Match Comments Post: L’Hospi-Barça

It’s the freakin’ Copa del freakin’ Rey, people! GET HYPED. And get your GolTV on. Follow my spastic nonsense on Twitter as I won’t be able to run a liveblog

L’Hospitalet: Moragón, Peque, Lucas Viale, Manu Viale, Mousa, Llonch, Manel, Haro, Vela, Cirio, David Prats
Bench:  Corominas, Garcia, Hammouch, Zamora, Craviotto, Aday, Pitu, Guillen, Castaño

Barça: Pinto, Puyol, Fontàs, Maxwell, Keita, Dos Santos, Xavi, Iniesta, Cesc, Villa, Tello
Bench: Oier, Sergi Roberto, Busquets, Abidal, Rafinha

Go buck wild in the comments, people.

By Isaiah

Isaiah is a co-founder and lead writer for Barcelona Football Blog. He currently lives in the greater Philadelphia area.


  1. Kickoff! Not many in the stadium – the Eur40 pricetag has kept people at home and in front of the TV

  2. England at Wembly is high profile so even if they don’t start, any or all of cesc, villa, andres will play a part. at the very least we could have left out iniesta against a 3rd division team :3

    1. Yeah – this is what the camera view is like in the smaller stadiums – see it a lot in the Liga Adelante.

  3. oh crap- Pinto has the braids back- I think he plays better with the “plait of power”

    good save though

  4. Wow, what a shame!

    The triple champion, double CL winner of the last years plays in the Cup against a 3rd Division team – and there are barely any spectators in the stadium :/

    In Germany, ANY stadium, even of a 6th Division club, would be packed to the very top as soon as Bayern Munich or another top team (say Borussia Dortmund) would play their in the DFB Pokal.

    The trend of attendances in Spanish football is alarming… it might soon be as low as it is in Italy (with some exceptions like Barca, EE).

    1. People can’t afford to go anymore – the recession is hitting. 26% youung people unemployment.

      Tickets for the game were Eur10 for Soci’s first ticket, Eur20 for the second ticket. Non-members tickets were Eur40.

      The game is being televised on local channel TV3 as well as National La Sexta.

      A lot of people in front of TVs tonight.

    2. BTW – approx. Eur40 can get us into most of the games at Camp Nou. Guess where we’d rather go?

      Last season, we got CdR tickets for Eur9 for Camp Nou (playing Almeria) – we couldn’t believe it!

  5. copied and pasted my tweets:

    Clalalive Clive
    Maxwell tryna convince me that’s a cross?
    35 seconds ago Favorite Reply Delete

    Clalalive Clive
    Hard to believe Keita diverted Puyol’s goal-bound header…
    2 minutes ago

    Clalalive Clive
    Post! after Heluva goal .
    3 minutes ago

    Clalalive Clive
    Not exactly Chelsea-ish, but Iniestazo is always sweet.
    3 minutes ago

    Clalalive Clive
    4 minutes ago

    Clalalive Clive
    Some calmness from Fontas. Won the ball TWICE comfortably. #whereisfontas
    6 minutes ago

    Clalalive Clive
    A third division club could play like beasts against us too. #nowhappening
    9 minutes ago

    Clalalive Clive
    Great half clearance/pass from Fontas. #whereisfontas
    11 minutes ago

    Clalalive Clive
    Still scratching my head asking why didn’t Keita play in the rain of Pamplona last week. #bombabox
    14 minutes ago

    Clalalive Clive
    Once again, Keita.
    15 minutes ago

    Clalalive Clive
    Explosive speed of Tello finds us width. Not so much on the left where Maxwell is playing.
    16 minutes ago

    Clalalive Clive
    #Faceshot #villa
    18 minutes ago

    Clalalive Clive
    Rafinha on the bench! Will we see the awesome Alcantara brothers play together for the first team this season? #brightfuture
    19 minutes ago

    Clalalive Clive
    We don’t have width problem. We only have finishing problem #fcbarcelona
    21 minutes ago

    Clalalive Clive
    Pep finally answered my #whereisfontas question. Hope he will perform well.
    23 minutes ago

    Clalalive Clive
    Oh thank goodness, Fontas is (finally) ON, and if I remember correctly, it’s also Pinto’s first match! @WMakinaciones @fontas24
    25 minutes ago

    Clalalive Clive
    just tuned in and found out that shot from Keita saved?! #signingoff

  6. Iniesta Golazo!! This guy, this guy kills me. It was kind of a boring much, and he comes and do this. He should try way more often from outside the penalty box.

