Viktoria – Barça Match Comments Post

Life has caught up to the BFB team and we’re all unavailable to run the liveblog today. I blame Hleb. We apologize profusely and suggest that you enjoy a match comments post here throughout the game. Open threads are totally sweet, you know.


Viktoria: 4-4-2; Pavlic, Lmbersky, Bystron, Cisovsky, Rajtoral, Horvath, Jiracek, Pilar, Kolar, Ptrezela, Bakos
Bench:  Tichacek, Duris, Fillo, Reznik, Hora, Darida, Sevinsky

Barça: 4-3-Messi-2; Valdés, Alves, Piqué, Puyol, Abidal, Busquets, Thiago, Cesc, Adriano, Messi, Cuenca.
Bench: Pinto, Keita, Sánchez, Iniesta, Xavi, Mascherano, Maxwell

By Isaiah

Isaiah is a co-founder and lead writer for Barcelona Football Blog. He currently lives in the greater Philadelphia area.


  1. Viktoria is getting fatigued. They are now playing deeper and with less pressure.

    Score that third goal and the match is done.

    1. That was really impressive.

      He has wonderful touch and close control.

      It’s interesting – his skill set reflects the characteristics Pedro isn’t as strong at.

      Neither Pedro nor Villa could have pulled off that kind of penetration in closed space.

  2. The team is not controlling midfield they way they should be doing – especially up a man.

    Thiago comes very close to finishing the game. What a header. He really is good with balls in the air.

  3. Virgen santa! Cross bar so unforgiving. Thiago deserved that goal. 🙁

    I should have slept in ’til 5pm today. Why am I watching Barca play vs a ten man Plzn?

  4. Cuenca – what can you say.

    He has been unbelievable this game.

    He is skinning his defender at will off that right flank.

    Cuenca has that gift that so hard to find – he has very fast feet. And that’s a product of his physical skills and close control of the ball.

    Just a remarkable game in the CL on the road in a very hostile setting.

    And now we get to see one of the most interesting Barca front lines we’ve seen in quite some time – Messi, Cuenca and Sanchez.

    That’s three players with close control and the ability to beat defenders 1 vs. 1.

    1. Should also add – great run from Fabergas and terrific finish. Cesc is really fantastic around goal.

      What a cross from Cuenca. Good to see a barca player finally anticipate Cuenca would cross the ball and make an attacking run to the goal mouth.

    2. FABERGAS.. sorry, can’t hold it… X)

      Cuenca and Thiago are such a joy to watch, eh?

      maybe we should play more with Alexis – Messi – Cuenca from now on…

    3. That’s three players with close control and the ability to beat defenders 1 vs. 1.

      I miss Dinho and his gummy smile so much.

    4. Across the frontline. Iniesta doesn’t play in the front three.

      But yeah this could potentially be a real handful. All three forwards are really young too. 24, 22 and 20.

  5. I can’t wait to watch this game on TV tonight. This stream is driving me crazy. For some reason FSC isn’t showing it until 8:00 and thinks that Genk v Chelsea should be shown live. 🙁

    1. Not included in my sports package and I refuse to pay more money on cable when I watch only about 7 channels with any regularity.

    2. I’m with you on that. Apparently Fox Deportes and the new Fox Soccer Plus don’t come with the Comcast soccer package. Greedy punks, I say!

  6. Viktoria really can’t defend Cuenca off that flank – especially now that they are tiring.

    He can beat whatever defender they run at him consistently.

    Pep’s eye for young talent – and how to let it patiently develop is phenomenal.

  7. Fantastic combination play from Cesc, Alexis and Messi.

    Great pass from Cesc to Alexis and then great cross from Alexis to hit Messi in stride. Bit too hard to fully control but given the tight space the pass had to have pace to get through.

    Messi scores that more times than not. Just missed.

  8. THAT backheel from Piqué,
    he made the same backheel for Messi’s second goal on 2nd Super Copa, right?

    great moves by a CB!

  9. What an outlandish back heel pass from Pique to set up Messi’s third goal.

    How is a defense possibly supposed to defend a CB that far up the pitch who can execute a perfect back heel like that to hit a striker perfectly in stride.

    I did not think this result would be so lopsided coming into this game. Viktoria is a good squad – well drilled and disciplined. The sending off changed the match – but they still defended very well for much of the match.

    Great day for barca. They are once again fully in control of winning the group.

    Even a tie away at Milan is ok now. You want to win of course. But just don’t lose and that’s good enough.

  10. Last match is at home against BATE right? I’d like us to win the Milan match so Pep can rest any players for the meaningless last group match. A high scoring draw would do the trick too.

    Also, terrific performance 🙂

  11. Fantastic win! Also great running analysis by Euler.

    Well played by Victoria though they were bit too physical at times. They could easily have had 2 or 3 goals. I think that the final score is misleading.

    Cuenca has been real find. Remember watching him in pre-season but he was ok and not great. All eyes were on Thiago and Thiago has turned up great. Cuenca has really impressed in last couple of games though. He really gives us excellent alternative to Pedro.

    Messi really is a natural goal scorer.

    1. I thought Cuenca was great during preseason. I and several others were consistently impressed. Didn’t think he would make his debut this early, though.

  12. So what are we gonna do now?

    Cuenca progressing well. Alexis finally back! Cesc and his hair is back too. Pique y Puyol seem to be back on track. Mascherano on fire, Soriano close to returning, Afellay back in a few months.

    We are loaded with talent! this will be Pep’s toughest season to rotate players! So who will join Fontas to ride not the bench, but the stands ?

