Barca and wished to return to them someday.

      I don’t believe that he said anything about Pep, those were media BS.

  9. To the rest of the world: Canada apologizes for inflicting Bieber on you. Please don’t nuke us.

    To SoMa: You got Bieber in my Barça! 👿

    1. True that Blitzen – I hate the 2011 jerseys! The blue on the side made it look like sweat running down… just bad on all regards. Give me the 2008 jerseys any day! Although the new 2012 ones look pretty spiffy too.

  10. Nice ball from Isco into the box. Great run by Montoya to get behind the Swiss defender – it was that run which drew the penalty.

    Thiago steps up to take the PK and the captain puts it away comfortably (despite keeper guessing the right side).

    Montoya is having a good match.

  11. Right now the Spanish U-21 right flank is more effective and tactically efficient and coherent than the right flank of the senior side.

    VdB may not feel comfortable doing so – but he really should call up Montoya and Munian and give them real, meaningful minutes in friendlies to evaluate and expand his options for the Euros.

    Give them a shot. Continuing to play the same players with the same limitations over and over in meaningless friendlies means little.

    1. Seriously. I would pick Montoya over Arbeloa any day of the week.

      Also VDB’s insistence on playing with a double pivot to accommodate Alonso is becoming a real issue for the senior team. Play with Busi or Alonso (and we all know who I would pick) but not both.

    2. I hope that VdB is watching this match. These boys are playing with more heart and skills than most in the senior team right now.

    1. Thanks for the link nzm. Good to watch some decent soccer. Got home in time for the second half. btw, Xavi is sitting on my lap watching the game with me (the new puppy, that is).

    2. Dunno about mushroom hunting training, but he has a red collar, a blue leash, and a wee little soccer ball.

      As an aside, when we were driving to get him, we were behind a car with a kindred spirit. Dude’s car had both a Barca sticker and a Baltimore Ravens sticker, I thought it a good omen.

    3. You’re welcome mom4 – it is a very nice game to be watching after the trials of Barca and the senior Spain squad. These guys are very much in control.

      Xavi is a great name for your puppy! What kind of muttley did you get?

      blitzen: BOL!!! (barking out loud) There’s money to e made in truffle-hunting!

    4. Oh – talking about doggy accessories.

      I saw my first Barca dogcoat on a small dog being walked past our apartment, the day before yesterday!

    5. He’s a Havanese, nzm (think black and white fluff ball). Since part of the breed’s history is in Tenerife, hubby thought Pedro was a better name. I won!

      I haven’t enjoyed a game this much in a while.

      Dang but it’d hard to type with said fluff ball in your lap!

    6. Oh – that is one cute dog!

      We may be away in January, but if we are still in Barca at that time, we must meet up!

      matdxb (at) is my email address.

      Also ping me if you want any info.

    7. @nzm-I’ll e-mail soon. We can do tapas!

      @ Blitzen- You want a Xavi puppy too? Does your cat like dogs? Oh wait…

    8. oops – sorry.

      I didn’t see that blitzen and BarcaGirl_Indo had already responded to your fungi question below.

  12. There were reports that Barca was scouting the Swiss U-21 LB as potential transfer for this summer.

    He’s had a rough match.

    In fact both Swiss FB have.

    This match is one VdB should really watch carefully. The U-21 side is literally doing many of hte things the senior side is deficient at.

    The Swiss are trying to stay narrow at the backline. The FB are pinching in.

    The problem is the flank play on both sides. The Spanish FB on both sides and wingers are just doing a great job staying wide and cutting in when appropriate.

    The Swiss stay narrow but this is just giving the Spanish flank players space to run into.

  13. Montoya just shuts down a Swiss counter at speed – in the center of the pitch. Came off his flank Abidal style to do so.

    He’s arguably been Spain’s best player.

  14. Great game by the U-21s.

    Skills, defence, movement, possession, goals, pressing – this game had everything.

    1. Thiago, Muniain, and Montoya were outstanding. Izco, Romeu, Planas and Bartra all excellent as well. And I have seen huge improvement in Rodrigo, nothing to criticize there.