  7. Switched to 3 at the back now. Puyol playing RB, Fontas Centre and Maxwell LB. Dos Santos gone forward.

    1. Some of his shots should’ve been a goal tho. What kind of keeper correctly dives after a diverted shot? Que mala suerte…

  8. The B boys are giving a good show tonight.

    Dos Santos has been great at RB with his forays forward, and Tello has been dynamic on the RW.

  9. Fulltime – thus endeth the running commentary. 😀

    L’Hospi can be proud of themselves – they ran into the ground defending tonight, and had some decent chances.

  10. atleast we didn’t lose 0-4 or something, a win is a win, and now the fifa virus YAY!

  11. So I’ve come to know that I did myself a favour by not watching this 0-1 draw.

    Thanks nzm though, for the yeoman (woman?) service..

  12. So, debuts for Tello and Rafinha today eh? I think that brings the number to 20 during Pep’s reign.

    1. Barcelona B attacker Rafinha (18) is the 23rd homegrown player who makes his first team debut since Guardiola became coach in 2008 #fcblive Impressive nevertheless

    2. Do you know if that includes friendlies? Or only official matches? I thought I was caught up on that statistic, but apparently not

    3. Official games only. Deulofeu debuted officially two weeks ago but he played in the preseason games.

  13. Barça won 0-1 against Hospitalet on a difficult artificial turf pitch! yeay us! 😀

    for heaven sake, was it have to be that painful? It’s so difficult to score goals without Messi, that goal was a brilliant individual skill by Iniesta… God help us!

    1. Why are you panicking? I know! And now Villa’s gonna be more anxious because he didn’t score against a Segunda B side A win is a win. so many times they got past our defense. It was sooooooo worrying And we quite obviously had problems with the pitch. yeah, the pitch caused us to shoot the ball straight at the keeper It wasn’t painful. It was a brave performance by a small but motivated side. Now we have an away goal!

    2. fine, I listen to a mother’s wise words.. 😛
      that was a great match, we saw Tello and Rafinha’s debut.. most importantly, Fontas!! he’s alive!!

      oh dear boys, hopefully international break will make you all remember how to score a goal… especially you Dahveed, chut de bol, de bol tu de net, not de kiper!

    1. Tw Rafa Alcantara: acabo de llegar a casa, listo para dormir, pero hoy no es una noche normal. hoy acabo de realizar un sueño, poder debutar en el mejor equipo del mundo no tiene palabras. hace unos años jamas pensé que podría ser posible

      si crees de verdad en tus sueños….estos se hacen realidad, gracias por el apoyo de todos vosotros de corazón…GRACIAS


    2. And he had that great move where he turned into the box only to be fouled (not called), so he didn’t let the situation overwhelm him either. 😀 Hopefully we see more of him in the Copa!

  14. I’m downloading the match now. Mainly for the Iniestazo and Rafinha’s debut.

    So, if we have Bovember now, can we skip Hlebuary? 😛

  15. Pep’s Press Conference, by _Emily84.tumblr.com_

    Q1: David Villa once again didn’t score today. Do you think he’s going through a bad spell?

    Pep: He’s worked really hard today, pressuring rivals etc. I am very happy with his performance, he gave us depth and had many chances on goal. He did everything he was asked, pressuring opponents and recovering balls. It doesn’t matter that he didn’t score.

    Q2: But Villa’s game wasn’t his best…

    Pep: (interrupts reporter) Yeah, because he didn’t get to play the last two games! I was the one who benched him, so it’s my fault.

    Q3: Villa was called up with the Spain NT, despite not being in top form lately…

    Pep: Of course he was, he’s the NT’s top goalscorer! I dare you to do better than he has done for the NT! The records he’s set with La Roja will be hard to break in future by any player, he’s incredible.

    1. another translation from by Emily84

      On the other hand, [Pep Guardiola] has praised the performance of David Villa who, despite trying really hard, wasn’t able to score: “I am very happy with David’s performance because he was really aggressive in the one-on-one, he had six or seven shots on goal, but the goalkeeper was great.” “I have zero doubts about Villa, he was fantastic today”, he emphasized.