    Defense: Alves Pique Puyol Adriano Maxwell Fontas Abidal (Mascherano, Busquets)

    Midfield: Xavi Iniesta Cesc Thiago Busquets Mascherano Keita (Adriano, Maxwell)

    Forward: Messi Villa Pedro Sanchez Cuenca Afellay

    1. Oh, but our squad(hence Pep’s headache) is much more versatile than that!

      Defense: Alves Pique Puyol Adriano Maxwell Fontas Abidal (Mascherano, Busquets)

      Midfield: Xavi Iniesta Cesc Thiago Busquets Mascherano Keita (Adriano, Maxwell)
      **add Messi and Afellay and possibly Alves**

      Forward: Messi Villa Pedro Sanchez Cuenca Afellay
      **add Adriano and Cesc**

      happy us!

  13. That was a great game to watch. Some of the play combinations between Cesc, Alexis, Cuenca, Thiago and Messi in the last 10 mins was sumptuous. I was squeeling like a schoolgirl. I know its Viktoria Plzen but they played rather well, even after the sending off..though at times we looked as if we were playing around with them. Abidal was a BEAST in this game. His speed at that age. I love him. Pique is definately BACK…and the partnership is once again solid between he and Capitan. Adriano was in and out of the game. I was pissed with the card Dani got. I DID NOT want him to miss the Milan match. Darn it.

    I think Cuenca deserves an “!” Very good dribble, close control, combination play and great crosses (that I wish people would get more on the end of). The boy has been brilliant so far.
    Alexis ofcourse looked lively in the time he was on. It almost looked like he was never injured 😀

  14. And I predicted a 4-0 on Barca.TheOffside with Messi scoring, just because of all the records it would result in 😀

  15. Guardiola: “Isaac (Cuenca) will stay with the first team.”

    Wow. Fastest promotion ever?


    1. Well, it’s not an “official” promotion, but he will be playing with the first team until Pep says otherwise, the same way Thiago & Fontas did last season.

  16. Stupid announcers keep saying barcelona can’t walk it in. It drives me crazy. It is quality of shots, not the number of shots that matter. You have so many teams who waste chances shooting from long distances your odds of scoring that way are so slim. Almost every team I was on except in college will say during halftime we have to test the keeper by shooting. I will chim in no we have to pass the ball.

    The reason barca is the best team because of possession. Every country should train their players for possession.

  17. One more stupid opinion I see on soccer sites is messi is not the best player in the world without iniesta or xavi. Xavi is a great player, but he rarely makes the last pass for the goal as much as he controls the game. Iniesta can take players off the dribble. In short, messi is so much better than any player in the world.

    Messi will win a world cup with argentina. Argentina needs possesion players and emulate barcelona’s passing style, and defend better. With better coaching in argentina 8involving choosing the right players , strategy, and utilizing messi better…argentina will win just like barcelona. Also, luck helps argentina lost to germany who lost to spain.

    1. I don’t know about that, with a Pique/Ramos backline, the young Barcelona midfield, and take your pick of Muniain, Deulofeu, Adrian, Cuenca, etc, I think Spain is going to just keep winning. Messi’s going to have it tough unless some decent defenders step up for Argentina.

  18. “And now we get to see one of the most interesting Barca front lines we’ve seen in quite some time – Messi, Cuenca and Sanchez.” Euler.

    This is something to think about.

    Is Cuenca really promoted? or will he be training with the first team from now on until Ibi gets back? Something like Thiago last year..?

    1. Doubtful. He’ll stay up until Pedro comes back for sure, but he needs playing time, and the B team needs him, so I imagine he’ll be back and forth all season.

  19. Cuenca is a masterpiece unraveling. The kid has insane talent, patience and skill with the ball, and might i say our best crosser. The boy gives us width we have been desperately missing since 2009, and he’s not afraid to play with the ball near the flag and whip in a perfect ball. Now that our guys know about that, you’ll be seeing him play ALOT more. What this does for our passing game is IMMENSE, DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE THAT! Us having that width and aerial threat to go with our tiki taka through the middle will force defenses to play more spread out and allow us to pick them apart. Its might i say our real PLAN B. CUENCA!!!!!!
    p.s. that shout out by Ray on gol tv about kevins post made me smile from ear to ear = D Visca Barca!!!!

    1. There was another shout out? can someone post video clips of them?

      I agree with the Cuenca comment too.. He reminds me of Di Maria in his early days, thin, lanky, quick, likes to hug the touch line, and a phenomenal crosser. Pep is really a genius at knowing which talent to bring up. Funnily, the players he does decide to promote (barring Thiago) have all been relative unknowns (even for us who follow the barca babies)- first Busquets and Cuenca!


    2. hmm, kind of. di maria is faster, more energetic. cuenca has a better touch and passing. i’m stilly not sure if he has the pace to be a consistent winger. we’ll see how he does against big teams.

  20. Cuenca is wow! the kid can play. watch out villa..
    and now that our lexus is back, watch out pedro!
    What an insane transition for the last goal.
    Pique’s backheel and vision was as good as any forward you’d see.
    and if i remember right, messi latched onto a pique backheel in a crowded box and left iker embarrassed and TB kneeling.
    if you look at pique’s goals and assists he has amazing composure and good feet for a defender. since pep is experimenting with formations and positions these days, it’d be worth his while to test Pique in a forward role in some games, also considering how mascha is so good at the back. It’d be a good way to field puyol, pique, mascha and busquets in the same lineup with some added aerial threat up top. go pique!

    1. i am absolutely salivating at the multitude of tactical prospects we have in the current team. The current group is more fluid and talented than ever to tackle any position.
      Sextuple year anyone? 😀 \m/

  21. The first 5 articles on the left side of are about Messi and his record.
    I guess this is also a new record 🙂

    What an absolutely terrific team we have!!! Even without Xaviniesta, Villa, Pedro and Mascherano, this is still probably the best team in the world, at least the 2nd-best!

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