      Cuenca was good, not brilliant, but he is still working his way into to the team. He had some lovely on-the-ball skills and two fantastic crosses that almost turned into goals.

    2. After the past week, this game was a soccer catharsis. All the bad footy feelings are gone.

      Is it worth watching the Brazil replay?

    3. I will start screaming from a rooftop if RoSELL lets Monty slip through our fingers. He is such a class act. Thiago is without words, liked Bartra as well.

  15. VdB really needs to give Montoya minutes to see what he is capable of providing. They can try Iraola there also – but Montoya is more dynamic.

    VdB needs to do something different on the flanks.

    He should also try giving Munian significant minutes.

    This is VdB’s issue. Munian is not nearly the player say Silva is. But Munian’s skill set is much more useful for what Spain needs than Silva’s. Same true to Pedro.

    It’s been very interesting to compare how VdB is handling friendlies compared to Jurgi Loew of Germany.

    Much has been made of Germany drawing 3-3 with the Ukraine last week.

    In that match Loew experimented with a 3-5-2 type of formation though.

    They drew in a friendly. The result makes little difference. Loew tried something different.

    Why try a 3-5-2? I can’t say for so but if I were him this is what I would be thinking.

    I’m not really going to have the ball against Spain. Playing a 3-5-2 against a Spanish team whose front three all cluster in the middle and whose FB aren’t that athletic will allow me to generate 2 vs. 1 or even 3 vs. 1 on the flanks on the counter. Lets’s try it and see.

    And that’s what Loew talked about after the match. Wanting to experiment.

    VdB on the other hand is being very conservative in the face of concrete issues. He’s not even using friendlies to try to different things to address Spain’s major issues.

    Even Silva in the middle wasn’t a real “false 9.” Silva just played his usual game.

  16. Talking about the width issues Euler and Kxevin have talked about with Barça and Spain’s NT, here’s an excellent article from zonal marking:
    What’s happening? why del bosque and Pep are asking our players to always come on the middle? Spain’s need of width and Pedro’s supringly lack of form (plus his injury) are taking a toll in Spain’s game. But also in ours. The injury of Ibi, plus Pedro, its unfortunate. If we didn’t have Cuenca and Sanchez…

    1. And why Del Bosque keeps playing Arbeloa and Alonso? Maybe if someone else could provide the necessary width from the right (NOT Arbeloa, obviously) spaces would open up in the middle. If Cuenca keeps playing and Pedro comes back to his usual “!” I believe they’re gonna have plenty of chances on the NT, if Del Bosque realizes that Arbeloa is not a starter, and he doesn’t have to play always Alonso. Spain has played against 4 “strong” NT’s in friendlies, and has lost all of those games. Against Argentina, Portugal, Italy and England.

  17. Hahahaha this was hilarious. Horrifyingly, I HAVE actually seen people go ‘OMG, sorry I mean OMB’ on Twitter.. usually when I click a trend and most of the recent are by Beliebers.

  18. I will be so utterly pissed if Kaka and marcelo recover from their “supposed” injuries and play against Valencia this saturday…and from the reports so far it seems they will..classic sleazy mou-tactics

  19. Barcelona president Sandro Rosell closed a 15M deal on the transfer of Santos attacker Neymar (19) in the summer of 2014. [el confidencial]

    15M or 51M? If it really is 15m, I don’t mind having him in the team. More penetration. All the better.

  20. @Outerspaced: Regarding the Xavi/mushroom jokes, it is because he has said on more than one occasion that he enjoys going mushroom hunting with his family. It is a popular pastime in that area and taken quite seriously, to the point where families have their own jealously guarded “secret” hunting grounds. Xavi even took a quiz on some talk show where he had to identify different kinds of mushrooms—and got them all right. Of course he did.

  21. Oooof – conflict tonight.

    Costa Rica vs Spain


    Colombia vs Argentina???

    Guess I’ll be channel-hopping!