  16. and Emily84 also wrote about a racist incident on her tumblr :
    Also there was that ugly racist incident during the game when people from a xenophobic political group who had infiltrated the stadium dressed themselves in burqas and started yelling and holding up racist signs (I didn’t see any of it on camera though, I heard my commentators talking about it).
    It was mentioned in the press conference but Pep didn’t see anything from the bench (they were probably in the stands BEHIND the benches), but he said he was ouraged at the episode.
    I hope Catalan papers will mention this tomorrow, I’ll make sure to translate any article that comes up about it.

    I didn’t hear anything about this racist incident. how shameful if it’s true.

    1. Yes – the cameras focussed on them briefly as they were being escorted out of the stands by the police.

  17. The pressure wasn’t strong enough tonight. I gotta start wondering if the zenith hath been reached or not. I wonder where the turning point is- if it is somewhere in there when the guys have won everything and don’t have anything more to fight for, if it’s a moment we miss, but it’s there. And even if- this team has rocked like none other.

    1. Heh. Usually I despise handles peeps give themselves- I think that episode of Seinfeld where George tries to call himself ‘T-Bone’- but yours is pretty awesome.

  18. It’s really dead here lately. Sigh.
    So dead until I have to go to TB to read comments.

    Could those that watched the match rate the youngsters who played last night?
    Rafinha & Tello.
    JDS played out of position again so it isn’t really fair for him.
    Did Xavi, Iniesta & Villa play the full match?

    1. The comments on TB are only marginally better than those on I have given up commenting at length on there, but still visit to read their posts. Voting systems on comments bring out the idiots and trolls.

    2. Tello was really dynamic on the RW and then later on he switched to LW where he made a couple of great moves. He recovered a lot of ball and was very active.

      JDS also had a solid game at RB. He, too, won a lot of balls and his advances to the front were measured and intelligent.

      Rafinha wasn’t on for very long, and he struggled with the timing of passes to him – especially when the ball was put through to him for a chance on goal. However, it wasn’t a very fair game to bring him into the first team to really judge him – the artificial pitch was hard and fast, and the ball moved quickly.

      Iniesta was replaced by Busquets in the second half; Xavi and Villa played the full game. Rafinha came in for Cesc.

  19. Here’s another laugh for the day!

    I was looking up some info, and called up the Wiki for the President of the United Arab Emirates – Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan.

    Here’s what it says in the second paragraph:
    “He is the current chairman of Abu Dhabi Fund for Development (ADFD), and the owner of Spain club Real Madrid.”

    Further down, under the heading “Business Portfolio”, it says this:
    “Football In 16 July 2011 Khalifa Nahyan buy Real Madrid from the Finnish/British businessman Mirco Haikonnen Ullreich,Jr MBE with 700.000.000,00 million $ as the Must expensive richest club from Arabic businessman.In the first business Khalifa want to buy a player for Real Madrid squad.The player is Hamit Altintop,Nuri Sahin,Fabio Coentrao,and Jose Callejon.”

    I know that it’s inaccurate, but it did make me smile. 😀

  20. African Footballer of the Year: Nominees are Drogba, Eto’o, Yaya Toure, Gervinho, Taarabt, Andre Ayew, KPB, Moussa Sow, Seydou Keita & Gyan

    Much as I wish Keita would win, I’m going to go with The Yaya as most deserving. Eto’o will probably get it, though. Not that he is undeserving, but I think The Yaya is a monster right now.

    1. Eto’o was more vital last season though. 38 goals for a shit Inter. He literally carried the team to third. He’d deserve it for that season. Yaya has been great too though.

    2. Yaya’s goals gave City their first trophy in who knows how long though, although you’re right, Yaya’s surrounding players are on a higher level than Eto’o’s.

  21. Brace yourselves, kids: Rumors of a possible Sanchez injury. He’s at a clinic getting checked out right now, according to @AlfreMartinez via Twitter. Wow. Dude needs a number change, stat!

    Sanchez says it was just a routine exam, and he’s all fine.

  22. Santi Claus Cazorla on Xavi:

    “Xavi represents Spain’s style better than anyone,” Cazorla says. “He is unique because of how he thinks, how he sees the game with such simplicity. There’s no one better. I’ve never seen anything like him. He makes everything easier. They said I’d ‘done a Xavi’ and I said: ‘Doing a Xavi is impossible.’ The approach is similar, though. Xavi’s a player you don’t want to retire ever but we have people who, while not the same, can take over. There is talent and an idea. The future looks good.”

    From Sid Lowe’s lovely article on the Spanish NT and Santi in particular:

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