    1. Ryan – check the stream links that I just posted below.

      Yes – lucky indeed! La1 in Spain is covering the Spain match and Catalunya Esport 3 has got the South American games Colombia vs Argie and then the Chile vs Paraguay straight after it.

      I guess that TV3 is covering those matches because they both involve Barca players!

    1. Good read. I can’t say I was aware of him at the time, as I was barely a fan of Barça back then, but it’s a good illustration of how sometimes the “most likely” players to succeed…don’t. It takes not just talent, but self-belief, intelligent choices, and a big dose of good old-fashioned luck.

      I like the bit about Iniesta getting in touch and sending him tickets for CL games. As if we needed more proof of what a nice guy he is.

    1. That was all Casillas’ first touch. He’s better than Valdes in some respects, but definitely not with his footwork!

  22. Goal to Colombia.

    And looks like Portugal needs another to qualifu for Eurocopa. They’re currently 2-1 ahead at halftime with 0-0 in the first leg. Cristiano scored a beautiful freekick and Nani a golazo.

  23. argentina is unreal, literally there entire creative force right now is messi. Every time he gets a touch the whole columbia defense is keying on him and they don’t have to worry about anyone else creating, argentina needs to completely retool there lineup.

    I would suggest a 3-5-1-1, they need to get the offensive players on and create width, they simply cannot afford to play defenders who contribute nothing anymore.

    ?- Masch -?
    lavezzi di maria

  24. As much as I love to hate CR7 I felt like applauding him for his part (bluffing/representing a threat) in the 5th goal Portugal scored.

    1. Villa scores at last! 2-2

      Argentina won 2-1. Both Masch and Messi scored – Masch with an own goal!

    2. I didn’t see the whole game, only the last 15 minutes or so, but it seemed like Messi was running his tail off.

      Did someone get hit by a bottle in the Arg game? Bad stream, I couldn’t be sure.

    3. The first half of Spain vs Costa Rica proves why Xabi Alonso will never, ever be as good as Busquets as a DM.

    4. Yes – good to see Busquets coming on to stabilise it somewhat, but still a painful game.

      Mind you, the pitch was awful and it was raining, but CR also had to play in those conditions.

    5. mom4 – Messi only ran in the last half. The first half he was quite static. At one point, I watched him pass the ball from the sideline, and he didn’t move from his position for a good 15 seconds. I’m pretty positive that he’s running out of ideas through lack of support both on the field and on the sideline.

    6. Then I’m glad I only watched the last part of the game.

      On the other hand, if he only ran half of this game, he’ll be fitter for us on Saturday.

      I suppose I should also be glad I only saw a few minutes of the Spain game, too.

      Messi and Villa scoring is priceless for us.

      How long did Xavi play?

  25. It was aguero who got hit by plastic bottle. nothing major.

    what a match. As a argentina fan, mightily relived to see the 3 points on board. With realization that this is distinctly average team. There are so many weak points that it doesnt make sense to list them. Defense is not great and only way this team functions is if Messi becomes traditional no 10.

    Match changed with introduction of aguero. He made life easier for Messi. Messi was quite average in first half for me but really picked up in second half.

    As a fan of team which is definitely not amongst worlds best, am happy with result. May demichelis never grace the colors after this.

    1. The match changed because Sabella finally remembered that Argentina is Argentina and not England.

      How he had the team set up and the tactics he employed were just nonsensical.

      Every Argentina managers keeps making the same strategic mistake. They acknowledge that the back line is terrible. And in order to “fix” this problem they reconstruct midfield into a purely functional, pragmatic zone lacking in creativity.

      The managers take the strength of the team and turn it into a negative to make up for a bigger negative.

      But it doesn’t work.

      And these kinds of tactics implicitly say to Messi – you figure it out. Your on your own.

    2. Yes – your last line ties in with what I wrote to mom4 a couple of comments above and that is that Messi is running out of ideas and getting sick of the lack of support on the field and from the sideline.

  26. Thanks Vincent from the Forest for playing Villa twice 90 minutes … :/

    If Germany continues to play like this, they will definitely win the Euro, whatever Spain, NL, England or anybody else does!

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